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Total War Battles: KINGDOM - Medieval Strategy

Total War Battles: KINGDOM - Medieval Strategy for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by SEGA located at Sega of America, Inc 6400 Oak Canyon, Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92618. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
One of the best games I'v ever played...but I give it 4 stars, becase of a few reasons, too many raids and outrageously high tribute costs. Renowns are almost impossible to complete. Please fix these and I will give it 5 stars! Keep up the great work!
I know that your graphics are really good, but it's my first time playing it, it took so long for it to load and it's still loading, which is annoying can you please help
The graphics are good and the kingdom building is really good but the gameplay is atrocious. You don't have proper tactics you just add power. Can you make it so that we split up armies. The worst thing about the gameplay is losing control of your army they'll just run away. And why do we have to pay tribute to the owner of the land. Why can't we invade and lay siege. What I'm asking for is more control over armies and opportunities to invade other places and easier to upgrade armies and places
I'm giving this game a 1 star for a multitude of reasons for starters the game itself does not work and i can't log in and if you try to creat an acount it just flat won't work ether the email does not send or it doesn't load out right. And it is not the internet connection because I have tryde multiple times so until the game works this is what is gets.
Its a pretty good game,but i have one complaint.THE KINGS PATH,ive done stuff before i got the mission and didnt get the honor,also if the first batle quest was rabunhoods rebelion i want the renown for it i have completed it before i needed the renown for it but now i dont have the renown.Please fix this and its a five star reveiw
Hi, i Really want to Thank you for creating such game for mobile, this is What i Really need. Thanks a lot. With all respect i just need to Ask you one thing, please Allow us to build Roads and Bridges in higher terrain too. Please it help me to build cities in very strategic points.
A really good game, it is very time consuming and sometimes hard to level but pretty good for a free total war game. Wish there were more free titles.
Honestly wish there was more games like this because it's the best of the PC World on the phone when it comes to strategy I really think it's worth it just wish there was more PC like games like this
I like the game a lot, even though so e of it just seems like I can't survive without spending, but lately it won't connect to server, just says exactly that and then tries to reconnect, repeating that it cannot reach server. I want to play, please tell me what's wrong, it's not my network
It is good game but it does not explain how to make shipments to go viking voyoges. How do u make shipments for that
The auto disable river flow when detected some building getting flooded is annoying, should add an option to disable it.
Dueling always pairs me with people out of my league with is annoying because you need to become a master dueler to get land
Game is far to slow to play takes to long to gather resources pointless playing as have to be open all the time no autogathering would be a great game if wouldn't take a week to get near to the resources to get to level 2 very poorly thought out game
I like the game but I find it a little slow paced.i also think you should be able to controle units more.
For as long as the total war series has existed it has always. It has REAL battles. Almost no pay to win. And no fake ads. Then only disadvantage is that the battery dies quick and it gets harder as you progress on.
The building aspect of the game is good but the battles and duels are so unrealistically hard you are always going to loose also it's great at the start as It makes everything easy for you but once you pass level 10 you have no hope of achieving anything let alone building your empire. What is the point in the advisor as he doesn't help he just tells you your towns flooded which you can see yourself only play if your willing to put lots of money into the game. I am deleting it
Love the gameplay & the graphic quality. But 1 problem and its very annoying. Always disconnect after playing for about 2 minutes. I'll give more starts if u can fix that assap
So buggy I threw my computer. In one on one battles, it doesn't always allow you to select your troops causing a disadvantage. I've spent days evaluating this game before making in app purchases. In glad I waited. Save your time.
!!!!update!!!! Game sucks bad it's a complete PAY GAME.. period it reals you in by easy level ups makes it fun then swipes it away by loseing 30 to 40 battle's and winning 1, then repeatedly screwing you, makes it to where you have to upgrade your Castle to level 2 but you can't level you army up unless your castle is.. by the way the opponents your facing are a level 3 or 4 sometimes even a 6.. and your stuck at 1, castle is 2k, and slow to gather resources makes you have to pay to accomplish.
So this is one of the only builder type strategies I enjoy ALOT. Its unique strategy that's needed and actual quick time thoughts. (Not like those simple build fort then attack others) You can also fully expand and not take 2 months to actually expand. And easy ways to customise and set out your kingdom. One of the best total war (idk if it's a different company)games I've played. Only shogun and rome topping it. But the only con is that I had to restart because I lost connection to some sever?
Love the whole total war franchise so this game is amazing. Only true issue is I can't connect on mobile data only wifi so it limits collection for me. This is weird as I have no other issues with games connecting
Want to be able to attack other players hope this will soon be available game is boring with out it, need to be able to siege rival's steal their resources and destroy there infrastructure defeat their armies and conqueror the realm, also battle controls are soon limited zero stars for that need more options bigger battle fields with free movement, will be quoting the game soon if things don't change
I would rate it 5 stars, I felt like I found the right game I've been playing for months and now all my hard work is gone I don't know why but whenever I try signing in with my Facebook profile it's says there's an error I'm still waiting for u guys to fix this I won't uninstall this game.. I'm really disappointed that all my hardwork is completely gone because of signing in error
Very pay to win once you reach a certain point. Enemies are stupidly overpowered in comparison to your level. Masters have ridiculously unreasonable quests to be unlocked. They should be available as soon as you reach that rank. The cost to upgrade buildings is ridiculous considering the amount you get from each one. Overall it was fun for the first week but then it became a complete pay to win game.
I gave this a 4 star but not 5 because i could not log in with my facebook account and i dont know why also i cant log in with or register with my email account too. I already lost two accounts before which i already conquerd two to three kingdoms. But overall the game is really good ,graphics are good too, new soldiers good , evryrhing is good . But please if devlopers are seeing my review can you plzzz help me recover my lost account plz help me . Also add gogle acc sync cause its easier plzz
After a long, convoluted registration process... I could not even log into the game. Don't bother even installing this app, the developers don't even know how to introduce players to the game much less make something playable.
Ngl this was a great game, there were some issues tho. I wish some things were more affordable, more troops, and more buildings.
4 would be a 5 but... its so freaking hard to win battles without paying it would break your bank to truly enjoy this game with your children starving if the battles were a bit more fair or if you gained atleaset a littlr resources from easy battles but i just be waisting time battling all day for nothing if it was more fair id even make some purchase but.. i learned my lesson in games that require continuous purchase to have even a small chance awesome game but not fair
I enjoyed the game so much but now I can't open my acc in the game that i logged in in Facebook and now I'm hopeless to retrieve my account.Developers can you help me with my problem?
This game could be better. Everything except healing soldiers takes hours to a day to do and resources take upwards of 5 hours to produce unless you buy them with real money. Battles have 2 levels, challenging and suicide mission. This game would be better if it didnt take almost 7 hours to get 10 food and 10 food is practically nothing sunce everytjing is so expensive. This game has potential so please dont waste it guys.
You have a good game and a solid foundation. My problem is you're servers and their habit of disconnecting every 2 mins. Some days it's better then others. This would not be a problem but if you get disconnected in a battle, even if you didnt lose any troops. It'll wound the whole army then you have to wait ages to try again. This curbs progression majorly. I will rate it higher once you fix the problem but for now this 1 star is to get you're attention on this gamebreaking issue.
Overall, one of the best games out there. But there should be an option to move buildings from one place to another without demolishing them.
Starts off as seeming like a decent strategy game. City building is well thought out but takes ridiculously long to gather resources. Its yet another game that lures you into wasting hours and hours of time then making it too difficult or time consuming to progress unless you start making in ap purchases. Wish greedy developers would just make games you pay for initially then go play. Wouldn't waste my time installing this unless you're willing to buy the in ap purchases.
I liked the game everything is on it but the thing that is missing is, More units should be added like Berserker,Teutonic knights,Chariot riders whatsoever and add new structures ty.
This game is good and all but there is one problem. The gold costing units. How is it fair that the enemy gets like 6 of then while we only get one of them? Make them more expensive but at least give us 2 of them. Overall, good game though. But I am still not rating it 5 stars until this issue is fixed. Hope this is fixed.
Good mini game.... On Android. But still PC version total war is the best... Total war Shogun 2 is my favorite. Still a lot lack on this game and community is dead. I hope developer still develop this game.
Ive been playing this game for years and then all of a sudden, it wont connect with my FB account. Ive lost 3 years worth of game progress. Ive already contacted sega support for couple times and they just left me hanging. Please dont waste your time playing this game.
This game is what I've been looking for. If you loved AoE, civ and total war, this is for you. Free build your cities, good strategy battles and no fear of a pay to play whale making all the time you invested a waste. This is NOT one of those pre-determined city games with shared farming areas where you attack other cities and have to spend every minute shielding. Play at your pace, battle other players armies when you are ready and no requirement to spend any real cash. I love it, thanks Sega.
I really enjoyed building my kingdom at first, while the buildings and resource gathering is unbalanced it was good enough and I really like the terraforming aspect. There are some other issues but the biggest are the battles. The weird lane system is terrible, the switching lanes, lack of control over units, no understanding of what's happening. It lacks any sort of strategy feel or a sense that this is my army I built, the two modes lack all sort of connection. Why can't I conquer for example?
Good game!!..Like the way it doesn't press you to pay to play only at your own paste..although i would like to see more building added other than that i recommend it. Nice job devs!.
Never enough resources to upgrade anything, collecting resources should not be only achieved by tapping on an icon that takes 25min to pop up....then you only get 10 units of that resource. I'm at the point where I've advanced too far. Considering deleting because its just no fun without the resources to upgrade.
I really wanted to play this game, had to delete some files and other apps to make room for this one. "It'll be worth it" I thought. Well the darn game won't even load! Don't get it, unless you want to waste your time and data.
Very cool game. But the units need to regenerate faster in the down time between battles. Pluz the icons need more explanation. Unfortunately the game has been locking up. But got very quick response from developers. Very pleased about that.
Game good, just wish you could do more to the map, dam should be able to fill to how you see fit low or high terrain
Game itself is decent, PVP and thus any end game playability are zero as PVP is ruined by the set up where every player has maxed troops even at the lowest end. Pathetic that devs didnt try to fix this.
Great game, top quality, probably one of the best quality strategy games your gonna see on mobile, not only is it unique from the other strategy games, it feels and looks realistic and its much more complex to control you lands and castles, you can do so many stuff, and the battles are good. The game is not pay to win at all! You should definitely give it a try, its an amazing game, however it might be complicated and confusing at the beginning, but its nothing that requires a mastermind.
Its Pretty Good, I Liked The Battle System Which Allows Me To Use Tactics In Fighting Unlike The Others Strategy Games, I Just Hope I Can Use More Than Line Battles Like Using Flank Tactics Or Adapt With The Ground Terrain That Will Be So Cool.
Every time I try to log on it says "oops you have been disconnected from the server, please try again" gutted I can't play it.
Ok, soooooo I downloaded it 3 times, and have seen videos it's my type of game but here the problem, I cant play it, everytime i get to the menu, i click new game, and after a minute of waiting it always says "connect to server timed out, please try again". Cant find a way to fix so sadly give it 3 stars, have a good phone tho so it ain't that.
Game resources economy is very unbalanced and if you want good gameplay you have to pay. ... Basically resources available in game are very few
This game is fun but has a series account issue. It will not allow me to login into my account nor will it allow me to change my password. Please fix those issues. I know my password and it says it is wrong. I then try to change said password and never receive and email to change it. Besides that issue the game play is alright. Game is fun but certain units that you need eventually are behind a paywall which sucks. The grind for gold is ridiculous as you get a measly 3 gold out of the 200 needed
I love the game! its totally strategy game can play without paying. I just purchased some gold to improve my military but also to help devs to improve the game. ❤️❤️❤️
.this game is nice but if you reach certain level with out purchasing a real money you cant connect to there servers..sadly this game is not for fun..dont download this game.
I'm like this game very much but why can't I log back in to my account?! I've spent some money on it n can't even log back in to play and spend more!
Massive Gameplay Killer - Starting a fight (NPC) and right when the battle is commencing, you get the error of having been disconnected from the server. You log in again only to receive defeat and entire army wounded.
I love the concept! Would be nice to get a little more indepth with the buildings and units but I'm not complaining..
Good game but it's very expensive to get good it's impossible to be good without spending money also it's really hard to get gold
Cross between foe and total war. To expand on this experience and have bigger armies and more open world could be a hit.
Good game but a few glitches to complain about... First it gets a little tedious with the way you manage your lands but maybe some people like that? Im not one of those. Also alot of random glitches for example... Recently I fought some duels to increase my dueling rank and fought my way up to rank 13. I got on later that day and I had dropped to 17 for no reason. Also they seem to like to lock you out of the game for no reason and then said it sent a link to log in to my email which I never rec
It is great i just hoped theres a larger pool of units to choose from and i hoped it is possible to use a bigger army, 9 regiments (one mandatory slot for siege units) is quite small, hoping for a bigger army for bigger battles and the limitations on making a specific unit is quite troublesome but overall despite the ones i stated it is a good game it isnt exactly pay2win which makes it good so there will be no rich peeps hogging everything
I think the games great, it's fun to play when you have the cash to spend. Otherwise your definitely going to get NOWHERE extremely slow or fast depending on your style of play.
It is a very fun city/Castle builder where you get to manage you kingdom and use your troops to fight in high quality graphic battles.
Great game, the animation was awesome but the realm have only 6 regions, may I suggest to add more regions to the realm or make a harbor that travel to mainland Europe... I mean its Britain after all and in the dark ages.
Was able to play one time when I downloaded it. It will not connect to servers and when I does it will not load my game. Do not and can not recommend this game. If I could give negative stars I probably would.
Takes forever to connect to the server which it does not even connect. Also don't see where I can create an account or register. Fix those issues and I'll change my rating. Thank you
I've been play this game for a week now and I think this game is worth for 5 star app game, even though its not perfect strategy game but this game is one of the best strategy game. This game more like Civilization combine with total war. They give a useful tutorial at the beginning, and this one don't spam with ads. The graphics is also great. It would be great if the developer can make the waiting time shorter and automaticly store the harvested resources. This one is enjoyable strategic game.
"Connection to the server timed out." Thats all I get. I've not even been able to get the game started yet as that's all it gives me.
I think it would be better if it was offline because there is limited multiplayer experiences It would be nice to have proper invasions to expand and make it so that you don't always get raised and you can declare war on countries if you want and station troops And it would be fun if there was a story mode tie-in to the Anglo-Saxon story and the English Heptarchy At least make it like the Total War Britannia Game please it would be more worth playing and downloading
Game is good but after a while you can't log back in, I contacted sega and they wernt interested. They told me to make another account. Lots of time and money gone because it's profitable for sega to not have adequate recovery systems.
Great. Graphics are phonemanal, I like how you can't just build any building anywhere. Makes the game more interesting. Too hard to get gold in this game though. You have to pay if you want a lot to be good. Also the tributes to take another kingdom is ridiculious. 2000 of each recourse? Whatever. Great game. Keep doing what you're doing SEGA.
Total War Battles: Kingdom is different than every game that i've played on the Google Playstore. I definitely appreciate Sega for creating this game for Mobile Devices. The game begins with a quick tutorial that explains everything that you need to know to play. The plus side is, they don't spam you with in-game purchases, ads, nor "rate me" screens. It's not a pay 2 compete game either. I need more than 500 characters to write a review for this game because it's that great. Thank you Sega!
I love total war..ive played total war since the 1st game was out on pc..now its on mobile..its really great...but this mobile version take the hell of time to gather recourses..too long for small amount of resources..u guys need to change that brooooo....like i said ive played total war since the the 1st 1 on pc..meaning im old dude..cant wait too long just to gather a small amount of recources..other than that total war is always fantastic as ever...
Graphics were very good at start, wasn2 star. There are a lot of changes required to this. To start the battles are totally mind bending. When has an archer unit been able to beat, medium cavalry, swordsmen & then defeat an other archer unit, all being outnumbered! Javlin unit out ranged longbow. Also being able to restart at beginning would be nice. Has time went by had to reduce graphics resolution required. Now 1 Star & deleted. Pity as real fan of Toral War series on PC.
Its a very nice game but the cooldown on resources are very long, i understand the growing wait time but the planting and harvesting also takes too long. Also add the "harvest all" for the mines. The archer attack selection cooldown should be removed, we should be able to choose which target to attack without cooldown. I love the game and i hope you guys continue to improve
It is a good game,it's good at graphics but when I finish gaming I logged in again for some reason I started to the first campaign again I didn't know how did that happen but please fix it.
The game's graphics is 4-star because it can't be appreciated that much if zoom is limited. The flow of the game is also 4-star building is quite boring and the battle dynamics isn't that exciting.
Crashes when entering or exiting battles. Anyway the gameplay is quite fun, the seasons aspect makes up for the otherwise boring map/territory one has to grind the resources out of. In the recruitment section, the game does not spare you from showing the unit types (i.e. axemen) that you would be able to unlock if only you paid some golden premium currency for it. However there are no ads, so I pay respect to the developers that took the effort for a free game. I still play Rome II by the way :)
Purchse problem, almost 3hours waiting it, i dont have connection problems , i can purchase orher games so easy , just tap and got it , but this game , woo Its Said Connections Problems, But My Money Already Been Taken
Great game i just wish the combat was user friendly. You have to spend money to beat most challenging or higher armies. They should consider expanding it.
It is terrible imo. Really wastes alot of your time on building and simply just solving flood problems after you conquered 3 regions. Also, get this, you need to PAY GOLD in order to get some of the good troops. GOLD. Not even Clash Of Clans asks you to pay their premium currency, GEMS, for troops. I can say this game is badly optimized in terms of balance and waiting time. Good graphics, btw, which is why I at least give two stars. Not recommended unless you are a person that is patient.
THIS GAME IS DEAD. DO NOT DL. That's how I'll start this review. About 4 years ago they went into a no support status. The game still has some playability, but don't do outposts or duels. They are broken systems now.
Sometimes in a game you need to restart to redo mistakes and learn the game. Here to restart seems have to create another account, another e-mail.
I absolutely love this game this is what I've been looking for for a while. The only thing that is missing. Is that nobleman fill where you can be the player or direct other players other than that the game is amazing thank you for creating it.
High Hope for the game when dwnlded. Real shame. Love total war this game damages the rep. Unbalanced. Big time Pay 2 win. Major Ui issues . No real population control. Overall whoever thought this game was finished and ready for release should be ashamed. I would rather pay £10 for a unlocked version than this monstrosity. The fact that clash of clans made a better game than total war is sad and embarrassing. #GIVEUSWHATWEWANT
Not what I expected from total war developers it's like any other rip-off strategy game on the store plus it's no where good as total war rome for example..
I can't get into your game also wish u add friends so we can play with our friends also sever slow & can't get in, as a new player button & use to play this game I quit but yep hope u added better stuff just need friends too
Cannot login to game. Im always play by login in via Facebook account!. But today get an error like this: Login Failed: You can't use Facebook to log into this app or website because there's an issue with its implementation of Facebook Login. I hope you will fix that
Really well thought out mobile game. Great graphics and engaging battles. Not quite the standard total war game but its solid.
Very unoptimised game. During a battle spearmen and javelin throwers keep coming out of nowhere on the battlefield until the player loses. Will not recommend anyone to play games of these money suckers!
The game is fun at first, with ok battles (though they do not compare to other games in the series) and good city building. The fault comes in the micro transactions. Each building can recruit 1 type of unit, the others cost premium currency. Everything down to your flag must be paid for. The game has potential, though it is blocked by greed.
Love how you actual have to command your troops during battle. Tell them charge, archers when and who to shoot, activate their special ability and move or taunt is needed at the right times to defeat a tough enemy. You won't win by automatically pressing a button and just watching.
It's a great city builder with reasonable strategic battles however when playing duels (PvP) the latency can cause you to lose constantly due to delays in timing with chargers and abilities, hopefully that will be fixed in the future.
Overall, could be a lot better. Building up the settlements is entertaining and I think it's the best bit in the game. The fights are fun on the first half an hour of the game. After this time, the battles become quite repetitive and you can't progress much without paying or grinding.
So far im impressed the game is very good its not the exact same as total war for pc which is hard to match any way however for a mobile its the best total war game yet and the upgrade costs as far as rss are a little high and the packs premium packs are a little high but if the game would be updated i could understand why the price for premium packs so far love the game i suggest updating the game seeing as its been a few years since it had one do that and i will spend good money on it
This Game Could've been so much better if the creators still worked on it more i wish they could've added arena, exploration,boss challenges hope this game would rise up again. Peace out
The only thing I don't like is that in melee fight, soldiers always attack group by group and don't let me command-that is-it is not until one group is completely dead that the next group will attack, and they will attack the nearest enemy troops. In real battle, I can order many groups to attack one specific target, and I can skip one unimportant target to attack the main force first, then attack back on their rear, so if you can fix it, it'll be perfect
The battle part of the game is not what I expected on the real Total War.. And even I use the highest graphics on settings, the textur of the soldiers which made the game lag and the graphics of the dolsiers didnt made much of a difference.. And the formation and tactics is far from what ik at Total War.
It is a very good and addicting game. The storyline is good and the building is a bit time consuming, but it's worth it... The battles are tactical and strategical planning, which means the out come of battle is all on you. Lol I have had no problems with the game, it is alot of fun.
A level 18 (me) vs a level 14 (lower numbers means better) results in me losing every time, but I cant level up my troops to get better because I dont get xp from losing. So the only way to get better would be to pay real life money like all the other 12 year olds on this game.
my lake drained, no wheat, not bothering restarting, betting you can't restart, not worth it anyways, looked like a long time before getting to actual pvp part. i was looking for short battles with people like good old war2TOD days. everyone want you in their game for years.
As a fan of total war games, including the short lived total war arena, I had some hopes for this game. Sadly, those hopes were dashed. The battles are uncharacteristically boring and difficult to control for a Total War game. No amount of grinding is worth the lackluster combat. Duels, the in game PvP, are even less impressive. The only good part of this game is the city-building and resource management, but that gets boring with no meaningful reason to keep making progress.
Pretty good relaxed battle experience. Nice detailed battle animation where soldiers actually fight each other (rather than just waving weapons around).
Great graphics etc, but why is the battle play so poor? You can't control the units, whats the point. Waiting for each to finish, surely itspossible to do better than that
Terrain......that is the only problem IT IS SO HARD just to build a simple stream because you can't lower or heighten anything if there is anything next to it to small or to big. Apart from that great game.
This game is very fun, challenging and maybe the best among other medieval games that I've played. Good job devs, its a balance of strategy and tactics, I only wished that the battles are a little longer so that I have more control and options and be more involved as a commander. Nonetheless, a great game and definitely would recommend my friends to play.
Best game for Android, in regards to city building sim and strategy! There's nothing wrong per se. However.. I would like to see us players be able to rotate buildings when constructing and be more free building then having to be hex style gameplay! Otherwise still 5 stars from me! P.S; Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia for Android??
It would be nice for the Devs to make like a research tab. Instead of crafting new units you pay recourses to research new units. As for the objects like swords and shields yeah they should be crafted. Also having available only one unit is a bit disappointing.
I love medieval games stuff, it has a type of sense (i cant properly describe) while playing this. Pretty much no ads but the game is pay 2 win so expect that. Overall, great game. Graphics is good although I dont like the highest graphics since it makes the game blurry.