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TotAL RPG (Towers of the Ancient Legion)

TotAL RPG (Towers of the Ancient Legion) for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Tzar Games Studio located at Russian Federation, Kazan, Khimikov 39, p/c 420091, PO Box 52. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is very fun. Just when I thought it was starting to get predictable it changed things up. Could use better way of upgrading armor.
Game play is ok could use work on level scale with the monsters and bosses use up alot of health pots also with the leveling system for ur skill points def needs work 1 point per level isnt enough to be able to keep up to par with each floor on the tower
Nice game to play. I love it. But some problems .The control, must be up-down movement. The levelling up of the player at least 5 points must earn so that he can match bosses when tackling mission. The player can bring Health potion during his journey, and he can block during the fighting. If this info made it the next upgrade i can recommend this to my friends .
Great old school Dungeon Crawler. Good controls, easy UI. No adds unless you want them. Cheap to get game currency. Nice long old school grind to level.
Well this game is kinda cool but i suggest u to add some chance of dropping emulates etc means increase and i kinda stuck at stage 13 is that even possible to defeat them btw game is kinda cool and plz can i get a small gift from you on my id plz i am stuck for soo time now if u please listen and give some reward it will be nice of u
The game's a 2.5D game with a psudeo top down camera that doesn't ever change its position unless it gets stuck on a wall. The combat scaling is a bit too difficult for 5-10 minute sessions, because the level pacing isn't great one floor will only give a 5th of the xp needed to level up and take about 7-10 min to clear completely. Although it does give the option to buy a xp booster it does take their premium currency. Even the smallest pack of gems is still $1 for 10gems.
This is a decent game that could have the done better on the weapons and gear... Other then that its a game u catch on fast
Kinda cheezy at first but once you go through a few levels and level up on quickness and strength of your sword and understand all the power ups the demons kick ya when you kill them, then it turns out its a pretty fun game.
This game is a lot of fun, but it would be great if you could buy, find, and get rewarded with more items. Like rare, epic, and legendary things and not cost so many rubies. We all cant afford to buy the good stuff but so far it seems you have to buy rubies for anything worthwhile. Just my thoughts. Still a fun game anyway. Good job guys.
Honsetly I find this game awesome although I only have one problem which is the way how you attack, I dont like how you dont move while youre attacking same aswell for the skills. So atleast make it were you can move while attacking, I really find this game cool.
The game is cool game and easy control and strong ability and safe zone that we have the Vilskas,Riddas,and Trogvald. But i have a broblem when in the safe zone why im still holding my weapons i should hide my weapons because im at the safe zone also ad that we can team up white other players and ad more armor.
The game is good as a simple hack and slash game. The gameplay is simple but effective. Would love more classes such as a mage. Also the first boss fight seemed kinda unfair. Lvl 3 vs 25? Anyway, not bad, nice game to pass the time with.
Decent graphics, no customization, needs heal potions or faster heal times. No stat points to assign at lvl, no new abilities, it's just take this guy and hit things like everyone else does.
Thank you for a fun and challenging game! I wasn't sure if I would like it at first but it is a great experience
It's a solid 3.5 to 4 stars depending on what you are used to. I have to admit im having fun with it.
Neat little game. A great time killer. They could explain some of the game features a little better, like what the green skill button does. Overall a great little time killer.
I love this game so far. I'm not a experienced skilled gamer and I've struggled to find a game that's not too easy it's boring or so hard I can't play it. This is just in the middle. It's good story, easy controls, good choice of weapons that you can increase as you increase your skill levels. I've only been playing a day but this is the game I've been looking for. If you like a hack and slash that's straightforward this is the game for you
TotAL's gameplay is a lot like minecraft dungeons. It's really fun, and it has a good balance of difficulty. A few suggestions for it would be to fix the aspect ratio. it's not terrible, but it is a bit off for wider screen phones. Also, the app icon has a white border around it, which makes it kind of an eyesore. You can never go wrong with adding more settings in, too. I would recommend this game to anyone.
Pretty solid game play and graphics. Like a stripped down version of some of my all time favorite RPGs like Darkness Reborn. So much potential for this game and I'd love to see it take crafting and trader purchases further in the future. Overall good game
I have already finished 3 floors yet no reward even a single ruby. Slow progress of game. Waste of time.
Game has a lot of detail and plays well.,could be better if one had an archer and a mage as well as female characters. Also needs different stage areas like a forrest or cave rather than a constant tower adventure. Wish characters could be assigned different power abilities.
straight up ACTION RPG. No autoplay, autopath BULLS**T.. great graphics, if only the monsters dropped weapons/armor/ and other loot, besides small potions, and can you add multiplayer co-op?
i'm a gamer and im playing this for one day ,i gave 3 star because it cannot fulfill my satisfaction, the graphics is good, but it needs some improvements on the movement of the character because when using basic attack its like a robot that it stop and using same move its so ugly and it would be better if you add a dodge button because its a hack n slash game.
Can u make this 4 players in a dungen whats the point of seeingother players n u cant team up with them
Slow grinding to level up. If your looking for a game to pass the time away then this is it. More of a hack n slash rather then an RPG. Graphics are good, game play good, and controls work well.
I'm stuck because of a lack of arrows.I don't get why the arrows are not infinite and the player only required to upgrade arrows for more damage,looks,etc.I really wanted to get into the game.It being offline is a bonus.I have no choice but to uninstall.
This is for sure one of the best games i had played if not the best i highly recamend this game it is vary enjoyable but i recamend more classes like a wizard or some type of long based charter or maybe a hunter that has pets to help you in battle at all times also when you beat the game i was wondering if you couled add a mode where you just fight bosses over and over in a row until you kill them all but if you die it restarts. But other than that this game is fantastic
It had a really good potential, but the game-controls are so sensitive and it's difficult to move around, aim your target, etc. Also, i don't like the skills. The animations are too slow and the hitbox of skills is inaccurate. For example, that "whirlwind" skill.
The game has potential. Good graphics, and maybe just a little bit of adjustment to be made. I have spent some amount to see what this game can offer. More power to the developer! God speed.
When i play game we see all area at the upper side..we see character shown in the upper.i want to see everything close like other hd game. game Hi developer plz change cameravision i love this game.
I'm absolutely in love with this game. Nice gfx, smooth controls, no forced ads, all in a Medieval setting. It's single player, but the (castle home) is like a chat room players can meet which is really a nice touch. Hands down top quality. Only complaints I see from reviews is the grind...so what? That's the fun of it. You could easily slap a $10 price tag on this gem. If I may suggest/request a duel option in the castle, so players could PvP a little. Maybe a mage class and custom gear setups.
Great game. Reminds me about Baldur's Gate. But it is more like dungeon crawler + stage oriented gameplay. Great gameplay, yet, felt so limited, especially item, money and cost upgrade. Even grinding on the 2nd and 3rd floor in the very first game, still feels can't catch up with the enemies power, so I always use "ambuse" strategy, by lure them while I'm waiting on the "tip" of the door/behind the edge of the wall.
It's a really good game but you should do something with the view because sometimes it hard to see the character
I am still pretty new to this game: The game play is really interesting (I love it for every class except the warrior-only one mobility skill with poor hitbox). No mana system is good. Good storyline. Problem 1) No daily rewards callender or collection options. 2) No infinite battle stage for level grind. 3) No skill metamorphosis/skill upgrade tree/ skill options 4) No co-OP 5) No skill point reset option 6) Low exp rewards for battles with high level disadvantages. 7) No repeatable quest.
fair enough for a game.. it would be better if the camera view can be change.. all in all ..its still a nice game :)
This game is great! I really enjoy this game, from the fighting and all it's good physics, to the story. Its absolutely one of the better mobile RPG games out there. I do have some recommendations though. One is, you should add some more classes, like maybe a ranger or someone who uses ranged weapons, and a spellcaster like a wizard, as that would open up much more gameplay than just "do I swing one sword or two swords". The other thing is, it would be great to add more skills for the classes.
Only at lvl 4 & I'm hooked. Great old school hack & slash without having to join a guild or any of that bs.
Pretty good, yet I can't seem to shake this nagging dread. Sometimes the lines R blurred. I think I'm leaving my wife. If your point was to make the player look into the abyss and it look back then yes this game makes me sad.
Amazing, free, and includes an Ironman mode!! Has some New Game+ Rogue elements to it, it's very satisfying. You do NOT have to buy gems, they are formally in game. But it helps the developer, and good games deserve it
Not bad but-tons of missing things.quest not match,some skills work horrible,no option sound off etc,need update. Missing-1-magick find on stats or skill 2-power shot from bow many times move with mowing cursor 3-no stash between characters 4-missing different areas,like jungle, desert, underground,swamp,fire,etc. 5-monster same types,no random.skeletons lizard some big wery boring, 6-RpG without mage ? it's shame
Ok at first, then you have to watch a lot of ads. Arcane Quest Legends is way better. Im gonna go play that now.
Do not change this game, there is no pay to win, please just add stuff for players who return on the daily. I know you guys need to add stuff to buy in order to make money yourself but keeping the game fair seems very important to your development!
Pretty fun, but I'm hesitant to pay for gems. The description says you can bypass ads by "buying" the game, which is why I downloaded the game. In-game it says you can disble ads if you buy the "big gem pack" which is $19.99! If I could diable ads with the $1.99, I would, though the gems are expensive since I would only get 10. There hasn't been an update since December. I hope it's still being developed and that there's a way to earn gems via actual gameplay as well.
A very good and addictive game. And plz make some adjustment on camera view and i hope u can give some coupon code to redeem. Tnx
Id give it 5 but...it needs more char options i mean what kind of D&D game only gives you 2 options that are the same just with 2 swords or a swors n shield atleast have a wizard lol and it needs potions and more items to choose from at the "camp" idk if their is teirs like magic items rare unique etc but if not it needs them these suggestions are just a few that could really add alot to the game and get more peope playing and make people play it longer.
It was great..nice graphics, full of excitement.. In short 6 stars for this game hehe.. Hopefully add some more skills thank you..
I rate this game 3 stars...because the graphics is okay....it would be great if they had an substitute or change characters and i'm satisfied slightly
😲 good game kindly add more exciting in the game.gender option and customization.why u didnt give us a ruby rewards?ur game is grest but u need to improve the rewards no events?this is almost 2 yrs no othwr game modes.
Nice game. Haven't been playing long so I may have to update this post. Now I have been playing for a while and I love this game. I have played with both characters and I can't decide which one I like the best. Keep up the good work and look forward for more great games.
absolutely addicting great time killer also i hope it become online mmorpg someday its cool to play where there is another player doin same quest and dungeon and stealing the monsters u have to kill tho..
It's a really good and addictive game but it has two disadvantages. First one is that the prices for armors, weapons and other stuff are ridiculously high and it's very hard to earn money in the game. Second one is that the game itself is kind of repetitive over time. Hope you guys find solutions to those problems I think I'm not the only one having these problems. Wish you have a very good success with this project.
Very nice game. To get lots of money just watch ads, if you're lucky you can also get accessories. Thanks admin.
Great hack and slash game. Not pay to win, but it will move you along quicker. Missions do become a bit repetitive after level 10.
Mediocre game play ... not enough experience points or gold per level which makes it difficult to get better items. Item selection is extremely limited and over priced. Game mechanics and balance need a lot of work. Graphics and controls are ok. Also need more classes. Uninstalling
3.5 actually, with room to improve. Its early in the game still. Very good gameplay and graphics. Cant wait to see how it continues
Ive read alot if you reviews and it seems like youve improved certian gamw features. However i feel there is a lot more you could do. Loot drops more often, expanded gear, lowered shop prices and maybe a make your own potion minigame where loot becomes useful. How can you develope a new game when your current game is still so basic? Seems like you should finish one project fully then start on a new one? For some postive notes, the graphics are amazing, gameplay is very simple player friendly.
Quite a good game, easy gameplay and not pay to win like most. Like other games, levelling up becomes a bit of a grind after level 10. If you want to progress then grind away.
Having to buy arrows is frustrating (they're expensive), and each class only has one gender (and there's no magic class), but the floors are repeatable, and they're not the same twice. And it's uncomplicated, and cloud saveable. I played this before, quite some time ago, and didn't make it past the first floor. I can't remember why I didn't enjoy it, but I enjoy it now.
I can't even start playing , I entered the game and what? Nothing happen more than seeing a girl with an bow :(
Battery usage high. Very close to hard core. Archer is useless due to arrows. Camera auto distance from terrain annoying. Where is the NPC assistant given in floor 0?
game play is really good, controls are easy to handle, just a bit improvements for the graphics. a please make a guild dear makers. playing it offline just gave me the greatest game i ever had...
nice game....i suggest that make the graphics more advance and fixed the joystick to easy control the hero and also make the button skill large to easily to touch the button skill and it more convinient to have a combo...
I would like to suggest that the view can be change not just to top view but also it should be change into another view according to the players preferences or likeness
the weapons drop rate is super rare that is not funny if you got a drop it's higher than your lvl by 10or even more lvls
Not a bad game but, could use some adjustments to prices on some weapons. Maybe more weapons to go with some of the high level creatures you come up against so, that you have a chance to live. Lol
Love this game! Awesome graphics, gameplay and characters. Love that you can play both warrior classes simultaneously
Pretty good. To get 5 Stars, should maybe add auto-attack to nearest enemy while holding attack and maybe saving xp upon exiting uncompleted dungeon. Other than that, I am enjoying playing the game!
This is the best mobile rpg I have ever played! At first it seems like your choices are limited but they expand into an awesome experience of character development that make the game so interesting!