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Torque Drift: Become a DRIFT KING!

Torque Drift: Become a DRIFT KING! for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Grease Monkey Games located at 6 Grant Street, North Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia, 3068. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
5 stars right now, but bugs can make it a 4.5 at times. But the devs try their best to keep the game fresh while they sort out hotfixes.
Fun game and all, you got that down, buuut it won't let me play in any of the matches even if I load up practice courses. What do?
Graphics and accidentally car customization thank you keep up the good work on the game and i hope classic cars from 1970 to 1990
The game will randomly say that your Google play account dont match your play games account that's linked to the game, log you out of the game, and lock you out of your game that you have progress in, and won't let you back in it. So, it's not worth downloading the game just to loose your progress
Update ruined favorite drift game I've bought 5 cars in the game and now can't use them cause they ruined the controller settings it worked perfectly with any concle controller now this new B's you go to assign the remote controlled and can't cause 4 of the main buttons on your remote just exit you out in game now can't even asighn them makes me so sad had this game for years was the bet til this happened
Freestyle in summary: Try driving into those stupid randomly generated yellow circles all over without thinking of drift chains and angle, YOU WIN! If you succeed drifting half a mile nonstop with full of style mimicking that of professional drifter of the world..., YOU LOSE! I think that's how they scored in professional Formula D and D1 grand prix huh? Judges imagining random mark/circle along the raceway giving points to those whoever drift only on them, and respawn at random place, repeat
It seems okay however I have an issue with the bmw m3 because the right door is missing textures so when I paint the car say red the door stays a grey base looking style
I have updated the game to the newest version,but I can't sign in(for me it's required to enter the game after the update)it comes up with the message' failed to connect'Everytime I try enter the game I have restarted the game and my device several times,I have tried to send a bug report but it's not sending (I have literally left it trying to send for 20minutes and it didn't send). Please help I'm locked out of the game(also y I give it 4 stars).otherwize Amazing game, but needs a Datsun 240z.
I am a little disappointed on the graphics it is not like torque burnout and control is not the easiest and please add more tracks for beginners like myself
This game has came along way from its beginnings but it still has issues. 1. I constantly have connection issues with your servers its got nothing to do with my end. 2 the physics engine is still buggy. These issues make the game feel like a build in progress game not a proper complete game.
I think there should be a campaign single player and i also think that you shouldn't go down in a xp in the rank were you unlock parts as well.
Update made your game even worse its literally one of the worst games after a week of playing it all changes and works against you impossible bots every second match it's supposed to be maultyplayer but it bearly is it's all just bots 1 star
The game is amazing and everything but it won't let me long in after the beginners course but other than that amazing game
This is the absolute best drifting game I have ever played on mobile. It's so extremely fun & challenging to play because it never gets old! There's always something fun & different to challenge your drifting skills whether its chilling with friends in a open lobby, going head to head against someone online, or just throwing down & hitting a wicked continuous drift for over a minute or more in a freestyle run. PLUS THE AMAZING CREATORS DO NOT MAKE YOU WATCH ONE SINGLE AD TO DO ANYTHING.
Amazing game enjoy it alot and kill on the tracks love the updates . Graphics are amazing and tuning is sooo easy . One suggestion if i may can we get an update were we can sell our old tyres? If got like over 700 of a sort but don't use them at all Thanks again for the amazing game
Used to be good back then now it went downhill, the ai is unnecessary difficult, it's hard to earn cash, and p2w gameplay...
Amazing game. Graphics and physics are spot on and its so fun to play. My only reservation is that the game is steadily and almost exclusively being targeted at the hardcore or pc player and the casual mobile gamer isn't really considered anymore. Sad really because it really is a fantastic game.
Drifting isn't a realistic as carx yet it's good enough, could be improved though. All around it needs to be improved.
What the hell! I lose all my progress after i downloaded the update! I can't log in to my account! It always says "Failed to Connect"! Fix the game please!
My only problem is there is no manual option. The car always seems to be in the wrong gear but other than that it's pretty fun. Hope it comes out on console to compete with car x ๐Ÿ‘
Its a great game but you once said to me that you would chamge the audio for cars engines and turbo etc you said you did and this was about 5 months ago and its still the same as it was before you lied also since then allot has changed just want to note i cant hear the tyres screeching most the time my volume is muted cause the game sounds horrible (no offence) and one more thing is that tilt controll dosent feel very responsive ive said this a few times too? Thanks in advance๐Ÿ‘
After the new updates the game controls are no good I have not changed my settings on my cars or in the settings menu and not I'm all over the place and can't win a race I hope they fix that because this game was fun now it sucks
Devs are getting money hungry. I get they have royalties to pay but man locking people out of tracks with a pay barrier is not cool. Even if only $1. Plus your controls have yet to improve. They might get okay then you do an update and now buttons are not recognized on screen. Love the game and drifting. I'd rather have a game that functions well then have a bunch of content that costs way to much.
It's a very good game, I love it, but everytime I get to pick my cars right before ima begin drifting, it doesn't let me hold it down to select the car
***UPDATE*** Still having issues with the online battles. It literally like the game does like me doing well and happens 2 times today its happen when I get on a 8 win streak. Ive lost enough points to go a whole rank in battles with the game freezing. Please fix it or give me my points back that of lost from this glitch
(Updated review) Still not the game for me, Devs responded to my previous critiques but the game still feels very unchanged to me. Physics are not good, if i want to play a game with unrealistic phyiscs i'll choose FR Legends before i play this. Im sorry but a 400hp car shouldnt feel like its on ice until it goes sideways, once your sideways there is too much grip suddenly aswell. And finally the engines dont feel natural, shifting, redline, reving up just is not good.
I have to lower my settings to get a good fps but overall it's okay. Most stickers do not apply in crates add add more engines to easier access. Especially when getting custom rarity you now have to rank up to gain parts, thus sucks but overall it's a badass game
Just got the latest update. Game crashes every time in multiplayer when searching for an opponent. Very frustrating as I really enjoy the game. By far the best drifting game available.
The game was getting really good. Unfortunately, the latest update has made the game unplayable. DO NOT DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL IN CURRENT STATE.
2nd *EDIT* 5STARS, ITS Just a resource intense game and the devs do all they can to contain it... Edit** Great drifting game, best cars and upgrades... EDIT: The only reason I won't give 5 stars is the game gets laggy and freezes at the worst times. It's not a network speed issue on my end. Fix this and I would give 50 stars
I'm not able to log in to the game, all I get is the failed to connect message over and I've again. I've even tried reinstalling the game and I get the same error! Whats wrong with the game? And seems like a lot of people are facing this issue based on the reviews. EDIT: Glad you guys managed to fix it asap but I've been having another problem now. The game doesn't even start on my galaxy note9 and all I get is a black screen now :(
in this game the issue is the lag to the low end devices, otherwise the game is cool but the lag is so annoying, because of that I gave a three star
Loved the game had lots of fun playing/and drifting and modifyingmy car for drifting i really enjoyed it. but for some reason it started to not open, now it crashes at the first loading screen, i tryed to uninstall and reinstall but it still does the same thing. If this could be fixed then 5 stars for sure
Love the game. Could use a little improvement with speed matching and also make in game purchases a little more realistic.
why i can't play?after updating the new update it Lag..why?when i wanna play i can't select the car i want to drive..and it is also no button to start racing..please help me..cause i love this games a lot..
Would have been 5 star a week or so ago, why did you change everything? The new UI is clunky and slow, the volumes are messed up again(you only fixed it in the last update) and now none of my high pro/drift king cars work, after months of tuning ive got to start again
I made a review quite a while ago, and this is still one of my favourite games on the games store! It's so good! BUT please PLEASE fix the ranking system in online, it's almost impossible to get anywhere. You win a race go up by 12 or so then you lose one and then you go down 20 or sometimes more and you have to rank up to get certain parts and stuff please fix it so it's more fair especially for people just starting out
After a DAY of playing the AI became almost impossible to play against. Which makes it impossible to earn money. At the VERY START of a freestyle the AI somehow instantly get 2k points. It doesn't make sense. And I can't do online because of lag I get from not the best of wifi. So I'm stuck with my BMW. It was fine at first, and then I put a few upgrades on and it was litteraly impossible to win any freestyle
So I thought I'd hop back on and play a little and noticed there was a sizable update but the garage is completely messed up. I had issues with the UI before but it's at least 5 times worse now. Words are too small and buying parts is more confusing. It doesn't even tell you if you have new parts to install anymore so if you forgot, goodluck remembering. Have to go through way more screens to get where I need to navigate like to tune my car. This review is based of the new game UI.
the game is nice but the random parts that are available are just a joke!!!!!!!!!!How on earth you can not give me diff for 15 levels ???????????????????No exhaust parts at all i play with tires engine and clutch 15 levels!!!!!Pleace fix this bug of yours !!!!!The game is unplayable when other players have parts and i dont !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amazing like it should. But...I'm having one tiny little problem that I'm not sure if it's my phone or the game.About a week ago I had started up the game and was wanting to play with one of my main/favorite cars(Nissan S15 which is one of the starter cars).When I started a daily challenge(I'm not sure what it's called) and chose the car then the game crashed/stopped.I tried it again and again. I uninstalled the game and downloaded it again,then It got worse. Now I can't even load onto it.
SO MANY BUGS Every update there seems to be just another bug. Just fix the game and stop "updating" unless you know it is all the same. There's no reason for a so called update to make the game worse, just don't edit the programs that don't have problems. Don't fix something that works.
I ike the graphics and the controls are easy to learn, though the physics weren't the best, it's still somehow good and acceptable. and maybe i'll give 1 more star if we could have better photo mode in lobby mode.
Not a fan of the latest update..new layouts require more clicks to navigate and text is smaller making it harder to read some things..
Honestly not a bad game but my only problem is that when I'll do a wall tap in career mode it will get rid of the point s cause it apparently wasn't a wall tap but it actually was but other than that it's amazing just plz fix the wall tap
Best game ever...can i recommend that the developer must put in new cars for example pick up trucks or small pick up trucks to make the game more challenging and aswel as more fun i would love to see a pick up truck in this game
Pretty well balanced game with good physics. Imo the game is good and I would recommend it to anyone. After playing this game for a bit, I noticed, that you can't sell your tires, which is sad. I hope you add a feature where you can sell for example like 200 aftermarket tires in exchange for 50 gold coins or something like this.
Disappointed i bought a car spent real money and it's telling me I need 55 gold to buy it out before the timer is done I've got 55 gold an more and it will not allow me to buy the car I paid for?? Not happy
I've been playing this game for quite a while now. Would love to see some more engines brought into the game. Not saying to remove one to add some. Just add some. Would love to see more variations. Body kits would be nice too. Still waiting to see this game come to Xbox. I have got my brother playing on his pc now. Such a perfect game on pc too! Please hurry with the move to console.
Amazing game. I just wish that they will add more customizable stuff like for example you can remove the hood.
the game is very good but please add some more engines like 4-AGE silvertop or 4-AGE blacktop 20 valves tnx.. :)
Good game but ranking is the wakest thing. +14 for a win -26 for a loss +13 for a win +12 for a win -28 for a loss. You can never get ahead, always paired with someone 2-3 ranks higher. I've been playing since 2018 and havnt been able to get out of rookie busting my arse for 3 years on the same car. I've spent a lot of time and money supporting the game but end up frustrated every time I play because ranking is damn near impossible. Cant rank, Torque is higher and cant upgrade. Press F in chat.
Been a long-time player from before the PC port, but after the new Samsung OS update I can't even log in with my main account. Please fix this, I have too much progress to restart on a fresh account.
Pretty good. Difficult at first but as soon as you get the controls it's great! Great graphics , physics and overall gameplay!
Um the AI in freestyle. Too damn hard. Like how do you make 50k points on small ebisu track?! I have tried for half an hour to get a perfect score. Impossible. Please fix the difficulty and maybe add some more customization cosmetically. Other than that, the best drift game I have ever played as far as physics.
what i liked 1. variety costumization and different car brand 2. enjoyable tandem 3. good graphics what i disliked 1. no directness in control, too much inertia. even if I increasing front end grip 2. engine rev slower, sometimes I ended up losing too much pace and straighten the car. 3. brake should stop the car not stop then reverse, that job should be transmission 4. bug and stutter persisting in game
For starters. The a.i in this you compete against as campaign? Garbage. The scores they accumulate are completely unrealistic. 2nd. Online match making needs a fixing. I beat my opponents by a arm and a leg. But just because the server drops halfway through my run. I don't win that match even if I know i would've won. And I loose points in my online rank. Completely unfair. The wait times for EVERYTHING is outrageous. And the money you get back for selling parts? 65,000$ turbo only 2000 back?
For me, this game not only have a really nice gameplay and grapich, the developer is really good because they always try to fix small or big issues! For me as a player, that mean a lot! Salute!
I love this game don't do anything new but maybe more maps nd more cars nd more customizations for any car you buy then this game would be so much more better but I live this game I love how I can pull my phone out nd drift like a king offline nd online witch is amazing bc I don't have WiFi only see times when my dad's girlfriend comes over๐Ÿ˜” But love the game good graphics โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ
One of the best if not the best drifting games out there, getting money to upgrade your cars is easy and there is also an option to buy pro drifter's cars for real money
Controls are tough to control at first but once you get the hang of it then becomes a pretty alright game ๐ŸŽฎ
Since the latest update it is basically impossible to play this game on my phone as it's the only way I can play it. It constantly freezes mid drift witch wipes me out and I lose my chain score witch makes me come second or third place constantly. I know it's not my internet connection as I play an stream apex at the same time. As a person who has played this game from the beginning an have made several purchase weekly I am disappointed with the update
What happened guys???? I love this game but I switched back to the android version(galaxy a21). And now the game is glitchy as heck. Please help, I wanna get back to playing without the random screen glitches going hog wild everytime I initiate a drift.
Really love this game. Had it for well over a year but the recent update is causing the game to crash on my Samsung Note 20 Ultra. The crash occurs whenever I enter the garage and select "cars" or start a multi-player race and use my R35 GTR or S15 Silvia
Installed the game. Game does not load past the initial "Contact Us" screen. Goes to black screen and even after waiting several minutes it does not load. For reference I am on a Samsung Galaxy S20.
The audio menu is broken, again. Once again I cannot adjust any individual volume levels. Please fix this. I've spent countless hours and hundreds of dollars playing this game. I just want to go sideways with the music off.
Hello it's a great game but .... sound quality sucks this game have good sponsors so please make this more fun to play let us live the experience of having a real deal with this game please work on engine sounds / revlimiter / antilag / tires sound / nice realistic parts but give us the realistic sound also !!!!!
Love this game. Very realistic. Tough at first but getting the hang of it now... very in depth in every aspect of the vehicle. Most realistic drifting game I've played on android. Great game developers!!
Love the game could use a few updates and upgrades. New engines, body kits, better engine sound, fix the turbo and supercharger whine and whistles. fix bugs please.
Now i cannot enter all the room(open lobby, multiplayer, practice) And also my e92 stroked rb26dett the engine sounds like Ls1. Please fix it sir. Thankyou
the car felt stiff as hell when drifting.. the gear shift feels like I'm clutching a fully stock manual car..also..the horsepower..a car that has a 200 ~ 300 hp should be able to drift HARD... and it feels like I'm drifting.. a bone stock miata . also have to turn the sensitivity all the way up not stability no s*** to get the car somewhat oversteer and start drifting and u should have deleted the handbrake accelerate it feels weird if the car revs if u pull the handbrake.. i hv much to complain
Hi there. Ever since the new update i am no longer getting money or experience diring events. Also whenever i do the daily challenge i am not getting rewards after i complete them fully.
I drifters I hope you have noticed this when the new update came I can't hear the car sounds idk if this happened to others to I reported it here it's because I don't know what restoring purchases do when I report this bug. BTW I love this game I would always launch the game when I wake up โ˜บ๏ธ I hope you read this grease Monkey games keep safe!!!
fun to go sideways, the physics is littlenbit weird but the overall experience is fun! the graphics is good and untill now im not encounter any bug or problem
hard to master. but constant updates making an already great game better with each. must play. Although the last few months it hard exits on trying to either enter garage or start a run, so unfortunately unplayable for me on mobile. Perfect on steam tho ๐Ÿ‘Œ
This game is so amazing and congrats developers to make this formula drift game. And one thing I noticed is that in the freestyle that's hard to score more points please fix that ,BTW this game is sooooo good . And keep updating game because that we can enjoy this great game and please I wish that we can make money easily. So this is in my opinion so great game developers hope you guys earn millions of dollars ๐Ÿ˜Š.
The game restarts way to fast when I'm just leaving for 2 sec it restarted so how am I supposed to record a video if I forget the recorder is not set
The customization and the physics are good but the difficulty on freestyle is horrible,it just increases to the point its almost impossible,you need to get a perfect run if you want to win,1 mistake and thats it,for example 1 run i got 100k points but the bot got 120k the next run i got 120k the bot had 140k and it goes on like that,you have to fix freestyle and why you put spoilers as gold?
Love the game I have had lots of fun playing / drifting and modifying my car for drifting i really enjoye it. If you enjoy formula D or like to hoon without getting a ticket and losing your licence this is a good way to get that out of your system. It can take a bit to get used to controling a car drifting so don't give up because it is hard it ia not much different to real life it is not easy when your learning. Would definitely recommend installing great work with this one Grease Monkey Games
Love this game I've been playing it for over a year now but I find the ranking system odd the fact that if you lose your rank gose down but some times when you win but you don't get a chase it's like 14 up I thin it should be if you win you rank up but if you lose a battle it stays the same. But apart from that the game is amazing
Not very happy. I just went to log in, and I can't? Tells me I have to choose a new name and everytime I open the app it won't let me log again? I've came pretty far in this game and I ain't starting again.
great game great graphics and all but I feel like they could do alot better with engine sounds, and performance mods. If you want to do an engine swap you can but you have to buy the first aviabale one but if you wanna go higher you have to be a dk which sucks when they could switch it to gold or alot of money not rep. Free gold and free cash is always nice but in order to unlock mods buy the first one to unlock the next one like why tho? but overall great game with nice ass cars and tracks.
It is so fun to play but im giving it a 3 star cause when i play the game and when i tandem the game was lagged and i already on rookie now and i buy a rx8 and i sell my s15 and i already back to the grassroots ll and even i was going to find a body kit for my rx8 but theres nothing to find it was empty and i got soo mad so plsss fix the lagg and i want to go back to the rookie cause i almost to the drift king i hope you fix it and you will be the best game until you fix the lag.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
The update feels so smooth when drifting. I feel like the garage is fairly rough to navigate with parts and the parts store. I'm sure I will grow accustomed to it over time. I do however hope you will bring back the the color coordination with the car thumbnails in the garage. All build cars show a common (white) border even though the car is legendary (gold). I do love just about every thing else you have added. Especially when practicing, showing the individual chase and run scores.Keep it up!
This is a very good game very good indeed but I just didnt like the fact that it's been 2 times that I get a car from the TD crate and it doesnt appear or get money for it idk what it is but I won an mk4 supra and idk if it's because I already had one or technical issue but I didnt recieve the prize from the td crate
How do I uninstall a update? I'll say, I like the idea behind it but it makes things SO MUCH MORE complex. Having to go through completely different tabs to do anything, everything extremely tiny like size 4 font. Simple is definitely better! Game setup definitely needs to go back to normal
Hands down the best/only actual game you aren't just changing gears. I rate this game highly especially even for a mobile app. It's as good as nfs underground were on a console. Some glitches and crashes but the app is updated and improved pretty quickly. Name a game that is close to this?? Please haha?
I would give this game 5 out of 5 stars but the amount of lag you get from when you first touch the gas button to go and the actual car responding to the inputs is real bad and another thing is the engine sound FXs for some don't even sound close to the real engine sound. Please fix and improve these things i believe it would make the game experience even better and more enjoyable. Thank you.
Awsome game. It is the only drifting game I could find where it is easy to control, real sponsors, and awsome upgrade system. The only thing lacking is bodykits. I think you guys should add Greddy stuff, especially rocketbunny and Pandem kits, plus maybe some more parts, but other than that, ๐Ÿ‘. Though having to press and hold buttons can be a little annoying sometimes, but I understand why its like that, so the player doesn't click on something by accident, so I'm fine with it.
New review. after new updates my cars react difrent every single time there no learning to do if you constanly change the way cars act and update the game my phone is yet again over heating but the version of this game before the update was perfectly fine apart from a couple of bugs wich are still there youve just added more problems and another thing can you please for the love of god do something about the scoring in matches and the wall tap activation is horrible please fix these things.๐Ÿ‘
Was fun until the game refused to let me play, keeps crashing in loading screen, spent some money on it, huge dissatisfaction and dissapointment... please fix your game, would like a refund for my purchases
Best drift game ever however I do request that you make it to where you can put a body mounted spoiler on the car please add more engines put twin twin turbos in the game and add toyo tires
Game used to be great. Currently its crashing when i go to join servers or trying to go into practice mode
Anyone else having an issue even starting an event? I cant even do any drift events! I have played this game before on my old phone but only just got it on my new one and nothing. Anyone have any resolution to this? Love the game anyway but a shame about this.
Overall awesome game and the controls are challenging to get use to but recently I have a problem of not being able to open the app. It'll just immediately closes itself. I tried cleaning and boosting my phone but it still wont work. Please fix this.
Right now both on Android and iOS have the same issue, the sponsors page is glitched and you cannot launch a freestyle session at least with a S14 pls fix. Otherwise this is a solid game
Graphics - better than average Customization - amazing Upgrade System - decent system except for the time. Drift Physics - I can see the hard work of the devs on this one as there are many variables determining how the car handles Cars - you have plenty of cars to use in this game and you can also drive formula drift cars here (if you have the money) which is the selling point of this game Everything here is good except for the hard ai in the freestyle events which stop me from grinding daily
sorry my brother and I share an account. I would say that the game is almost perfect, one thing I would change is the amount of cash you get after a race once getting all the 1st place rewards. If you could improve on this, the game would be perfect! Love your work.
Still needs update. First they need to get rid of that silly song. After that maybe a little adjustment on drift controls.
Fix the design editor it's to difficult to use and doesn't mirror decals over correctly and self adjusts there fore making it harder to make a design
It's nice just somtimes I feel like the track shrinks but it's really nice I would love to see more things updating little unrealistic to sometimes but anything else great game if u could just fix that ittle be five stars also clutch kicks feel a lil to strong sometimes
This game has to be the absolute worst drifting game created, the point system makes it IMPOSSIBLE to get where you need to be to get better parts, tell me how it makes sense to gain 8 points when I win but loose 24 when I loose? So for every time I loose I have to win 3 times more to get back to where I was, would definitely give less than one star vote if it was available
Was dope until i lost all my sponsors. and the track i paid to unlock (gingerman) dissapeared after the major update earlier this year, restoring purchases did nothing. ok ill let that slide. but adding useless buttons like the horn button and not making it moveable with no way to turn it off, or the lobby/drone button in the open lobbies, also not moveable and RIGHT IN THE WAY! i have accidently restarted many races in the blink of an eye because of immoveable buttons causing pure frustration.
Game is amazing to play, with incredible physics and even better graphics with a car selection longer than my shopping list (lol) Only complaint is the paint shop. Whenever I try to move a decal it just makes a long line of said decal and it just doesn't really work. A fix or even just a paintshop tutorial would be much appreciated and will happily change to 5 stars. Amazing work and I can't wait to see where the game goes in future :D
This is a great game for the person that wants to drift or is in the car seen. But after the recent update the menus are really confusing and hard to navigate. I prefer the old menu. Just because of the ease of use.
Loved the game UNTIL the latest updated caused it to freeze and crash, sent developers and Instagram accounts messages asking for support but bar 1 reply then absolutely no response, TAKE my money for in app purchases I now cant use.. AVOID, Try FR Legend or similar as these don't have the support services in place for when the app has bugs,
This new update is not good. When I quit, the app is crashing at the loading screen making it unplayable even if my phone specs are beyond qualified, so I need to install it again to work, also it sense's that I'm using a controller even if I'm using only my phone and nothing else, I hope that my issues will fix soon and thank you.
The rest no issue like graphics which is awesome, I play this game is just to do the mods which I can't do or afford on a real life car. Only thing is the audio, from the latest update, no control over the music volume. Some users may silent the music so that they can enjoy the engine n ambient sound. The music is very annoying while playing or in the menu page. Please do something about it. Thank you.
Love this game but since about 2 updates ago my game won't let me drive at all, every time I go to enter before I even select what car I want it just crashes and also when trying to look at my cars in my garage. When I seen that I could update the game today I was hoping that it would be fixed but nope. I've written multiple bug reports and still no change, could you please fix it. By the way I have a Samsung s20 plus so I don't think it's my phone that can't handle it Thanks
Very fun drift game. Only thing that I think would make it far better, is if there was a visual to go with putting on new parts. The models are already in the game, so one would think it could be done pretty easily. It would be cool to see the expensive parts you buy on the car. Little touches like that would be awesome, and more decals of the real world parts that are in the game to increase customisation. Overall a fun game that I hope to see continue to grow.
Good game overall but sometimes, it will show an error of not being able to connect to the server whilst having a working wifi.