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TLA 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Fimor located at г. Сургут. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Garbage. Couldn't get past the second room. Got the solution and watched a walkthrough. Both told me to do what I had already done multiple times. There was no key. Even when I started of from the beginning. Don't waste your time!! This is not a TLA game.
For those who got stuck on the vampire level, go back to the previous day, redo that puzzle and try the vampire level again. It works for me.
There's a glitch on Vampire level. (the bat won't fly to the bedroom) Returning to previous level helps.
The clues given don't match what you need to know to complete the levels. Didn't become aware until after I stopped that this was not made by the same person that made the other "That Level Again", makes sense.
This is a really fun game i would give it more than 5 stars if i could any who it was very very nice to play [love these type of games] it was challenging bit fun!! I would play more of it but im bad at game and i gave up at the dizzy level XD
I have a hint for people who need help the level with the mushrooms and the hint is the order is backwards and there is a red mushroom that makes you smaller and then when you eat the blue mushroom you will become normal size if you eat the red mushroom and the final mushroom is the purple mushroom but you will not die if you eat the mushrooms in right order and also you will not die because of the green mushroom and the green mushroom is first
Pretty fun and really enjoyed it. Would like it even more if there wasn't a glitch on the vampire level, and I know I'm not the only one by reading reviews from other people.
The game can pretty easily be completed in one go; unlike the original tla series which was considerably tougher. Imo tla3 was the toughest.
There are many glitches in the game, mine glitched on the level where the numbers in the rooms have to be in a certain order. I did exactly what the hint said to and still the door didn't open. It's a fun game until it gets glitchy.
I really liked this game even though it wasn't created by the same people who created the original games. The vampire glitch was annoying however not something that couldn't be fixed. What really bothers me is that I'm not sure whether I've finished the game or not. It seems like burning the book is the ending, but it doesn't really feel like the ending. And whenever you go back there's still an active game and when you press "continue" you're at that level again (haha).
When I first opened the app, I was interested. The calming piano with the girl "singing" made me stay for a couple minutes. The game was good too, don't know if you burning the book was the ending, but that is as far as I got. The vampire one did not let me through though. I had to restart all over again and do it, and when I did I had to do it right the first time or I would not be able to go past it.
A puzzle games puzzles are supposed to be figure-out-able. There's a number of levels where you just have to do a series of random things. The "clues" are far to unrelated to what you have to do...
AVOID THIS GAME! If I could give it no stars I would. Horrible game. Come up with your own idea instead of making poor copies of other people's great games.
It is amazing, but the original concept wasn't made by you... Although I've not detected glitches or bugs: in the vampire level you must take the pumpkin and another item from the trash, put them both into the bed. Turn off the lights go to the kitchen, the vampire leaves and go to the bedroom to eat this stuff. After the cutcene the vampire leaves the key in your bed. In the level were you eat the peace of cake and got bigger you must run or walk for a wile then you return to your former shape.
Way too many glitches, the vampire level is one of the worst, the bat eats the pumpkin and doesn't leave the key, I loved every other THA even deadroom is better than this
I cant get past the vampire level. I have looked at the solution and done everything to the letter but i still cant get the key. Otherthan that the gameplay is good .
Please fix the glitch, i can't get the key when vampire in the kitchen suppose to fly to bedroom, but theres no vampire in there
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I really enjoyed the original series, but this fake one is the worst. There is no easy way to switch between levels. No confirmation message appears before starting a new game. Lost all progress couple of times.
I like it because I love a good puzzle only problem is every time I try to beat the vampire level he doesn't leave me the key and now I'm stuck
It's a great game. But I have one question, on the last stage(32) when I click on the solution it shows the solution as 'TEN', but on YouTube the solution is something else, cauz when the matches are brought near the book, the door in the living room opens and the game ends. I am pretty sure that its not the end of the game
Seriously, come up with your own game instead of ruining the name of an amazing game with this garbage! This is NOT a TLA game, people! Just some copycat who couldn't come up with their own so they made this trash game. They can't even fix the glitches.
this app is amazing. it is just like the original tla games, but with a top-down look. this is one of my favorite mobile games
People who have given 1 star or two star r those who were not able to solve the puzzle thats itt(.......) its an reaally good game
I just couldn't get past the star level. I watched a walthrough and did the exact same thing but i was still stuck. Otherwise it's a pretty good game.
Despite the fact of using TLA's name and character to get people to download the game, it was okay. Cons: Vampire level is glitched, controls were bad and completely unsuitable with quick movement levels.
Worst game. No way to get back on the level I was on. Had to begin again. So many glitches. Got trapped on level two and it doesn't get smaller. Uninstalling it. The other levels were good. This one sucks.
It was challenging and loads of fun, until the timed room, where it's constantly interrupted by ads so that it's impossible to do. I finally just had to give up. Ads are too intrusive and disruptive in the game play.
I love the series of TLA and this one is awesome i like that last task of book burning .. i feel like i am free now 😂 .. please make one more game i have completed all TLA series
I downloaded the game then noticed its not made by the same person as the original series. I won't support ripping people off.
Help me! I'm stukked in the level where you have to interact with every object! I can't understand if I have to follow an order or other