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Top Speed 2: Drag Rivals & Nitro Racing

Top Speed 2: Drag Rivals & Nitro Racing for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by T-Bull located at Szczesliwa 33/6.B.14, 53-445 Wroclaw, Poland. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
improved story line but too much tutorial, better graphics and more realistic than the 1st game. still a good way to pass some spare time
So this game started off fun, made alot of progress. All the way to building my car fully fot tier 2 then it says save game to this device or the cloud. Why?! So I clicked this device and the prompt kept popping up, so I click the cloud and now my entire is game is gone and it wants me start all over again. What an F-ing joke! Why is it even like that?! I don't understand why all these games have to be retarted about piddley B.S., absolutely rediculous! Nobody can just make a legit game πŸ˜’
And what can I say it has happened again where I have reached tier 5 and put in all the hard work and 1ce again I have been reset by the app,
The graphics are just SUPER puthetic! NOTHING like the video and pictures show! All you had to do was make GOOD! GRAPHICS! But you couldn't even do that! What a waste of time!
This is a great game I don't like the graphics tho other than that it's great game for people that likes drag racing
just had to reinstall the game and none of my data was saved i am not starting all the way over. i spent money on this game. uninstalling, and i want a refund on the $60+ dollars i soent on this game
This game is so cool 102MB worth it alot the graphics is so amazing there is alot of cars to buy very nice game T-BULL i love your game alot even the top speed 1 i like it good job keep upp the good work😁
The game is better than the old one because it has more cars BUT it's not that fun like the old one. The old one had better shaped cars and more boss races. This game is not bad BUT I think you should choose TOP SPEED 1
This game is just another money pit. You'll spend money to get a better car so you can get fair races and they'll pit you against even better cars so you lose more than you win. Don't save your game to their cloud, it causes the game to crash and you'll lose your data. Don't bother asking for help, all they're doing is cashing in on the suckers who spend money.
Could be 5 star, there's just a couple annoying things. First, I cannot find a way to switch from kph to mph. There is no option in the settings. Second, I don't understand why it takes you all the way back to your garage after every single online race. It is a huge waste of time, it should just put you back in the lobby. Other than that, it's a great game.
Lost my account for absolutely no reason. After race, game crashed and after restarting, everything is just gone.
Best racing game ever I have ever played you should improve a little bit of cars and i would like to have a new map otherwise I like this game a lot
crappy version of CSR 2 dont waste your time on this..just download CSR 2 way way better in every way. you will be much happier.πŸ˜œπŸ‘
For some reason I have lost all my cars n progress n can't get them back. I'm pissed off as loved the game n played every day n night. I had 15 cars ranging from teir 1 to 5 some fully upgraded. Sort this out pls.
The cars are not that expensive, the gas refills very quickly, and the graphics are great! I love this game!
I like the game but wish it gave me level 6 parts for MY car. Once in a blue moon I get one. I have several for cars I don't have and will not purchase online. Also despise the wait or spend your gold to get parts. Id I but it I should get it NOW! Why DO I have to wait?
The design need to be more realistic, the daily mission doesn't works, the shipping for upgrades doesn't works too.
For some reason the game has stopped working properly i cannot access the shipment containers my daily prizes for coming back . i really enjoybthe game but this is preventing me from giving it 5 stars please fix
I payed $12.82 for the extra money on game. Never got the money on game . But they took the money from my account. Then I played it anyways for a week. And then it froze and reset its self. So I lost everything I worked for. Big waste of time and money this game was. Contacted them and waited a week. No email returned about my money
So ive been playing this game for awhile now, up into stage 5. The graphics are meh, which is fine. I noticed glitches where your car spins ALL the way down the track and the difficulty rating system seems to be off. I dealt with these small things for awhile, all the way up to T5, where i had a 4 star car from a crate. I have it maxed out with 79 pts of exta parts (about 15) and I cant beat the final boss... with a maxed+ special car... i run 11.8s and the boss runs 11.7s. Impossible.
Hello racers its better than top speed 1 more upgraded game it's awesome graphics and early learn to play and luanch a new racing and drag game this game only drag mode sometime borringy so launch a racing and drag game i am exciting for racing game in your gaming company one of the best drag gaming studio T-Bull thanks for reading so bye bye
I love this game they should never stop making drag racing games. Just keep it rolling and let the good times roll. Great game for passing time.
Its gameplay like racing high end cars its a lot more fun and drag racing is a lot better. THANKS FOR MAKING TOPSPEED 2.
Unfortunately I found a bug within the progress selection it keeps lagging after I select any of both then I restarted the game and I started the game all over....
Im so disappointed you need to reset again n again and back to beginning your progress always lost even you save it on a cloud
This game is exciting and fun! It allows you to build your garage however you was want. I reccomend it to everyone.
I like it way too much because they were so much cars and I need all of them all of the cars are amazing and the progress is so good and in the game is super awesome I Like It!
not a bad game, only problem I have is that its to much like the other game to which I won't mention due to copyright issues.
Such an Amazing game. love the details to the cars wish wasnt so costly to buy more cars but great way for me an anyoneelse to pass time an enjoy it at the same time thank u really appreciated
Nice to play the game with you guys and I think you are the only one who know how to put me in a good mood today Your game is the best gaming experience I've ever had in the Past Hour your racing game is a great place to work with and the world is always fun and rewarding to be a part of the success of game success and learning how to playing it properly and touching. My friends how to be a great gamer in the world with your raceing game your game has a great idea for the world to be able to pl
The app is good and playable also the graphics are awesome but i took the other star because of when i started it it didnt play and that caused me to download again no ads so far
Better visually from the original. Only i wish you could aquire gold faster than you can. Also, the prices for paint and cosmetics are a little too pricy. Change those and this game deserves 5 stars.
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it's pretty Difficult but once you take time and effort (like I did) then its a good drag racing game to play
Entertaining for sure only thing you can't ever get your car upgraded to stage 6 until you collect the upgrade which takes forever
The reason why i gave this a 3 🌟 because everytime im running out of fuel a reminder pop up show that if you watch the ads it will give you 2fuels then i always press the "no, thank" and the application will stop running.. Pls pls pls fix this. Do not force us to watch ads if we dont like. But this game is good, really good im still going to recommend this to my friends Thanks.
It's a nice game but I cannot retrieve my inbox know my daily Rewards nor can I see any other shipment containing for that reason and only gets one star I want to be able to see and meet Reeve everything the game has to offer
Bets game excellent superb game awesome game but it's decals are a bit expensive I wnated to buy a best design but it costs a lot
Well I was enjoying the game until I turned it on and it started over from the very beginning for no reason. Guess it gets deleted. Not wasting anymore time for this to happen again.
Ok...love the game, loads of fun and excitement. Total blast! However, finished the 5 tiers of story mode and into the masters challenge...racing against another car my 0-200k time is 7.878, take the same car, same shifting in the tuning mode and i run 4.777 0-200k. Why am i not getting 4.777 when i race against another car? Fix the issue and will give 5 stars. Love the game just feeling cheated on time....
I would give much more but again happened the same. I had five cars. 4 were almost full upgraded. 24 days playing in a row and suddenly question : where do you want to save progress, phone or cloud? After answer the screen was frozen and after restart the game is completely at the beginning😑. Empty, no saves. That was third time when I started from zero. Enough. I will uninstall that. Shame. Interesting what the producer would say. Probably IDGAS or F. Frustrating and annoying.
how have you managed to make the sequel so much worse than the original? graphics - terrible, gameplay - terrible, whole experience - terrible! lazy production has ruined what should have been an excellent game. my advice - play Top Speed 1, not this pathetic excuse for a game.
I like this game.The graphics are good,gameplay is smooth and car customization is cool.But it is not enough. It needs body kit upgrades,spoilers,and all that stuff.But so far it is great.😁
Really disappointed!!! Game reset after reaching level 4. It froze 3 different times then lost all progress. Can't install stage 6 parts, always says "shipment" which only allows you to sell.
Don't waste your time with this game, stick with csr. I can't get any further than level 1 as it won't allow me to by stage 6 upgrades for my car therefore I can't beat the big boss. It says go to shipments to get upgrades, I must've had 10 shipments n not one of them had an upgrade for my vehicle. I've read a lot of other people have had the same problem, some of therm have had an update that has sorted it but as yet I'm still waiting for it. Don't bother with this game, choose csr.
I like you can pick what car you start with and that you can custimize the engine, tires, transmission and everything else
Not bad, an interactive walk around the body shop, office, lobby, and terrace would be nice, music could be better as well.
Cars just feels weak without exhaust pop and sounds of hard shifting. Graphics felt like a downgrade from the 1st game, as for the story, its alright for a drag racing game and the mechanic of getting parts like Nitro Nation is the best part. Overall, the game is alright for people who doesnt care about graphics and sounds, but personally, its not too good.
Don't waste your time. Game is unbalanced and broken. It's fun at first but you run into too many problems.
Be careful spending your money on this game!!! Once you reach a certain level they will force you to restart from the beginning!!! Giving you only a little bit of what you earned!! You have been warned.
Played for 6 straight HOURS then it froze so i had to exit out and the game wasn't saved on the cloud it said, lost everything
I absolutely love this game and the way it's set up! My biggest issue is that it has a terrible time retrieving data from the "racing server".. anything that requires retrieving data from "the cloud" is super slow and sometimes impossible.. and when uninstalling/reinstalling the game to troubleshoot the app (hoping this would fix it), i couldn't retrieve my previously saved profile. It's also annoying that i had to re-do the entire tutorial before asking me for my previous profile..
EDIT - NOV 16 All the features work now. Daily rewards, shipments, rewards, loot boxes, inbox. Also, the laggy starts doesn't happen anymore. It's your basic tuner/racing game. I can't think of anything that makes this game stand out to other similar games. Many features don't even work. All you get is the "buffering" symbol that never ends. Start of races laggy so hard to control RPMs
This game robbed me of cars gold and money. It was fun now it wont let me race after making me start over
I just started playing this after playing csr2 for over a year this doesn't have as good of graphics but loads alot better on my cheap phone seems like it's real good so far
This is really a good game but the music is irritating. It would be more better if it sounds a race feeling.
It's fun awesome game just wish the cars weren't so much and wish you could earn way more money for new cars every race.
Nice drag racing game. Graphics beautiful and many cars.I'm enjoying.also races are easy.but shipments system are not good. But too much Ad.It's disgusting.We don't need Ads.
how did i race myself when i quit your game then reinstalled and now racing against my old profile. someone on your team is smoking the good stuff
I love the game. Graphics are suprisingly outstanding, controls are smooth, monetization is utterly perfect, and it is offline. Outstanding performance.
Good graphics in this game but I think that the car names need to be real and the cars should look better as well.
Not too bad. Just like CSR Racing. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ Would like to see some body kit options, as we as some possible engine swap options.
Hi, this is a player who played for five months until his game reset completely just when I was about to go into the fifth ranks! I would recommend this game to people who can deal with frustration. Otherwise this is a waste of time for a game!!! Developers, this message should go to your ears and sulk in your mind! I had this resetting four times and I expect a mind-blowing improvement. Harden this game up!
I find this game enjoyable but the only problem I'm having is the daily missions are loading a bit slow even on wifi
it was a fun game during the beta version but it's too repetitive. No team events, poor graphics based on CSR, no REAL cars, and nothing in the game to want you to continue to play. If they would put licensed cars in the game, make teams and team events, and give better rewards then there would be millions of new players. I have deleted the game until they make some REAL changes to the game.
I've tried and tried but I never figured out the wheelspin I'm going to uninstall and try another drag racing game (make no sense for the developers to create a game like this)
This top Need for Speed, Gran Turismo, I love the graphics and Cars. Plus the crews are more competitiveml. But, Need for Speed was my first Game that I took time to dig into and beat the game. So I give thanks to the inventors of Need for Speed. Every since my Xbox broke down I haven't been able to find the time to buy another that is why I chose Top Speed 2.
Cloud sign in pops up all the time. Even in the middle of races which doesn't allow you to change gears and means instant loss. If you choose to sign in with the cloud it will just reset all your progress.
the story is awesome and some of the cars actually look like the real thing amazing game totally recomend
This game is marginally functional at all times and now has erased my progress. I would like to send an additional FU to the designers who obviously like to copy other people's work.
Great drag game. Graphics are a little lacking. Controlls are good and music isnt bad. The race veiw is ultimately irritating. All in all good game
nice game. but Tier 5 the Last boss the car very speedyd.leve is Normal is I can't win.very stresfull.
This is an awesome but when you win or lose a race you want to continue but it takes you back to the garage
RIP OFF!!! You will get to certain a level and the game will give you an option to save the progress to the device or cloud. Either way you LOSE!!! They will reset the game back to stage one. 😑 Money & hours wasted..
It was good until they steal all your stuff by using a BS saving system. Trust me it is beyond frustrating
Great so far...no glitching while drag racing..smooth sailing.....Best drag game that WORKS good..but graffics and mods could be better ....maybe make game $2 or $3 to do so.......ok.so the game deleted all my progress now...im back on here bc i spent money on in game stuff and i lost everything...it made me start over from the begining....smh...i sighned in with FB this time..maybe it will backup my saved data this time or something.idk..just bummed out..yall should send me 50 gold to B fair
Overall it's a great game but I have experienced issues with not being able to receive daily missions, daily rewards and the game freezes while I am trying to rev to start race also when changing gears it freezes up causing me to miss the shift points and I cant even collect shipments. it's a shame this game would be great if the developers would actually care about there fan base
I really love this game as I have downloaded it at least a few times over the years, but as soon as I get to tier 4 with all of the bosses cars the game resets itself and I have to begin all over, like I'm about to do. Other than that gr8 game.
The best, the best drag racing game even better than csr racing. Such realistic graphics in such less mb is awesome. Skilful developer
This is a complete rip off of the csr2. Absolutely every mechanic of that game can be found here, just that the cars look funny and have weird names
I can't get no help I try to get help for the last 2 days things that I want on here I go to collect on it and set it to spend in Spanish that says resetting so many hours I finally got it to reset a while ago once more and it's still resetting and I haven't collected it's still spinning again I'm ready to delete it in along with all these other games I've got on here cuz I'm tired of not getting help with problems
This game requires you playing a long period of time just to buy a car using a premium currency, the dailies isn't fair since there is a limit to how many you can upgrade in a car and you need buy another one, same goes to the ladder stage and also the online race which required you to own a premium car but only gives normal cash in return. I been playing tons of offline games, this game has a disadvantage to f2p in terms of reward to the daily.
Pls make the cars look more realistic and prices to cash not only gold cos only few cars cost by cash
Terrible game. I'm literally on tier 1. Shipments won't load, so I cant upgrade my car. That is completely upgraded until you need shipments. And I cant win with everything perfect. Not happy
The gameplay is good but there are rooms for improvements for this game like the graphics that needs to be improved.It doesn't look like the one's in the picture.
Why you dont fix the foolish problem???????? I spend a lot of time for twice and i lost all my saved game in two times.. Why???????
Obviously no car people involved in the development nor descriptions. Car graphics changed by mode. You never know what car you will be controlling. Tier 2 car pops into a neutral setting even though NO cars have a neutral gear. And of course PAY to win! Uninstalling after two weeks hoping they would fix the glitches.
uninstalled already lost 3 cars from save cloud my friend too and we payed both me 3.5$ and my friend 6.5$ no response from developer i wont recommend this game to anyone
Dev I know you put a lot of effort to this but the car design are not that good cuzz it looks old and the switching gear is cool if you put different sound of switching gear every single car and this game has a lot of potential there a lot to change to this game but the design is need to change a bit and the sound of gearing is a cool game thx dev for making the game hope you read thisπŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
Very disappointed. It glitched on me had so much done then popped up to update to cloud or device. I clicked update to cloud and then it reset and had to start from scratch. Dont recommend downloading
Improves some aspects of the first game at the cost of slight confusion in the start of the game, and heavier, randomised grinding with fewer ad-viewing options. For casual players such as myself, the first one was amazing, this one, eh, decent, but not great. 3.5/5
, great game, great amount of cars,i put 2 Stars cuz this: when i go to online mode it has an insanely dramatically frame drop and freeze the game by 25%.the reason.it has 1 big bug in the game.after than 3 days of playing The game.i uninstall it cuz i can't play online mod with the game has too much lags, freezings and dramatically frame drops.so 2 stars until the game has remove and solved the problems
No ads really fun but it makes you restart sometimes cause I had to restart and I had really fun time with this game
the game ia fantastic, just one glitch or something i found in tier 4 where your car can even be built to where the beginner street race says its at "normal" difficulty but the car you end up against is 3 seconds faster then you in a half mile, thats a pretty big difference for a drag race and they blow you away immediately off the line too so they start faster then you and end faster then you
Nice drag racing game. Graphics beautiful and many cars.I'm enjoying.also races are easy.but shipments system are not good.
No doubt man... Fr.. if you're in to street racing and got phat fingers like me, grab a stylus and bring your A 🎯 game! There's a lot more ways to upgrade and earn.. I'm digging it.. 4*s, but only because the cars are not perfect enough for an OCD 43 yr. Old
Once you get past the advertisement you're okay it's good game could be improved a little bit on not so many pointers
Well at first the game was great...... but just as your about to get past tier 1......you get stuck with no chance of winning the last race...... unless you have money......oh well uninstall and look for something better.
Great game ;).Just got it and its very fun.no adds and its super easy to beat crew members.Also you get 1k like every race so your like rich.I also like the backstory.No downside to this game deffinetelly reccomend:)
Fun so far but why does it take so long for you to get special parts after you've already upgraded all of the stage 6 ones. I need special parts for my car so I can start winning races again but I can't afford to buy them and getting silver or gold cards is like impossible. I'm now tier 2 so guess I will just buy a tier 2 car and carry on.
Everything was good although graphics was not that satisfying but still a have a good drag race experience