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Tiny Pixel Farm - Simple Farm Game

Tiny Pixel Farm - Simple Farm Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by GAME START LLC located at 2 Chome 2-15, Hamamatu-cho, Minato, Tokyo, Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
You must try this, if you want some farming games. They are so cute when working. I wish there was a update to this, where there was no many things to do beacuse its kinda a little boring but its cute and wonderful to play. Love it ❤
I love the game as it is right now, but a little bit improvement will make me enjoy the game even more. How about having a farming community where you can visit/help other farmers with their farm? Just to add some spice to the game.
Very cute, but too ad heavy. Ads are optional, but frequently needed to advance. Paying to remove them won't change this, as dev warns. I suggest paid version removes ALL ads and shortens build times from 10 min to 30 sec. I would pay & play long-term with these changes. As it is, I'm burned out watching the same ad over and over for an ugly zombie game that I'd never play. Ads are not personalized well. But game is super cute and with ad problem fixed in paid version, I'd try again.
Dont get me wrong this game is very cute and the gameplay is amazing but it gets repetitive after a while. Gets boting after unlocking a new location. And you basically do the same thing over and over again until you have enough money to buy different animals as i said a gain the gsme is repetitive.
It was okay, cute pixel graphics. I like that it is simple, all on one screen, but it didn't hold my attention for too long.
game is pretty easy to get a hold of! adds are a bit of a pain but they're short and easily skippable. the real problem lies when you get a smooth influx of product, but the speed of the customers are slow and they only buy one item at a time, so very quickly your shop can't collect anymore. if the customers can somehow bulk buy/buy multiple products, it'd be wonderful! but for now you have to watch an add to sell all your product.
Really cute and fun game edit: after playing this for way too many hours i have to say it did everything right. i really enjoyed every minute of it and i feel like i always had something to work for. The ads were never overwhelming and were almost always unnecessary if you were okay with waiting for 10 minutes or so. I just bought the last plot of land in the first farm and now I'm moving to the second! :)
The game is very nice! The graphics are cute! This game is like Stardew Valley but without doing complicated things! I love how simple this game is. And i'm trying to get my review to the positive haha!
There are no glitches at all and there are a decent amount of adds but most of the times when you get them you get a award so that's nice. This game is so much fun and is good to play it in your mean time. I love it a lot.
It's a fun time waster and I'm slowly working to collect them all and max out their levels. My only complaints now would be that's its not very intuitive with its simplicity. If you max out an animal, it doesn't really tell you how much coins you make out of it per item collected. Also, it give you the option of upgrading pens but there's no explanation as to how it's better or not better to do so. Does it give more experience per item collected, does it increase the amount of coins given?
This is a really nice game. I love it. i love both of this developer's game. Thankyou for making this 🤩
I love this game 💖😻. Best pixelated farm game I've played so far. I've completed the two levels. It's nice if more levels and scenarios are added. But it's a great app.
great game! casual and easy to understand. im currently at level 30 and i wosh there are more worlds to unlock. keeping it on my phone! :)
Sweet little farm app. Everything makes sense if you just take it slow and pay attention. No words needed. Very relaxing. Ads removed for £3, happily. One note to the developers, when an animal reaches max level, the journal no longer shows what that animal produces and for how much money. Thank you for another adorable game. Looking forward to your next one! A PC port would be appreciated :)
L O V E I T. It really is awesome, you can choose wanna be idle or step up things fast! And the simplicity, also less ads than other games. Love it! I played another game of you guys too!! Reeeeaaallly Love it.
Love this game!!!! Just wish there was more land to buy so you can have more animals wish it rolled downward to show more place for animals plz in crease
It's a very cute, simple and relaxing game! I play it every time I have a hard time falling asleep and it helps me a lot.
Don't need to wait hours to progress. Ads pop up when needed. Gives gold here and there too. Great pace, nice and relaxing c:
I love this game however I do wish it was a little bit easier to get going in the start but either way it isn't bad.again I do wish it was a lot easier to get money as I read some other views and some people are really struggling with earning money quickly and I agree with them that I wouldn't really want to be playing a game too much just to unlock one thing.
I got instant Harvest Moon vibes, so 10/10 for that. My only criticism is that you don't know what animals produce until you buy them, which is can be a big set back. On that topic, this game manages to be adorable and lowkey horrific, as you harvest some animal's flesh/skin while they're still alive. Honestly, I find it hilarious.
Nice and cute game, but it's very frustrating to watch an ad until the end (to get a prize like selling all shop items), only for it to freeze at the last second and I don't get anything and have to restart the app to keep playing.
Simple, delightful, unobtrusive, brilliant and relaxing. I absolutely detest mobile phone games as a rule, but this one is the sole exception.
I have a lot of fun playing this game and it's very addicting. It's a bit hard to get going at first and takes awhile to get coins, but once you get rolling it is really fun. The design is really cute and I love all the different animal choices.
Amazing! The best farm game out there! Unlike other farm games, it's easy to understand what to do, and there is always something to do! They do have adds, but they're about every 10 minutes and last 5 seconds. Please download this :)
A really cute and simple game. Overall, I really enjoy it. However, I have some bugs in my game. The wild animals that roam to the farm are stuck in the bottom of the screen by the silo icon. I also can't travel to the island farm, even though my level is high enough. I hope these are an easy fix! Otherwise, I love this cute little game!
Played to level 30 in one day while binge watching netflix. Now I'm bored ready to install something else. Pro: Maybe a better game for kids since this game constantly need clicking to lock their attention. It plays vertically in your phone. Con: No instruction provided. So kids may have hard time to understand on how to keep things work in the beginning.
It's just missing 1 thing .. cloud save Please update this feature so I can play it on another device or not freaking out when I accidentally uninstall it. I'm already at level 60 and I don't want to lose my progress. I will rate 5 stars if you add (at least) a saving feature.
well, one step forward and one step back. I previously gave 3 stars because their weren't enough employees to manage the farm. they added more employees (yay!) but they made them only purchasable with real world money (boo). I really liked this game because it didn't have a lot of in game purchases, I guess I cant avoid it this day and age anymore.
I really like this game. Super casual, easy to navigate, quick to get the hang of. Had the first place you get up and almost maxed in about 2 hours. So it's not a hard game. The biggest DOWNSIDE to it though is that unless you pay real money, you don't have enough farmhands to auto-run everything. You can do everything but 4 spots on your first farm with your farmhands, the rest you gotta do yourself unless you wanna buy the add-on pack. Which is pretty crappy.
Cute but can be better. Love that this could be played in any language, because there is none! Everything is pictures. Gameplay is fun but I got to a point where I didn't have enough helpers to run the farm efficantly. Also, the Australia farm I believe doesn't keep time, so no progress is made when not on that screen, even if you were on it when you turned off the game. I would come back and only have made $18. So that probably needs to be fixed. Might come back to it.
Great game. There isn't many adds that at required and the ones that are you don't have to wait at all. And even if you didn't want to watch any adds you only have to wait 10 mins for something to finish buliding. It's a fun and relaxing game just to spend time. But the rate at which you gain money is way to slow I found myself being lvl 30 and still having to wait to get stufd from like lvl 8. Other than that great game.
Very cute, simple and fun. Slow and bit confusing at first but once you know what you're doing it's addicting. :3
Ads aren't forced in you, if you prefer to watch ads they are very worthwhile, and the game helps you progress. I recommend it to anyone looking for some casual gameplay
Its Amazing! I love all the cute animals, And its a great time killer! The only thing, is that I've been playing with my sister, And the only thing I want added to the game is going to other peoples places, Like visiting devices places that are nearby?
This kind of game is not my cup of tea. There are too many ways to spend your money inefficiently. For example, it only takes 4 producing trees and/or animals to keep the shop in stock. Anything more and your spending big bucks to house surplus items that aren't selling. The lodge seems like a money pit, too, and the price for workers and training is crazy. There need to be more benefits to outway the costs for these things, or even achievements and set goals.
So cute, works really well, and the ads aren't pop-up, so you aren't chilling and then suddenly inundated with yelling and loud music. I love it!
Adorable and the ads aren't 30 seconds long like in most games like this. I'm completely ok with how many ads there are and thankful that they are so short and help with making things go quicker. Cute game! Definitely recommend downloading it.
Not too bad, early rating. Feels a touch repetitive, and the lack of understanding the story is a tad frustrating. Will re-rate later
Love it! Very entertaining. Only criticism is there's little tutorial after the first little bit of gameplay. You still get new mechanics but no explanation. Luckily though it's not hard to figure out <3
Huge ad on screen greets you as soon as you start the game. Gameplay is so boring I scythe weeds all day and that's it? Is this a joke? Oof this is even worse than I thought. Complete garbage uninstalled.
I love idle games and this one has always been particularly relaxing for me ^^ I love how cute the art is as well!
This game is really simple yet fun. I always like playing farm games but I hate it when there are too many things to do in the game. This one is a little slow at first, but around level 15 everything starts to progress faster and it becomes more fun. You can choose to watch ads if you don't want to spend money and or you want things to speed up, but it's not necessary either since the waiting/grinding doesn't take that long, even for me who is quite impatient when it comes to games like this.
Although fun in the beginning, this game declines rapidly in enjoyment. You literally run a farm. Thats it. You just tap on the animals and buy more of them. That is all the game is. No real story line, no reason to be on this farm, the game makes close to no sense. Instead of rating this 1 star, I gave this 2 stars because of the fun you have very early on. But every new game has this, so i really should've given one star. Try to make a story line and then the game will be much better.
Excellent game! I like that Mandatory videos are short and not often as well as I can choose to watch more videos to level up my farm stuff/make things faster!
Seriously, an advert bar on the bottom of the screen to start the game. Nope, enjoy the Cowboys logo/rating!
super adorable, this is just the kind of cute little game i love. the gameplay is simple and much like a tap game combined with a farming game. the pixel art is what drew me in, and now I'm hooked. i also like that ads aren't violently intrusive like in some apps! very important. i can play this game relatively interruption-free.
It doesn't really explain how to play but if you dink around for a couple minutes it's not hard to get the hang of.
I like your idea on this game at first i thought, ugh! It's boring!! But as i played, it really is a time killer. I also like that when there are pop up ads, you notify few seconds ago, so that we are ready for it. It's so satisfying. 5 star. Oh and yes, when i am playing, and the shop is out of stock. Could there be a bell or something to notify me that the market is out of stock.
I absolutely love this game, the pixel style and the animals are so cute. I do wish you could customize your character a bit more.
I really love this game. I usually hate farm games, but this game is really simple and comfortable. It's quick and to the point and cute little time waster. I also love how this whole game is on one screen. That's my favorite part of this whole game. No scrolling, no bunches of confusing things. Just as I said. A cute little time waster. I love it! 😀
A great time killer, nice calm and easy game, adds are not disturbing the playing, leveling up is easy. I really recommend this game.
Very chill game. Play whenever you want and fun seeing your farm grow. Nice to download if you are busy and have some free time through the day.
I absolutely adore this game! The style is wonderful, the game play is simple and almost addictive! I also love that when there is an add, there's a little notice before and after. The adds are distanced very well. Its an overall beautiful experience!
Pretty fun when you have nothing to do for a while. Kinda addictive too. It's very cute and while I'm a little confused on how some things do stuff it's overall pretty fun to play.
the game is cool to play, however with just pictures to explain and no words, it's confusing. the upgrades are expensive and there's no way to really speed up production/coins. I've unlocked 8 animals and trees as well as tours and my next upgrade costs $5k, I left the game running overnight and made $500. I'm not gonna play an idle game for 10 days just for one upgrade so that kinda sucks. otherwise a great idea but definitely room for improvement.
Cute graphic plus easy and smooth gameplay. This game will enchant you to the point where you didn't even realize that you have spent hours playing it 😂 Tho with all the ads we need to watch if we wanted to speed up building rate or other activities, i really hope you could get rid of the ads at the bottom screen. It's not that annoying but I would prefer to play the game with the whole screen. Also please get rid off the occasional ads that popping out of nowhere. Thanks 😁
A fun game. I like it. It would be nice to have a manual on what certain things mean and do, though. Overall, I am having fun with it so far.
I've always wanted a game like this, one I can either spend a few idle minutes on or actively play for an hour depending on my day. It's a cute little farm game that progresses at the perfect pace and is well balanced. One part about free games people dread is ads but this company has perfect placement of ads, the forced ads are not intrusive and are short as well as not often but you can watch longer ads to speed up builds. This is the perfect example of how ads should be used in games. 11/10
Fun and engaging. Definitely a way to keep you busy when you are bored, or waiting. waiting in line to get something
Cute, adorable, can spend hours farming, easy with no consequences if you choose not to play for a while
Ads Adß Ads Ads Ads Ads.... An banner ad already cover like 15% of the game screen and the 30second ads popups every couple of minutes... MY GOD you guys are A$******.
OMG! This game is amazing! 😁😁 I totally love it! Though it's 2-D, it's still quite great. I told myself I MUST write a review. It's a nice game, no gliches and it's so cool. I like the way there's another farm that has a whole lot of things to offer. Keep up the good work maker of the game, it's unique. 😊😊🤗
Easy to get into. This game has great dynamics without being too complex to learn. Perfect for casual and serious gamers.
This game is just so cute and addicting! I am a huge fan of farming games... And needed something to pass the time when I didn't have my DS. Stumbled across this app and find it so relaxing to play that I just kept going so I could unlock everything. The music gets a little annoying after the while but other than that it's a pretty solid little farmer. Highly recommend for time passing.
Great game. But instead just open a shop, why don't you use the truck to deliver things too? It will be more fun. Please consider my suggest and keep the game update! Thank you.
Great game, worth your time. Ads arent intrusive, rare, and if I wasnt broke Id pay to remove em, even donate to the creator. Only wish is that there were more animals, and maybe the ability to grow fruits, vegetables, and maybe wheat?
Took me awhile to figure out this is an "idle" game which I usually delete after a couple hours & I'm not big on pixel games; that said I found myself playing for hours yesterday & plan to reinstall & play a different strategy. No instructions per say but game is easy enuf to pick up. There are ads but they are cleverly "disguised", don't know how to describe it, all I know is they're not flashing in your face. Overall a cute little game