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Total Pool Classic Free

Total Pool Classic Free for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Friendly Monster located at Kottbusser Damm 66 Berlin 10967 Germany. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
U don't see were a very one is moaning about this game it is very good and very realistic I have a Samsung galaxy note 3 and it is absolutely fine to my phone if it's no good on your phone then you know what to do put your hand in your pocket and get a note 3 or Sony xperia z1 ultra
Excellent game play. Quite difficult to aim due to sensitivity (impossible to play on moving bus - need lineup and shoot two seperate functions?). 'Opponent thinking' message is very annoying/pointless. I would like to see better, HD graphics too. But this is an excellent app, fun and addictive, and I highly recommend it.
Quite simply the best pool app. I almost feel bad for the amount of time I've played it and the fact that I haven't spent 99p in buying the non free version. Get it
It is the best pool game I've ever played on a mobile device. It would be better if the developer keeps up updating the game with more challenges, and table attributes (10 footer and cyclops pool balls). I have been playing this for almost 3 years, and challenges remains to be "coming soon" since the very first day I played. Also, I hope there will be a update for synchronizing the data to google accounts just like total snooker, so that we won't need to gain everything once again on a new mobile device. All in all, with realistic physic engine and smart AI (although the AI is a bit dumb when playing a push out shot), I am sure i will keep playing it.
the 8 ball rules need a little tweaking if you ask me. And can you add an option for an aiming guideline like Total Snooker
It is a great game, I can't fault both games...... (this was my first review when I bought the game)......... (And my new review).... now they don't do the one I purchased, and i could not get it back after I got a new tablet, after my old tab packed up, I'm not very happy, very disappointed with friendly monster
Just compare aiming with miniclip 8 ball pool, n u'll get what i want to explain, and only because that one thing, the whole gameplay ruins where u've given nice graphics. Fix it
Just as with the snooker free version all my set up resets itself everytime I open it. only seems to be a recent thing. I ended up getting the paid for snooker. is there a paid version of this game that doesn't reset the set up? Fab game otherwise.
This game is probably the best pool game on the android store. Even without the precise aim it's a good challenge. Only bad things I would say is the battery power runs out quickly in this app and the 4 ball looks more blue than purple. Other than that it's the perfect game to install.
This is my favorite app right now but I believe it's going to start to slip and loose its place. Why is a AD RIGHT WHERE YOUR HAND GOES? Ads are annoying anyways but they are even more so when you hit them every other shot and the bad part is it doesn't link to squat!! A Playstore message saying this content is no longer available. THAT'S THE AD YOU CLICK TO ACTUALLY PAY TO GET RID OF IT, AND ITS NO LONGER AVAILABLE??? Time to start the search for your replacement :( that stinks too
I've enjoyed playing this game, seems to have good physics characteristics. I thought I'd work through the challenges. BUT. Where are all the world's? I have got at least 2 stars for all levels up to the end of world 4, only to see world's, 5, 6 & 7 are "coming soon". How do I unlock the other baize colours, ball sets etc if I can't do all the challenges?
Is it me or, occasionally, when I have 2 shots and I take the first and miss the computer then carries on like it's their turn??? Odd.
Fun, Time-Waster! The physics appear to be perfect! The programmer accounted for every possible aspect of an extremely complex game. It is not simply a game of Pong. Billiards have infinite possibilities: spinning, kinetic energy, angle of incidence, bounce... Try it: you'll love it; unless you're into first person shooter games :-)
dear DEVELOPERS, i hope that you are able to make this game like other Billiard Games with multiplayer feature.. wherein we can earn gold/coins. and use it to buy some CUES :) That's the only thing i've been waiting for this game.. if you do that THIS WILL BE THE MOST AWESOME AND ENJOY BILLIARD GAME THAT ANYONE CAN PLAY :) besides, this is a excellent game.. MORE power to developers, hope you can do my suggestion..
Really addictive. Don't quite understand how to use tilt for spin and elevations though. Also would like better explanations of some of the achievements. Sure I've cleared from the break in 9 ball but still not unlocked the 4ft table or black baize.
I find that it is a very bad game because when your playing against a person and they pot the black ball the game just carrys on but if you pot the black ball you loose and the game it's self is basically against you
Hate the "push out". Its unnecesary & annoying. Get rid of it or give us a choice to turn it off. Aside from that, this app has perm. home on my phone. Tx lu
What makes it imperfect.. it's a huge battery hog. If I'm plugged in while playing battery barely can hold where it's at.. soft shots at a long distance have the ghost aiming ball disappearing at a shorter distance than hard shots making hitting the ball harder an easier shot sometimes.. You can't get enough english to grab on medium and slow shots, that can use improvement.. ai even in expert is kind of dumb sometimes esp at one pocket, but then others does very unrealistic shots. But very nice start.
Best ever pool game on the market .. The game is cool and graphics are rich & awesome it covers many types of pools also but i don't understand the rule "no rail after contact" And one suggestion : There should be a option to play online multiplayer Thank u ...
The lack of precision aiming is a real irritation. It's particularly galling that, due to the control system, fast shots are more precise than slow ones. This spoils what is otherwise the best pool game out there. Fix it and I will buy. Also has the standard snooker game problem of AI that often pulls off superhuman shots but also makes feeble errors, but that's forgivable. Would be nice to have the ball guides options from snooker in the pool game. Or just combine both games already.
As is the snooker game. Is it just me or does side spin not work unless you raise the but to swerve? Play a shot of a cushion with spin and comes off normal. Still 5 stars though :-)
...By the astonishing capacity of the AI engine of this game. I mean WOW. I see it repeatedly call shots that are BEYOND impossible for any human players like it is the most natural thing in the world, and then miss the most incredibly easy ones. This makes it ultimately pointless. It is entertaining, but when you try to actually learn it will play unfairly and teach you the wrong lesson: that the programmer will always decide who wins... Until multiplayer is implemented I am not playing this again.
This is a SIMULATION compared to the GAMES from other developers. Extremely realistic physics, nice that it's got a slight bit of difficulty lining the shots up (like in real pool) no pointer off the ball your aiming at, which makes other pool games far too easy. Ball reacts realistically with the shoulder on the pockets. Very nice spin and elevation control one thing I would add is if your playing away from a touching ball you should have auto elevation as you would have to play in real pool. KUTGW.
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Best pool game in the android market imho. The others just don't seem to have realistic movement, or are badly scaled. Well done!
Great game but it should have the same aiming as the snooker game, thats the only downside as it gets annoying missing real easy shots
Excellent 2D Pool. Very easy natural aiming & power adjust. The game is easy and feels right. 1 or 2 players with extra challenge levels. I love it. This is one of my favourite free apps. A 5 * game.
Here's an idea. If I don't call a shot, then it doesn't matter which ball goes in. I'm trying to find a good straight pool app and this one, although it's play is smooth, doesn't let me play straight pool without deciding on arbitrary bs that I never asked for. Instead, it decides that you lose points for "breaking rules" that don't exist in straight pool and deducts points instead of just giving me none.
It's just a game, when you win, so be happy. Some of the challenges player.really need be professional learn how to take it when it loses! Good luck.
Seems like you scratch way more often than your opponent and easy shots don't go in while the opponent has very very very good fortune. Seems tilted to favor the invisible man!
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Reading everybody's review made me so excited to play it. But when I downloaded it , I cant start the game
I didn't like it at first, but once I learned how to play it I loved it. Big tip for first time players: you can tap and drag from anywhere on the screen to aim.
you cannot drag really well 'off' the edges of the table when you need a strong shot. Enjoyable. However, it is a shame that a good game app like this be programmed to cheat and to call 'illegal' a shot perfectly legal when playing against the program. The program gets away with the shots does not allow me... I urge the developers to review the 8 ball game. An app like this cheating, should be called ''Cuckoo Pool'' instead of Total Pool. Thank you for reading.
Love this game, simple and direct to turn on an play, always installed this game on each of my phones as I like the game.
Pool is this type of game I can take on and play any day, its timeless like chess, but this game actually surprised me with smooth graphics, interface and overall feeling of quality. Moreover, touch controls suit pool perfectly, so Total Pool is now one of my favorite games.
The menus look quite basic but are intuitive and easy to use. Of course, the most important element is the game itself, which is realistic and the computer opponents have very good AI at each level of difficulty. I've tried a few pool games and this has become my favourite.
Awesome game in every way but installed this many many months ago and not had an update. I have completed all challenges and worlds available. Pls give us world 5 and more
This is a very good game and I would give it 5 stars but there are 2 things stopping this and if they are fixed they would make this game perfect and an exceptional great pool game. 1. Is the lack of a precise aim for when lining up shots with the pockets. 2. When the cue ball is close to the cushions its very hard t line up with target ball n get power in cue t get shot away without committing a foul. Maybe if there was a power bar to the side of table it wud make it easier to get more control on cue ball
Almost perfect. This one is my favourite. Precise aim should be an option but wthout it is more interesting. You guys should make 3D rotating table-view pool, l'm sure it would blow all others away. Great job, don't change a thing
Please can you add auto-save for straight pool so whenever i exit app i dont have to syaet again. Also please add rules/instructions to the games. A couple I'm not familiar with. Thanks.
Great game, challenges are a good bit of dun, but would be better if ball guides could be added like they are on the snooker game! Other than that can't fault the game, never crashed once!
Best pool game. Has all forms of pool, 8-ball, 9-ball and good old reds v yellows. Great stuff. This and (original) Total Snooker are my fave apps/games. Good job Sir. Just a quick question; what is the difference between the free and paid versions?