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Toddler Lock

Toddler Lock for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Marco Nelissen located at 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy Mountain View, CA 94043 . The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
it locked just like it said it would...locked me out of my phone! !!!! Would not unlock no matter how many times I hit each corner clockwise! Stupid app terrible DON'T DO IT! Lost all my pictures of my daughter!
This had always worked great for me until I installed it on my G6. It has messed up the whole phone. Rebooted, called it, tapped, removed battery, and everything else i could think of. Trying to get it fixed but definitely will never use it again... It USED to be good. Edit had to boot to safe mode and remove.
Your app locked my phone then froze so I couldn't unlock it. I had no way to exit the app, no way to uninstall the app, nothing. Restarting my phone dodnt help because you force us to make the app the home page so it launched automatically, and promply froze up. I eventually got it to run long enough to unlock but clearly there are some serious comparability issues with my device (LG G6).
Ads are not on screen while app is active, only on the menu screen where you adjust volume or exit the app. My 1 year-old loves this. Sometimes he's fussy or needs a distraction, and when he's playing with this app he can't leave the screen or mess up my phone. Great job!
I had this for my daughter 4 years ago. Now for my next child and it won't open up on my phone. I loved this app. But can't get it to work. Get to the terms and conditions and then nothing. Please please fix. So I can change my rating and let my daughter have some fun. I know she would live this app.
I would give this a much higher score but it wont work on my new 9 note where it worked fine on my s7. please update or something so it will work again.
Garbage honestly. it completely takes over my phone. crashes continuously, won't let me close the app. Forces me to play high speed whack a mole trying to hit all 4 corners and the exit button in half a second before it crashes and reopens again. Do NOT download.
This app is the only one I found that can lock all exits for my toddler when he's playing on my phone. No matter what he can't turn it off or exit the app. It keeps his attention and allows me to know he won't be able to call anyone. Also there are no adds that pop up!
please fix app my kids love it and it won't work with latest update on my galaxy s8. I would gladly pay for and updated version. please help!
The tiny genius likes to figure out what every button on the phone does. But he can't read yet, so this app stays fully locked and keeps him from making calls, changing settings, etc.
This app used to be really good. Now when you try to close it, it won't shut off. There's also a stupid pop up that won't go away. The first time I opened it there were instructions that said if I followed them I'd only have to do it
It's been great for distracting my children. Sadly, it won't run on my One Plus 5 running Android Pie. I blame Google for this, but it's still disappointing.
it was great for awhile when it did what it was supposed to. maybe like 4 or 5 weeks in it would run by itself even when baby wasnt touching it. when baby was done using it and i had to turn it off it would freeze and so would every other function on my phone. on restart toddler lock would launch **on its own** and, guess what? would freeze again. so annoying. had to uninstall. also, fix the effing touchwiz thing. i hated having to change that every time i exited the app.
The program works pretty good. Two issues though. Google Now can still be activated while it is running. This needs to be fixed. Also, this program is supported by video ads. This is a problem when trying to use the app in a quiet environment such as in church. I don't know if this can be fixed or not.
Do not install on LG-G7, it will just flicker and not allow you to do any thing or exit. had to hard reset my phone, lucky i make reoccurring backups.
My kids grew up with this app, but when i recently got new devices and redownloaded it, it would lock up my device and never exit. I just spent an hour trying to exit and uninstall this app. I don't know what's happened but my god is this thing annoying. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this app,
This is the most entertaining app I have ever used. I can give it to my kid brother and he LOVES it. I can also put it on for my friend tripping in the corner, so she can be entertained AND not be able to send gibberish texts to her boyfriend!! When does it come out for the Apple store?
Best toddler ane baby app that actually locks and does not let my boy exit it. Only wish is for this app to quit when restarting the phone. I read the negative reviews by other people where they were unable to exit this app even when restarting the phone. I am scared of that happening to me.
I first started using this back in 2009 with my first daughter. It occupied a lot of time when stuck in traffic. Now I have another daughter and it seems like I will be getting an equal amount of use. Thank you for an awesome app.
I love this game! My first kid loved playing this on my phone, now I want to have it for my second kid but it keeps saying that it's compatible with an older version and to check for a newer update. Please oh please update. the app for the Galaxy S9+
Was perfect, and within the past year something is wrong...it automatically throws my phone into airplane mode. That blocks phone calls. Also, its takes forever to exit...it doesn't allow you to quit it when you need to. Please fix. It use to be my life savor!! ZTE LEVER
I have had this app on multiple Android phones and have absolutely loved it for years. Knowing I can run it and not stress about my kids deleting something or changing something. Now I'm not so sure. I noticed that when closing the app, there is an ad for a TV show rated 'TV-PG14' and it shows a scene between two men that I feel is completely inappropriate for children under the age of 8. You just lost a loyal user. "Nice" lack of judgment on what ads you select to run. Now I have to find something else.
When you launch the app, it will ask you to set it as the default home launcher. This allows it to stop your child from exiting it. But it does not reset the home launcher to the original setting. So you have to close the app, bring up settings, change your default home all to be the launcher you want, then you can continue with your life. Could be resolved by having toddler lock ask the user what launcher they want to use on exit. Good idea. Not so good implementation.
My boy really enjoys this one. Buying the upgraded version ($1?) will eliminate the ad that comes up upon closing the app. MUCH better than other developer's apps that are set up to make your child open their ad!
Always loved this app and used it a lot when my 5 year old was little. Now I have it for my son whos 1.5 and it's garbage. Pop up make it crash and now it is frozen and won't let me close the screen. Phone is stuck on black screen. I even restarted my phone and it is still stuck on black screen. When I hold my home button I have 9 black pages open and even closing that doesn't work. Huge glitch.
As pleasant for grownups as it is for babies and toddlers. A wonderfully amazing app! I used this app with my 2 granddaughters now ages 7 and 9. Had it on a lost phone, I couldn't remember the name, so just spent the last 15 minutes searching and googling to find it again. IT IS THAT GREAT! Now I'm ready to use it again with my sweet almost one year old grandbaby.
I used to love this app but now every time I launch toddler lock for my kids everything goes fine until it's time to exit the app. I touch the four corners and click exit then it stays on the preparing to launch screen for what seems like forever then it continues to launch the app all over again. Even after restarting my phone numerous times it starts in toddler lock and I have a very hard time getting out of it. So I have deleted the app and don't plan on downloading ever again... Very disappointed as my
I used this app heavily back in 2009/2010 with my first daughter. She loved it and it kept her entertained whenever we were out and about. It definitely isn't like it used to be. Even the sound is different. Like other users mentioned it is hard to leave the app. I think this has more to do with how newer Android phones are designed though. Perhaps they can come up with a work around? It kinda looks like the developers forgot about the app. A shame, It used to be the only good toddler app out there.
WARNING! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! IT'S DEBILITATING!!! IT WILL DESTORY YOUR PHONE!!!! I downloaded this app and agreed to its requirements, it took over my phone, I could not escape the app! Even turning my phone off and back on again, it was still there, flashing uncontrollably and unable to exit the way I shouldve been able to!!! I couldnt access anything on my phone!I had to hard reset/factory reset my phone!!! Lost everything I had!! I would definitely give this app a 0 star review if possible! Very disappointed... I had this app years ago when it first came out and was pleased, but this was ridiculous! LG Stylus 4 Plus
This was a great app on my galaxy s3, but when I upgraded to the s5 the app seemed incompatible with the phone. It was extremely hard to get out of the program, meaning that exiting the normal way did not work and I could not access anything as the only thing that would come up was this app, even restarting the phone would not help. I uninstalled it, my s5 has a built in toddler lock program anyway that seems better.
My two year old has been playing with this app for a while and it keeps her entertained in a jam. Sometimes my 5yr old even plays with it if she's bored because you can draw. It's good for colors and shapes learning too. Great app. Thank you developer!
My daughter downloaded this app onto my phone when her son was small , and we've used it through four grandchildren and countless numbers of small children at church to keep them quiet and content during the sermon, even with the volume down! Even now, the older kids will help the younger ones make a picture or Draw Something with their finger to entertain them. I can't believe this is a free app. A $2 donation certainly is Small Change for the amount of enjoyment my grandchildren have received.
As many have said, it used to be great. But now on my note 4 I have the same issues as many others where it does not close properly. I think it has to do with the touch wiz on the device, but I would really like to be able to use this. I am forced to switch to Samsung's kids mode.
My 2 yr old niece and 3 yr old nephew love playing with my phone and this is such a great way to let them have fun but also to make sure my phone is protected for their rapid random button pressing lol i love it! Only had one problem previously, it did freeze once but that was it. Highly recommend for your toddler!
My two and a half year old grand nephew can unlock the toddler lock. He gets on my manage apps page. I don't know how he does it but he does it every time. I can't make it do it and I've tried. I've had the game installed for over 6 months and he loves playing with it but recently figured out this override technique of his. Help! When this is solved you will get 5 stars. (Finally figured out what he's doing to get to the app manager, He's pressing and holding the home button!)
Would not let me unlock the app at first. Restarted my phone but glitchy reboot. Home screen still was on toddler lock after restart and app would repeatedly restart itself after continuously closing it. Took many times before app actually closed.
My kids both love this app and it was great and amazing. Now I have to work magic just to be able to use my phone after I have started up the app. Even after restarting my phone, the toddler lock app is still active and I can't use my phone. If this gets fixed, I would happily download again. I wouldn't even mind paying a bit for it...
My son still enjoys it but good luck getting back to the main screen when you close it. Whatever they did to the last update causes it to crash and I can't get back without restarting my phone
It wouldn't stay in the correct launcher and made me choose another launcher when i exit the game that completely changed my phone. It didn't give me an option to change it back or use my phone at all unless i chose it unless I uninstalled the app. So as much as my son enjoyed the app, I can't stand it to change my phone like that. There are plenty of other fun apps.
I had this app for my son who is now 5 and I got it again for my 4 month old daughter she likes it BUT as others have said when exiting my phone freezes on toddler lock and after restart phone is still frozen, I have to remove battery and restart and even then the phone powers on in toddler lock and I have to exit again to get to my home screen... please fix until then I'm uninstalling.