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Total Domination - Reborn

Total Domination - Reborn for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Plarium Global Ltd located at Hamanofim ,1 Hertzliya, Israel, 46725. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Doesn't appear to work on all varients of Android 10, app started crashing on load screen this morning after my upgrade last night. Edit: reinstall of the same game version resolved this issue
i have played this game alot back in the days using my google+ account. I installed the game again to play but my profile just wont load. I dont want to play it again from the begining. I was half good/established player already. It really is a shame..
fun game but ran into a major issue i used a troop auto bunker for returning troops and my offense glitched and were stuck outside of base so when someone hit me i lost everything. I admit i paid a bit for some in game items but others i spend time earning. make sure your stuff doesnt glitch and they do go in the bunker. The issue happened when i used the item on the returning i made sure to pay attention to both the activation and how much time was left until they returned.
Worst game of Plarium's history, totally offense based, most rewards from events have offensive units, upon attacking infestations, even defense one, you get more god damn Valkeries! I spent money only to lose it a day later with a Russian who had 155 DESTROYERS. You lose EVERYTHING by high levels. Defense strats (My strategy) are HIGHLY ineffective, people raid you to fuel THEIR defense. Oh, and I lost everything. Give me my damn money back. I'm not giving you ANYMORE money. Screw you, Plarium!
becuase palairum has let this game die people have quit and you dont seem to care. us players loved this game, why not revamp this game. I know it was making money I've spent thousands!! p.s fix my connection issues ive been trying to get help for weeks nobody will answer me....
Been a player for years . And now after prompting to download an update , I can't get back on. Tried turning off n on and tried to reload game but will not download. Was a paying customer but I guess not any more . Using a Galaxy 10S.
i have been playing this game for over 5 years now, but from today i am facing an issue with connectivity. The game is showing 'no internet connection' on both mobile data and wifi. But it is working only when i am on a vpn.I tried clearing data, cache, even reinstalled but nothing worked. Tried to open a ticket in app but didnt work. Please help .
This game is cool but they Rob the people the game data was lost but when I started again I was in a new sector and could not get my old sector back gamers you are at risk of losing alot of your money the it's not fair they started this game for years robbing lots of people and getting away with it unless you fix my game I will give you 5 stars I almost spend my money on you people wow sad
Game won't load anymore. Crashes on Android 10. After 6 years of nonsense like this I quit. Now on my old phone it won't connect and crashes. I have troops out raiding and the phone force updated. If I can't get on how can I fix it?
I have sent several messages about way hero has to travel 6-7 hours away to fight a creature and some times it is sent back before it attacks and there is still time left.
Not really a fan of this game. No one to talk to and the English server is flooded with people who don't speak English.
I played TDR from nearly 5 years ago. It was a very good game, but no or little updates spoiled it. It receives no updates anymore.
I am not able to log in into the game kindly fix the problem asap.why has the problem yet not fixed I am still not able to login
this is probably one of the best games ive played, theres a little bit of pay-to-win but other than that everything is fairly balanced and easy to use
I want thank Plarium Global for quick answer. I have a Samsung Galaxy s10+ and I was having problems because I upgraded it to Android 10. They have to fix the problem. So thank you for letting me know. So now I'll wait for the fix. Thanks again.
You need to spread out the monster spawns more. Over 8000km away from them every spawn. I can't attack a single one.
Can be fun at times. Long build up times when ranked higher up. Game doesn't post achievements you earn on your character.
there is no cool technologies and futuristic weapons came into play in this game as it claims in the playstore... when i attack some player.. an aircraft is moving from my location to opponent's location and there's no real fight,blasters, or robots landed there and destroyed the place.. when the air craft reaches there and suddenly there comes a smoke and then the aircraft returns to my location.. i thought it would be like clash of clans but it's not even 1% of what i thought
Ive enjoyed TDR very much. However, i do think if plurium gave an incentive or bonus upgrades for clans to hold emitters. It would increase the fun 10 times more.. It would give purpose for the battle of holding and it would benefit everyone.
Not sure what I am doing. The intro goes so fast that I cannot look around my base in order to familiarize myself with the operation of the machines.
I played this game for more than three years and it's really awesome but it's not worth to play by anyone.. If you win your winning will be pity win, you will lose your troops and the reward will give you only 10% of what you lost, if you lose a fight you will return to ground zero even if you are playing it for three years! The only way to play it by money nothing else.
I'm still surprised at the fact that TD is still on after such a long time, I'm coming back just for it. However I can't find anywhere the "change username" option, only sector.
Great game, make sure to join a good clan, an understand this game takes a long time to become powerful.
After a year I've completed EVERY basic upgrade on everything, all construction and technologies are completed to normal resources standard (uranium, titanium and credits) these cogs or whatever they are, are so hard to come by that i can't completely max anything, right now its just a waste of space on my phone
I've played the original total domination on pc in my high school days an I still love this game. An now seeing it come to mobile feels me with joy! Thank you!!!!! For the awesome memories!!
The game suck just like all the rest of the games you have. Regular total domnation took me for a lot of money and then when I need there help they left me out in the cold with no help the company spokesman on the Facebook page even has me blocked and I never had the first conversation with her. Whatever you do dont spend because they wont help you with any ingame problems even when it's their fault
Why are you making a game that doesn't let you play your own music in the background? Not even after I mute sound and music in game menue, can I play my own music on my phone. Uninstall and one star from me. Will review it again if this is fixed. Not going to play it before then.
Been playing sense tdr was about a month old seen alot of changes thanks for keeping a old man occupied
I don't belive that plarium can't do more. Beautiful games, atmospheric sectors, bases, but don't feel flexibility in this game. The point of gameplay is who first hide his troops in bunker))) not fun. I slept few times with phone in my hand waiting when my troops come back. Players can't gather to "hives"... Another words this is very morally old game. I thought you guys make remake of it or change the game mechanics, no, from start all the same
Just updated to Android 10 and it absolutely will not let me in been playing for over 5 year's but I guess not anymore:-(
Semi dead resource intensive, timer waiting war game the devs have stopped supporting and fixing. Basic stuff like Radar hasn't worked for everyone in many months. Aggressive adds to pay to win. If you get destroyed by another player the game throws up a revenge package for 20 or 50 dollars.
amazing , unique, superb game but need to improve war style , as other game has animated fight like clash of clans
I remember starting this game. Addictive as hell. Infestations were fun and so was meeting new people. Now it's a bit stail, a bit repetitive and there isn't much else to do. Currently getting closer and aiming to collect all the technology and build all the buildings. I highly doubt that I'll be able to max them out though. However overall this game is great fun especially for beginners.
Very very bad game and unfortunately can't give lower than 1 star. The enemy can invade my base and take ownership of it which means a bigger player can take my account and I'm not able to play anymore because my troops are not enough to kick the invader out! Very very bad game and not intelligent developer! I suggest playing "Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare" because you're more protected by these silly developer's mistakes. Going to delete forever! Edit: I just deleted the game while the developer keeps on replaying with automatic off topic and useless scripts!
Game is unplayable for my account where money had been spent on it. Need to restart game almost after every move in that account and can not open ticket to game developer in game. #the more money i spent on it, the worse it became for my sector. What's going [email protected][email protected] whereas my other non spending sectors are getting better in troops comparing to those spending account. #totally agreed with your strategies. That's why I'm encourage myself try not to spend anymore as that not a good ideal. Thk
Just as fun as back on Facebook, was waiting for the time I can play it on my phone. (UPDATE) There is one problem with the game I have, I never get a single notification from the game. I did check the settings in the game but that doesn't seem to fix the issue.
I played this on pc through a web browser when i was younger and enjoyed it but ive ran into an issue where i cant advance my tech tree. I have all requirements met but it wont let me research it. Unfortunately been going on for a while but other than that it almost the same game i played when i was younger
Plarium sucks! Zero customer service, even if they lose your Credit Card details! Do yourself a favor and stay away from this crappy company!
I love the game. Almost reminds me of halo. If you could make a game like this based on halo that would be amazing. Just to add to this, my game keeps freezing anf crashing alot. Please fix it?
I am giving this game one star but not for the usual reasons. I will be honest I hate the multi-accounters. People that have 20 or more accounts really need to get a life. It is just a game. No, just this one.
Don't bother. This game has developers and "customer service" that honestly don't care. You ask for support and you get an automated "No" in 90% of the issues. They'll screw you on purchases in the game, then won't fix them. They are so apathetic it makes you wonder how they're in business. Google refunded me instead. Plarium didn't get to keep their money... And I don't have to accept their poor service. You don't want this game.
I will leave a rating after I get answer not by a robot but from a developer, why the packs in crossfire contains more cristals, way more cristals, than the packages in crossfire. The prices of the items boost etc are the same. So basically you are stealing money people from 1 server. I'm asking for equality due even if we have less players we are still a lot and quite competitive. Please I require an update on the packages.
As of January 3, 2020 the game now runs on Android 10 for the Google Pixel 1 XL. Finally! Also why are the achievements still glitched through Google Play? I log in and none unlock/pop up for the things I've already done.
Google pixel 3 XL game will not load Updated phone and game still will not open the game, force closes after displaying the plarium logo. Please fix.
this game gets to being a habit..i am not a fan of the cost of buying those packages ..but sure wish i could get more rockets ...the bigger players are a pain in the keester..but i find myself hitting the smaller bases ,too
day1: looks nice, runs perfectly, lots to do, many unknowns; day3: interesting game, nice it has help; week1: unclear why some technologies are locked (L.E. first few can be upgraded even without having all modules, while later ones they can't. Little confusing at first.)
Loving the game so far, you guys ever thought of making a YouTube channel to help the player base a bit for info? Feel like that might help quite a lot.