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Tomb of the Mask: Color

Tomb of the Mask: Color for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Playgendary Limited located at Maximos Michailidis 6 MAXIMOS PLAZA TOWER 3 3106 Limassol Cyprus [email protected]. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Is a fine game, the subscription model is definitely overkill for covering development cost. 19.99 a month turns into nearly 250 USD in a year. If a hundred people were subscribed, nearly 25000 dollars, go to a mobile game in a year! That's definitely not okay, especially with this casual game. And borders on extortion of players wallets.
I personally enjoy this game a lot but I think it has way too many adds. I'm only writing this review because I believe that level 242 part 3 is unpassable and I hope the developers notice.
It's a very good game, and it's less complicated than the first game unlike all the other reviews, I would actually call it a new game. It's different enough from the other one that it can be classified as one anyways great game do play
Why do you want for people to pay so much per week? There should be a monthly payment or a payment to remove ads forever.
I love the game! I could play it for hours. The paint colors are pretty and once you make it up the ranks it gets a bit challenging but still possible. I dont mind that you have to go back if you die the only reason that I think its four stars is because of an add randomly but other than that it's a great game and deserves it's great reviews!
This game is so relaxing to me I just think it's amazing every time I play it I feel so relaxed and In the zone
If you remove the ads it is worth it this game i great and if the made a third game i would play it i dont like the frist one.
I don't mind ads in free games normally, but an ad after every death and every section complete is a bit excessive. Each level is a couple seconds. The ads are 15-30 seconds. Each level has multiple sections if you die you have to watch an ad then start from the very beginning, so if you are struggling with a section you basically are taking a minute between each attempt. Also, the fact that the continues are based off watching ads, you'd still have to watch ads even if you paid for the game.
It's really cool!!! It's just like the add as well, while all the other games that make the ads a fun game, and people download it and it's not like the add.
I've been in for only a short while and I absolutely hate it. While it is fun, there's ad spam everywhere. I couldn't even get past a minute since loading it up the first time without getting an unskipable 30 second ad. Something that's also very scummy is at the very start, where it tells you what the game is about. Most people will just spam the "Next" button, and at the last slide, in the area where the button was, is a button to buy a premium pass. Don't get this money-hungry trash.
I love this app! But level 242 is impossible and I have this little glitch sometimes with the snake, sometimes when it comes it causes it to lag and not letting me move and I would have to exit the game and go back to it? Please fix level 242 and my glitch please.
Its a really fun game but it just doesn't show your money while dead so plz fix but overall really fun!
i got an ad for a premium subscription and another game that i couldn't skip out of that took me to the playstore whenever i tried doing absolutely anything both IN THE TUTORIAL i'll let that speak for itself
Not gonna lie, playgendary probably loaded this thing with more ads then I realize, and the lack of ability to turn off the vibration is just not a good addition (or subtraction, technically?)
I love this game! To the people whos talking about the ads, just turn off your wifi and data. But besides that I love it.
It's just like the original but still really fun to play look I'm an AR test and a gamer so I really want to draw my own levels but when I first started to play pop punk clothing next so I can play it but it also wanted me to subscribe and I'm just a kid so don't know how to subscribe so I kept on clicking back then when we got to play the advertisement for this game they said on the first level that you could draw so I do not recommend this game but still really fun
There is a level that is unbeatable. Something is missing. May want to review the levels before adding them
it's super cool easy but I only installed the app so I can make my own shape like a commercial but I don't think it does it till after the three beginner levels
I gave a 1 star because EVERY time I finish a level and i hate it so much and the app is hunted I found it on the dark web so I don't recommend to download this app or else you might get cursed so DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP and if you do you will die in a car accident or die from a hart attack so do not even on Google play store or even in the apple store so trust me you may think I am crazy but if you want to risk it good luck but if something happens call 911 quick please just do not download
I love the original game but this one is honestly disappointing. You can't even get through a level without an ad popping up.
It was awful it put viruses in my tablet, it has way to many ads and this game would be good if it was offline because it wouldn't have any ads but overall, its a good game but take out all of the viruses and republish this game and take out all of the adds.
I haven't even played it and from the ads and video I thought it would be great ill edit the review when I tested it! Ok, so I had this game for 2 days now and I already hate it 😒 😑 😤 🙃 🙄 😐 😒 😑 😤 each time a level your playing or after it pops with ads or telling to rate it or get premium...
This game is very very fun but all games have their faulty it has ads and that is annoying I just like to play the game without the ads so if they can release a tomb in the mask without ads would be really amazing but overall this games are really fun game and I recommend it.
I thinks it a good game not really that. Many adds then i expected so 2 stars and its fun to play so 2 more stars but basicly when i saw the ad from the game it said u could draw it but when i donloaded it it did not have drawing so thats why i give it 4 stars
Absolutely amazing. I have only one complaint. Eventually if you play through enough levels, you start getting the same levels multiple times and certain sections to level can be found in many levels. I just ask that you make more sections for it to generate levels out of to have more varied levels.
This game was great until I beat a level then their was a dad the I beat another rand their was another add then again and again add after add it also locks you on one screen until you exit or rate the game
I love this app! Not just because it is satisfying,but it is super fun for fine moter skills and sorry is I spelled that wrong. It is fun and great for all my kids! It is teaching them so many new things. They really love this app,and I have no problem with this app
It's a really good game for killing time, but I'm kinda sad that they just stopped it at 242. There's no end screen or anything, just an impossible level.
This game is very fun and time passing! The only problem I've had with it is the repetitive levels but they aren't too bad, its fun to see if i can do better on that level than the last time so its not terrible. It does contain ads but most of the longer ads come when you choose to. I'd rate it 4.5☆/5☆
I love this game. Its so much fun i play it every day. The only problem is that there are non skipable ads so if you could fix this that would be great
Sure it has charm, but god is it overpriced. Doesn't have nearly enough to call it a new game. Subtract a menu, an arcade version, any upgrades, and basically all features from the first game to charge 8$ PER WEEK??? Dude the last one had like 20x more and you could pay 1$ for adds gone forever!! I can't support this seeing that it isn't anything but one new gimmick to add so much less... I really expected more from you and shelzy and kinda really disappointed to see from you...
Add after every single level. Its unenjoyable. I would love to enjoy this game but you spend more time watching adds then playing the game
Great game I recommend and u don't need wifi but let me just get started with the ads. For me some LEVELS I finish IT GIVES ME a add. Mostly in every level I finish it gives me an add but great game I give it a 4/5