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Tower Clash

Tower Clash for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Fastone Games HK located at WAYSONCOMMERCIAL BUILDING 28CONNAUGHT ROAD WEST SHEUNG WANHONG KONG. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Was a fun game until they ruined it with their horrible coding that lagged the game. Also it's pay to win. Do not play or waste your time. They buy downloads and only have active 500 players. It's a dead game with a horrible development team and trash mods.
Thanks to the developer. Finally i got the game which i was searching for from long time. Name should have been Expedition. It would be easy for searching. There are scope for the development. But still love this game
Great game but kinda pissed. I play legions and love the expedition, it takes forever for new levels, and had no idea about this game.
Used to be my favorite game, after the last update all the tactics changed, the game became less tactical and it's more about who attacks first and that's it, no skill no defense, it made it a completely different game
Great game with many different attributes to keep you playing longer. You slowly build up an army of a variety of different characters and challenge people live to see whose army is stronger. Definately one of my favorite games.
I downloaded this thinking it was just the expedition mode from art of war, but they added a bunch of rules and stuff that makes it less fun. I want to win by capturing all towers, not by only capturing the "master tower" (towers with shields is a good concept tho). If there needs to be, I'd prefer more than 3 types of towers instead of having to choose troops for each tower, the current setup is just a layer of complexity that I don't care for.
Hello, the game is not opening at all, login failed, I've tried everything, I can see from the comments you've fixed the server issue, but not for me, I tried deleting the game data and reinstalling, same problem !
Very awesome game can keep playing for awhile and get lost in it..... The devs are really fast about fixing problems that might pop up in the game to....
Pay to play if you want to advance. I keep getting capped from advancing above level 11 characters. Please fix this. I've paid hundreds to play so far.
Great game but extremely laggy and app won't load, apart from this game disconnectes from server all the time . Pls fix
by the way game is so cool but going in high rank the player are get more army and we not be able tl fingh with him.. like so fu... that time so be update a great way and play in same way
Worst as one day if game wants to defeat you no matter what you do you will loose it's getting boring day by day cause the one with lower levels can easily defeat anyone really worst game ever I am uninstalling as can't waste money to win matches
This game was so fun. But now the servers lag so bad you can't move for minutes. I have lost so many trophies because my opponents don't suffer from the lag for some reason. It's really an unfair game if you can't move. Yes I've checked my connection and all of that. The game never did it before. Now it's every match.
Battles are randomly lopsided. There is no strategy to winning. It all depends on whether your opponent has stronger or weaker cards. It was sold as the full game version of the Expeditions in Art of War. Nope. Ruined that by making it inaccessible.
Multiple updates later, this game is still lagging and freezing during matches. I have lost so many matches because of this (and no compensation for the inconvenience). This is a game issue, not my internet or device. Developer needs to fix it ASAP!
It's cool but way too similar to clash royal like the whole menu is the same as clash royal but reskined. Having to wait an hour just for one chest to open is lame and tedious. The art style is cool and cartoony. This game does actually require strategy which is great and cool when you get the hang of it.
Hi dear team, Awesome a strategy game with towers I have given too much time on this game for winning trophies. plz increase trophies awards for Reaching early top position and add new events for more fun. Thanks
Works fine but why play this 1 game in this game when the whole experience is in art of war game as a mode with a battle mod too 2 games for 1 with art of war and easier to get more coins in war
There is a glitch where in some matches my towers will not spawn new troops while the enemy is amassing a huge army
Latest update make this game tough to win. Matches are matched randomly with higher level player and they win easily. I think higher level player has some advantage inspite of both player have same level of cards.
Lots of fun to play but please remove knights from the daily challenge. It's just impossible to win against them on some maps. If the other player has them but you never had the choice it's an automatic loss
Very unbalanced game. Not sure why 75 troops can't take a castle with 25 troops in it. Very aggravating as it does not match players very well. Installed and Uninstalled on day 1. Was hoping for something closer to art of war expeditions but this ain't it. Reinstalled and gave it another chance and still have same one star rating. I went through the campaign mode was very short. Game has been hacked as you see by the growing number of one star ratings from other unsatisfied players. It plain sux
I love playing this game as a person tactics and skill do play a major part in victories, not just pressing a button and hoping for the best. I wish there was more information explaining about the battle decks so I only gave 4 stars. Thanks,
I enjoy playing this game but I cannot tap my screen fast enough to upgrade buildings. It is a bit ridiculous
Unable to understand rules of the game, like how enemy can pass a tower without capturing it, and wht kind of tower and soldiers should I choose is not explained, plus what are three deka, unwanted complications are added in the game
It doesn't work, always says problems with server with network with connection It doesn't open until now i have no idea about inside the i just want it to open to see it
always disconnected, play half way and then not responding show “connecting”, saw alot reviews also had this problems, u guy dont want to upgrade server and make gameplay more stable, but added 10+ new cards inside to burden your own server, and added 10+ new cards in a single game update is a good ideas?such a clever idea, Whole gameplay changed, why dont u divide it into few updates and slowly increase new cards, so everything in control, and give time to players to digest the new update.
full of bugs and disconnect after winning battles, waste of time and efforts, the most buggy game in the world, dirt play, you will see your rival building and moving while you still waiting for game start, you will see rivals have 250 troops after 20 seconds of game beginning, you will see rivals building have 0 or 1 troops but resists 50 troops attacks, also you will always stuck with players 2k or 3k more than you (spenders, game help them to farm), but you will never met players less
Latest update broke it. It won't log in and keeps telling me to check my network. My network is fine. Why do I even need to log into a game?
Occasional glitches in the gameplay (i.e. opponent starting before match officially begins, game freezing mid-battle) don't detract from this game's fun factors. Much fun to play, I give it a lot of credit!
Very lagy and the tutorial should give you an option to skip it a basic game easy to figure out you don't need the tutorial
Get rid of the fake robo accounts!! And the glitches. Game is run by amateurs, hire some programmers that know what they're doing. The game is really fun when it's running right but I am just about ready to leave
The game is hacked and players with no skills are winning, playing this for two months n reached level 10 after a lot of trying. Lately is appearing player with few games and troops of level 13 . If you Google the game all you will see that they re downloaing an have hacked games with unlimited coins. I really pity because is a really nice game otherwise!
Awesome game I have been playing game for month I have almost opened cards but new cards are very difficult open to them
I love the game, I spend hours just having fun. There's one issue though, I did an update and now it does not allow me to login as it says there's an error on the network and crashes... Please fix it since it is a game that keeps me relaxed. Thank you.
This game is amazing and I've been playing it for a while now, I haven't spent a single dime on this game, there's no ads, pure fun, and for the people complaining about losing, how about you use your head a bit more? Strategize? This isn't a hard game you just have to be smart.
Was a fair amount of fun and a good way to kill time. Played a few games yesterday and today, Jan 27 and Jan 28 2021, and they have all frozen. Dont jow what happened, but the game is unplayable now. I'm on wifi with full bars. Not sure what is happening. Fix this and I'll change my rating.
Match making is always one sided. Really liked the game played for ove a year and con honestly say it gets worse as you Leven up. Los of comments about one sided units and troop amounts and no resolution. Seams like yall don't even care about these reviews...
I've never seen a more blatant rip off of another game as this. This is such a Clash Royale wanna be. To make it worse. They took a really good game from their Art of War Expedition and turned it into this garbage. This company can't seem to get it right at all.
After reaching level 10 most of my troops.. cant log in anymore. Game crashes. Dont waste your time with this game👎👎👎
How can you roll it out and you haven't even developed the rewards for stages yet. Super disappointing. Seemed like it was going to be good but needs a lot of work still.
Game used to be fun. After last 2 updates haven't played against anything that was close to fair. Nothing but bots that are higher level and beat you to death. Over 100 matches and not one human. Very disappointed. I've even changed my strategy and characters. Nothing helps. Even some P2P people are complaining. That should say something. Ok. After this last update I thought it was good, but it's still the same BS. Nothing but overpowering bots that you have no chance against.
Since update I can't login. I'm noticing I'm not the only one. I have done everything you've suggested to others and still won't work. I can get in AOW so I know it's not my internet, plus it worked fine right before I updated it. Please fix this problem.
This was part of Art of War's Expedition Mode (and the only reason I still had that game). I see to replay those levels constantly. Still learning the different characters and what not, but this game is super addicting.
Very addictive game. However I deleted it cause every other battle it would crash. Now its every battle I try to do the app closes out completely. So if you FIX the ISSUE I'm sure I'd give it 5 stars
This is not a game for casual players or those who are looking for fun. This PVP extreme. Played in three easy steps. Step one install, step two pick a team, step three get killed by players who have months of time playing with infinity better characters then you have.
The game is really fun, completely free to play and easy to play. A great way to kill time. However it often disconnects you from the server mid game, I know I'm not the only user to experience this. I have been on the verge of winning and disconnected also players have been on the verge of beating and disconnected. This needs to be fixed therefor only 3 star rating.
5g and wifi both and the game won't load. Says it's my connection but the comments seem to say it's the game itself. Love your games but have to give 1 star for this until it's actually playable. Don't blame the people who play your games for things that are actually your servers fault.
Fun little game but it's hit and miss depending on the update. Sometimes it works fine, other times it lags to the point you lose before you even know it. All of a sudden there's no motion on screen and when it comes back you've lost.
Love the game, but I HAD to install the update to keep playing. Installed the update, and now I can't log in. It says "Login failed. Check your network and try again."
This game has one of the best concepts...but easily the WORST application. It could not be more buggy and inconsistent. Try it...you'll love it...and then you'll hate it, and the developers for totally botching it at every turn. Such a disappointment.
Too many bugs. Can't even open the game now, it just stillframes in "signing" and i've only just began to play it! Seems like it need alot more work. Okay. That explains alot. The game itself is great. I love it but i still got alot of bugs while playing it.
Game won't open. Error says login failed. Please check your network and try again. I have connetion but it won't work. - update has fixed error
The Campain mode is fun, but the league play against other players is so hard to advance in after a while its just plain torture. 3 weeks of playing several hours a day every day without moving up is very discourging.
Used to be good, but don't bother downloading this. Every match now is against super bot players with level 12 and 13 cards. Most likely the developers trying to get you to spend money to compete. Rarely find a human player, only place to find them is in the daily challenge which you can do once a day for free.
I'm a p2p player, and have spent a lot of money on this game. It's nearly impossible to progress without paying for upgrades. Even paying, most games are impossible to win because you're matched with much higher level opponents. You're almost always matched with bots that have max level troops that are able to move troops in ways it's physically impossible to match without cheating.
There is a issue in daily challange...... The game paused in middle of the game my ping is good but it paused...... I can't attack opponent or neither i see his attacks .......please fix this .......i really enjoy the game and actually give 1* to draw attention of your community otherwise it will be 5* for sure....thank u
I really enjoy this game. The quick bouts of strategy keep me coming back. The bots are really getting on my nerves though. Makes the game nearly unplayable at times. Also since this morning I get stuck at the sign in screen and have to restart my phone to fix it.
[Edit] Latest releases made battles more boring. Season battlegrounds are few and repetitive, I mostly fight against max-powered bots doing impossible things. Daily has got too hard to finish, with unique battlegrounds that you never meet in season fights. Campaign mode has been stuck at Lost Temples for ages. [Previous] One of the best pvp games ever! Simple but not easy, immediately thrilling and never boring, always challenging, every fight is just your wits vs the opponent's.
This game lags out a lot! I have emailed multiple times and they don't do anything about it at all. Seems to get worse every update they do. They should most definitely be more customer oriented and they would probably make more revenue to better their servers and everything. But they obviously do not listen to anything the players say and just do what they want to and it is just messing the game up more and more each time. Reply: I have tried everything they recommended and it still lags bad!
Now this is what I asked before in another review for art of war. And you did it. :) 5 stars for your effort. Thats what I was looking for, casual game, easy and addictive. Keep it simple.
Most of my matches lately have been against bots with higher level champs. I can win some but not all. To top it off they are ranked below me so if I win, I only get a few points. However if I lose I lose a lot.
Game won't open. Error says login failed. Please check your network and try again. I have connetion but it won't work.
Great game, but if you don't plan to cheat or hack, prepare to never win. Devs don't do much to keep bots out, so you'll lose far more than you'll win, even if you're good. Mismatches at higher levels, and now freezes every few games, make it frustrating, especially since the concept is so good.
The worst game ever, fully of bugs, not enough resources to do anything inside, you have to spend a lot of money to win a game, no clear rules, no logic when playing, lost a lot of matches against a players with minimal level and same techniques, game keep lagging, too slow when changing and upgrading events, support never respond, special abilities for troops distroying the game specially Stone Golem and finally developer are only want money not more not less, please don't download it
Not as good as the tower battles from Art of War. It's obvious that they made the game worse so they could get more money out of it. I am truly dissapointed.
This is a very fun game and I really like how they have it. It lags sometimes which really ruins it hard to play.
Update: yea I'm only lvl 2, no one should have those cards yet, proof it's pay to win. Company lies about their product, reviewed it previously calling it pay to win and their response was any one could enjoy the game without paying. If you enjoy getting your *ss handed to you unless you pay for cards to over power yourself. Game also has cheaters using infinite spawners to make sure you don't win. I plan to email google on this obvious cash grab.
1. Too much ping 2. game isn't working during war 3. Hard to understand 4. It's very good at expedition in art of war simple sweet but best
Pros: lots of different scenarios. Different troop setups work better/worse vs. different opponents and on different maps. This means the player can't just get an unbeatable troop setup, because one that dominates in one battle can get overwhelmed in another. Also, during battles you need to adjust your strategy (expansion, blitz attack, defense, etc.) based on opponents. Cons. Some occasional lag issues, but mostly need to get GEMS to advance, which basically must be bought. Pay to play.
Once I made it to silver rank, which was deceptively easy, I ended up stuck as the game became instantly more difficult
Fun game but massively unfair puting me up against players 4 times more powerful you have no chance of winning after the first fue matches
I wish the characters would fights each other during route to a another castle instead of just walking through each other... the game is pretty cool tho
Guys the game is mostly all Bots .. the pattern is to hard for human to move all at once 5 at a time that's bs when moving one tower half move out they only move 5 at one time at the same time in different directions lame MULTIPLAYER hits also not aloud to run bots on mmo's
Terrible update and other opponents seem to always be better disappointed in this app Also amazing how opponents are able to regenerate, pass through towers and move much faster then you do. App wouldn't open, wouldn't fix itself. Terrible game, poor quality gaming. Unless you buy things you go no where in this app. Play another game instead. Don't waste your time.
Would have loved it, but after conquering a castle they don't let me to build it, it's stayed at level 1... I could only upgrade the "Arrow Tower"... if you let me upgrade every castle then it's a 5 star guarantee from me
Loved the game. Spent far too much money on it. You get to a certain level then it becomes impossible to win without more money being spent to just win. When you loose your level drops. Uninstalled
This game is a highly entertaining tower attack game. It is addictive. The biggest downside is that the servers have some lagging issues. I had a 90% win streak at first and then they had an update that causes it to occasionally freeze on the loading screen, allowing the other player upwards of 30 seconds to upgrade or attack before I am even in the game. I am on a Galaxy Note 8, so it's definitely not the phone. The other downside is this game is very heavily influenced by pay to win.
I liked the game and part of this for long however the only problem I see is connectivity issue while battle. It lags frequently for a very small span of time even less than a second but it impacts the game and result in failure. I can ensure my internet/wifi is very good to say it's my internet problem. I lost so many battles due to this.
It's like mushroom wars but the path units can take is set and has the unit card element from clash royale. Edit: after the dev reply I want to clarify what I meant. I am a fan of both of those games and this game draws inspiration from each of them, and that's a good thing. The game is fun but the dev reply has left a bitter taste in my mouth. I am subtracting a star from my review.
With the new update the game stopped connecting. It keeps saying there's an error logging in and to check my network, but I have full service.
This could be a fun game if it was just a little more simplistic and not trying to be such a money grab. Pretty much like every other game this this outfit releases you have to be a slave to the game to get anywhere. If you want casual fun don't waste your time.
There appears to be cheating or at least a loophole that allows either quicker spawning or unlimited spawning just by constantly moving troops between towers, keeping the troop count in the towers as low as possible. Response for the developer: 4 towers had over 300 units. What is the upper limit for a tower?
They crashed and cant load into the game keeps say check your network well if my network was the problem then i wouldn't be able to post this..
Here's the real deal. Fun. Very fun. BUT, once you hit a certain level (around 4000) the matching algorithm pits you against people you CLEARLY shouldn't be against. 7000 and 6000 "people". So you just lose points and stay where you're at.. Unless you pay. Which I did. Even then, I'm obviously fighting bots built in to make you spend more. I've seen people moving around the board BEFORE the match even opens up for play. I'm all about spending money on fun. This is just a waste of it.
Careful with this game it glitches alot. My level 10 cards have been dropped back to level 9 and now I'm at a disadvantage when battling. Wish I never downloaded it. If I didn't make purchases already I would've deleted the app
Since the update today, I can't open the game. Says I don't have an internet connection, even though I have full reception and hooked up to WiFi.
It's a game that you build up towers you start with a special tower and you'll need to fight to get more towers! And if you win you will get chests ever league a new CHEST will come its familier to Art Of War soo download it its like my second game that i like!!!! And I gave it a 5 star because I win sometimes but I still get the good rewards so Downlaod NOW!!!!
unbeatable Bot run opponents passed off as human. Game used to be fun before God bots. I'd reach to Hong Kong If I could and give them a good slap! Ive been playing for a month or so, and since update it's gotten impossible.... Fix the game!!!!!! Damn computer oppenents can't be beat.
Good game but im at 1500 trophies and all im getting in competition are clearly bots, like seriously... sort it out. good game when against actual people though *edit* I am a very good strategist, and I find that the enemy seems to produce troops at about 1.5X me rather often, since I have beaten most of the bots that is....
Was great when an add-on game but now you can't increase the level of any of the castles you catch just the ones you start with. Was sooooooooooo addictive as the add-on game, should go back to that, not as much money to be made being as you didn't need to earn coins for any reason so noone would pay actual money for anything but was a better game then
They replied to my first review and said that when the troop limit reaches the upper limits it stops making troops. That is true if you don't move the troops. If you're building hit its limit of 50 units make them move to the furthest building and it will keep producing. You can have unlimited numbers of troops just by rotating troops between buildings. So if you have three buildings that allow 150 troops. If you rotate them you could have 1,000.
Think it will be better if all of your games ask whether the player want to quit/replay a level when they click on these relevant buttons. Sometimes I just misclicked the quit button and had to play again.
Why would you play a game you can't win? It seems like this game favors the bots you play against very heavily. When you go up against a competitor with lower level troops it doesn't seem to mater. You need 2 troops to their 1 to defeat them. So sick of it. It was a challenge at first but now it is just annoying.
Super fun initially, but it's pay to win so it gets frustrating and just a huge waste of time. Some players can some how start moving troops before the game even starts. They just bum rush you and if your troops are lower ranked its a loss, which a lot of the higher ranked players seem to do. The bots are ridiculous and they have troops also much higher than you have so winning isn't even possible.
Been a long bumpy ride. Gotta admit tho , they're trying to stomp out all the bugs. Very addictive game. This is by far my favorite game. One other thing tho... Stone Gholem should be revised. Especially during daily challenge it's unfair an advantage.
Not working after update. It was working before that. "Login failed. Please check your network connection"
Used to think this was a five star game.. Matchmaking pairing is dumb. Opponents have like 6 more levels everytime or so low trophies that you gain nothing. Bots have max levels. Lose 100 trophies in 3 to 4 matches. Gain 100 in 10....dumb
To clarify while to rank in top 10 it is definitely pay to win, but to get to top 20 and go above 5k rank it is not (level up your troops via daily events and random battle). However, there is just not enough players at high rank and you get pitted against bots that have level 13 troops and are not fun at all. Suggestion: you need to show card levels Before the match starts and allow people to decline so that lower ranks don't lose points for no reason.
Pay to play. Don't waste your time. Other players can some how take over 4 castles before you can take over 1. Also the daily challenge is impossible.
Just downloaded,I watched and am watching tons of YouTube vids about it and love everything I have seen so far. I'm hoping my gameplay will be the same and I will update after a couple days of playing it.
Latest update is causing uses. It would not let me connect to the game. Keeps telling me I have network connection issues.