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Tower Breaker - Hack & Slash

Tower Breaker - Hack & Slash for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by 111% located at 서울특별시 강남구 역삼동. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The only reason I only gave four stars is because, I LOVE the game. I just don't like the fact that there is so much time that needs to be put into grinding. I also cannot find any way to get red souls without spending real money. Developers, please, PLEASE add a way to earn red souls, even if it's really difficult. At least don't force us to spend money to get them.
I absolutely ADORE this game. The gameplay is great the enemies are fair in battle. Overall it is good in general. I love this game
This game is truly awsome. It's just a great way to pass the time with fun hack and slash gameplay. I'd definitely recommend it.
This game is heavily based on pay to play. If you dont, you have to spend several days for little progress.
Its the best game i ever played the controls and graphics are so good can you make more maps bosses and weapons. Plz
This game is absolutely amazing. My one and only complaint is the bald, exploding guys in the third tower. Completely unnecessary and i couldn't even go into detail about how much and why i despise their existence while also keeping this child friendly. Great game
This is probably *the best* tap tap tap games to play and release tension when you're stressed or just need the satisfaction of button smashing on the go. The design and gameplay is great and can be very challenging, I got through all five lands and couldnt beat the final boss cuz I needed to smash faster! No complaints here. Great game.
I love this game. I like the idea, esthetics, diversity, moves, skills, but the missing ads are killing me. It could've been ok, until asked me to use ad for a chest, but they aren't working. Until this is fixed, sorry guys, no more than *** :) When this is fixed, 5 * without discussion. Ps. As i promised, when ads are working, i give 5* 09.09.2020 I'm already sick of the fact ads don't work. Ads aren't working.
I had this game installed before, and it was really fun. I deleted it to free up some space, and now I have a good amount of space. I installed it again, and it kicks me out at the start screen everytime. Overall, it was a very fun game when I could play.
Really cool concept and theme ,but you have to rely on the rapid power up that you get by watching ads and the game gets really grindy and isn't as cool after the first tower boss
Games is fun however once you get to later levels for me it's grinding to get a decent weapon then upgrade for a expensive amount.
Its a pay to win game that takes hours to grind, I got bored after a while of playing it and decided to get a hacked version and it turns out the game does not even have a proper ending, pvp is a joke its pretty much a competition to see who has deeper pockets overall the game is fun for a little while until you realize its pay to win.
If the bigger enemies actually had attack animations instead of just walking animations that would be incredibly helpful, and it seems that there's a delay between pressing the block button and actually blocking an attack. if that is intentional then it's fine, but if not I would like the dev to be aware of it. there are daily challenges but they do not track progress properly which is quite annoying.
This game has too many cheap tricks, dosent explain enough either. Use demonization onna boss? Itll stun lock you to death. Demonization is utterly worthless as well. And 3rd tower just sucks
It was really fun while I did play it. I loved it but once I got bored of it I deleted it. I found it once again and decided to download it but everytime I try to open it it will say "unfortunately, tower breaker has stopped" and I haven't been able to play it since.
Pretty bad game I mean I like the weapons and art style but the gameplay makes it so boring.All you do is just click one button.
Pretty good game. Theres just a bug when picking the abilities that makes the utility ability be picked when trying to pick an attack ability. Other then that it's a super smooth game.
Pretty fun game, so far. But 1 issue, the loot boxes give wayyyy too many of the same weapons over and over again! Please tweak it a bit so it gives a bit of a wider selection of goods! Other than that I love the game!!!
The good: This game has an excellent gritty, dirty, dark, demonic feel that is fantastic. Love the cut scenes, the look everything has, the audio, etc. Great overall aesthetic appeal! The bad: Well, the game is pay-to-win or it's endless-ads-for-everything and it's a total grind fest just to level up your initial trash gear on trash mobs. The pay system is way over the top. The price of some of the perks are as expensive as a premium game on sale on Steam would be. That's nuts for what this is. So I stopped playing, which is a shame, as I don't want to grind just to see a level 1 legendary get a few hundred souls just to get another 10 floors in the tower, taking 2~3 days, plus countless ads to get there to double your mats. The best buy-in would be the ad-free perk and the mimic-pet and then grind away, but that's like $15+ just for that. Again, premium games on sale on Steam cost this much and are not just a casual tapper grinder game like this. Very sad. Oh well, +2 stars just for looking fantastic and demonic in such a good way!
gg but the thing i hate about this game is that these like waves push you back then it just messes up your conetraition and then you die
I like the game. Its a time waster and you could play it for hours. Now the only thing that makes me put a 3 star is the ads and the ad placements. When your furiously tapping the 3 buttons that you play with there is a possibility that an ad can pop up right on the screen. If your not done with the floor, it will get you killed. And its completely unfair. Thats the only reason why its a 3 star.
I played this game a long time ago, and it was perfect. But when I reinstalled it, I found that when I opened the game and pressed start, I was sent back to my home screen immediately. It's a perfect game, I just can't play it anymore.
This is honestly a solid game, and I'm enjoying it a lot, but there are issues with it that really bring the quality down, overall. For one, it becomes obvious early on that the game is made for you to spend money. Pets, Talent Keys, and Epic weapons are all locked behind lengthy grinds (why such large boss timers?), and for the weapon there's not even any mention of your odds to get it. If you choose not to get the deal when you clear a tower, you may never see an Epic weapon.
Great game so far way better then I thought it would be from the add however I wish there was more verity in the weapons cause so far i only see 3 differnt kinds and the demonization bar thing SUCKS it takes sooo long to charge and it only ends up giving you a 2dmg bonus which i could just get from some of the right abilitys if the dev fixes those i would rate 5 stars
Ok here's why I'm giving it 2 stars even though to me it's more like a 4 star game. The game can be played COMPLETELY OFFLINE. There's a PVP system in game but the "player" that you are going up against are not actual players that's also playing the game. I was playing a PVP match and as soon as it begins, my service dropped. And wouldn't you know it, the game kept on rolling the the other "player" is still fighting. Why do you lie to me like this game. Why do you call it Player VS Player?
Enjoyed the game, could have been a new favorite, but forced ads on top of all the optional ads to win is too much. I don't mind,in fact I would say I enjoy, ads for bonuses, I get to feel like I am supporting the devs while getting something out of it, totally win-win, but that feeling becomes anger when I am forced to watch ads as well. Are all the ads I am choosing to watch not good enough? Apparently not.
Awesome game! I really like how it's dependant on the player's skill but also feels really relaxing at the same time.
Please remove the ads that appear when you die. Its stopping me from being able to watch the ads that i want to watch to get stuff and really pisses me off. Edit: with the new update the game crashes when opening. Pls fix asap. Edit: please fix the game i spent money on it.
I love everything about this game.i love it. But i did everything.i killed the gate keeper and i completed all PVP challenges.this game is lag free and very good graphics even i you have a poop phone.but one thing i dont like is ending...when i started playing i spend many months even for killing the world tree boss.but at first the story is very good but at last..there is not cutscene/story.i..hate it for that.i even have HELL armor/shied andthe blood of dream or what ever.now i dont have ANYTH
Game is not so bad. One thing for sure...I'm not gonna spend even one euro for red souls. After using one of those I reset my max damage and critical hit on my weapon. So...What is the point of doing that? Isn't spouse to benefit me? Ridiculous!
I'm giving this game a 4 star mostly because it's not hard it's relatively easy to play and level up just the boss weapons (or epic weapons if you prefer) are extremely rare the chance should be higher at least a little also there's a lot of "pay to win" people in pvp which makes it impossible to move up but apart from that the game easy and a great time killer definitely recommend it if you bored and have nothing to do
It's a great game. I think it can do a lot more. It's not a Hack & Slash. You don't have to put what type of game it is in the title to not make it look generic. It's kinda boring because nothing is really happening. I suggest adding a bit more gameplay maybe a boss fight. I understand if you consider device space but gameplay has to matter. I hope I helped.
The game is enjoyable, fantastic art style, fun gameplay and a rewarding sense of progression, but at the half-way mark it becomes painfully pay-to-win. I enjoyed the game so much I was almost okay with this, however the prices for what you get are far too steep, and in my opinion should be reduced by 25%, in some cases even 50% (particularly for the pets). My only true complaint is the fact that as far as I'm aware the 'Key of Shard' pet is broken. I bought it, and 200+ big crates later no key.
Pretty fun game. Out of curiosity, what happened to Turretz? Was it removed like the Angry Birds games? If so, that kinda sucks.
I've been playing this game for a while and I love this game but when I press the attack button it sometimes doesn't work but this is a great game
Giving it a five star since I see potential for a really good game. In my opinion you should add idle skull gaining so that skulls don't feel as repetitive to obtain, different game modes (for example you're against an AI hero and you're the one spawning the waves of mobs and you can upgrade your troops individually and a way to obtain helmets and shields easier.
Amazing easy to play interactive tapping game as I would describe it honestly it's one of the best mobile games I've ever played
I actually am loving the game. I played it for an hour and bought the ad free version. So it's been good to me. I did notice lots of the ad rewards didn't work until I bought the ad free version, so that was weird. But my biggest complaint is it need a volume slider. I love the music! But I don't want to hear the sound effects that loud. So please a volume slider!
Been playing the game for a while now and it's pretty fun. Well it's been fun once I purchased the no ads package, because it's pretty unplayable without that, there are ads when you do literally everything and it really destroys the experience. A few tips: farming boss chest is very important, if you get epic weapons keep them cause you need 5,even if not different, for the god weapon. And don't buy the key of shard cause the key drop rate is pretty much non existant.
This game is promising. I advice having a custom PVP room where we can fight with our friends, oh also have a friend system--or a lounge area where you can hangout with people and talk with them. More weapons, armor and shield option please. I rarely do reviews and give an absolute 5 star, but I did for this instance because I can see a bright future for this game. For the game developers, I want to tell you, you've done an awesome job. Keep it up, don't lose hope! This game is awesome!
This game is simple but fun, my only gripe with it is that sometimes you can get a combination of enemies that are impossible to beat, as well as the fact that people who pay to win and buy every single pet and boss weapon pack can dominate you in PvP, it's seriously unfair that I try my absolute hardest to win while some guy with a credit card doesn't even bother trying. Aside from that, I hope gets more content updates and fixes it's PvP so I can give it a higher rating.
This game is very good one problem tho if you use a spear theres a glitch where the sheilds knockback dose nothing and it's very annoying because it kill you just because the sheil didnt work
Talk about repetitive...... This got old after about 5 minutes. I probably would have tried it for longer if it wasn't for the stupid yellow wave that randomly comes and flips you into losing a guy.
The game still has bugs in it that breaks the game was in a pvp earlier and my attack button just stopped working. The game is not necessarily pay to win but when u reach each thru 10% of the pvp stuff, prepare to sweat because everybody does it.
In pvp match making you vs played who have the best of everything while you don't. I can't even get passed 400 trophies because I get matched up with people who have better gear than me.
I loved this game. Firstly all the ads are optional so you don't have to watch ads if you don't want to. Second thing is, the game isn't too hard. The only thing that is, is the pvp. That's difficult but that's because the other players are getting strong too. And I got the epic weapon from the final boss without having to kill him 20 times. Overall can't complain about anything in this game. It's really good.
Very fun game. The only reason I can't play it for very long is the ads after EVERY play through. I understand wanting to bank money for your game, you deserve it for making a great game, but the ads are way too often. If the ads could be by choice of the player it would be more of a fun game and less annoying.
Can only get weapons no armor, and the weapons you get are not to good, which make this game pay to win.
I legitimately enjoyed the game it's kind of addicting but I can see that we'll get annoying a little bit after the beginning cuz it'll get grindy but I actually really like it for now
Love the game, everytime I play i get sucked in too it. Also this is irrelevant to this game but why isn't turretz available on the play store anymore that game was amazing too please bring it back.
I was so good at this game till I deleted it on my old phone and I'm trying to play it agein.Exept that when I try to play it seid"unfortunately tower bracker has stopped".Please help your game is so fun and I hope this is not happening to eny one else Bye.
Paywall exist so I can't get the remaining upgrades no matter what I do unless I pay real cash. I been looking on how do I get that pet as f2p but I found nothing. Might quit soon since there is no point playing something that is unfair.
The gameplay is marvelous, but there are some kinks that are pretty dreadful. First, the balance of weapons to enemies is off balanced. It takes loads more grinding to complete a floor than it should; it is a bit excessive. Second, and most important, I got the key of shard but have yet to get any keys. I have opened over 200 chests and haven't got a single one. Last, if I spent money to get the key of shard, then shouldn't that automatically rid me of ads? I'll change my rating if I get help.
A Tower "Clicker" - Game It's actually really fun and good to play, however - every time you lose 3-Hearts the game Plays an Ad ( Which is fine ) but instead of after playing the ad it shows the Menu again, it literally restarts the whole game... Like you're launching it for the first time. Gets really annoying after a while... Otherwise it's a fun game, to play without ads though you have to pay $5.99 which is stupendously HIGH price just for a "Clicker" game. 3/5 ⭐
The core mechanic of the game is really solid, and there is a great progression curve. There are ads after every other run or so but you can skip most of them after a few seconds.There is never a point where you feel like "I can't do any more without watching 50 ads or spending money". There is always SOMETHING you can grind out and for a mobile game that's more than you can ask for. Considering the game is decent and it's FREE with not a lot of pay to play MTX you really can't complain about ads
Good game but when you beat a boss, instead of getting the bosses epic weapon you have to buy a pack, and it's limited time.
I played this SO much, I would stay up till 8am without sleep playing this, and I think it just needs balancing improvements. the game's difficulty significantly spikes a few times to the point that the game is literally unplayable without watching the ads off cooldown for boosts and paying real money. you can't reach higher towers in the game without claws with spirit claws ability, or any spirit ability in general. the other abilities don't kill bosses quickly enough for the timer
game is very simple and entertaining and even tho the last 2 updates where punishing i don t see why people complain so much about having to grind to get there. there are only 4 towers so i can see why they make it 'slower' to progress. if not you would finish the game in 3 days. what s the point then? farming armor pieces is the only thing that s very boring but oh well. overall i m very happy.
Its a good game with a good pace and good gameplay, simple enough but it keeps me entertained, the only thing that would put this game into a 5 star cat, is the soundtrack, its a very aggressive game and it has an almost atmospheric trance music playing, I believe if you hire someone to do a good sound track that's themed per tower it would be a much stronger game.
Great game, Addictive and detailed but An Survival Mode would be nice and maybe more loot Would make it more worth while.
I think this game is so fun and addicting. Not that much ads and its not pay to win. I honestly love this game.
Gets boring real quick plus the PVP mechanics screw you over by frequently pairing you with somebody stronger killing your winstreak and obviously encouraging you to pay for something that simply does not exist 4/10 wouldn't play again
Great game with much potential. Could've been an awesome PC game. However, the spike in difficultly and over abundance of weapon chests only makes it hard to enjoy. The game nearly become a paywall. I have a lvl 2, +6 sword which is pretty damn good for being on the first quarter of the first tower and it doesn't even help. The enemy has to much pressure on you to block because then they're right there on you especially if there is one of the sheild guys or an "enchanter" that boosts their speed
Pretty awesome and all. The graphics are real satisfying. Armor and weapon designs are downright badass. Controls are simple. That easy to learn, hsrd to master type. One problem is the repetitive feeling. It gets really repetitive once you get used to the game. Maybe better if there are different game modes or new mechanics for the players to enjoy. Good game tho, kept me playing for weeks till I got bored. Thanks devs!
I like the game, fun and more interactive than those boring old idle games. The only issue I have is that I constantly keep getting "Ad is loading please try again" when trying to get different free stuff. On top of that, when beating certain floors, there's an option of continuing or leaving with a button to load a video to get more skulls. That video load button NEVER works. Great game, and I don't mind watching videos to get bonuses, but I can't stand that it works only 10% of the time.
Amazing gameplay with some challenge!!!! I have got to say, I personally give myself a game of the month and this one takes the cake
Very good, very addicting. The only problem is that the sound effects volume is not very equal, I'll turn my phone down and barely hear something then get booster my something else. Other then that, great game. Highly recommend!!!
Really fun but some bugs. I've noticed when you start back on the bottom of towers on floors that you've completed sometimes you'll lose lives and die as soon as you move up a floor. Won't get hit, just die. Happen several times in different towers. Also sometimes the buttons wont work, like it wont let you attack, or charge. One more bug. Sometimes the bosses don't show the warnings of where they will hit. Happens a lot on the 3rd tower. A few times on the second as well. Still love the game!!!
Great concept. Easy controls. Good weapon selection and customization. Can sometimes hit a hard set of enemies, but that just means a bit more grinding. All around good game.
I love this game but it would be way better if there was more game modes like boss mode, survival, and co-op online if you would do that the game will be one of the best games i've downloaded and it will probably go up in popularity anyway keep up the good work loving it. Oh one last thing make it more possible to find the bosses weapon in their chest
First off, the game is incredible. I love it, however the game is impossible once you get to the second boss. To keep going you heave to past money. Even then, out may not even improve anything. Relying on chests is neccessary. But getting anything useful is rare. Overall its a great game but its very enjoyable. Even with the setbacks.
Suggestion: pvp could be both players trying to knock each other out from that floor and insted of doing damage you could be doing knockback to your opponent. I feel like this would be a better form of pvp.
It's a good game all round just I seem to have a issue trying to connect my account seems fine so far but I would still like to back it up if the devs read this hope you could help.
In pvp i have been seeing the you can no longer attack and defend yourself when shoved to the end of the level
well, as I WAS enjoying the game, i soon discovered that my hard work and grinding not matter because of the things you need to pay for! either give the game a price tag or make it so dont have to empty your wallet in order to progress or even, not have to spend money to take the boss weapon, the boss of in which you just defeated too, so after all that work, i learned i had to pay 10$ just for a sword.