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Tomb Survivor

Tomb Survivor for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Leiting Games located at Room 301-2 Hang Seng Wanchai Building 3/F 200 Hennessy Road Wanchai, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Teen (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Nice to play but hard to open the new area. Always got issue on the viewing the ad... seen like the games got lot of bugs to fix. After new update it keep on crush
This game is actually hard in a fun way. You have to play a lot and trade for items efficiently in order to upgrade your characters. You also need to be patient and fish for meat to cook, and recruit the right characters who have useful skills. The main issue with this game is it tends to crash right in the middle of a fight, but even with that, when you restart it, you end up right where you were with no lost items.
Pretty fun so far. Only complaint is when selecting a person to do a task, I'd like some icon on their picture to let me know they have a skill to help the task. 5 stars if that's added.
Don't buy IAP. I tried twice, both times the game crashed. The money was charged but the gems were never delivered. They have support in-game, but never replied or refunded
A great example of a mobile game that not only refuses to sacrifice gameplay for the benifits of microtransactions but also tries to innovate and improve the genre. There are improvements to be made, for sure, like the bad translation or the poor movment system and the grind might not be for everyone. But this developer is in the business of making games, not vessels for microtransactions and I hope they don't stray from this. Take my money.
This is really fun, but at some point, my members can't attack during fights. The loading logo keeps on spinning while the enemy's attacks still damages my members.
Once you get past the translation errors, it's fairly solid for a phone game. I was enjoying it right up until I hit the pay wall. Which is where I thought I should stop.
Oh boy this is a surprise. One of the best expkoration/survival/management game. Hooked on first attempt, have to resist urge...:)
Great game but I have not been able to play since the last update. Has anyone been able to play? If so, how did you get it to work. I messaged appdev team and they just said to switch internet. Bummed because I was really enjoying this game. Please fix ASAP. I've uninstalled, left beta, reinstalled etc...nothing is working.
Love the game. I wish there was a place to get tips and help on how to defeat the enemies. I have been stuck for days on the Tomb 4 final monster.
Don't get me wrong, it's a great game, the resource gathering never bogged me down somehow either. My only peeve and it's a big one is that the story is a concurrent line, right into a paywall. As soon as you finish the second temple, you're done with the free to play content and have to buy the next 3 tombs. I would have rathered pay for the game once, get the whole thing then play it over an infuriating paywall.
I absolutely love this game. Can be a little difficult at times but the developers are awesome and know how to make a great game. Great job Leiting Games!
Bad translation leads to it being really unclear as to what is flavour text, hints or just garbage. It pretty much stonewalls you at thw end of the first main area and apparently there are only two, with everything else costing a large chunk of money. Looked promising, its not.
An awesome game i just accidentally found today. In love with it. can 't take my hands off game. Gonna Cast it to Gamer channel. Hope there'll will be more update and premium package.
Overall the game is good. But I can't hear the sounds of footsteps and music. I don't want to raise the volume cause when in the battle, sound of the attacking is so loud. And the last thing is could you make it a bit easier to find some upgrade material. Thanks.
It annoys me a bit everytime I play it, I need to turn on wifi/data first to get logged in, but that's the only thing that annoys me., The rest is 9/10 great work in creating this game!. I've been waiting and searching for these kind of games (survival,grinding,semi-offline) those genres . Keep It up LTGames! đź’–
So it's a great hard game one of those there aren't anymore. However don't beleive the game is free... you have to buy the 3rd, 4th and 5 map........... great games always have a great failure such a shame...
Great game. I enjoy playing but i wish the item menu was separated organized tools, food, gems, etc not that big of deal but just for better trade or have the trader highlight items they 're wanting but besides that very fun game
Love it. Just dont like not being able to access some of the resources that I need at specific times. Especially Touching Gold Runes, and some areas are impossible to fight in because those areas are the only ones that you can get materials from to actually be able to level up your characters to actually be able to beat specific areas. Otherwise, it's a fun game and good one to pass the time with.
I have only a few issues with this game. If it wasn't for a few minor UI and control commands that are lacking it would be a 5 star app easily.
Mixing old concept with new ideas, like storytelling. This is nice. Now a problem here, Fix your English. I was supposed to save Guo Jie instead of the scholar. I discovered later that Guo Jie was the innocent there. >.> Besides that I think things are good for now. Sorry to be rude but you definitely should fix the grammar. It should flow and be easy to grasp. No need to be Shakespeare but people should understand what you mean. I am not a native English speaker(cheating a bit here as my country is bilingual) but I guess you get everything I say here. Ah, I also like the puzzles. I almost completed the second map (105%) so I played a lot already. Only two puzzles from the market beat me. Puzzles from the tomb are easy to get, I guess. It's just Guo Jie vs Scholar which was botched.
I love this game so much that I've been playing it instead of console or PC games. The premise is simple but effective, craft items, fish for food and make your team stronger so that you can delve deeper into the tomb. The translation is a little askew but I'm just grateful that they released it in English at all. Overall I would definitely recommend this game.
whats the function of the blue and red statue that i've gained thoughout the tomb? is it something that i have to carry everytime im going to start an explorations?
I was not happy when I saw you needed jems to get the 3rd tomb. I will not spend money on a game. other than that I liked the game.
Hard. Just the way I like it. Could use of some tutorials or tips for optimal experience. The translation isn't the best, but can be worked on if the developers are serious about their game.
Doesn't work, first it tells me ti download it, then i open it and to download more then it wont start, this is really annoying. Needs to be analyzed before it goes on the play store.
Great game design. Its really tough and challenging with moderate story telling. The graphic are below par but the gameplay all that matters. Lots of suprises and hidden stuff. Also its kinda getting more and more grindy as you progress. Very time consuming unless you pay of course. Overall its worth a try, you might just hook on it.
A poor translation leaves you with broken English, and poor controls leave you frustrated. The game's mechanics are overly complicated for this style of game, and viewing your overall inventory quantities is a chore. The combat system is set to auto by default, which I suppose is fine for as brainless as the gameplay actually is, but there is zero depth to be had even when disabled. I tried be as fair as possible with my rating; however; I have already uninstalled this game and am moving on to the next. Better luck next time devs!
Everytime I try to play it says "failed to connect to the server, please check your internet" but it doesn't matter what my status is it doesn't work. I was excited to play this, what a shame.
Game was ok, but I had a hard time playing casually. The material you need to farm to level your characters up is really hard to acquire. I would have enjoyed his if you level up from gaining xp from fights
Loving the game so far, very different gameplay, nice ambience, it's very fun to play. Crafting stuff, cooking food and managing a tomb exploration team is a wonderful idea.
its not for offline but hey, almost everything is online… would be great if somehow theres a few things we could do offline… but overall damn this game is difficult… not a adventure player here but this get me hook, and the amount of things to do… woohooooo!!
Does buying the 3rd map the only way to have it? I am stuck. :( I loved the game even though it has weird bugs on it when my character is moonwalking all over the map. Now I can't progress because I can't go to the another tomb/map. :(
Hi. I got hooked with this game. A very new type of games I played that make me keep wanting to play. But I got stuck in the end of chapter 3 when there is a very heavy seal I can't take. Can you give some clues on how to proceed? I've been stuck for several days with no progress
If you are interested in Chinese mystical stuff, exploring crypts and collect resources, you would like this game. With a bit off puzzle, resource trading, crew managing, it's a pretty fun game
It is very detailed and new things at every turn. I do feel that the average earnings are off with leveling. i am in The second temple, but my people are not high enough level to really beat any of the monsters. its a bit tedious at times with the fishing, exploring, to get enough ingredients for things and trading. otherwise the graphics are great, concept is exceptional, storyline is fascinating and very detailed. I appreciated a good backstory. game still could use work.
Amazing game!!! Anyone who is interested in a game with some depth and a good storyline should definitely give it a try. To the developers however, translation issues often make parts of the game super difficult for us English speaking folk, I would be more than happy to help you with some of the translation if needed. It would definitely make the storyline more engrossing and as well make some of the puzzles in the game make a bit more sense. Other than the translation you guys have made one of the best games I've played on a mobile in quite some time! I hope to see a lot more content from you guys, perhaps even more add-on content for this game.
Why i cant move to mausoleum of the first Qin emperor? I already finish the tomb of mt.shangluo and I got the Jadr to move there..but its lock. Fix it sir so i can play again the game
This game is awesome. Well there's a lot of need to improve it but still better games for a person liked this adventure games... Keep it up guys to improve it... I'll wait for other updates in this game.
Guys my top up didnt charge, please help me out. I already contact CS but they didnt response. Ps: i already restart and check storefor 4times and still didnt work, i really hopeyou guys can help me out my user id : 00108845