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Tongits Wars

Tongits Wars for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Fat Lizards located at 1 Raffles Place #44-01A One Raffles Place Tower One Singapore 048616. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
b3fore the pandemic im really bored. But when i discover this game in my sisters cellphone, while watching her playing this game i really injoy it . And im really interested. But i cant play on my own because i dont have an android cellphone its just a local. So i will just keep wtching on my sister. Atleast i already discover this app. I hope someday someone will bought me a cellphone
Terrible, Hardly see the numbers and can't even go back I've clicked everything on my screen. I uninstalled this app few minutes after downloading.
I've been playing tongits since then but as I play with this kind of game, it made me more addictive. Though I'm glad I still balance my time... I observed that this game needs an improvement because sometimes when I'm playing I akready bet who can win in that round and its frustrating sometime.. But still I like this game 'cause it made me me happy when I'm bored
Simple game but wishing there will be more options to earn gold coins for non vip however ...why are the videos to ear extra coins not working anymore?!
love the game but just lately it wont connect to server even i got reliable internet connx. wheel just keeps on spinning, tried to wait for 30mins but still wont connect. hope you can fix it. will rev up the stars once its back to normal. tnx
THE SHUFFLE OF DECK IS UNFAIR. i think its not randomize, fix it and i'll fix my rate. im uninstalling
Hate it with 4 issues: google log in button is available but logging in with google is not available; referal code itschowtime given when logging in is invalid; I have a friend in buddies but cant even invite in friends war; and when trying to make some referal it always ask me to log in even though im currently online on my phone, dont make it look like its a phising game of fb passwords
Maganda yung game itself, the graphics, the rounds you play and everything else. Pero parang may daya sa game kasi sometimes kung mag laro ako bigla lang ako na-burned tapos yung opponents ko hindi. It's really unfair. Besides that I would like to recommend you guys adding a chatroom so that we could communicate with other players. Overall, it's a great game. I would highly recommend this to those people who are looking for a challenging gameπŸ˜‰ Edit: I did!
I really like this game. I play it with my wife. But i cant login with my facebook. Or register anything or use my google. When this starts to work again I'll give it more stars, but this has been happening for 3 days.
The app is very slow. Already installed the latest version, but the issue persisted. It takes 30 secs to a minute for the app to open and another few seconds for the new game/round to load. Internet connection is not a problem as I can stream a 720p movie just fine. Pls. fix issue.
I like this game, but perhaps it would be a little more exciting if you were able to pickup the discard pile from the card that is needed, the way its done in gin, (well some gin games). Half the time when I play, the player that plays after me throws down a card I need and I can't pick it up. So I give it 2 stars.
I don't think the cards are random. Played 15 rounds straight, but did not win once. My opponents' card were amazing, few minutes and they already won. Manipulative. Also, the Send Report button does not work. I already uninstalled this game.
A GAME with PROBLEMS, it has video ads options to get more chips/money in the game, and fine, but it dont work like 50% off time, in game first time it ask if want to se video ads, it stuck and the player need restart the game to continue game, but the offer is gone, ingame play a person that has left the game, can actuely win the pot even he or she left the game, because the game continue the players hand, and can win on low points. it offers every 8 hours win chips by video ads, but dont work
I can't login on Facebook. It's giving me an error message. I have so much chips saved on that account too. 😩
The store is always closed and videos don't play to give you extra coins. They limit you to the kind of melds you can create because you're forced to "chow", which is really stupid. I've contacted support and if they reply with a fix, I'll review again with a higher rating.
With online game, your suppose to play with REAL human online players, but no. Its obviously not real players. Im so disappointed. Uninstalled.
You can only play this in a few hours... after that, you can't login anymore until the next day. This game apps is not 24hrs game running so you can missed the momentum of excitement playing the game. The developer should fix the issue consistently, accurate & & fast coz it's been months now since the system was downgraded.
I can't sign in on Google account and I thought It is fixed why I can't Sign In on Facebook too? WHAT IS HAPPENING πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ˜’
I Don't LIKE the game. That's not the real game. the catch was in the end you need to have the lowest total scores (sum up of your cards) but when im playing, i keep losing and loding even though my cards are lower tgan them! your game is not the REAL tongits game in the Philippines :////
I doubt the multi player is not a real player. Most of the time im sure its just ai. The shuffle of deck is unfair. It seems manipulated by the program.
Can't log in with google or FB, there is possibility to watch videos to get more points, but video never plays... This game app needs maintanance
uninstalled, the game always stucked every after draw or end of the game. i had to close the app and open the game to join to my previous game. then my opponent had left already. im not sure if im playing with real players or just computers. Spin and Win aint working. been watching ads just to spin but my winnings doesnt add up to my account. i love the game but the problem is persistent. bye.
Bug. When you're so close at winning and raise for a fight it would keep on loading for a long long period of time that you get tired of waiting so you'll restart the game. But after you restart it, the game that had been saved was not in the same game you leave it. Does not really make you win.
My father is addicted to this. He really loves playing this and I used to love this too because you can play it offline. I could say that this is the best tongit game.
Since the game hasn't been updatrd for months, there has been no changes in the algorithm, the online AI is too powerful for new players. Also, the matchmaking sucks where one has a few thousand and pairs him with players with 100k+ coins who has better experience than him.
I cannot sign in on my device. it was working fine before but for some reason it's stucked in loading screen. I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game but nothing's changed. I don't want to play offline mode since I accumulated a lot of coins on my account. please fix this.
Please fix the Facebook connection issue, the mega chest --it's always unable to open, the free gold --can't be click, also the lucky spin. My parents and cousins play this game. So please, fix these issues. Thank you :)
I and my wife use samsung note 5 and note 8, when we spin and got a gold there is no collect button, unlike my sister in law on her ipad. so inshort we are not able to collect gold for a long time. i will change my rate to 5 if this will be fixed. i love this game but that missing button is so unacceptable.
It's lot of fun just playing this game makes me forget my stress coz I could learn how to outplayed my opponent..but I wish they should have chat msgs so you can interact with other player and be friends with them.
Spin and win aint working. it said I got 50 coins or 5 coins, but the coins dont add up on my account. also, the players online are like AIs. they never challenge when you fight. its like they know that you have a very little amount. but they fight back when they have an amount lower than yours.
The best game, but i can't get in today. Page keeps on loading only and will not proceed with the game. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Still the same issue. Is there a bug or problem with the app?
It won't allow you to register by google or facebook so the only way is to enter your e-mail and password. After registering I can't sign in the next day anymore. It just keeps on loading and loading forever. I can only hope my e-mail isn't hacked by this game.
Cannot sign up using Fb or Google and Idk ,tried to play it offline and the opponent are ridiculously keeps on winning how many streaks
this game sucks already. keeps reconnecting while in play. somtimes doesn't know how to count. some other times it let players with high cards win. Won 1000 Gold in raffles on June 15, 2020. The 1000 Gold got lost on the way and never credited to my account.
I cant sign in into my Fb or Google. Please fix this. Back then i have an account connected to my fb and i got a new phone and install it but when i was about to connect it to the fb it wont connect
the game with AI is unfair. the cards are pre-set and always dependent on your carda at hand. it is not random.
well, it supposed to be a fun game and it is, it's just that from time to time, it happens that I cannot get onto the online game, that ends me playing on offline, and that is not a good experience!if you can fixed that then i will rate it a perfect 10...
I cannot sign in using my FB credentials nor my google account. When I signed in as a guest, got a message that you will disable that option soon. If I cannot login using any of my accounts, how can I sign in again? Did you guys update the game? I really enjoy playing this game but I guess I have to uninstall it if the login issues won't be fixed. Hope to get feedback from your admin about this. Thanks!
i honestly love this app, however it started last week that it takes 30 secs. to a minute before the app will load, a minute or 2 to start a new game. this is so heartbreaking for me but i have to uninstall this app because its just stressing me out. I hope this will be fix.
Can you please fix the app? I couldn't log in using my facebook, so it means I can't play πŸ₯Ί I tried redownloading multiple times, still the same problem. It's frustrating. I used to play this game nonstop, so please fix the problem. This is my only way of coping up with boredom during this pandemic. I have been bored for a month now. I miss playing 😭
I just wondering why this time i cant connect to the server, it always say that "You have lost connection with the game server" then pop up message "Your device cannot connect to server or your internet connection is lost". Before i always play this game and it runs properly. Is there something wrong about this app? Hope it would be fixed soon..thanks
Can't play this game anymore. It says an error login in FB. This is the only game I play on the phone. Please fix it
Yesterday i encounter this trouble..everytime the game finishes it will spin and spin until i decide to get out of the game and start new one. Today i cant get in to the game room, so i decided to uninstall it and install it again thought that would help the problem, but still the same, it keeps spinning and can't get to the game room...hope this will be fix soon
There's a bug in your update. It works fine playing the game offline but when you're already online, it freezes and closes the app automatically. Waiting for this to be fixed. Thank you.
Spin n wheel are not working. Free gold are not working too. I played the games recommended to get free golds but I didn't got even 1 gold. That's make me pissed off with that mode. Fix it that's not fair. And I advise to increase more exp in playing. My chips reached 1milliom but Im still in lvl 6, 400bets
This game is highly addictive to play and i cant really complain about much save a few things which might be better updated. So far my only complaints would be that (A) you need to log in your account everytime you open the game instead of it just remembering the account you logged in on your specific gadget in the first place, and (B) you need three friends to make a friends battle work. It would be nice if two would be alright and a third random player could be filled in automatically.
The game is good but the rewards are not properly working...i cannot log in with my FB account...also please check the rules of the game... I get burned if i was not able to put my set cards down the table or if i keep it hidden but my opponent is not getting burned if they do the same thing...
Why can't log in with my Facebook?? I play this games almost everyday duhhhh can you please fix it! Uffffff!!!! Uninstalling!!!!!!