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Tonk Multiplayer Online Rummy Friends Card Game

Tonk Multiplayer Online Rummy Friends Card Game for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Artoon Games located at C-301, Diamond World, Mini Bazar, Varachha, Surat-395006. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The reason I'm rating this game with a one star is because of the cheating that's going on. U have cheating bots that u play and u can never win against. U have people cheating gaining billions of coins in a day from others who cant win period. I've been playing this game since 2016 and this is the worst I've done seen it. What happen to equality. Please fix
Opponent hit on a spread with a card that should not have been able to hit with and won. Ya'll owe me 800,000 in coins!!! Sabine S. Was the opponent, I got screenshots!😡😠😡 My username is Kalimist W. UID is TM24874890 Updated Review Was made right, Thanks Tonk Multiplayer!!!
the only glitch i seen was that when your in the game sometimes it freezes up and makes it so you cant spread or hit it makes your time run out so pretty much skips your turn
New version no longer allows google login. I contacted artoon and they said I can play under fb or as guest. How stupid of a reply was that? I spent my real $$ for chips & have played a long time under my google account so now it is all lost. Game and company is unethical..UNINSTALLED FOREVER!! & look at their idiotic reply below. I never lost my unique id..you HAVE TO ALLOW GOOGLE LOGINS FOR EVERYONE!! Looking for your cooperation too fool.
Game is ok until you're playing with bots! Bots always wins no matter how much you switch up your technique. Players with the highest coins always win too. Which makes the game not so fun if you're constantly losing. I've had this game almost 2 years now. So the cheating has gotten annoying.
Artoon Games is NOT INTERESTED in our or suggestions on how to correct this game. And if you've played it long enough like I have, you've noticed NUMEROUS INCONSISTENCIES when playing against the computer bots. I laugh to myself whenever the computer senses I'm about to win a hand and that's when the cheating begins! We all know this CHEATING wouldn't happen with a real deck of cards, against real flesh and blood opponents. But the game was designed this way to get REAL MONEY for FAKE CHIPS!
I love playing tonk. I can play for hours at a time, as long as I have funds to play. I give it 4 star's
Freezes, you lose hands and real money. Developers don't respond when complained about issues with freezing and glitch
Works for a few days, and then starts saying "reestablishing lost connection", and it does it whether I use network data or wifi. Eventually it fails to load completely. I would give 5 stars if you guys could fix this.
Can't Log in with Facebook, I have been trying for days to log back in the game with my Facebook account but it always comes back as error, invalid ID
I downloaded the game and was excited to play. Each time i lost because it would not allow me to spread my cards. I tried each button which allowed me to lose the game. I went to see if i missed anything on the diection of the game. Mmmm. Lol. In all my experieance of having a cell i never experienced anything so terrible. Help. Thank you
I installed the game first problem was with the knock button then I got off of it then tried to go back and play then it wouldn't never go back to the game uninstalled not it won't even download
I have played this game for 6 yrs and today went to play and my account was totally new. Not my picture and I went from 354 million to 4500😡😡
I've been a member since 2016. Since then I gained over 390 million only to lose to a cheating computer. Which isn't fair. You can never win against the computer. They always seem to get lower or have the right cards when I'm close to winning. The odds are always in the computers fair. You know when your playing a computer they have crazy pictures and names. I wish I can screen record a game and post it. LETS PLAY FAIR AND SQUARE. IM DOWN 390 MILLION TO A COMPUTER
slow and has too many adds. there should be more time to leave a table and a way for people to leave a game without have to wait for the count down.
even after going into the settings...it continues to log me in whenever it wants..its an annoying glitch that interrupts my important phone usage.
I enjoyed this game at the beginning. Now, while playing tourney bet 10,000 for 80,000, I was skipped, timed out, added a card and game timed out before it's time
Since the upgrade so you can go to any table for any amount no matter how much money you have!!! This game is now freaking awesome!!!
Game will occasionally flash other players' draws if you are looking closely. Also the touchscreen hit boxes seem pretty hit or miss
During this virus my family and friends are seeking card games that we can play online with each other. We need the means to send invites and limit players to our family & friends. Please let us know if this gets added.
Fun fair game especially when you learn the loops new update doesn't allow me to select an amount in knock or no knock besides that good
Great game to play when I first started I was called a racial slur other than that this game is awesome. However this game has its flaws you can go from having 500,000 chips to losing all but 5000. You can also lose 200 games straight I think the objective is to have the players purchase chips to be productive in the game.
Customer Service Team restored most my data from an account that can't be accessed anymore. All is restored to the World!!!!
The shuffling of the cards is extremely suspect. Some of the fastest tonks I've ever seen. This stuff doesn't happen in a regular sit down game. And I've played Tonk for 30 years.
Game cheats.. Saw my component pluck my card from the deck and never threw it back out. The Game ends, and the card wasn't in their hand. This Has happened multiple times
when the play with friends was added a 1,008 feature was taken away so can't give it a 5 star rating without that feature
This version is EXACTLY like the Tonk game offered by 6Ace Games! The rules are the same, the computer bots that are in this game always spread within two pulls after you spread or right before you can knock after the little gold dots are gone, in 6Ace Games it's stars. I have yet to receive an email response from 6Ace Games as to why these made up rules even exist because the way I learned to play Tonk as a little kid, you can knock at any given time at your own risk. This is UNBELIEVABLE!
Loved it until the update... now it is really hard to add my friends. Im unistalling.. if this could be changed, will rate 5 stars
I would give higher if not for what happened.No warning, no info or instructions on how to recover all we lost. Do u think we are happy about what has happened? We spend money and have earned ratings in this game and its all lost! U asked a player to give his ID to U but I need to do the same and Im sure others as well. Inform ur players with instructions or refind!
This use to be a good game now they force you to watch the ads ridiculous it is e enough when you collect coins boring
Good but when you Tonk out, the game let's a player leave without paying the penalty if they are quick enough of leaving. That is annoying. Also the auto wins are too one sided, I think I have lost millions because of the one sided auto wins. I counted them one day, I had 3 and my opponents had 30, just wish you just did away with them if you can't make them more even. In fact I played one player who had 5 against me in one session.
Easy to play. Only wish there were an easier way to exit the game such as a button rather than hitting the back button twice.
I tried to send an email. I paid for ads to be removed and I am still getting them. This is extremely annoying. Please send my money back or take the ads away.... 😡😡😡 I also believe that this game cheats you as well.
This is a response from someone at Artoon Games regarding a post that I wrote..."If you have any suggestions, please let us know we have to make the app better in every aspect." There have been negative reviews that are over 2 years old regarding the CHEATING that goes on in this game, but has anything been done to correct this? The answer is NO and it's because this game was designed to CHEAT so that Artoon Games can get REAL MONEY for FAKE CHIPS! WAKE UP PEOPLE AND DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!
I like it because I play Tonk often but can you please fix some off the AI players? I think almost every match I get in is computer generated opponents, well at least when I play Tourney .. Most of the players are AI and I don't think that's really fair.
absolutely love this game.! very addicting. but for some reason lately when I try to open app it isn't loading 😭 so now my daily spin is set back to day 1. i've tried to force stop, restart phone & uninstall/reinstall app. still isn't working. is anyone else having this issue?
Well this is been a love-hate relationship the whole time I've had the app on my phone and others. The addition and subtraction has always been wrong begin with now I'm getting pictures little music beats all kind of stuff in my picture album and my videos. I'm sure it's this app as I have downloaded it and undownloaded it many a Time trying to straighten it out. Play beware
Garbage!! Never purchase coins, cheating *** robots make game bad!!! They make you give a star to post comment when they deserve 0 stars!!
Smh I've been playing this game since 2016. I upgraded my phone a few years back and got my account back with no problem, upgraded my phones this time again and now I can't get my account back. I use my Google account to login i don't have fb i think thats stupid to take the Google login away. I done emailed artoon several times and still no help or even fix.. what they must know is that people upgrade they phones at least every two years!!
I love this game but there are times when I see cheating, like my opponent has cards, they pull, hit a player and end up winning
I love the app but it won't allow me to play on private table with friends.. I've tried many times with no success. I open the table and try to invite friends and it always says "you have no friends ". I have over 200 friends. I have a screenshot but not sure how to send it
Plays good, but I wish the app sound worked. I troubleshooted every way possible to hear it and I can't.
I've paid for no adds a month ago and I'm still getting adds. I can no longer listen to Pandora while playing due to adds
I love this game. I have played for awhile now. I just hate how many coins I lose often because this game has many bugs that seriously needs fixing. Including restarting and constantly taking coins that hasn't been played yet
Beware when you download this app people! The deck is stacked against us! I just played a session against one of the "computer bots" and at one point during the game, the computer bot spread off the deal 3 out of 6 hands! In over 33 years of playing Tonk; there has NEVER been a time where one of my opponents spread off the deal with that efficiency! Whenever one of their computer bots lose a hand, please believe; THE GAME WILL CHEAT TO EVEN THE SCORE! Tonk Multiplayer was designed this way!
the game isn't fair to people with less money and other people get to move around I am stuck in the same position all the time your game really sucks your not going to fix a dam thing on it why can I move around the board like other people any answer to that
I love it. But all of a sudden it has ads ... And i dont see a way to upgrade or remove that. Is it possible to remove ads .. Im may be over looking it. If so, i definitely give the game 5 stars easy.. But even so if i could give it 4.5 i would. So fix just that and you have an awesome game.. Love it anyway. Definitey would recommend downloading
I really enjoy this game and the opponents. You meet people from all over the world. The only complaint i have is how the score is added 25mil is only added as1 can't figure that out yet.
I've just learned to play. I enjoy learning new games & I enjoy this. Very easy game. My complaint for this app is the ability to play with friends. You can but you have to have patients because you can't just go to friends list & invite, you have to sit at table & if there isn't an invite at that table you have to continue to move to different tables till you get one to be able to invite your friends to play at same table. Unless you want to spend actually money I believe it's the only way.
Update 5/2/20 Something happened and I was logged off the app. When I tried to log on with Facebook, as I had originally, I got an error message. I contacted Artoon. I was asked for screen shots. I sent them, and I have yet to receive a response from the developer. I really enjoyed the app until this issue. Update 5/31/20: The development team reached out to me to resolve the issue I was having with my account. I purchased a new phone downloaded the app to see if it would work, and it did!
I just bought a new android phone. How do I transfer my data (ie, scores,etc) from my old android phone to my new phone? Of note, I do not use Facebook.
Wait a minute..I can no longer pick what table dollar amount I want to go to? Why change that? Are you now using real money? WTH!?
Used to be good.. I'm having a problem the screen glitches on my navigation buttons and I purchased no ads
This game is fun at times, but cheats so much. They have fake robot players that make the game rigged. Only their chosen players win and it is absolutely rigged!!!! Please stop controlling the games and allow everyone to win based on skills and not the fact you just want to control the game. When rating them within their app, I tell them the truth and they retaliate by rigging games and cheating more, instead of acknowledging they are WRONG and fix the issue. Liars!!! CHEATERS!!!