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Too Many Cooks

Too Many Cooks for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Playstack located at 56A Poland Street W1F 7NN London UK. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 8.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a fun game, but it quickly drains your battery life. It's rare, but sometimes the food orders arrive quicker than you can finish them. Also, I'm not sure which are better: the bots or the actual strangers you work with in the multi-player. Edit: It has pop-ups now. I already watched ads for free stuff, but the addition of the pop-ups is a downgrade. The pop-ups also force my app to restart or reload. Shame.
I love the game. I just hope it doesn't freeze that i have to reopen the app. Please fix. I love the concept.
This is fun to play. BUT seriously, there's a lot of bug. Like crashing the app or stuck in loading screen for so long. I've been using android pie(9) version so I don't think my phone is at fault here. Please do some maintenance and invest more because I think this will become a popular game
Its a great game! But like the other reviews sometimes the game get stuck in the middle of loading and after that the load page wont even loadanymore. And also another problem is that I cant seem to play with my friends who are using ios(?). I dont know if its supposed to be like that but we cant play with each other because it keeps saying that we need to be in the same region eventho we ARE in the same region. All of us had our regions set as "Asia". Thats all for my review thank you dev team!
Great game but it seems not support party games crossplatform IOS and android. Anyone met the same issue?
I can't even load the game - it keeps saying there is a new update and directs me to the Play Store, but the Play Store doesn't show an update button. I cannot proceed past this update screen.
Would rate it five but there's a glitch during the preparation phase when two players give u the same piece of equipment at the same time and the items just merge into one (which is a massive disadvantage in game). EDIT: Now the game won't let me play and it's stuck on an update dialog box, tho there is no update yet.
The game is fun but its buggy. All the gems i got from quest didnt received. Gems from watching ads also didnt received. Sad cause i already bought the first pack that unlocked all shops. I didnt know it was this buggy
Fun game, but game doesn't load anymore. Says there is a new version, but nothing in Google Store to update. Have also tried uninstall and new install, same issue. Please fix so we can keep playing.
Very bad experience... Really like it before... LikeD..... Freaking lag after latest update... Should work on it... Months already but still the same... Please fix.
The game is incredibly fun BUT it is extremely buggy. I tried to delete and redownload it but to no avail. Please improve on this becsuse this game has great potential in this quarantine/pandemic season
Would rate it five but there's a glitch during the preparation phase when two players give u the same piece of equipment at the same time and the items just merge into one (which is a massive disadvantage in game).
used to be good game,now too mant ads,beside touch glitch problem still assist,it not smooth normal gaming
Best group Android gaming experience. This is the epitome of mobile gaming for casuals. It's like playing cards with friends but on your mobile. Sometimes buggy but it's a work in progress. Gameplay is excellent. Cute graphics. Highly recommended if you have friends.
I love this game a lot!! It's really addictive, and you can also play with people all around the world, which is nice too!! I just wish it didn't lag my phone so much.
Fun game, cute graphics. The multi-player mode is fun when you're with your friends. Its like overcooked but mobile version. I liked playing with my boyfriend. Its challenging in a good way.
Quite fun but I don't understand the purpose of the steamer and whenever I play online mode the dishes we make don't count on certain levels so we end up with zero dishes made (or are the people I play with really that stupid sigh)
After the latest version, I can't play party. I reinstalled the game, but all my restaurant that I archived previously are gone!! Pls fix the issue!!!!!
I like this game so much but the problem is when me and my friend unlock a new level and when we try to join the person who unlocked it the level we unlocked would restart and we'll have to save up our gems just to unlock it again and it's very frustrating cause we spend a lot of time just to get the amount we need and then we'll have to do it again please fix this
This game is challenging but not so fun i like the cute chef i also like the graphics the controls is amazing i would rate it 5 star but i dont like it that some menus are hard you need to flip the food at burgers and fishhy
I was having fun with this game; I enjoyed the party mode and trying to learn the different skills to get the most amount of stars, but then I unlocked the burgers level and the next time I played it was locked again but it had still taken all my gems. It took a while to get them back (I was resilient but I would imagine more impatient players wouldn't be) and it was kind of a pain. And now, the app won't open at all. It's really disappointing because I want to keep playing.
This game is awesome i've recommended it to all my friends and we've played together for 2 days already. Overall we find it very fun and fresh. But you could add a duel system so that we can duel with other players or with other teams. I also recommend adding in-game calling system because we can only talk via whatsapp call or line to play party mode when we're not in the same place. I'm looking forward for new theme. You can also add guild or group systems. And also daily challenges. Thanks!
I don't know why, but the system keeps blocking me from playing party and online mode, worst game ever
After every game you are mandatory to watch a 30s ad without fail. Skipping is not allowed too. I have never watched so many advertisements in my life.
bug!!! there isn't any level that can let me level up my frying pan?? both pizza and fishy also level up oven only?! whattttt~~ GREAT GAME BUT too many ads.. ui a bit laggy.. bug where plates went missing and doesn't spawn..
I can't play the game because it needs to update but there is no update option on Google play store? What is going on?
This game is quite underrated imo! I love the graphics, the characters are adorableee and the game isn't pay to win like most games are these days. Most of the things you pay to buy are cosmetics. Being on their Discord server, I've seen the devs respond to bugs and resolve them as soon as they can. Love the effort! Keep cookin'!
Said I needed an update to even play the game. Can I get some help? I press update , leads me back to uninstall or open. Nothing changes. Uninstall and reinstall didn't do anything either
Guys, I'm sorry, the game is great, but the quantity of ads is relentless. Animal Restaurant has a much better business model regarding ads - they are optional to complete a task. Why do I have to watch an ad EVERY TIME I finish a game? Very, very dark ux pattern. 1) it actually does not inventivise me on actually spending money in the game. 2) You're sacrificing me playing for over 2 days for what? Impressions and no leads? 3) You're killing the user experience here. Really, fix it now please
the game is so fun when i play with my friends. but soon, the game has a bug i guess, i can't play with my friends with perfect wifi in online 😭
Everyday during the evening (Asia time) when in online mode with 2 other players, the game will hang for very long (whereby u cannot move anything) when the oven or grill is cooking... And when the game stops hanging, the food has already became inedible and u only can choose to trash... Pls fix the bug... Unable to screenshot.. Thanks..
Played this again and it now has ads every time you complete a level. It also lags already which it didn't during the old version. Note that I'm using a mid-range device it it still didn't lag before. The lag causes me to play slower. Changing my rating from 5 to 2 stars. Please fix this.
My gem count has been stuck at 0 for 2 days now. I have now lost more than 70 gems (including the purchased 50). Please fix this as it is ruininh my experience of the game since I cannot upgrade anything.
Great game you can also play online with your friends up to 6 people!!! the only thing that I don't like is the minimum android version support (8.0+) it doesn't let people with older phones play with their friends. but overall great game !!! also the sound effects are hilarious !!! ( Chop Chop Chop Ding Ding Ding Burning Burning Burning ) !!!
Really cute game and fun to play with friends! I just wish there's a barter system for upgrade materials because I have way too many mittens and zero spatulas. That or make the market more reliable rather than having randomized items. And ofc, would love to see more menus :)
The game is good but the app is too buggy. In the 2-player Party, the slots keep getting full with orders, so we can't throw them hence there's no space left for us to move and pass around ingredients. Another thing is that even if the slots aren't full, my partner cannot receive the ingredients that I pass on to him. Takes away the fun. Also, the Auto-Request for the Online game isn't working 50% of the time.
The game is very fun, with multiple levels that test your skills. The only problem i have is that my items, like the purple gems disappear out of nowhere. I had 150 of them and suddenly i only had 90. I dont know if someone else has this type of problem, but please fix it.
My game wasn't working properly so I installed it again. And I had to reopen all the menus again. 😑 Thank God my levels were restored.
The game is quite cute however there is a glitch where you try to grab the item and drag it and it doesn't let you. It was quite annoying and I kept trying to play the game, but I couldn't handle it anymore.
The game is great for friends and family but when joining a room the latency is high. Also, there is no way to join online mode with another friend, and party mode does not have the same system that online mode offers, causing it to be essential to have your players in party mode to be in voice chat to ensure optimal time management. My recommendation is to provide the option to enable the same system in party mode, enabling players who can't talk to have an option to call for items required.
Game is a lot of fun when you play with a friend on voice chat. Couldn't stop laughing our s off as we raged at one another. Difficulty in playing with only 2 players is that you have limited slots so you'll have to come up with premises, what to do and what not to do and what you can both have at a given time. Overall a very positive experience personally. Cant say much about online play, but party mode's definitely a banger
I think the online mode is bs. They are not even a real person. It all robots. yes! it requires the wifi to go into the online mode, but i dont think its real
Can you fix it so that the auto request is stopped for a moment when the tray is full or when we have the ingredient storage and also the equipment needed for certain items that item wont show up in the autorequest panel so that other player wont send us the item that we can make ourselves and not making the tray full and prevent the other item that we really need from other players cannot be received. Also that the online mode is not really online its just playing with the bots!!!
This game is AWESOME, I've been waiting for it to come out since I first tried the test version that was here before. Now it's back and even better with upgrades and more levels. It's a game of cooperation and clever planning where each person has different tools in order to create a meal. One thing that is annoying is that when your board is full, a giant screen pops up to tell you to use the bin but actually it's quite distracting. It would be better if you could change this just to a symbol on the side or the bin flashing to let us know that someone failed to pass us something. It's also the same issue when you try to pass something to someone who has a full board and it's quite annoying! Its online play also needs some work as well (especially in these Covid-19 times where we cannot be in the same room as friends!) - When I host a room, my friend can never see it and has to keep refreshing to try to find it. After some time, 2 random AIs join my room so I have to quit the room and rehost again. I don't mind that there are AIs to fill in the rooms when no one joins but I'd rather there be a way to say I specifically want my friend to join and not an AI or even better have it so my friend can actually see my room! So we spend about 10 minutes trying to get into a game together every time. This game would be a 5 star if it weren't for the online issues!
I used to play this game with my sister and boyfriend and have loads of fun, but after the last update the game has so many bugs. Like after completing a level it directs us all to video ads and then kicks us out of the game without giving us the rewards which is just a waste of time and cats that we use for extras. We gave up on it! Such a shame!