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Tornado Alley - Nature's Fury 1

Tornado Alley - Nature's Fury 1 for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Distinct Media located at PO box 52126 WierdaPark 0149 Centurion. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game overall is good but it is impossible the controls are so bad and the tornados only move like 1 mph if you fix this it would be a good game.
Finished EF2 and then have to pay for the next levels....makes no sense...all levels needs to be where they are unlocked after completing each level of the game
you can only play 4 levels! and on top of it, you can't just play to play. it's dumb!! good for when you first load and play, then it's just lame!! at least let us have a free play with at minimum 5 minutes time. gah
Last leval great no time limit but add a lot more to destroy ran out of stuff fast need bigger map add small city to destroy be good love the game just not much to do and paid as well expected more to do .
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Make it a game that is sandbox and it needs to have rain and other area's more stuff and sandbox this will be fun if u agree and do more stuff to human's.Also make it a not level game
Tornadoes are originally this slow, tornadoes may spin a 100 mph but moves at 20 - 30 mph or lower on ground so don't complain about the controls. The graphics are nice and I really like the sound. Keep up the work and I am sure you will get this game growing. Edit: Do not hack this to pay though.
I reviewed this game about 3 years ago. Distinct media was right. Way to easy if there is no timer. But for future updates please add a practice mode with no timer ok?
Really amazing game but can you pls make it so don't have to pay to play when you get to the ef3 levels you have to pay real money to move forward if you can make that happen I will change to 5 star rating
Better controlls, better map, more realistic tornado looks, and free mode then this game will be great.
Poorly designed game, controls are spotty to say the least, the graphics are sublime, and the tornado moves at a turtle's pace....uninstalled and recommend others reading these reviews to DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!
i absolutely love the game but, EF3 -EF5 levels costs money if it wouldent i would probably recommend it to all my friends
(Update 8/8/19) It only took several weeks, but I finally was able to have a refund issued. Still a great game, but please add a "Restore Purchase" option in the app so this doesn't happen to anyone else!
Its an alright game, but the controls are extremely slow and impossible to complete the game without running out of time. There should be no time limit and the controls should be faster oh and a free area to destroy everything without having to have goal sets. Like solar smash or something, a free world roam where I can destroy everything. Better graphics too would be nice
Was enjoying this until it said I had to pay for more levels. Needless to say Uninstalled it already๐Ÿ˜ก
Should be a free game since its under free... But game is pretty wicked the tornado looks amazing Wish could go farther into the game
It was super cool while playing on tornado gamed. But after finish EF2 levels, it need Payment on EF3 - EF5 levels. Can you please make it into free so it will becone even more cool.
Its really laggy, the controls are pretty buggy and broken, and there is a really small amount of time...
The game is amazing but you have to pay to go to other levels like thats greedy so remove the purchases for other levels please.
don't get this game it's not horrible, it's just bad. Because you can only be in EF2 (that means level 1) that's it. The others you have to pay for. Who ever made this game, it's a good graphic game just take out the money.
I think this game would be better if you didnt have to get timed or pay for the next levels, I like tornadoes and i like this game but it could be better. I say you should add or have a new update to fix it. Other than that thank you for hearing me out and nice game.
fine.. but one thing, I can't destroy 6 cars, 6 wind turbines, and 6 houses under a minute. Need more time. Also, controls are bad.
Takes too long to download should be faster. I have to wait a whole day and, who know how many more hour's, anyone who said one ๐ŸŒŸ I agree with you ๐Ÿ’ฏ!!!!!!!!!!!
It's a great game but when you start to like it you have to purchase the rest only let's you play 4 levels.
I dont think this game needs time alsp the control are a bit hard to control but the idea of this gamw is amazing but hard to pass it the time limit and speed u got to complete a level
in past I loved this game but in the present I hated this because I finished the level EF2 and I need to pay for the other levels hey kids don't download this game for just your level of your tornado is just EF2 if you download this I don't care if you not listened to me go go download it and find the truth but your tornado can get to EF3 just that level.and the creator of this please take away all of the pay so that I will give you 5 stars and hey kids vote me so all of this problem will gone
I bought it, it's great! the price is worth free roam. I would pay $10 more for more towns and tornado types. (wedge, El Reno, Joplin) types. Physics are near perfect on this. Controls are realistic in moviment. I hope you guys update, again I'll pay more. :)
It was good but it's so hard to pass level 1 in 60 seconds. There lucky I didn't give them a 2 but I'm about too haha get it 2 to lol
I like this game but can you add in the update? Because tornadoes are actually weather can you add and hail and rain more Thunder and also wind that's all I want can you please update the game?
When i try to install the app it shows up a notification that the app can not be installed and I have enough space to download it so I do not know what the problem is
Great game the best!!!!!!! Please make no purchases on levels I'm an big tornado fan!!!! That's bc my profile is tornado BEST TORNADO GAME IV EVER Seen!!!!
Overall, a game with stunning graphics but the controls were wierd as hell. The car control system is not appreciated in this game as I expect it to be able to change direction whenever I want. I wish you would work on that because I don't feel the game is worth the price. Meaning I am not satisfied being a tornado that is supposed to rain mass destruction.
There IS enough time for EVERY level don't blame your poor skills on the dev. However more camera angles and controls on different views would be cool. Few more maps at some point. And yes it should be free if there isn't going to be any more updates bc it took an hour to beat
it's a fun game for the ef2 part. But why do you have to pay for EF3,4, and 5. if the ads every time I play a level wasn't enough money.
Tons of potential but having to pay for more levels after 75 ads is a bit much. Should have endless mode with more to destroy at least keep people playing for more than an hour before they get upset and uninstall
i want to try to turn the tornado the way that i want to and i have to wait until it stops a little bit and it wastes my tkme on my clock and i am trying to accomplish the tasks that it wants me to turn. is there some way that you can change the settings on the controls of the tornado all there is arrows but could you change the setting where we can just use our finger on our touch screen but you will have the option to change it to.
Get past first levels and won't let me progress unless I give credit card lvl . Controls are okay but need work . Need an endless mode where you don't have time limit .
Would rate zero if possible this is an exact copy of Tornado Strike Zone you have nothing original here this is a con get your own ideas don't steal them from other developers!
Decant game but has a strange steering control and 3 min of game play then you need to buy the rest..
will purchase! can you do some updates? let people know you are just as interested in this game as people like myself. i think it has tonnes of potential. and you guys complaining about controls, its a tornado, it is not a super car game. controls are fine. tornado spin at a couple hundred miles an hour but typically only travel across the ground at around 30. so dont complain! you have made a great game!
Thanks and i wonder why its so slow but i think it should be above 40-30 speed per second but good game though and super hard
I used to play Tornado Jockey on desktop. Was hoping this would be the same as that: Nowhere close. Controls are slow and difficult to manoeuvre, and it's nowhere near as fun as Tornado Jockey was.
Only things are, Tornado goes super slow, hard to turn, Not enough time to complete the level. YOU SHOULD TURN THE TIME OFF
Until you fix the controls,the speed of the tornado,and the graphics this game isnt that good.but i love the concept.