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TO-FU Oh!SUSHI 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by SMART EDUCATION, LTD. located at 東京都品川区西五反田2-4-2 東海ビル. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It is great but when i try to download it redownlodaed can you fix this please thr game is great though
I just love 💕 it like upgrade in your sushi because it's really easy game like sushi not 1 because it's baned the 1
This app has a dunkolosteus and a crazy trilobite pls add a cuttlefish or a natilus pls also this game is AWSOME (best sushi game ever
I like this game. When it has ads, i close my wifi and, when i watch youtube i will have to, open my wifi back. I like the first game, and this one. And i like roblox, this game, the first game, and gacha life, and lily story.
its so annoying because you need to download it before you play it and if you download it it so super slow what game is this PLEASE CAN YOU ALL FIX THIS!!!
I LOOOOVE THIS GAME!!!! This game is entertaining for all ages, its super fun and it got me through the quarantine time super fast, im giving it 4 stars because whenever i serve a customer an ad pops up from nowhere, its kinda annoying somtimes so please fix this problem, either way totally recommed this app for all ages! Keep up the good work TO-FU studios!
This review has 3 stars bc 1 IT TAKES SO MUCH TIME TO LOAD THAT ITS NIGHT TIME 2 this game was fun 3 I like it when the penguin was like needling at the floor bc I'm bad at cooking and it likes just lies down nah ganna lie to ya but this game was super fun I download this when I was lil and BAM no internet EVEN THO THERE IS REEEEEEEEEEEEE
i love cooking apps so i just download this and it's so Cool Game! It's realistic/3d and you must serve the costumer and cook the food that they want,Also it's only seafood but i enjoy it so much! So i give this 5stars!
I can't play the game, because whenever i play and try to make a sushi the game freezes, so i have to reopen the game an it'll freeze again... PLEASE FIX!
Just wait friend find if you don't wait then then you're not going to go to the game but my first time playing yeah and you will not be taking forever to download
Easy to be played casually. Just for fun kind of game. No stress, no fuss, but you have to watch an ad after each costumer.
When I try to make something it gets freeze but the voice still come and when I exist it the voice will still come
Amazing it's just like TO-FU Oh!SUSHI but they added more stuff i have both of them installed and there just amazing hopefully there is a part three in the future.
I love this game,it so fun but i really hate when i start playing its starting getting laggy so its ok.But yea still pretty nice:D
I like this game but no more adds there annoying evertime I want to make one sushi there's a add if they ever make to-fu oh sushi 3 make it no more adds
I like it but it could be better if there was no ad after ad when you make sushi But, for a fact I like it but please make sure you I don't watch ad after ad when playing the game
Why did you even made this game that dosent even work. Why. i gave a bad review at the part one of this. I gave this one a bad review bacause it allways get stuck on the loading screen at 30 persent. Why did you even make this huh why why why whyyyyyyyyyyyyy
This game is really fun I really like Susie Sushi Oceana I'm doing voice animated and oh my God I can't never mind I give up don't even read read this review please
So I give 2 stars because it freezes a lot so please fix it and its fun but the freezing problem makes it boring
The game is so fun i can describe this in so many good ways this game olso makes idiots learn and get chunky:)
I used to play the first one when I was younger and I was really excited to play this one. The graphics are really good based on the pictures and the loading screen. I can't actually play the game because the downloading screen is always stuck on 2% just cause I don't have good internet connection... wish you didn't need WiFi to play the game '^'
I think I should not even give one star why does it freeze whenever I about to cut the fish and you should reply you can't hide everything tell me why is this happening and I am deleting this I just wasted my time and data😡
I would always here on corrupted song of the song of this i would always hear it and it look like ben drowned song but it look like a corrupted song that's very scary when i make a fruit always makes the same sound corrupted
I give it 4 stars cuz it takes wayyyy too much time on downloading obut da game is cool cuz I saw my cousin play it 👍
It's the best app you'll ever want I was having to-fu oh sushi 1 and when I saw 2 I was really excited to download it after I downloaded it was sooo nice you should really download it
Funny game for all ages really just like the first one. My nephew's loved both games. Im 27 and i find these games to be silly.
AWESOMENESS: Before when there was only the original I need to watch adds to get more stuff and it was so painful. BUT THEN... Something changed... THERE WAS A OH SUSHI 2!!!! You where able to get the stuff (if you have coins that is.) And it has much more ingredients. Thank you and keep up the good work.
The reactions are terrifying and annoying. And while I desperately click the screen to get a fish for nigiri it doesn't work.
i good game but its stuck haveing like this (oh-tofu shushi! is stuck )(ok report) i don't know what to do pls help to fix this game with a lovely games here
The reason why I give it two stars cause the game looks fun but it takes too damn long to load i download it on my phone but I didn't even play it so I don't know if the game is fun but all I know is that the game take too long to load please fix it cause I don't wait 😡😡😡
The game was fun for me but whenever I make the sushi it would freeze my screen unless I leave it and wait but when I came back it start over everything which made it never fun.
It is a very good game. I play it everyday and I love it. It was really fun. The characters are cute and there are many kinds of sushi to make. One more advantage, I can make any kind of sushi that I want. But, no game has no disadvantage. This game is, too. The bad thing that when I make Gunkan, it is really difficult to add things in the sushi. So, I hope that you can fix this small and easy problem. Thanks, for the good game.
I install TO-FU sushi 1 and when I saw TO-FU 2 I was so happy and the more stuff you get more stuff to play with and you get new wallpapers and you don't have to pay really money 😃😃
I love this game..the different reactions of customers are very funny but the only problem is that you get bored very soon and there is nothing extra like mini games etc... To earn money. But I would still recommend it... It is fun
Loading takes forever when i opened the game without internet , even though i downloaded the data at first time playing.
I like this series what you do these shushi loving animals like sushi well you got to make what they tell you in their order VERY FUN VERRY ADDICTIVE and CAN BE EDUCATED!!!!!! ;D
I usee to play this game as a child now coming back to it i saw there was a oh sushi 2 i downloaded it and its fun to this day highly reccomended
Is so creepy cause....the sounds are getting reversed.....And the sounds r getting slowed and fast....So crrepy i rate 1 star...
It's really cool like you can go deep in the sea and there's a bunch of cool ones but the problem is that mostly all of them are looked and I don't like it!😢😦😬😩☹😠😠 it's just like the stuff in the first game! but I still like it please make it better.
Good game but i expected less ads since theres kinda alot can u guys add like some more stuff? Btw can u add more ppl
I love these game its super duper super duper super duper super duperrrrr cooll i lovee thesee gamee😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😍😘😍😘😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😘😘😍😍😘😍😍😘😘😍😘
This game is great, you can make silly sushi, and you dont have to use real money to buy packs, you need coins, if you want to unlock a pack, you have to watch an ad, but it only works one time then its locked again, if you want to unlock all the packs without coins you have to use real money, but overall this game is enjoyable and fun
This Game Is Really Amazing! Better Than The Original Version, The Original Version You Need To Pay Real Money To Buy The Locked Stuff, But This Game You Don't Need To Pay For Them, You Can Use The Game's Money, If It's Not Enough You Can Just Watch An Ad To Unlock It! Thanks So Much For This
I gave it a 5 star but it has a bug when i click the food they want and when the time i will make the food it was like just a picture on the screen i cant do and thing 😡