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Touhou Thousand Night Anamnesis

Touhou Thousand Night Anamnesis for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by salada. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is the most well made stg touhou fan game on mobile. The controls are a lot easier than keyboard. I love that some danmaku pattern is based on the original touhou games but there are also self made danmaku pattern. I am looking foward for future update.
Best touhou game on the google play store. Although, I wouldn't mind seeing an option where we can switch from the remixes to the original songs
A very solid touhou experience for mobile, I like it a lot, controls adapt well to mobile there's a whole bunch of content and the soundtrack is filled with a lot of really great remixes (personal favourite being Ayas theme from mountain of faith) I think if there was one thing I would like to see happen though it would be a revamp of the phantasm, it's wayyy too easy, seeing Mima return is really cool, and her remix is fantastic but her fight doesnt really have much tension because shes so weak
This is possibly the greatest bullet hell game on the entire Google play store. The boss' shot patterns are very faithful to the games, the art used for the bosses are beautiful and the huge amount of characters and customization options make finding your favorite playstyle extremely easy. I highly recommend this game
Very nice! My biggest concern however is why each character including their shooter type has their own "data". Like I go through a stage with a character, and it's only done on that specific character. That even includes the spells that unlock too. Update: So I have played further & discovered a few things. I can unlock Extra without beating every stage as one char. It's strange but it saves the time. But what I would recommend is a different "clear" badge for y'know. Also delay Scarlet Eye
Talking about Lunatic difficulty. Patterns are cool for the most part but the hitboxes are way too big. The bomb button is horribly unresponsive or just too small so I'm often having to press it multiple times to get a bomb. Game also has horrible performance issues in some attacks. Junko's final is a good example, the game stutters every other half second making the attack unplayable. Combine this with the hitboxes being massive and you've got a frustrating experience.
Incredible! Whoever took the time to make this is an amazing group of people! And the usage of the house set themes is nice too.
Update: I won't spoil the events of the Extra and Phantasm stages. All I will say is this: It is worth the grind. 100%. The Phantasm stage boss and her spellcards are gonna make any true Touhou fan go "wow!". This is truly a Touhou game made by someone that loves Touhou. 10/10 It's got all you can want from a touhou game: beautiful bullet patterns, good music and more. It has a big lineup of characters to play as. Overall, a great experience for phone and tablet users.
I'd have to say that this is the best mobile fanmade touhou game. The boss rush is quite fun and hell they just updated it. So I must say this is a must play for touhou fans
This game is incredible ^^ the only problem is the map may be a bit too small and enemies are quite big, either way I still enjoy this game :)
Pretty great game. I love having a simple touhou game in my phone and with the new update, having a veriety of bombs is awesome. Also the soundtrack remix is pretty great.
The best mobile Touhou fangame that I have played so far! I am great fan of boss-rush games and I enjoyed the original spellcards (especially the ones in the Phantasm stage). I also loved the new update which added character-specific bombs, death-bombing, and Boss Practice mode. The only major problem I have so far is that the Prismriver Sisters tend to freeze the game after I beat them. I hope that bug gets fixed!
I like this Touhou mobile game. You can choose between lots of characters, bosses, releases, and... spell cards. It's impossible to clear a stage because all the bosses use spell cards. Plus, you can't even get cards. Please improve this in a future update.
Amazing, simplified and creative tribute to most of the main series official games, with two very fun original unlockable stages at the end. Recommend to any Touhou fan.
Easily the best touhou mobile game i've played, spellcards are creative and aren't just straight up taken out from the original games, which really made this game stand out from others. Also, the last stage boss got me laughing when i first got to it (Phantasm), 10/10 would reccomend it. I also love how the game doesn't limit you to only reimu and marisa as for it's only playable characters. Every girl has their own gameplay style and that just makes it better for me.
Great game. I feel like you should add reimu and Marisa on the same run instead of separating them tho
Not too sure what it all means but the patterns are awesome, and the smooth controls make for a great time.
Loving the game so far.For someone like me that just got into this kind of game genre and did not have a pc it's a perfect way to start I know it's not as good like the originals but it's good enough for beginners that never play this type of game.(Sorry for the terrible grammar english it's not my first language)
Bombs for each characters are very nice addition,but still certain bombs seems useless,also its time for reisen to go down marisa A is op.Deathbombing system like th8 makes this game lot easier than before.Overall its rly good game
I like this game. I appreciate more if they will add bosses in boss rush from fairy wars and impossible spell card
All in all, pretty good game! I don't have much complaints, but I do have a few suggestions: Add focusing, so we can have both type of shot for our character, also cause its a pretty important thing for touhou games. Maybe change the bgm? I don't hate the current one, but I'd rather stick with the classics. ZUN is OK with with that, if memory servers right. Ku can read his fangame guidelines on the touhou wiki. Also maybe make everthing a tiny bit smaller?
Its a good touhou fangame, its a boss rush and the spell cards are different from the original ones and the remixes are good. I would like clownpiece to be implemented in the next update ( if there is one ) because she is my favorite character. Clownpiece isnt playable in the original games so i would like to you to put clownpiece into this game.
Absolutely stunning! So many stages and characters, I'm pleasantly surprised by this app. There's several difficulties, and they each scale well. Overall, this is a very, very well-made unofficial Touhou game. 10/10 easily. I have no complaints.
Fantastic game... colors just pop off the screen, the soundtrack is banging, and the gameplay intense. Not too mention there is a huge variety of characters and levels, it's just a joy to play.
I would say it is the best available Touhou game on the app store. The controls are fantastic, and it's a great introduction to the gameplay of Touhou!
It's got all you can want from a touhou game: beautiful bullet patterns, good music and more. It has a big lineup of characters to play as. Overall, a great experience for phone and tablet users.
This touhou danmaku mobile is pretty much fun to play! I love how we can battle bosses from almost every touhou official games.
This is the one of the if not the beat Touhou moble game yet!!!! The controls are simple and do not get the way. The *super* button is easy to access and can be adjusted to the player's preference. Is a great game 10/10
Fine details like changing the stage 4 boss of IN depending on your character makes me gush that they included it, along with all the main mechanics. Definitely the most faithful touhou fangame on mobile! Great engine!
The colours are bright and so all the projectiles are hard to miss, movement is fluid, a solid set of playable characters, and even Lunatic is lovely to play through. Incredible Touhou mobile adaptation I highly recommend it!
Sometime pressing the bomb button when gotten hit mitigate the lost of life. However, this doesn't always work.
Hey, uh... Did you know in stage 4 of Hidden Star in Four Seasons normal mode, after fighting Narumi there's a sudden star spell that comes and kill the player without warning? Is it supposed to be there or it is some kind of bug? Because I have encountered it multiple times there :(
Some of the shottypes in this game feel very weak. Which is odd because AliceA and AyaA's damage is so much higher in comparison. Kind of makes the other characters feel underpowered and redundant when they exist. I get that it's for balancing but somehow shots like ReimuA and YuyukoA feel even weaker than they do in the offical games.
The game is really fun to play, 10/10 would play again. Just annoyed I don't have infinite lives in Spell card practice so when I die I have to restart the whole thing
Probably The Best Touhou Game On Mobile Ever!! The Remix Of The Music Is Great, The Danmaku Difficulty Is Now Balanced And All Characters Have Their Own Bomb! My Suggestion Is Maybe You Could Add Touhou 9 Bosses And Touhou 17 Bosses So This Game Would Be A Complete Touhou Game On Mobile!
One of the best Touhou fan games I played, the closest thing to experiencing some of the older classic windows games on Android it centers around danmaku duels with all of the classical windows Touhou bosses, too bad there's no story mode as it's really the closest we have to actually being able to play the original Touhou games on Android. It's a huge shame the authors did not go the exact mile and recreate the entire games themselves as these tiny levels...
Great fangame, feels very close to an actual Touhou PC game since you don't just pick a boss and fight, though it doesn't have stages. Tons of shot types to choose from, and also a lot of content, bosses have PC nonspells and original spells which are mostly really cool. Music is alright, I would've preferred the original tracks because these arrangements are usually too slow and chill for the game.
Very good game. Well made and all and the lore is respected. The remixed musics are awesome, especially "complete darkness" wich truly puts us into the epic last level. Although, the bomb button doesn't always work. Maybe it's me but you should check to be sure. Anyway, very good game. I love it. Best touhou mobile game. Best bullet-hell mobile game.
This game is good it uses the bosses but only the bosses and made it different than the original game enough to be inique and at the same time it has good game play
As a full-on Touhou fan, this is basically the best experience you can get from your Android device for playing Touhou games. From the bosses and the danmaku to the array of various users, this is definitely one game I'll be playing over and over, provided you're not a complete noob at it. Also, hopefully there are some updates such as the addition of more games (like Wily Beast And Weakest Creature aka TH17) and perhaps some bit of storyline for that ultimate feel.
Awesome but for some reason the music often stops out of nowhere (esp. in menus) and the game can't be unmuted, until restarting the app. I'm having this bug on Galaxy S8, if it can help!
Editing this review because dont get me wrong, this game still rocks. But I dont know if this is due to the update but now when ever I play with the WI FI on the ad that shows up will block half the screen! And sometimes the ad will hover in the middle of the game as well, makeing playing the game a hassle forcing me to disconnect my WI FI whenever I play. Other than that im looking forward to the next update but PLEASE fix the ad issue or remove the ads altogether.
Overall an amazing app. But, theres a bug that if you turn off the hits in the Spell Card Practice, it glitches out the hit in the actual game. Please fix this, if you do I'd definitely vote 5 stars. And if you could add Tewi Inaba as a playable characters, I'd love that, since Tewi doesn't get much light I. fan games.
Incredibly enjoyable and well made touhou game for Mobile was pleasantly surprised and 100% deserves a 5* from me
This feels like a knock-off product. The only thing I liked were the controlls, and some of patterns, tho alot of them seemed half-assed. The aspect ratio was weird. I feel as if there could be something to fill out the black spaces on the top and bottom of the screen. The music was WACK AF! The music was too compressed, and also all weird house remixes. Alot of the og thouhou music don't translate well to house. Also, why only bosses? I like the levels in the originals.
An excellent game, really addictive and the soundtrack is spot on. Love that you can listen to each track in the menu. Unfortunately the music stops playing when I boot up the game since the new update, please fix.
ilove it but, close enough to the original. The only making this game is legimately hard when using one spellcard or weapon in one game, I hope their two weapons can be used at the same time and can change there weapons whenever they want and there special attributes in the character selections are some of them are lies and the stupid is, Telling Seija Kijin is cute what does being cute is special about. Any i hope for the next update will be better...
Rewriting my review because we got a really nice update recently. Priorly, I stated that all I would want in an update would be more characters, since I really didn't see anything else major they should add. Instead, we got the option to practice entire boss fights, and unique bombs for each character. Now that we've seen the effort the developers want to put into the game, I'm really excited for whatever the next update is. Stuff like Last Words would be great, but this is amazing as-is.
A decent Touhou fangame with lots of content. The game is a boss rush mode covering the games from Touhou 6 to 16. It's pretty easy compared to even other fangames so you'll likely want to play at a higher difficulty setting that you typically would. Some spell cards are a little too weird for their own good though, like one that causes your character to jitter around. There's also an advertisement at the bottom of the screen which is obtrusive and there is no option to remove it.
VERY GREAT GAME, SINCE THEIR LAST UPDATE. Im having fun playing this game, highly recommended for Mobile Touhou players, 2 suggestions, when this game is updated, can you add familiars to some of the girls' shot types like Yukari? Also can you put some necessary familiar for enemies and bosses? I would appreciate it! The other one, can you put ZUN's official themes on bosses except for Extra and Phantasm stages? It would be a pleasure listening them while playing the game. This game's good.
Definitely a way to practice Touhou when you don't have a PC. But I would really appreciate if there would be a cloud save. Aside from that, a really unique experience.
Probably the best touhou fangame on mobile. The controls are responsive, the game is fun, it's got a lot more content than most other touhou mobile games, overall it's great. Just make sure you turn on airplane mode before you start playing to avoid the ads.
Good game but no audio. I love touhou so please fix. I rate a 4 because it isn't fair to give a one. Im runninh on a samsinh s20 fe 5g if that helps
This is frickin good. Love the re arrangement ( i prefer the original tho ), char design, and ofc the gameplay is good too
There's a lot of promise here. There are many characters and that's unique to fan games, but I wish that they had different bombs, but I understand that that would be difficult to implement. You could have chosen to use the actual music instead of these remixes, but that's not a huge deal. I do wish that death bombing has a thing. Edit: We now have differing bombs and death bombing, as well as respawn invulnerability, great lol!
Ngl i recommend this game if you play alot of touhou tho the music audio might be low quality but it's still cool and epic. That's all i can say, it is very epic and the main menu bird sounds are relaxing for me for some reason
This is one of the best mobile touhou games. The controls are very responsive and the danmaku is original for each character. It is a lot of fun.
I'm surprised it work really well for a touch screen format touhou game. this fan game is really great, unique while still relevant spell card (as well as non spell card), a wide variety of character to play and fight, even 2 modes for each character too. you can also choose easy until lunatic diff, however the easy diff is still challenging and passable. overall great game! though, I wonder when you'll add wily beast and weakest creature?
This game is great. The controls feels natural and fluid, which surprised me because I don't usually play touch-screen games. If you're a fan of Touhou and want even more 1ccs, try this!
Definitely the best touhou experience on mobile. Controls are super smooth. I like it even better than on pc.
If only if all the the bosses were implemented. That would've been the best idea ever and this would've been the best Google Play Store unofficial game ever!
Holy heck man, I was kinda skeptical if a bullet hell Touhou would work on a touch screen format?! Turns out I was dead wrong, it really works! Game is a ton of fun, I've got so many on laptop here. A nice pick up and play variant with alot of replayability here! One for the fans of the genre here and I'd hope to keep it that way so won't be any updates that would ruin a great experience here, no adds either! Incredible and probably the only one of it's type you'll ever need! Wonderful stuff!
A Touhou blast from the past; a boss rush from the Scarlet Devil to Hidden Star, plus a couple extra stages if you beat them all. 13 playable characters make for a versatile experience. If you like Touhou, this is a good time.