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To the Edge of the Sky

To the Edge of the Sky for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Ajane J.K. Celestin located at 10524 Moss Park Rd. Suite 204 P.O. Box 136 Orlando, FL 32832 USA. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Referenced Sexual Violence, Violence, Sexual Innuendo, Alcohol Use) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I live this game but my main problem is at the end of u buy the endings it just comes up with a white screen with links and I have to exit the game. I saw another review like this so I dont think it's my phone but other 6han that this game is amazing.
i loved the game as i felt like i was friends with the members of BTS and as Jungkook is my favourite the fact that seven and zero have a special relationship i was happy, but now they look completely different and i feel less part of the game and i feel no need to play it now...
This game is good with a lot of exciting things happening. It does have more reading than choosing what to do but I like how don't have to pay to choose certain things (like episode). It's offline so u can play it on the go. It's really nice. One question though... Are u able to change the ending of the story or no?
This game is amazing, I played the game when it was first published and I started playing again 2 months ago. Seeing how far this game has come, from the art to the story is astonishing! Very well written and drawn! My only problem is that with the most recent update is that 8 has his new look in one chapter, but in the next he's back to wearing the mask... I'm not sure if it's just me with this problem or if it's a glitch in the software, but I thought you might want to know
I love this game but i was playing it when it first came out and I loved the character models. it was amazing but after this dispute, the characters are completely different. the game was a fan game for bts, but now some people didn't like that so they got it changed. not right. I don't really like it as much anymore. I like the old models. why couldn't you just keep the old models and just put masks on them. I don't think I will play it anymore.i love it and the game just like the old models.
Mm I'm disappointed. Before it was updated it was fantastic. I loved the characters looks and concepts. But I hate the changes now. I'm not even wanting to give it a chance. And plus that girl (us) still looks scary. I want to be able to customize my looks. And the masks? Just no. I loved the older version and that's that. πŸ˜•
wth is this game.... i played it... i was at prologue 3 and when i went back it started again and now I'm again at the beginning... what the hell is this... I'm again at the start for no reason and i hate it for this... there is no option for prologue select.... fix this plz
I loved everything about it from the beautiful scenery to the fact I could continue the story with the tap of my finger. I didn't feel rushed to read any faster than I usually do and you have the option of listening to music while playing. The volume settings are there if you want it to be loud or quiet. It's a really fun and interesting game that I wouldn't mind playing more than once.
I've started playing the demo of this ever since it was launched. Not just because my Kpop band BTS was on it, but because as an artist and writer myself, I find the visuals and artwork simply amazing and fascinating in ever detail. The storyline may be confusing for me since I'm not into sci-fi but it is interesting as well because I learn to know back story of the (my fave/ bias) characters in the game by any route I took. Even tho the characters have changed, I'll still support this VN game.
The game is really good it has an amazing plot and everything, the thing I find that brings the game down is the new graphics, I know that obviously you've all been working incredibly hard and it's obviously showed in your game however the bts characters fit so much better in the story and also its nicer to leave seven to your own imagination instead of having a character design for her, idk this is probably just my opinion but I preferred the old graphics much more, I don't feel as connected.
It's a good game, don't get me wrong but it's got a bug. At the end of book 1, it gives you the option to buy the other endings however, when you do, it comes up with a screen showing a bunch of links and you then have to exit out of the game to get somewhere. Maybe it's just mine but, it's upsetting because i want to look at the rest of the endings.
I really love this game .... background music is awesome..sorry to say but i dont like the new 'zero' the old one looked more similar to jungkook also the rm....i love the old five . he is alike tae..soo plz dont do much changes over five's look .....plz do as i say... plz 😊
i loved this game when it first came out but now i can even get into it and ive spent money on it and if a game u have to pay for dose that then its not worth the money ive spent plz fix this problem or just make i free again bec i loved it back when it was free and it loaded in the game
The art is amazing and the storyline is fantastic 😍😍😍 I just wish that there was an option in the beginning to change the gender of the MC. I'm a guy and I don't really like having to mentally replace every "her" and "she" with "he" and "him".
this game use to be great, after they began changing the character models I realized that they became less and less like bts and more and more original. which isn't that bad, however, it use to pride itself on being a bts visual novel.. after a break from the game I came back and I'm struggling to find the connection I had with four due to the vast difference of his character appearance, truly saddening. I ended up deleting the game several minutes ago due to the cash grab nature of the game now
I actually got a bit disappointed when I saw that Seven already has an image. I thought that since I'm the one playing seven I could have been able to make her appearance as I wished.. I know this is very unlikely to happen but it would be cool if you could put the options, so that players can change their appearance as they wish. Or maybe not showing her (the image) in the story at all.. idk it kinda disappointed me cause I already had a clear image of seven when I started playing but then...
Everything about this game is awesome, from the music, to the characters to the plot. I miss them having the faces of the BTS members, though lol
The game is fun and holds your attention, but I personally enjoyed the old designs more (specifically Three and Eight).
I really love the game I just wished it would be updated so I can play more because its really addicting but keep up the good work
i like the story but i liked the characters from the previous version cause they looked exactly like real bts but in this version i can't recognize the members cause they dont look like real bts at all so i hope in next version u could change the characters to the previous version charachters
A lot of people are complaining about the new models but honestly? I actually feel like i like it more with the current models. The cast feels very diverse, and the characters are just as lovable even without the whole "back ground" knowledge thing. Overall the art is very nice and clean, and i love how diverse the cast is. Keep up the good work!
I normally do not write reviews for games, but I really like this one. I would have given it 5 stars if the updates would be sooner I have been waiting like 4 months for a update, however it takes time so I understand. This is the only reason I gave it 4 stars and not 5. The gameplay and storyline are all really great , and it keeps me wanting more.πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’–
I really really love this game. The plot and the graphics and everything but i see after the game was updated the characters look less like who they're supposed to be??? Like previous jimin and jk and jin also rm look so much similar to the real one (in my opinion) before the update? and tbh i prefer the previous graphic aswell. I'm sorry to say this even tho u guys probably had worked super hard on this. But nonetheless the game is awesome!!!
well. so much for free, huh? And the art... is so... I mean, it's still good but man. I loved the style it was before. Why did you have to change it? If it ain't broke, don't fix it. It used to be 5 stars for me, although I never officially reviewed until now. And now? Yeah, I might stay away from this game for a while.
Tbh this is really nice, cool, and awesome even they change the story a little bit but what i don't really like is they changed the image of BTS. At first before the game was updated it was really cool then they updated it and that caused BTS to wear mask and cover their faces. Then another update came and now BTS LOOKS REALLY DIFFERENT FROM WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE. In my opinion a lot of people will like this game more if you put the original faces of BTS again. I hope you can do something to thisπŸ’–
This game is really nice and people are complaining about changing seven's appearance and stuff. I just wanna say that you must understand this game was made for the BTS demo thing. But then she had to change the character appearances which must've cost a lot money. And again changing appearance could cost a lot and the owner has already said that due to financial difficulties she couldn't continue thr game so please understand ^_^ I LOVE THIS GAME.
This used to be BTS right? What happened to their features the whole BTS character dissapeared. :( Please bring them back...
The characters look drastically different. I miss the first models, they looked exactly like the members but not anymore.
Great but needs a little work. I don't like the new Sprite option and it doesn't go away when I turn it off. I'm also confused? I haven't played the game since June but is it not a bts thing anymore? The characters look nothing like them anymore and I'm just really confused. I feel like I've missed so much in such a short time
The first time I played this game was on my pc. It was just a demo but I enjoyed it nonetheless. But the recent updates kind of disappointed me. Like I know that the whole point of the game is BTS but the characters don't look like them anymore. Unlike a long time ago that it seemed like I was actually talking to Jungkook, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, etc hahaha. Hope you bring back the old looks and I might consider reinstalling if that happens.
I am totally in love with this game! The story line is beautiful, so are the characters. You can choose whether you want the seven character sprite or not :3 You don't have to earn or wait for gems plus its offline! Perfect! Thank you for developing this! 😊 Totally recommended.
I loved this game during its development. And I've been wanting to play it again. But I can't get into the game after downloading it, which is a huge disappointment. I hope the support team can fix this soon.
I enjoy the game, though I'm a bit sad because of the copyright. When I played the older version, it felt like it flowed a lot easier. I'm not sure if anything was changed, but the art and story is still wonderful! I just wish that the representation of the character being played didn't have to be shown and that the player can freely imagine what their character could look like. It could just be me not liking it as I am a (transgender) guy, but other than that I really enjoy it. Good work!
I loved this sooo much!! Yes, the character designs for two of the boys are quite different from how they look irl, (that's what a lot of the complaints are about) but you get used to it, really!! I personally love "five's" design actually hehe. The visuals are stunning and I love the story too! Some really tense moments in there. I love this so much I think ill buy the premium content. :)) Really looking forward to the next part!!!
The story is great. But I miss Tae and Jin how they were before. The BTS members looked amazing and this is one of the best games I've ever played. I just really wish Taehyung and Seokjin looked the same as before.
it's a real shame that this game could not be developed the way it was originally intended. in terms of story, this one far surpasses a certain visual novel that shall not be named. regardless of the changes that had to be made, the characters are still excellently crafted in design and character. definitely still deserves the support it received before the changes. i have the premium version for ios, by the way. please support them if you can so that they can continue on with book 2!
the storyline is great,the graphics are amazing. ive loved this game since it came out and i first played it abt a year ago, but having seen the first version of it i have to point out that maybe they should have kept the charachters looks as they were originally bcs in my pov they look nothing like bts anymore (which i assume is the point as well). so maybe in future updates u could bring back the original charachters from the first version?
in the beginning I really liked this game mainly because it had bts, and bts music and it kept getting better with the updates I actually bought it because of how much I loved it. I was here from the beginning. when I got the game that's when the message came that there was things going on with the game. I wish I would have been informed about this before also, this game has changed a lot the characters have changed completely they don't even resemble bts anymore it just doesn't feel the same.
The plot and graphics are stunning. I fell in love with this game since the first time I played it. The game is so relaxing and it really helps with my conditions. It all grabs you in, a truly amazing game. Thought it's not perfect, I've played it since the very beginning and I really enjoyed having the BTS members faces on it and I liked imagining my character, the character you show doesn't look like me at all and it kinda makes me sad not being able to make up my own.
I have the premium version now, but you can honestly experience the game pretty good for free as well!
This game was amazing so far and I love it a bunch but like I purchased the ending and for some reason it comes up with a white screen as an error it seems. I hope you guys can kindly fix this minor issue.
It's perfect. I have a question: What happens if I uninstall the application and reinstall it? Would I lose all my progress?
Gorgeous artwork, diverse characters, great story. I just wish there were more! Design changes had to be made- that's what I'm seeing most complaints are about. I love the current designs, and it should be understood that the changes had to be made. The storyline did not change. Im off to complete the other routes~
I'm in love with this game now!!!!! Back then, I was into this game cuz of BTS but now I didn't care that much about the boys are neither BTS or not, just new beautiful character's design. The storyline was quite good. The visuals was on point. I'm gonna wait patiently for the next chapter or book.
I really love the story and the graphics are amazing. My only complaint is the character design for seven. I was okay with making up what my character looked like in my head, but having a character that doesn't resemble me at all makes me unable to fully emmerse myself into the game. I would prefer it if seven didn't have a specific design or if we could customize the character (though with this type of game that might be difficult). Other than that I really love this game.
this is literally the best story based game EVER... love it Edit: I did originaly come for the boys and yes i was kinda sad to see that the characters had to be changed.. But i continued playing anyway...probably the best decision ever. The artwork is amazing, the story is amazing and I really hope one day we get a book 2.. And I love how the characters are so diverse! Anyway love it β™‘
A lot of people are complaining about the new models but honestly? I actually feel like i like it mote with thw current models. The cast feels very diverse, and the characters are just as lovable even without the whole "back ground" knowledge thing. Overall the art is very nice and clean, and i love how diverse the cast is. Keep up the good work!
this was so much better, the characters were supposed to look like bts? what happened to them? it's so heavy it barely works properly without hanging so much, please bring back the previous visuals
tbh I think this would be better as a webtoon more than anything. I also feel like this game is mostly "gimme ur money" type deal, I wish it was like before when everything was free and the characters actually looked like bts. I'm not gonna spend nearly $20 on a game.
It''s a great game. I played the BTS demo version and came back for them. They are not there now, but it's okay because it still is a great game with the great graphics and full story. I understand the copyright issue, so I don't hold any grudges. Thanks for the game
Its a nice game and all but the design of the characters had changed and they dont look like bts at all! Is there anyway you could have an option for that or change it back because i liked the bts version before. Overall it's a well written story but the bts design was better.
It's been a while since I first started this game. I think I was one of the first people to play this game when it came out with the demo. Then again when they released lore and more and started with rhe funds and all for support of the game. It was truly very beautiful before. Like everything was so smooth and dreamy despite the angsty, sci-fi and futuristic story. I loved it and I felt connected with the character we have to play, as well as the people we had to be a team with in the future.
I really love the game. The story is well written and the plot is so engaging. The character design, rendering and all are good. I can't get enough of the game actually after I finished reading book 1. Now I'm waiting for the book 2 to be out. I love everything about this game since the beta version and I hope you the one who's reading this review will feel the same. This game really deserve more.
This is such a good visual novel. It has good storylines, design, and characters. I really enjoyed this game. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
By far the best game I have ever played. The art is magnificent and the storyline is awesome. Each character is well thought out and executed with unique personalities. The choices and plot are realistic. However, the first thing that got me interested was that it was a BTS AU. I really liked it better before the characters changed. When it was BTS, you really connect with the game, but now it's just another game. I understand all the copyright and blah blah, I just miss them.
Hey Ajane, I would give 5+ stars for the game itself and the storyline, I love it to bits and despite all the troubles you have had you have managed to continue on. The only thing is that I wanted to ask about the kickstarter perks. I recieved the backgrounds and premium subscription of course, but for the rest of my $200 purchase... I don't think I need to finish that sentence. I know you have had issues with funding, staffing, law etc. but I would just like to know if I will ever be seeing these other perks or my money? I have been scared to ask this for all the hater blacklist issues over a year ago, but it has been so long, I feel as an original backer I need to know.
Good game but Jin and Tae aren't in the game. We play the game to see ALL of bts not just your favorites. I get it woke people have to force them in there. But why not make them their own cool characters. Don't just not have Tae and Jin in the game.
I remember what this used to be like. I understand if you had to vhange the visuals a bit for copyright reasons, but wow its so drastically different. I thought this was a game for BTS fans and now... they aren't even BTS, nothing close. Coulda made them wear masks, something as long as it made them a bit recognizable... the story was good but lets be honest, we came because we were army fans.
I love games with a good story line and games that surround the choices you make as a player, I think it really helps make someone feel immersed in the story and characters. I also appreciate that with games like this you can replay it to see all the different outcomes YOU can create, I really love this gameπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌ
After my 5th time playing, I'm just now writing a review 😊 This is by far my favorite game, and Four and Six are my faves. I came originally when the game was about BTS, and I stayed to see how it would end after the change. Btw to all the people that complain about the characters not looking like BTS anymore, it's because they are not BTS anymore...the characters changed bc Bighit threatened to sue the company if they didn't change it.
its a teally awesome game. its very grossing and intimidating. while playing, i felt myself getting involved for real and not like just any other simulator game. the storyline is amazing as well. ive although been following this app since its very early stages and expected much more progress. also, the last update was quite a whole ago so i expect to have tge nect one soon. overall, i find immense potential in this game and expect that tge team puts more and faster efforts towards its progress.
Everything is so good. But I find it hard to rate 5*'s after playing the game when it was in development stage the characters look so different. As much as I appreciate they are now more diverse I can't help but be a little disappointed because I can remember the plot line with the old characters. Everything else though is absolutely amazing and i feel so proud to be one of the people to have seen the game progress
I freaking LOVE. THIS. I hope I can buy the extra packs of stuff to unlock more options/stories! EITHER WAY I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!! I found this off a YouTube video and honestly it's a perfect storyline! πŸ‘πŸ’ƒπŸ’œ
it is a very amazing game but the fact that the characters changed to how its looks right now really bothers me . i like the game because of how the characters looks like BTS member before . i just hope that you could make the characters looks handsome coz... why not?πŸ˜‚
I enjoy the game very much. The story is very interesting and fun to play. Only thing is if you will upload chapter 4 or is there some kind of premium version where the other chapters are. That's all.
Hi lovely developers, big fan of you guys and looking forward to further updates on other visual novels as well as this one. However, I do have a few concerns. Firstly, i havent seen many news on any new or upcoming updates for any of your visual novels this year on your website. Is everything going smoothly? Also, it would be lovely if you could inform your fans of what has been happening lately and if you do need help, fans will be happy to.
Great story and amazing art. The music is also very nice to listen to while playing. Overall a good app, just wish I could pick how my character looked. Besides that, it's amazing
I used to like this game when the characters were bts' members. You know, the first times of this game. But then they changed everything...
I love it. I love it so much that I can't even describe it. The art works, storyline, background music everything is perfect. I hope to get a part 2 asap.
literally my favorite game ever. started playing when it was a BTS fan game, but I still love it even after the art changes, the storyline and artwork are both so amazing! keep up the good work
This game is amazing!! It's not completely finished but it is so good. It is like Episode or other Comic readers except, you can choose whatever you want and don't have to worry about buying gems or waiting for keys. It has an amazing storyline and is so creative. I just love it!!
i would've given a five star if you can update it a bit quicker. I love the storyline so far, but I don't really know if the choices will affect anything. But nonetheless, the graphics are awesome but I would love it if you change a bit of their faces to BTS' like before. But then again, its your work and I'm only giving opinions. Keep up the good work and try to update this game just a tad faster. I know you're busy with real life situations, take your time. Fighting!
The plot and graphics are stunning. I fell in love with this game since the first time I played it. I always have it on my phone because I like seeing the different outcomes of my choices. The game is so relaxing and it really helps with my conditions. Yes, the updates are slow but I understand why it takes so much time. The art, the story, ect. it all grabs you in, a truly amazing game. I always have fun playing it, one of the best games I've ever played.
I haven't updated the game nor played it since it was still a "BTS" inspired game & I'm kinda sad/glad since now it's totally different. I'm sad it was copywrited by BigHit & the developer had to create new oc's which is still great but a ton of hardwork on their part. I probably won't update my game anytime soon but so proud of the dev for not giving up.
The story gave me goosebumps. I literally have no idea on how the plot goes. I also like how the choices you choose can make changes on the interaction of each characters, which gives you the feeling that you can freely make your own path in the game. It's just sad that Bighit don't want to support this project for the boys and the fans. I hope you gain the support you needed to continue this game.