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Tomb of the Mask

Tomb of the Mask for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Playgendary Limited located at Maximos Michailidis 6 MAXIMOS PLAZA TOWER 3 3106 Limassol Cyprus [email protected]. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ad while you're playing below. Ad after you finish a level. Ad if you die. Ad if you exist the level. Ad Ad Ad. I hate it when I'm forced to play ads, I'd rather not install the game ij the first place and miss out whatever amusing system you've made.
I really like this game. More then I thought I would. Edit 1: I've been doing the missions and the game keeps glitching out. The screen will distort & it'll either go black or exit itself. I've noticed it mostly happens when the snakes appear. Edit 2: the glitching is getting worse!! It caused my phone to freeze & I had to force a restart.
Way to many ads you have to watch ads to get literally anything and they still give you ads if you click no you don't want to watch an ad for an item and then you can't even play because you have to "refill your energy" overall concept of the game is good but all the ads plus something popping up in my face every second makes it a 1 star do not download
Let me get this straight. You have to pay $9.99 a WEEK. YES You read that right. A WEEK to play the game with premium content? You must be out of your heads. That's $518.81 a year with taxes in my location. Why? Like $0.99 I could MAYBE see but for a simple pixel based game? $9.99 a WEEK? That's some of the most greedy and aggresive marketing I have ever seen for a mobile game.
An enjoyable and fun game. So smooth and fast. Plus, creative game design. But there's two problems IN MY OPINION: 1. Maximum energies are scrimpy in free version. I wish there were more than 5 energies! 2. Masks and upgrades are a little bit expensive. But totally one of the best arcade games!
A very fun game! Sometimes the levels are hard and frustrating, but its a very fun game if you overlook that. The only thing negative i have to say about this app is that the ads can be a lot. And ad when you finish a level without dying, sometimes an ad if you are idle for too long, and ads for things like a retry on a level. Still very fun, and not as horrible as other games I've played.
I love this game I really do but, you get an ad after every level, you have energy for some reason witch runs out quickly. Like it's just a way for them to make money because it cost a thousand coins to refill and you will most likely buy coins or energy
The game is sometimes unresponsive to movements so when it depends on timing, I keep losing due to it not reacting. The whole needing energy to continue is kind of dumb but I understand the utility. Despite the game being really fun and anaesthetically pleasing, with all the inconveniences and the absolute greed of the creators, it's extremely infuriating.
This is way better than a majority of Playgendary's other games. I knew it would be decent because the ad for the game is actually playable. You do get a lot of ads, but it's not unbearable.
It is a really fun idea and also fun to play! Unfortunately if you want to make lots of coins in the game then the most efficient way is to watch ads. This way you get like 300% more coins. This also leads to that half of your experience will be watching ads over and over again. If youre just want to enjoy the game then I would suggest to not watch ads to get muvh coins and just play the game without focusing on the coins too much. And maybe remove ads completely for like 1€
If you love ads and non responsive swipes you'll love this game! Nothing is more frustrating than dying during a level because the game didn't detect your finger swipe, but then to play an ad everytime after every death is just adding salt to the wound. I get ad based games but this is a bit extreme.
It would be nice if you could keep your progress even after deleting the game. (Edit: Game's pretty laggy when played online but it's the gameplay's smooth when offline. Still wish I can recover my old progress.)
This I a amazing game but the reason why I gave it a 4 star its because you have energy and when I run out of energy I need to watch a video or wait to get more but this is an awesome game πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
Good concept, good execution, but it could be improved in a lot of ways, first of all i got most of the fun in the game from the arcade mode, so i have some possible improvments, 1 make the dots more useful, when you get up higher it feels like your only option is to take the fastest route through the level so maybe make the dots speed you upo. 2 the level system does not make sense in endless mode, skill should equal score. 3 i think there should be a hard mode for the story mode.
Great game to have lots of fun, especially when theres no internet, the 8 bit graphics look really good, gameplay is nice and the character is cute
It's really a pretty impressive game, compliments to the ones who made this. But it's laggy sometimes, that's the only problem, please fix it.
This is a "free" game, the constant ads are annoying but you can pay 1 dollar to remove them. So that's the only worthy purchase. The lives reload slowly but it's pretty hard to die so frequently, so no problem with that, also arcade mode is always available. A good addition could be more chest masks. Bad point: there's no way to save progress, the Google play is only used for arcade leaderboards but it won't save your current level on map, not your coins or shields, lost my floor 161 account.
This game is too good so satisfying but the main problem is that there are only 5 lives and if my lives are over than i have to see a advertisement and then we get a live an in arcade mode the water comes up too quickly that is why I only give this game 3 stars.
I'm writing a review again, its a fun game, but theres 1 problem and 2 things thar could be cool if added: Problem: theres a bit too much ads, at least for me. Cool thing 1. I would like freeplay (random picked level of the map(including non finished ones)) Cool thing 2. A workshop, make maps, and let people post it on that workshop if possible (I don't know much about creating games)
I like this game because it not only takes strategy but it makes you think about your next moves. it's challenging, and it's thrilling! I like that the app doesn't throw adds at you constantly like others do, and that they offer a really good amount for coins, very generous. It's so fun and addicting!
Love the game. I waited for like a year to get new levels, 350 were a great start though. I can sometimes tolerate the ads as I kinda want to support the developers, who spend much time for this number of levels. Keep it up!
I love it but i play this more with wifi off because the adds are popping everywhere and lagging. But that might be your strategy to make us subscribe. But over all ya'll just trying to make money so understandable. Overall the game is great.
This game is the best.Oh and just in case if you make a tomb of the mask 2 i have some ideas.You could make:700 levels,More mask's like cheeta mask or tiger mask,More Boosts like ghost boost wheree you can pass through walls for only 10 seconds and stuf like that i hope you could use these ideas plus you dont have to tire yourselfs with the levels just make as many as you can!
Its cool in all but the problem is that there's this lighting when ever you die in the game and when the lighting is all done you can't play till the next day. So please if you fix this I'll give you 5 starsπŸ˜„πŸ˜. Bye!πŸ˜ƒβ˜ΊπŸ™‚πŸ˜
This game is absolutely so fun! It's relaxing but also intense, I love it. Though one thing that I recommend to get rid of is most of the ads. One thing I hate the most is in the middle of a level, an ad randomly pops up and it's frustrating. But other than that, this game is awesome.
Pretty fun, beat this game on my old phone and wanted to reinstall. The difficulty can be REALLY challenging, it's fun but it's also pretty frustrating. There's a LOT of ads, and it's kind of glitchy. I swipe up frantically but I just dont move. And sometimes I click play on a level, but it just sucks up my energy without letting me play. And I hate how easy it is to use a shield, I constantly accidentally use them, and when I actually need a shield, I don't have any. Overall, it's ok.
Great game, not many ads. If there is a very hard level, the few following ones will be pretty easy. Also a nice way to pass time on a road trip or just in general.
I really enjoy playing this game, it's very fun and has a cool arcade-y vibe to it. The masks are so cute, too. However, I've got two main issues. (1) The shields are WAY too easy to accidentally activate. I suggest making a different way to activate the shields. I once accidentally used up three in a row. (2) The ads! There are too many [popup] ads. Unless you're playing offline, you can expect 50% of your playing time to be watching ads. Overall though, the game is absolutely phenomenal :)
Real fun, except I'm on lvl 4 and when I get to the end, it doesn't do anything but sit there as if it were frozen. I'd get to the end of the level but then there's a ad, then once the ad is gone, the game freezes. I'm able to interact with the other ingame buttons but other than that, I'm unable to advance in the game
It was fun but since my swipes arent always perfect angles, it doesn't register, this seems to always happen on a spike at that. If it had a dpad mode that i could tap, i would like it alot more, and if it does have this, then the option to turn it on would be nicer if it were clearer to find.
I love this game, in fact it is my favourite game bit I have finished all the levels and I can only play arcade: the other levels again which is quite boring. I would really love it of they would hurry up and create new levels because this game game keeps me entertained for hours. I would love it if the creators gave me a date to when they are bringing out new levels. 😁
i love this! I'm currently at level 35 though i just installed this last night ig and it's so addictive. but i hope they will add more energy or lessen the time to wait >.< edit: yo, as of now i am at level 94!! this is really addictive, best time killer to be exact. i just love thisss :))
Default haptics on, can't turn it off until you reach a certain level. Bright flashing lights at the end of each level. Just let me turn the haptics off right away, feels absolutely garbage when forced to play with haptics, which varies wildly by device. Every little animation is flashing. Just an old game style reskinned, nothing new here.
I honestly really like this game but I really hate the fact that sometimes it just freezes at a fatal moment and then you die. I really hope they can fix this problem because I've played this on a different device to but it just keeps freezing.
IAP locked the game at the beginning the first time I played. Actual gameplay is pretty fun for the most part. Controls are unresponsive until tutorial decides you can commit an action even if you are making the correct choice/movement.
I love it. Even though it has a lot of ads, I still enjoy it. Arcade mode has been a bit glitchy lately, and the difficulty of levels can be a little inconsistent, but overall i am enjoying it and am so happy new levels have been added. Thankyou. I really like the simplicity, the aesthetics and the retro feel, and I actually enjoy the energy limits as that prevents me from playing for hours straight. I wish more games had this feature.
I love this game because it gets super hard to pass levels the more you go on and that gets me even more addicted to the game not to even mention the awesome skins they have in the game
A great little idea with great visuals and nice sounds (music so far has been pretty limited). Removing between-level ads for a buck seems fine, but even then, almost everything is hidden behind either an ad or a subscription service. I'd like to just buy the game once and not mess with a subscription to what would otherwise be a fun distraction. It'd also be nice if there were an option to adjust sensitivity, as it can be easy to accidentally input a direction you didn't want to go.
It is a very simple game if you pay close attention to your next move. The puzzles are not hard but they are different every time. You can tell the creator pit some hard work in this game. Also I love the Aesthetic. 5 out of 5 would recomend πŸ˜‚
This app sucks. Is this even legall? For this many adds to be on one game. It is way way waaaaaaaay too laggy. And when i swipe most of the time i have to wait at least 5 seconds for it to register, and sometimes I have to wait 3 MINUTES!!!!! This game used to be fun until all this bullsh!t hapoened.