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Tiny Space Program

Tiny Space Program for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Cinnabar Games located at Antonie Duyckstraat 35 2582 TC The Hague Netherlands . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
If you double tap on your Astronauts they turn into "Iron Man" and fly."Tiny Space Program" is truly a well thought out game. I can tell a ton of thought has gone into making it. I would suggest making the quests more interesting and detailed. Add more resouces and crafting materials. I also think being able to customize the ships more with different add ons giving different increase to stats. Random meteor strikes that damage outpost buildings and ship malfunctions during flight and or launch.
I'm fond of resource management games, but I never have enough patience to play them for long. This is fixed in this specific game by being more... "chill" than the others I've played. While yes, I like a challenge, sometimes I only want to relax, and I think this game fits the bill greatly. Yes, it's grindy, but you're not supposed to be on it at all times.
I love games like this, tech tree, upgrades, exploring, resource gathering. It takes a second to learn but fun to play. No adds unless you want free credits but that's it. Thanks for the game and I can't wait to see what the future holds. I have not found any record of this game hacking the phone like another post shared.
Wish an update soon. Please fix the bugs. This game got the potential. Just fix some bugs and add some graphics. I like the pixel kinda stuff but you need to fix some graphics and add some more cool graphics, specially when rocket lunch. I'm playing this for a while. Making my time great in this covid19 situations. Peace!
While it can take time to get into, it's a fantastic game with a truly surprising amount of depth and I've hardly scratched the surface. Progression is gradual but very satisfying, and it comes with impressive pixel art visuals. For a solo project this game exceeds expectations by an astronomical margin.
It's good Voyage is one 9PM that will take place in new Orleans on Saturday and you may be surprised if 9PM will
This is awesome! Did a great job! Would like to have a little more tutorial into the building and assigning jobs. Super easy 5 star with that.
Love this game has everything I ever wanted only fault is that you can't remove ships so have a massive fleet parked on earth
This game is good but has a lot of bugs like the touch controls. It can be difficult to tap or hold somethings somethings. I would also say that the things it need access to play are a bit weird.
Excellent game, love the level of detail. A little wierd that you can sell resources back to earth for more than the cost of the finished goods they would have made (sell steel and buy rover parts and the profit pays for more than the travel costs). Also would love to be able to see the cost of buildings that have been unlocked so I can plan colonies better. But still , great game!
So much promise for this tiny game... not really tiny either. Plenty to do and see, cant wait to see when its done.
Great game! I was at first confused why I could not send a rocket to Venus even though it was "in range" until I remembered transfer windows exist! The simple design is really unique for a space game. Only problem I have is the occasional time my lander won't go back to earth it might be a game mechanic but it will be revealed in due time. The creator makes me want to watch as many ads as I can to help this amazing dev!
Enjoyed it for a few days but then it started to feel kind of grindy. I think that was due some decisions I made before understanding the mechanics which wasted my early resources and gave me a poor start. Looked for a way to restart and couldn't find any.
Great new concept and not a difficult game to pick up. I would love to see updates with the spacestation option that is mentioned in the game. One other thing is that I lost all my data when my phone died and I needed it replaced. Linking it to Google or Facebook to transfer data would be great.
The first thing is the music calming Then you realise that it's not a cash grab It's not filled with ads it's calming It feels surreal when you do something Like when I got to mars step by step you Make your way through the game Every single step by it's self is exciting The developer must have worked so hard to get a one of a kind game it isn't a cash grab Ads don't randomly pop up If the developer ever Sees this pls Keep Going
Game is pretty cool so far i havent found anything to complain about. Nice for killing time. Looking forward to more updates
Fantastic and addictive! Ready to see some interstellar travel as well as the planned updates! Minor glitches and bugs easily overlooked considering the "team" behind it 🤭. Purchase was made in support, not out of need to progress (fix unlimited ads, I should have to wait for some things!) Kudos on a great game! ... Would like to know where the achievements are and very few updates since release 🤔
This game is really good but the new HUD is really bad my main problem until now is that I can't use all of my astronauts in the outpost because I can't slide to see them or do anything to them so please tell me how to use them or make an update to the new HUD
This game has so much potential, but is such a grind currently. It seems often the only way to move forward is to watch ads or buy coins. It's really a shame that it feels so heavily geared towards making money rather than being a good game. You could do both.
Cool concept and nice pixel design covers a fairly thin and grind heavy game. Theres just so little to keep you coming back, i only remember to play it when I see the icon, not because im drawn back by the game.
What more can you ask for. Lovely relaxing play at your own pace space program. To the Development team keep up the great work 👌🖖
This game is calm and way different from all those moneysucking mobile games. No annoying ads unless you want some extra currency or speed up some progress. It's amazing how much you can do. There's always something new to explore etc. Its only downside is that the gameplay is extremely slow, but it also has its charms: it gives a great feeling of accomplishment at the end of the road. Dear developer, if you see this, just know that i love your work and can't wait to see what comes next.
A few little issues here and there (the game seems to be in development) but I've been playing for 30-60 mins most days for a few weeks so the game is doing a lot right. Missions and milestones give a an idea of how to get started but then you're just left to colonise the solar system however you like. Awesome.
Avoid getting fooled. It is waiting game. 30 minutes waiting to make something in a 6 minutes new gameplay :))
Update 8-31-2020 The game lost it momentum and pretty much seems like cash grab, none of the complaints has been resolved and discord help just seems like one lie after another,they tell one thing but in game play doesn't happen. So your grinding for a fraction of what your post get and spend more than you should. "Dont sell/buy in bulk" yeah...then what's the point? If you buy 25 and only get 22,dumb logic. I supported the dev now I regret it.
I love playing the game but my progress is limited because of very limited tech points I can't go to other planets beyond mars since it's too far and the bullet mk2 reashearch is too expensive due to insufficient tech points and it's a very buggy game so please fix it
The game is very enjoyable, question? Do you know the problem where the game's button becomes unresponsive after some time? I have to restart it whenever that happens. Other than that the game is lovely although a bit confusing at first. And unmanned rocket should be less cost.
Amazing concept. Great vision. Decent beginning. Poor overall execution. Screens are difficult and confusing. Many informational issues. Unclear goals or how to do things. I REALLY want to like this game, but it's majorly frustrating to play.
Amazing game, cant wait for more. Although it takes long to get to planets and moons that's the best part, it feels like real time thats been shorted a bit, I cant explain it but it's great.👍
This game, so far, seems pretty amazing, I haven't even started the tourist missions and, I've already established some colonies in the moon, Phobos, Europa and Mars, so, yeah, I'm so into it, keep it going, developer! You're making something really amazing!
A fun, addictive little sim focusing on building up bases and exploring the solar system. It could use a "cheat sheet" to tell you how many of each resource you need to build things, since it's too late once you land on a planet. Some of the goals would benefit from clearer wording, too. But still a fun game overall! Looking forward to future updates.
It doesn't feel very responsive to taps, especially on the "Back" button in the corner. Cargo is so pathetically small (3 slots). The beginning quests are very hand-holdy, a bit too much for my liking. Credits are tight, and I think I invested in some research and tourism too early and now am unable to go back to the moon.
I recently reinstalled the game and my progress and purchase were lost and there is no way to find my saves
Was a great game. The new update ruined it for me. Iim not sure what they were trying to do but they made everything much less intuitive. You may enjoy but i cannot any longer
Very satisfying to play and the complexity of the game keeps it interesting. If you're looking for a medium to long term game this could be a great choice. The only thing I would say it lacks is instructions for early game. It took me a while to figure out how all the requirements work, and how all the components work together.
AMAZING! I wonder why not much people play this game, i think it's the best game i have played on a PC (Im using a bluestacks emulator btw)
Rarely play mobile games but this has me hooked! Great game with great content. Been playing for 2 weeks and still addicted with plenty to work towards. Updates and extra content has been added within this time like new vehicles, menu revamp etc. Money is hard to come by at the start but once you get momentum its awesome. Ads are optional ie to speed up timed processes or to repair parts without tools, as well as the option to get some credits which is handy in a pinch - a fair balance. Try it!
Overall I was pretty impressed with the game. Didn't think it would be as involved as it is. It definitely takes some time to learn the game once the tutorial ends and game progression is super slow until you get at least your moon base up, running, and upgraded. Game has serious potential, but needs bug fixes, graphics, and economic balance. Can't wait for a big update!
It's actually 2.5 stars but three will cut it I like the game but it needs a lot of work it doesn't matter that all your astronauts are on the same team they still won't work with each other I brought everything I needed to make a moon base up to the moon but it still didn't matter I think what you needed make a base on the moon is for you to have a storage compartment that can fit all of your things into one thing but in order to get a big storage crate you need something after the big storage
It's a decent game, the credits are hard to get, not enough quests. Also some of the words on screen can overlap you're ones and some titles need to be capitalized. Strange, because these are very obvious annoyances that you could fix easily. Other then that, it's a bit dry, I still feel like there isn't that much to do.. especially at the home base on Earth. The game needs some new activities and things other then the rockets and all.
I like the basic premise of the game and it seems the gameplay is fairly solid, but the UX / UI is simply terrible and I can't get over it even after playing for a good while .. I will be back in a year or so to see if it improved, but as it is it can't be played (unresponsive buttons, inconsistent actions, confusing navigation letting you get stuck, unreadable font / colors and text sometimes flowing out of given place are all just quick examples. There's more)
Early development game. Still has some bugs to work out and super slow when starting off and currency is too hard to acquire. Having issues with workshop production count down freezing so now nothing can be built. Other than that i want to love this game
A forced wipe to bring in the latest updates seems a bit overzealous, no? Was stuck on "loading", eventually figured out I needed to wipe the program data to start over. Perhaps a note in the update notes that this was required? Cloud save probably would be a good addition too...
Not bad, pretty impressed. The only issue with me would be having a guide. I spent 20 min trying to figure out what was necessary to complete an objective, it's really rough to complete. Having somewhat a "Tip" to show you the necessary tools or items to create will make it simple to understand.
Its a great game in my opinion. The whole idea of making a colony and being able to expand through the whole solar system is a great idea for a game. The ads are not very forced, you canplay through the whole game without paying money or whatching many ads. Overall i really like it.
Great game man cant wait to see it finished. That said its dope as is granted im currently only well established on earths moon i love it.
very good so far it's kinda easy and it's not hard to figure out what to do next so if you like space exploration and colonization than this is for you
Broken and needs more customization. It say requirements not set for a experiment when the experiment has no requirements.
The game is really good. The only problem is the interface and the touch response, especially when using gems, or selecting items, astrounauts etc... If you fix that, and add the dock funtion the game will be a 5 star for sure. Anyway, thats a great game, and its impressive how you Jerry made it all by yourself. Great work!
This Pixeled game is accualy almost perfect! Good gameplay, Design for rockets and its just a graat game! Just one thing. Lack of content, although the gameplay is good, the amount of rockets, planets to colonize, and etc, its just not good, I have a feedback of making more of what I just said, so good luck on developing the game!
The only reason i give 2 stars is because the missions and achievements dont work, i dont revieve my credits when i hit the claim button, other than that game is good except you kind of have to figue out how to play by yourself.
I'm currently stuck with something that might just be me over looking something small, I have all the materials to build the first moon outpost hut it says requirement not met
This is a great little game that deserves a better rating. I love how it doesn't throw ads in your face. There are none at all so far, forced or unforced. I like that. Yes, it's a bit of a slow start at first. But I like that as you can take your time figuring things out, as there is little bit of a learning curve, which is perfect for a game like this! My only criticism is the UI could use a little tweaking as it is unclear what materials you need to build something on Earth for an outpost.
Engaging and Entertaining. Looks a little rough around the edges but a great game. If graphics take a back seat to game play for you, give this a go.
Genuinely a fun game, very engaging. Once you've got things set up it's a nice dip-in dip-out game. No forced ads, no pay2win. I look forward to where it's headed.
Actually a really well put together game, i really am in love with how fun it is to just have your little workers go and find gold on another planet. One thing thats a little disheartening is the load times for buildings to be upgraded. Sometimes its so long you have to just shut the game off and come back to it. But besides that its still a great game.
The game is a work in progress and so it has a few bugs and minor issues which do not affect the overall gameplay experience. This game is not marred by paywalls intrusive pop up ads. All of the content in the game can be enjoyed by players regardless of their budget. It is a difficut game to get the hang of and so a discord group has been created by the developer to assist players in progressing through the game and allowing them to socialize with other players.
it made me addictive to the game and its an awsome game that I play most of the day and every update I would be ready to play
The game has it own charm that other games don't have. As a 1 man dev, i couldn't wait for the new contents to be add. As only downside is that early gameplay is a pain in the ass, but i like it
Love this gane so much! Hours of enjoyment so far and only a few comments to help new players and the developers. For new players: save your gold for selling. And spend very carefully. And start working towards the reusable suttles asap. Invest into cargo rovers and boost the range of your radar on well resourced moons. Please Jerry: put detailed specs for rhe crafts in more places(when you are researching and building ships you do not get enough info to make the right purchase some times)
This game has taken numerous hours of my life as it is so enjoyable and addictive trying to figure out where to go next and what to research to get there. My advice is to not do as I did and try to figure it out but to join there discord server and read there faq as it has a good base for starting out if you like a little thinking and resource management this is for you and the fact that this game isn't pay to win in the traditional sense is also brilliant
I love this game, it's simple, and you just gotta try things out, the tourism aspect was a little confusing so should have a tutorial, but works well now I understand it. I hope you add more in the future, like surrounding the sun in a Dyson swarms or a solar engine to move the solar system, and add other solar systems to stravel to etc, this game has a good amount of depth and I look forward to seeing it grow!
This game does look to have been well thought out and developed. Doesn't feel like most mobile games out there. after playing for a week I've become quite impressed with tiny space program. A free game done right, I'm not forced to watch commercials but can choose to if I want to speed up progress of my developed space program. Should be more games like this on the market.