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TL Pro for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by PixelCurves located at Россия г. Москва. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this app it adds more to the game than ever and the fact its 1 dollar plus tax is excellent i cant wait to see where this goes. Quick question the terraria devs say they know nothing about if mods will work on mobile where do mods stand as of now? I ask because of the mods section in your app.
It's perfect, it is great in every way possible. And just don't rush the mods, the mods can wait, just dont feel pressured, and if you are going to do them the do them at your own pace.
Prefict, I love Terraria and this makes it so much fun, the boss summoning, object and so much more, Keep up the great work on this app, it does crash but not that often, it's really great to have, I suggest if you are reading this and you are a mobile Terraria player you get this!
An amazing app for mobile terrarians. I've been using this for a while now, and I loved it since the day I bought this, and i really hope this gets mod support soon.
Perfect ap. Get it now, best mobile app for the game. Nothing comes close to this and currently zero bugs at all with it. Honestly - If you play the game and don't have this installed, then you're just stupid and missing out on so much stuff you can test // easily obtain and not waste two hours chopping down and replanting trees at the start of a new character, lol. Oh wait... Russian contact, now I have to rethink the above. Still 5/5
Love the app, and I love everything about it and how it makes it so much easier to get what you want, or what you need. It makes building much more effective, efficient, and easier
Amazing. Totally Worth The Money For This App And Hey I Can Get Removed Items From The Game Like The First Fractal. 5 Stars Mate
Rlly good for the price. Love the mod menu and the texture packs and it's rlly simple and clean to use. Th eobpy thi g is that I'm still waiting for mods, but other than that the chest menu is perfect.
Only reason why I got rid of a star if I could I would give it four and a half Stars my only complaint is when I try to type fast in the menu it crashes and resets me back far to the last save and it's annoying I can't type really fast I have to make sure I type one letter wait like 3 seconds and then type it but then sometimes I forget and then it crashes and that happens 99% of the time when I don't type slowly or when I just speak into the speaker that's built into my phone only complaint😊
It now works I did not press load terraria and pls add the mods already well I think a mod for terraria will take a long time and the brutal texture pack dose not work
I mean I guess the app is cool but it's kinda stupid how there is no mods like it said, it's said, "coming soon" for months now and it's kinda annoying, could be way better, more cheat options would be awesome to but it's prolly not gonna happen.
This is a great game for cheating and creating and btw can you add a infinite range and material which means no material can end and if you have the time can you make a stats option which means you can choose the damage and the mana but anyway I hope this app can stay forever
This app is perfect for building anything you want without worrying about monsters and resources! It works very well, almost like terraria's creative mode!
App works great, as is intended, however we desperately need mods. Apparently it's coming soon but it has been for a long time. When will we get it? Are we even still getting it? With Terraria 1.4 released, the final update, there is no better time than now to get mods. Life would be perfect if we could play modded Terraria mobile.
Its working now and is amazing just one request can you make it where thier is a crafting section like for the forge or work bench or anvil like that
I love it its great the remixes are great it's all so good but they have been taking a while for the mods and I think they should add them one by one
The app is amazing. I can build anything I want without any trouble, you can get removed and unobtainable items without trouble and can basically do anything you want. The creators are cool and worked hard and I appreciate that. This doesn't effect my review but when are mods going to work though. This wasn't a waste of money and I would play this all the time. Also is.there a planned mod release?
On problem i have right now is that when i try to load a resource pace it doesn't load or makes me sit there for 20 minutes then crashes it was the Minecraft texture pack i tried first then the others did the same but other than that is works great
I heard that TL Pro 1.4 is coming out so hopefully that fixes the problem, but until then, TL Pro has this glitch where - despite working fine previously - as of a few weeks ago, the cheat menu simply disappeared, despite it being enabled in settings. I contacted TL Pro but they did not respond. It used to be 5 stars, but until this glitch is fixed, I'm going to have to bump it down to 3. I play on a Chromebook. But, before this glitch, overall, TL Pro was AMAZING! :)
For this kind of content at this price it's a no brainer. You can do whatever you please. Whenever you want, even without internet. The only thing that would make this better if you could install mods directly from the app but it doesn't cloud my opinion. If you are looking for a world edit app for terraria, this is your app garun-friggin-tee it.
Looks cool and useful but i am unable to use it because when i try to launch terraria it says unity engine is unable to initialize.
This works and runs smoothly, no problems i had while running this system, definitely wprth the buy for me.
Really fun app to use if your stuck in terraria! I love all the texture packs and music remixes, and I can't wait until they bring mods to mobile. 5 star
Nice when you add a damige mod that edits temporaraly or forever then i will give 5 stars but lucky getting 3 cause im picky Overall best terraria modmenu ever 100% suggest it would buy again if it asked me to rebuy love it again, 5 stars when damige modifier and knockback mod use time ect also fishing power mod
Damn son I just glitched play store I'm trying to memorize my password and when I reached the maximum try I just see it's not buyable anymore and I install it it worked! Damn frickin son!!!! I my frickin gooooood
Its Great but ive been waiting for the mods to come so that it would actually be worth buying. Ever since I cant go out anymore im lonely and don't have anyone to troll/play with. I'm going to wait for the game to update but please stay determined.
Great game but i can't help myself keep looking at the mods if they are out everyday Can you please add mods add thorium or Calamity Mod Please i really want to play Calamity mod and thorium or other kind of Mods in terraria to see what it looks like and what all the item they added in it and Deffirent bosses,Mini bosses or Normal Enemies I keep looking at youtube to see if i can download Calamity mod or thorium I got Really hype when i saw Mods in The "Other" section
Lovely app I just wish there was an option to create your own texture/audio/resource pack instead of downloading one and then editing it like I do, also can you make an option to categorize enemies into different sections like blood moon, pirate invasion, solar pillar, vortex pillar etc. and also an option to disable pause when opening the power menu?
I love this app. I have owned it since it was first released and have watched it build to be amazing. Can't wait to see what the future holds for it. P.S : Please release the "Coming Soon" stuff!!
I had a very very bad day November 26 2020 thursday 4:45 I was playing on my main world i created a long time and heres what happened i was playing and suddenly TL Pro stopped so i tried to enter it again and it is still working and i saw my main world's name is highlighted red so i though its hacked or something but i saw it is an unknown world i cant play it anymore so i cried. Pls do the best you can do b4 i delete my world that i put so many hardwork pretty pls pls pls :(
BRO LOVE THIS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING gave me something to do after beating the game if you can try and add mods like calamity I have to admit when buying this I thought it would be fake and a waste of money but instead was the best use of my money
Amazing app with the menu and all the resources I use it do much and love it I just want to know when mods are going to be added it says coming soon but they havnt been added
Don't get me wrong, this is amazing, but why not give stars is (to my knowledge) you can't make resource packs, or edit a player's inventory. Because of, 4 stars. But anybody who wants to spice up their Terraria gameplay, this is the app!
It actually worked i thought it was not ganna but i am surprised that it worked right i even summoned and beat 60 moon lords and my phone did not blow up
Very nice, everything works fine and it is very fun to mess around with, I cannot wait for mods to be implemented.
Honestly perfect for mobile terraria other than a few things being minor problems the only thing holding this back is its limited selection but more are being added very frequently so that shouldnt be an issue for long.
Great game! But sometings are missing we need fast grow were trees grow faster vines grow faster and grass grows faster and anyting else that grows we need maps to load and anything else in the game takw as long as you need plz just do it
It's pretty fun but there is a few things I wish were added like a full achievement collective where you have all your achievements completely done. Or a boss rush because I always wanted to do that. Or something like a camera mode.
I love TL pro It works great and has everything I wanted, I just wish that mods would finally be installed and that textures could be updated or made more, more often but other than that I really enjoy this app.
i love this game and im waiting for mods but my favorite thing is that it has inf mana inf minions and inf helth and ive got this game ever since it came out and tlmods still hasent approoved yet But i reccomend playing this game
hi its me aging i dont kow if its beacuse im use this on a macbook air but its not loading the worlds for me on singal or multi player and it crashes every time it trys also dont ask how its on a macbook air k.its still great i know.
It's good, but there's a strange bug where the cheats button unexplainably disappears, which is why I'll only be able to give this 3 stars until this is fixed.
Okay, So this is an amazing and fun app. I just have one problem, The tablet I have to use it on is insanely laggy but I have an iPhone that does not lag but I cant get tl pro on it, I dont know if you have tried to do this before but I feel like you should release it on ios app store
Thanks for making this and updating it. Finally i can use First Fractal. Please don't remove the First Fractal. And another suggestion, please add "Complete achievements". Thank you!
When I download the things it says all done but when I go on terria nothing changes I don't think it works on android.
Journey mode makes this app obsolete. Please add mods to make the app worth using. The only thing that's makes it interesting is the item skins but they dont change animations or projectile effects sooo....meh
Very affordable but it has an excellent quality and also it has a texture pack which can change the graphics and even animated tools/weapons.
The app is great, it sucks that it doesn't sync across my google play account. Not sure if it's a bug, or just google play being slow.
This tool is incredibly helpful, and worth the money, but the way all the items are categorised could be much more separated. It's not fun having to look through pages upon pages of blocks to find that specific copper brick wall you were looking for
Thanks for making this and updating it. Finally i can use First Fractal. Please don't remove the First Fractal. And another suggestion, please add "Complete achievements" and add some mods like calamity or some sort of mods same as tload moder. Thank you!
Perfecto- I dunno why but yea, perfect, just what most people were waiting for probably, but one thing probably most also want, mods, for a few certain ones- mainly calamity mod, and others
This doesn't work! Pretty angry. It downloads fast and fine but whenever i press launch terraria it doesn't work! I recently reinstalled terraria. Whenever i try to access terraria from this app to use the mods it doesn't work. Usless app waste of money
I haven't had a chance to use this app yet, due to it not opening. Thats why I dont want to out a 1 star. When I open it, it says I dont have terraria even though it has been on my phone for about 3 years now and is up to date.
I absoulutly love this its amazing anf everything is butiful but if there is one thing the mods button has been there for so long and i jist wanted to know when will the mods be avaible
There is an odd glitch with the texture packs where the textures would often look corrupted, if there is a way to fix this then please let me know.
Perfect! Just add mods and i will give 5 stars but when i will launch Terraria in this app it doesnt save to normal Terraria pls fix this
This app runs smoothly in my phone, I've never seen any bugs except for the "HANG" thing when revealing the map, etc. But I preferably recommend this app. I never regret buying this app.
Its good and helpful but I dont know if it's a glitch or bug or something I do wrong on the game but when I turn on a cheat like disable item cooldown it only lets me hit a couple times then it won't let me and its not the aim either I have tried to figure it out but I couldn't
It works and they update it often it was a money well spent i enjoy just getting what I want without having to go through the long process as I already did everything multiple times
App's great. Not experiencing any crashes, errors or whatsoever. Every tools and tweak's basically inside. :)
Disappointed it doesn't work with Android 11 but Google is ruining a lot of things. Not PixelCurves fault. :(
Its fantastic its really helpful for finding things in your world like plantera bulbs, hives sky islands and the temple which is why i love this app I recommend this app to any terraria fan
:( im still waiting for mods that is why this is only 4 stars another recommendation is you have a option to see how to craft it like what materials what crafting bench you need i mean what's an echo mist? Dunno means cant craft :(
Here's what im a fan of terrerria and minecraft so if you add more items from minecraft like diamond armor and weapons an add netherite armor and netherite weapons and I would rate this a 5 star oh and I forgot add more maps
Great, but i'm more after mods, like calamity for mobile, when that comes out and works it's an instant 5 stars, would like to know when you plan to release mods.
Very nice, but (from my experience) getting it to launch terraria is not the simplest. I had to take the files from terraria and put them in this app for it to launch terraria, But it was not difficult. Everything works fine and it is very fun to mess around with, I cannot wait for mods to be implemented.
I'm editing my reveiw again last time the Unity Engine stoped working that's why BUT... Now I have a new computer the last one broke and now can play but I sumetimes have dificulties geting to play. I'm use to things not working though. :( :0- I do LOVE how much work the creators put in though. :) :)
Definitely worth the money, but I would love to see the mod feature somewhere in the future. The textures and resource packs are stunning.
Awesome for practicing bosses and overall having a good time. Every item, buff, weapon, and cheat is available. Highly recommended for practicing in expert mode playthroughs.
The things don't work every time I try to apply something it doesn't get added to the game so for now ist a one star if it fixes I'm gonna change it
This is a really good app helps me make cool world and i got this before the most recent update on mobile and it really was super cool because it gave me like a creative mode experience.
This app is very useful and fun, definitely worth the .99¢. it did take a bit to get used to the layout of the app but after a bit of use it's very simple and quick to use
This app is amazing! Satisfying all the powerfest I crave for from Terraria. Though I have a suggestion. Can we make a world that has a set difficulty into what we want? I mean, can we change the difficulty. Suppose the world is in expert and you want it to become master, can we do that please? Anyhow, the final say is yours and I will respect whatever you guys choose. Keep up the awesome work!
By far the best Tmodloader for Terraria mobile off all, it has its own cheat sheet, mob spawner, etc. Just like the Tmodloader on pc. And i hope you guys add the mod feature for your app so that we mobile Terrarians can enjoy the PC Terraria mods also. I even did a youtube video about a showcase for your app, and some people like it, so that many people will buy and download your app, so that you guys can update it, more frequently.
Pretty good app but kinda confusing I can't figure out how to get items and add it I can only find out worlds and characters I expected this to have more options maybe I'm just not digging deep enough into it but I don't know I'm confused.
Perfect for mobile players that want to spice up their game or mess around with enemies. texture application and remapping is simple and effective, and the cheatsheet allows you quick and easy access to any item, buff, enemy etc. overall, 10/10 for those who want to customize graphics or mess about however you want. the only thing I need to say is the "Demon Scythe remake" and "Tome of Brimstone" projectile graphics are applied to the "demon" enemy instead of the "demon scythe" weapon.
Well I really do love this it's a great experience to have everything in your hands but I'm not Rating it even 4 stars because I've been waiting for the mods for over a year now and its very annoying.
This app is amazing i love that you can add any item with just a tap totally worth the money but i have one question when are you going add the mods or for people to make their own mods within the app(with very very very very basic tools to use to mod) i kinda miss the mods from tl beta
Absolutely amazing, It's like Terraria PC Hero's mod but for mobile! This is the best mobile Terraria cheat app out there. I'll make a suggestion and if you add it I'll make a new one. Suggestion: Maybe add a place block cheat, this will be useful for many things.
Not only does it have cheats you can use in game but also has, texture changes, texture packs, pre made characters, custom UI's, custom music, custom worlds, and soon to be mods.. Just for a measly $2, what more could you ask for!
this game is awesome but can you make the mods available please? Although the rest of the game is super good. I love it. Keep up the good work.
It's pretty good! I like that I can set different textures and resource pack! I honestly can't wait for mods!
I love this app however, I have a few recomendations, could you change the extra damage option and give it a slider to chose how much additional damage you will do, could you add a hellavator option which when used creates a tunnel to the underworld and maybe add a reforge option for weapons you already possess or even add a way to butcher hostile npcs or take of defence of your foes?
will only say "could not initalise unity" used to be good, now it's all buggy and does not work EDIT: still will not work if you undownload and download, please fix this.
This is awesome, I really like the simplicity and the fact that the app works as it is intended, although I would really like for there to be more stuff added and easier ways to put items in your already created worlds.
Pretty worth it, would say i recommend you to buy it, even though i wasted it on this rather than cod points, but its still worth the shot.
I love it! I bought it and didn't know what to expect, but it went above and beyond. It is clear to me that they prioritized quality over quantity. I can't wait for mod support
Lovely app I just wish there was an option to create your own texture/audio/resource pack instead of downloading one and then editing it like I do, also can you make an option to categorize enemies into different sections like blood moon, pirate invasion, solar pillar, vortex pillar etc. and also an option to disable pause when opening the power menu? (As of 1.39.1) For some reason I just crash upon entering my world, fix please.
This app is really amazing that you have everything you need for starters of terraria but you can only play with this launcher if you have the terraria app itself. It isn't that bad so I give it 5 stars because it makes the game more interesting.
I love it! But I'll wait till there's mods to rate 5 stars. It says in the app on mods coming soon so I'm really happy about that . thank you!!
You know, I used this for a month or two. Around september the engine just stopped working. I couldn't really do anything that i couldnt do with a regular terraria character, the launcher part wasnt working. Waited for bug fixes, hasnt happened. 1.4 update for the launcher comes around, and the engine just wont work altogether, kicking me when i try to launch the game. I know this kind of bug fix takes a while but this is rediculous.
Awesome app, i haven't gotten a single ad and it actually works, you can get certain items only from creators and plus the have characters, Worlds, textures, etc. But mods are coming soon, but the app is definently not a waste of money.
1.3 glitch I was able to play 2 player mode with tl pro and terraria that I was able to choose and give items
I love this app edition to terraria, i love the items and tons of options you can choose from as well which makes it so awesome to play. The only down falls are 1). It keeps glitching and crashing after about 20 to 30 mins of gameplay. 2) the 1.4 update errassed the free crafting option. Please fix these issues i would love to rate it five stars
Does most of what it claims to but Mods are still "Coming Soon" and it freezes up every so often. Also, it would be nice if you could black out the map again, just to see if a world looks worth keeping and then actually explore in the dark.
Good app for players who want unobtainable items,cheets,and more it is very cheap for a customer and the mods thingy still is coming soon,pls add mods like the calamity and thorium ones,it also the only way to get first fractal,and more npc's.
This is really really good and I can't wait for the mods in the other menu to be released. edit:I am still waiting for the mods to be released. edit 2:I am getting impatient for the mods.
The app is good. My problem is that the app says it needs 500 MB of storage, even though the app itself is 150 MB, and uninstalling it on my old phone freed up 200 MB. I literally can't install this app because my device with all of the apps uninstalled doesn't have 500 MB free.