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tomotoru ~Hello Kitty Happy Life~

tomotoru ~Hello Kitty Happy Life~ for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by CyberStep, Inc. located at 東京都杉並区和泉1丁目22-19 朝日生命代田橋ビル4階. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Couldn't even get past the first loading screen without it telling me theres a network error. There is no network errors though. Very disappointed
super fun and cute!! i love all of the characters and how they can interact with all of the objects around the room.
I am a hello kitty addict and this game is so cute i love the ar option. The only issue is "kittys room" is verry hard to accomplish anything because the points stack up so low and everything requires so mamy points to purchase
I would really like to play to be able to write a proper review, but the game stops when it shows the loading screen after reading Daniels letter. Its becoming annoying, please fix this!
This game is really cool! it's very heartwarming and a great way to kill time. My only complaint is the start button. For some reason, the start button doesn't load at times; and you're just stuck at the start menu. if this glitch is fixed it will be alot better. Overall, the game is great and really cute!
A cute and wonderful game, cute characters with interesting interations. I wish you could visit all rooms without having to pay for some of them but, it is still fun to play anyways. update: i found the problem, you can use the app if you have low storage, that was the issue.
Used to really enjoy this game. It's super cute. But it doesn't do anything anymore now, but show me the I tro screen. It just keeps looping and I can't get into the game after it tells me it's finished checking updates. Will have to delete for now since I can't play it, and it's just taking up memory on my phone. Sad. Cuz I know I'll lose all my data on the game. ☹️👎
I played before and it was quite lovely, but I deleted the game before the newest update. Now I have downloaded again and I can't even enter the game
This is a very cute game, the facial expressions of the cute Sanrio characters are too adorable. Very cute game and was happy to get Cinnamoroll's room for free from the release discounts. Thankfully it doesn't take TOO long to get enough happy points. I really hope they expand on this game add more Sanrio characters. I would really love if you added Jewelpet like Ruby. Not sure why everyone else is having bugs, unless they were patch when I played it.
To everyone confused why you cannot start this game. This game sadly shut all its servers last year which is you can't play it. They just haven't removed it from the app store.
I was really excited about this game but it crashes before it even finishes downloading once you open it, so I've never even seen so much as the landing page. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it multiple times. It's just a damn broken game, shouldn't even be on the App Store.
very cute game!! :D As a hello kitty fan I love everything about it. very unique from the other hk games, this really caught my attention. please don't discontinue the service
Adorable game with endless clicker gameplay, but the pricepoint is too high. I finished the first 3 rooms in 4 days with little effort, only playing a bit each day, so paying $2 and $3 for the additional rooms (while they are on sale) is too expensive.
Controls aren't great! You rotate using an on screen joystick that goes very painfully slow, and directionally feels unnatural. but it's so cute i hardly even care! this game is so precious! i really hope they add more characters. i wish they had made a different model for pompompurin though :( obvious they just tweaked one they already had instead of making him look like himself. Let him be fat!!!
I was having a lot of fun... until I kept getting network errors and failure to connect. Please fix this! This is a wonderful app and I want to play more! Fix this bug that's going around or whatever.
I'm only giving this game a one star, and if I get giving it zero, I would the problem with this game, I just got it like, 3 seconds ago and everytime I tried to connect, it says it's unable to connect to servers and to check my connection, even though my connection and, everything is fine and its going on with a lot of people, so I'm not able to play the game
This game is amazing! It's so cute and fun to play and easy to pick up. Please please pleeease tell me you'll be making more rooms to decorate! I wanna play so much more of this game! It's everything I've been looking for! Something cute, simple, relaxing, and with the ability to decorate a room! This is a game I would pay money for, hands down!
Had issues with it not connecting to the network but since the update, its working fine. The translation needs a little work, it was understandable before but now some sentences don't make much sense.
I ever played this game , but i deleted for some valuable reason . Then i want to download it again 'cause i remember this game was really cute ; So i install it and it pops up this text that said : " Unable to connect to server * Please check the signal strength and devi ce's network settings. It pops up since yesterday, the day where install it. I thought it was just my poor connection , but i realize is not the connection. it's just the game i am really disappointed at this cute game.
after uninstall and install back again, the game back to normal BUT I wish the game have a save account to google play so all my progress is save. after I install back all my progress gone. Hope you read all our feedbacks and update which is lack in game. the game is fun and cute. will give full 5 stars if you've done a great job.
i have been trying to play for 2 days but every time i download it and it finishes it will crash and i wont be able to play it. please work on this.
Its so cute I love hello kitty when I was a child and I still do to this day but not as much anymore but once in a while. I just let out my inner child out and had to get this game. I love it so far! It kinda like tomodatchi life game only you don't feed them lol but its really fun.
Very very cute! Its an enjoyable game and while you can pay to win, the actual natural progression is not draining. You can just as easily work your way through the game without paying anything without losing any fun. EDIT: There seems to be a bug where the game will not immediately register event items purchased before you unlock an event which can lock up an event if the item is an outfit. This fixed itself after a few days for me, updated rating to reflect that so if it happens give it a bit
"Network Error" on a perfect connection. Can't even start the game. I'm not the only person with this issue. Most of your 1 star reviews are just due to bad programming. Will change my rating when it is fixed.
The app is too cute and looks very enjoyable, however i can't enjoy that experience because it does not let me download the rest of the game, it says that is a 'network error', i tried three times in a row and nothing, it just stay at 5% and shows the network error bubble even though my network is perfect. Is there any ways to fix it?
Hello, I am having the same "network problems" as many others. I have gone to your website and I cannot send the email because I don't have an ID, because I cant open the app. I really hope you guys respond to this.
I want to play this game! But I'm getting this repetitive network error message, but my network signal strength is working great, and there is nothing I can do about it! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 😭😭😭😭😭
Every time I install it begins downloading the updates, then stops and says network error. I have a very stable connection so this is an error screen. I am unable to even play the game.
I love it so much!! beyond cute! Lots of bugs and glitches, but I love it! I tend to zoom in accidentally and can not get out of zooming in mode, missing events. That's my main problem.
Cant even download the game. I want to play so badly! I have retried so many times on so many different networks. Still nothing
Adorable game, cute graphics, doesn't take up too much space, but... it continuously 'downloads' data and then crashes, so I can't play anymore. Hoping this gets fixed soon.
Those of you who are having network errors when downloading, they announced their server closure on their official linked website.
Dying to play this adorable game, but when i start it up it says "unable to connect to server, please check signal strength...etc" But my signal strength is perfectly fine. I've had no other issues with any other app regarding signal strength. I really want to play (u _ u ;)
I usually don't leave reviews... but I had to with this game! It's so cute, simple and very well made and translated!! I strongly reccomend anyone thinking about downloading this game to do so. It's so worth it♡♡
I really wanted to play, but a glitch is preventing me from completing the tutorial. The game doesn't register when I try to tap the pink cafe plant no matter how many times I attempt this task. If this problem is resolved, I will gladly play the game.
I really think that this is a great game. I love the game play and the characters It's just that recently when I open the app and it downloads the update and it finishes and says restarting, the app catches and starts the update all over again. Sometimes it won't even open.
I would like some help. When I try to open the game it says to check my signal strength and it won't let me play it looks really fun but I can't play. 😔
(Bad reviews are due to a now fixed bug!) This is such a cute and lovely little game. ☺️ The visuals are beautiful and gameplay is simple yet enjoyable. You watch your Sanrio friends interact with the rooms you decorate. You may also talk with them. Interactions will reward you with currency to purchase furniture and clothing. Dialogue will get repetative after a while, but there's a skip button in case you get impatient. Tomotoru is a great casual game for Sanrio fans. ❤️
The game is cute and all but, now i can't play it because. The downloading keep restarting and it's very slow. I really don't want to delete it
omg this is absolutely precious, i can see that the programmers really put alot of love and effort into this game♡ i love how every character of the game have different taste of decorations, furniture, and clothing. the thing that surprises me the most are the graphics, the character models that the app developers went with, it really enhances the cuteness in every character. the only complaint that i have is the camera, it has nothing to do with zooming in/out, it has more with turning.
It's super cute!! Really nice and calming. My only gripe is that almost nearly everytime I would come back to the app, it had to download again and would take forever or even restart the whole process after downloading all the way through.
I've ever played this game and its so very cute but after uninstalled and installing again, it wont respond to me because there's notification with close button, after tap it, it back to the start screen which hello kitty is reading book, hope you fix this soon, wanna play again
I'm in love with this game. It's absolutely perfect. The only reason I took a star away is that I'm in a loop of starting, getting notices, tapping close, then it gives me the loading start screen again... I read that it was closing service, but I hope that I can still play it anyways..
It's really cute, but I can't even get it to start. It says i don't have a connection no matter what I do, and I can't fix it.
each time i tried to open the app, it told me there was a network error, yet im connected to wifi???? like??? ahem???
Perfect for the little boys and girls at home who love cute things, or for grown women like myself who also do. What stops me from giving this a 5? Well, for one it is only available in the US playstore, even though it could very well go global. It also requires internet connections even though the game could work just fine without it. If you are a parent, I suggest you have your children play this! A good game, even if on the simple side.
The game is broken, i actually paid for Hello Kitty's room and after completing the first set of events, My Melody and Purin are supposed to be in the room because you need them in order to complete the next set of events. But they aren't there, its only Hello Kitty in the room so its impossible to proceed because you can't complete the events without Melody and Purin. Waste of money.
Though I had seen screenshots of the game beforehand, I didn't know it was a real game until I saw Sanrio's collab with ACPC and ended up downloading this game instead. The graphics are super cute and I love all the outfits for the characters. The gameplay is very simple but I enjoy hearing the characters talk, dressing them up, and arranging the furniture. I am sad that the game will be closing down soon so I'm trying to do whatever I can before that time comes. If you want to see some of your favorite Sanrio characters being as cute as can be, pick up this game and play it before it goes away!
i realize that it's weird to rate a game 2 stars because it's been shut down, but whateva this is for anyone who's confused about the game and why it's ceased to work from what I understand, the contract between the company who made this and between sanrio was broken for a reason I couldn't find on the web, but I'm sure it's on the surface somewhere anywho, once the contract was broken, the game developers could no longer keep the game running. it's fairly self explanatory. miss the game doe
alot of other people have the same issue where after 5% it says something is wrong with my connection. tried uninstalling but same problem. please fix soon I wanna play this game so badly.
This is a very cute game, once I start playing it's hard to stop. It's really calming and simple and that's usually what I look for in games. The only thing I dislike is the fact that it updates every day and it takes forever for it to fully update. It's almost not worth opening up the app because if I try to do other things on my phone while waiting it usually restarts the download.
The game is pretty cute aside from the fact when I wanted to play it the next day, It kept saying "failed to connect" when my internet was on! Can you please fix this? I really love the game aside from that.
wont download past 5% and i have no idea why. it keeps saying there is a network error but nothing is wrong. i really want to play but i cant.
This game is soooooo cute! it's super relaxing and a great way to destress a long day. everything is so adorable and innocent, I can definitely see it being to sugary sweet for some people but it's just my style. customzation is great and it's a great way to spend some free time. I highly suggest it to anyone who enjoys cutesy things!
Hi. I used to play this game but I can't login. Shortly after starting the game's title begins with "failed to connect to network. Try again?"
it will not start??? it begins by trying to receive an update for the app, then continuously tells me i need to check my internet connection. but i am connected??? i don't know what's wrong
Please give this app a try! I hope this game starts to get the reviews it deserves. It's so so so so cute and its sad that its not working for some people. I don't want people to overlook this because it has such a low rating right now. Even with the sometimes poor translations, the game is a joy and makes me happy just looking at it and listening to it.
Very Cute and amazing, but I have one complaint, with the camera everytime I would take a picture with the Sanrio characters, the picture would turn out blurry! Other then that, this app is cuteness overload! I recommend this for any Hello Kitty Fan!
This game is amazing! It is cute and calming and just put a smile on my face! It's so kawaii!!! (=^.^=)
Cute and fun.. except for the small glitches and parts where the game won't let you move on because it decides to stop working.
The game won't even start. It starts to download and then when it's done it shuts down the game I tried it three different times and it was the same thing. And it's not my phone because I just got a brand new S9+. I was really looking forward to this game it looked super cute. To bad I can't play it.
i *really* wish to play this app but it gives me a network error sadly, yes my network is fine plus if my network was bad i wouldn't be able to write this review or download the app. so i really hope you guys fix this error that is occuring with this cute fun app. Until than i will just have to keep it uninstalled, and on my watch list.
my favorite game on my phone, only problem is it crashes when i try to do AR photos. this is just a personal one but i don't much like inverted camera controls. but overall great game!
Keep getting an error that it cannot connect to it's servers. Really disappointed since this is a cute game. Until this issue is fixed, I'm only giving it 1 star.
It is a very fun game and so interesting. I have never seen a game like this that i would enjoy. The only thing is i wish it was more than just tapping furniture and talking to the little chibi sanrio characters. It is still good though. Oh and please make many more characters!!!!!!!!😋
Edited: I am very sad. The app opens with the usual cutscene of kitty reading the book, but then a menu/advertisement that doesn't match the aesthetic of the game pops up. When I hit the close button, the cutscene restarts, and then the new menu/advertisement returns. Not only is it in a language I cannot read, but it renders the game unplayable :( I noticed other people have the same issue and I'd hoped the update would fix this, but it has been going on for weeks. I hope to play again soon :)
I love this game! It's super cute and it's sad that he game is being cancelled. I know it's not the most popular Hello Kitty game, but I wish it was! I wish that you would continue working on this game! But if you have a good reason to cancel it, then I would understand.
I have a perfectly functional wifi connection but the game says it can't connect. Which made me terribly sad, because the game looks like just the sort of thing I would love. If the bug is ever fixed and I can actually play, I'll change my review.