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Torque Burnout

Torque Burnout for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Grease Monkey Games located at 6 Grant Street, North Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia, 3068. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its a great game,i would love to see a racing game with these types of graphics, sound effects, and physics.
Amazing game super fun and addictive grease monkey game is the best i love this game it's best offline game good job dev
Nice game,I like the detail but I bored to collect coin to upgrade a engine because its a very expensive please give more rewards/coin for the battle and make a free run mode,the real free run mode ---------------- Oh one more,please add a clean screen shot picture,and drone camera mode in replay mode,I think it's a good idea ----------------- Ok thanks I always support you (yes even though I never spent a real cash)Keep Spirirt Dude
Absolutely love the game had it for a long time now, would like to see some early 60's U.S. cars in the next update, but absolutely an amazing game though won't ever get rid of it.
It's a really good game...I love the effort put into the car detailing and stuff but I was wondering if drag races could be added to the game for players above level 50 (multiplayer)...I mean we can't let all the rev limiter and sick engine sounds and performance go to waste..if really love to see that happen in the next update...thank you
i hate when you put another engin in youre vehicle and so you can destroy it but the you have to pay in game money to put it back in or pay real money to get the money and i fownd that out on my mustang thats $7.49 i dont have as much because i destroyed my tablet and ive played this game for a long time and can you add funny cars and top fuel dragsters and please let me be the frist one to have them bc i was the frist one to announce this drag cars and i would appreciate you reading this
Bout time you guys added the Ford XD. Game is awesome, I would like to see a setting where you can lower the tyre screeching sound. I'd rather here the motor then tyres screeching.
I've got to say this game is sick. I really want more American muscle cars in it and maybe some classic trucks. But there are a few problems like the rims just turning orange and the tires catch on fire "like really" but the gameplay and controls are very good. It is also very difficult to unlock new cars if you dont just grind for hours upon hours. Please make it a little easier to unlock and buy cars. Also why do you have to buy the real life cars? Why cant i buy them with in game money.
It would be better if the cars took damage when they get crashed and if the smoke stayed in the air for longer and was more of it .this is a great game otherwise.
Please Add an BMW E30. We have to download other games to play with that car. Yet this game is the best of the best when it comes to burnouts.
Deleted the app by accident a little while ago and now I can't get my saved progress back I spent ages getting to were I was up to how can I get my saved progress back??
Game is sick. its just missing a car. ford falcon FPV f6 FGturbo would be much appreciated if it was put as a $5.49 purchase. pretty sure alot more people would love this vehicle in the game too.πŸ€™πŸ»πŸ”₯πŸ’¨πŸ’¨
I loved this game until today my account was reset. I had the charger with maxed out lvl 5 engine and I was lvl 29. Could you please fix this? Thanks
Hi greasemonkey jou could make it if jou hit the car it takes damage and make a dent like in beamng.drive but real great
Really good game with graphics but would be better with supercharge sound with kranky and all the other blown cars that have supercharge in real life like burnout masters with free drive
- Love The Game Because It Has An Fluid Gameplay & The Graphics Is JustπŸ”₯πŸ”₯ But The Only I Don't Like The Supercar Need To Spend Real Money To Get, but Please Could Make One Of Them Free Or Just Adding Exclusive Cars! Thanks
Good game. Even better if you could do mods to the cars like change the exhaust position or the body work. And be able to choose engine and engine mods, rather than just upgrade something already made up
Pretty cool game except the satanic worshippers put them dumb hats on all the cars LOOSE THE HATS WEAR THEM YOURSELVES!?
The game is fab. You could add a bit of more Germand made cars, like for instance the BMW e30 325i. In South Africa its a well known car and in such a game you could actually get more people wanting to get the game. So try and add that and the proper engine sound for it and you will see how more people will be downloading this game
Best drag/drifting game ever. You are completely in control!! Also a great tutor for new drivers that wanna learn the art of spinning /drifting
Great game but when I reached the highest player level and bought a new car the engine wouldn't upgrade, it's still giving me the same problem up to now and it's really making me not enjoy the game anymore. Please fix it.
I have a problem. in real life when you're Tyre pops you're rim probably will blow cause of all the intense heat it's taking so add that to the game. a few more cars, and make it so that you're engine doesn't blow in like 1 minute that has been a big problem for me cause I always get my engine blown and have to drive a taxi. but over all its... A GOOD GAME!
Game worked fine other than not being able to turn down the sound of the obnoxiously repetitive music, until today when I went to open the app to a black screen. Tried force stopping and restarting, nothing worked. Reinstalled and now it won't let me sign in at all. Even as a guest. It literally won't let me play the game at all now.
I had it for a monthish, I went to play it and all of my game progress was gone. Other than that tragic event... i love it take of the drift assist and then playing becomes soooooo fun
An use please remove the red level please I love the game but it just annoying when I have to start from scratch to buy bigger and better motors on every single car
It wont work at all i cant get past the opening screen have uninstalled and reinstalled at least 6 times and still wont get passed the opening screen
Fun at first. This game i have really enjoyed untill you get over half way in the game which makes it feel like its a job to unlock the rest of the cars do please add like more cars or for tge players who have been playing for more than a year a little credit please.
Awesome game has changed alot since first come out, ive played this onnvariouse devices. Its just awsome. You dont need a modern device or anything to use it im using a 2016 device it runs fine i used to have a 2014. GET IT NOW!!!
Great simple game. Would be 5 stars if we could see all of our cars in a garage or something. I have bought 3 cars almost $30 i just would love to be able to see and put more work into them but overal great game good controls and graphics. Just need to update and put more into it
Won't even let me download it for some reason. It downloads to my phone but an error message pops up at the same time, so when I open the game it Asks for the allow/ deny permission then goes back to the picture of rod shop and nothing happens. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚
I really enjoy the game but wish there were more trucks like a 78 f150 or a 56 f100, and have a way to create your own custom paint job
Great game, the cars have realistic weight which is huge with all these un realistic car games on the store, would love to see some more muscle cars put in the game in future updates, like a
this game is too good. My level si 27 and in each and every level i find out something new in it. Plzz update the drifting style make it more controllable because on the max level my car get out of control while drifting and crash.
Great game loads of fun plenty of cars to choose from and overall fun but could you please add a city map where you can drift around the city that would make the game 10000 times better!
Handbrake doesn't work, also you should be able to change colour of the car at LEVEL 1. Also if you buy a tyre, when it burns out, it should be replaced for FREE! Awful game until these are changed and fixed
Make it where you can do a drag race with online people like drag racing you drifting cars ok overall it's a good game
I love this game so much and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I would really love to see Toast from cleetus McFarland on here since he was recently in the last summer nats. I feel it would be an amazing car to bring to the game and it would also bring in a hell of a lot more downloads
Love this game period. Would be even better if we could join or create teams and have tournaments where all team members can partake. Awesome game.
I love this game so much. Its just like real life burnout fest's. 1 request and i wud give 5 stars, please add Toyota Supra with 2jz Gte customizable engine.
Can you please add tthe ability to drive in the streets and free roam on the street for street skids and just a street maps that's would be good
I love the game ive had it for 13years im 23 years old and i love the game. But can you make some of the cars you have to pay for free like the mustang and the viper. Anyway i love the game keep making games like this. Can you also put in ken blocks mustang and make it free so every body gets a chance to use it
Great game. No lag, great controls, great graphics, amazing physics. Please add a 2000 Holden Statesman WH. I would love if there was a graphics setting to have a more realistic amount of smoke emitted. It's great to always see where your car is but I sometimes just want more smoke.
Can we have free day Friday every Friday and also if you could Torque drift isn't compatible for my device if you all could please fix that I want to play it the graphics, cars, maps, and everything else looks very cool I really want to play it
Takes time to learn this game, BUT BOY IS IT GOOD when you do!!! ... Reached Rank 200 (max) and only have 2 cars left to reach level 30 (max) .. It lets you go bananas on upgrades and blow your tires, that's if they don't catch on fire first!!! ... Now I'm going back to buy every upgrade because it lets you keep & swap them all anytime you want to. The challenges are too difficult for me, but that's probably only because my phone screen is too small and still learning. AWESOME GAME πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
Not sure why but sound effects keep dipping out... Otherwise awesome game bring it to consoles please...
Love the game, had it for a while. Car selection is huge. Gameplay is fun. Graphics are great. I would like to see Mercury Marauder in the next update, preferably blue. Overall amazing game. Would recommend.
Hi game developers please listen if u wanna get more players. I rated 4 stars because needs improvements. Graphic needs to be improved. It's still low for a 700mb game. Plz improve it. Motion blur does not exist in game, add a realistic motion blur. There is no much details on cars plz increase the detail of cars. Challenge series events are so hard to complete there is low time between 2 stars and 3 stars plz increase time. I'll definitely rate 5 stars if u improve the game in the way i said.
I love this game i had hunreds of thousands of dollars like 10 cars now i got a new phone and dont know how to bring the progress over tonmy new phone other than that the game is amazing but can someone please tell how to bring my progress over to the new phone
Love it could you guys do one thing though an that would be to add the DMC delorean to the car line up an an maybe a dodge viper too that would be great an maybe some inside xray visual of the motor maybe blowing a piston or some engine failures like in the fast an furious movie thanks
I love the game I have had it for a very long timebut can you please make the cars are you have to buy make them so you can reward them that will be much better either way I still love the game Summernats for life love the burnout effectsI could you please put more smoke effects in the game to the point where you can't see like real life can make more detailing so you can customise inside of the carsplease if anyone that make torque burnout hearing this please do what I
Hi torque burnout team. What i would like to request is to improve it that...when spinning it does not always effect both tires at the same time i would like to have each tire a burst meter because in real life spinning both tires does not always burst often one tire then the other.. so please try and make the game more realistic please.
Add more trucks and this game would be a 5 and also add like a sever where peaple can just hang out and do burouts and race
You guys have come a long way I remember downloading torque burnout when it first started with all its glitches and problems🀯, I must say you guys have done a wicked job and the people working on this should be proud of themselves on how far they have come great job πŸ‘. I would really like to see this game made for console such as xbox I think it's bloody brilliant that way I can use the steering wheel and peddles you know like forza but burnouts and maybe some street drags just an idea πŸ€‘
Im level 120 i played this game since its early updates its amazing i just would love it to have somthing like an free ride mode so that you could use the whole car's gearbox
I rlly love this game, you guys put alot of effort in the fame but I'm unsatisfied with a feature not in the game, If its possible, can u make all the cars have custom features sucks as bumpers,hoods, side skirts, wings, ect. Thy which ive given 4 stars but i still like the game, and ive bought your products in game
I like this game. But i would like to be able to do more.. What i mean by this is be able to get more of the cars from game credits. Not real $ And diffrent places to drive. Some more open. And something like a windy road. Do some tandom drifting.
I have been playing the game for a long while and still love it, i really enjoy all the different cars that are available only thing i probably would change is the ways to customize your cars by adding brand decals and being able customize the engine and mods to suit your own tasts (Like the real cars you can purchase to make them feel like your own). But other than that this is a great game would highly recommend to anyone who love burnouts
The game is good I have been playing it from last 3 years ....still I can be upgraded by....adding something of modifying the cars like spoilers and bumpers than it will be more lovable to all .....
I love the game because we in south africa have started the spinning sport.. and it is very very much close to reality or realism of spinning.. i would say there are a couple of things that could do with a few tweeking.. different mods on the cars, sounds of the engines, better courses.. better cars to spin.. we in South Africa dont "DRIFT" we spin.. so if you guys could make more variety of cars better sliding more spinning and less drift cars.. feel free contact to help with upgrades :)
Great game, ive been playing for a week now and I love it. Drifting feels real and you dont have To pay to win like most other games. The only thing i would make better are the engine idleing sounds in the garage and the revving sounds in game. Over all great game just those two things.