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Tiny Farm®

Tiny Farm® for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Com2uS located at 서울시 금천구 가산디지털1로 131 BYC 하이시티 A동 12층 (12F, A-dong, BYC Highcity B/D, 131, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea). The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Nudity/Eroticism) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'm dissapointed. It took SO long to download the data and extra data, if you didn't want people to play your game, just tell us, cause that's what it seems like. Plus it took up all my space in my tablet. Really dissapointed, your game looked fun too. =T
Played for 7+ years and they ruined the game. They just changed stuff and not made "improvements". So you reduced the total file size whoo...but now doing anything takes 5x as long at least. Also all my heroics on the zoo are missing among many other inconveniences they labeled as improvements. None of this is improvements to the game. Tiny Farm just had yet another mid-life crisis and redid a lot of the core game mechanics.
I was instantly addicted but the game definitely lost major points for the time it takes to recover the small amount of "happiness/love points" you receive at a time. Also it takes a lot of points to get the animal you want/need, its really frustrating..I probably won't be playing much longer.
Overall game is great. Yes it does have some issues when downloading on occasion but after rearranging apps and making sure I had sufficient memory, it had no issues. Great game.
it's the WORST update in history of game updates. game is super slow it take ages to move from one location to another. everything is changed and I can't understand how to play anymore. at least make a tutorial how to play now. if you won't fix this disaster I'll uninstall the game no matter how much I loved it and how many years I've played.
Ok... After I downloaded the game, there was another download for the extra files. I was waiting for so long, and accidentally fell asleep. When I woke up, the game closed. I opened the game and I had to wait so long for the notice to show up. (Additional data will be consumed due to download notice) And I tapped yes. After some time, it would show the loading screen and close. I really want to play this game! But I can't. Please help me out! I'll change my rating to five stars if you do!
It's such a big part of my childhood, but now it doesn't even play. I played this game when I was 7 years old, this is the place I created my first email address, first password (terrible). I threw 3 years into this game, until I had to start doing stuff in my life, and now, 9 years after it's release, I'm sad that it doesn't work. I'd be grateful if I could play it just one more time, for nostalgias sake, before I go off to college, but it doesn't open. Com2us, just fix it with a patch.
The game doesnt even let me (and half of these reviews it seems) play!! Doesnt let us on or just boots us to the home screen!! Deleting because it seems like this has been an issue for ages and its still not fixed. Id love to try again at a later date when the game fufills the most basic function of any Game. You know. Working.
It used to be a fun game! I've had the game since 2014 or 2015 and it was so cute and I had so much done on the game I e even spent money on it (which I guess was pretty stupid looking back now) I haven't been on in a while and decided to go back on... I can't even open the game! I go to home screen and that's all I can get. FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!
When I open the game I was excited to play it, until I saw how much I need you to download and how slow it was taken! The game needed to download 110 files, seeing how slow the game downloaded each file one at a time for who-knows-how-long. I would have liked to give more than just one star, I rarely ever give one star unless it's really bad, but just seen that the game made you download all that all at once just was crazy. I'm sorry I mean it could just be my phone but I don't know.
It took forever to download and then it wouldn't open, it would say tiny farm has stopped and kick me out. I don't know if everyone has this problem but for me this was a huge waste of my time...
Ive had no problem with this game for weeks and all of a sudden it keeps booting me out of the game, it was a pretty good game otherwise, a little pay to play, but if you only plan to play on amd off and not in a large chunk of time its easy to get around that.
To those that see this comment, tiny farms along with old games like Derby days are dead. They work from servers that you log in on. If that game server is down due to inactivity, there is no way to play your save. Sad to say, as one of the oldest games on the mobile phone, this game is done.
It keeps saying that the server is under maintance i waited over night to see if it would work but it still hasnt
Great game. Bad updates. Half of the updates break the game. Constant booting and black screens. When it works it's an awesome game though!
Dunno what people are complaining about. Performance is a bit better than it used to be and I think the gameplay is awesome as always. ONLY thing I'd love to see change is the animal storage slot prices. I love redecorating my island and putting every animal inside the storage to rehome them, but this becomes impossible due to lack of slots, and the prices are insanely high. Other than that I love it sm, I regret not playing for a few years.
Fun app, been playing on and off for years slow to load and overall lately the customer service is not great at all. I have been trying to get a few things fixed on my game and no replies for more than a week I got a reply on the first message however I had already done what they were asking me to do so I let them know and 3-4 emails in still no reply and bug not fixed. I have written many times with photos to show the problem and it shows that they "received my emails just don't bother with me.
Why is this game called "Tiny Farm" when the first thing it does is prompt you with a download of 1.4Gb! It's insane! At least give a 5/10 minute gameplay preview before the download because now I'm wasting my precious data downloading a game that I might not even like and then I'll have wasted it. Seriously, reconsider this, because I've had this game for 2 days and not even played it yet because I don't want to waste my data.
i have been played this game for 3 years, that is the worst update ever. super lag that make me dont wanna play that anymore. fix tht asap please.
Ive been playing this off and on, havent gotten far but i hope to invest greatly in it, as i have a new phone. As someone who spends greatly away from games the 'tutorial' section is greatly appreciated. I love how easy it is to redo a certain part of it!
Tiny Farm has completely shifted from what it was originally. What it used to be a very chill, play and complete at your own pace kind of game, now relies heavily on micro transactions and getting limited edition animals from events, to the point it FEELS LIKE A CHORE now. And with the addition of the ad system - "watch and get rewarded"- it is now and AD WATCH FEST as they include this as a task to complete events. You need to spend HOURS daily in order to keep up. Do not recommend anymore.
I'm sorry tiny farm, after joining in 2012 everything was OK. Now, the game is no longer worth playing. You updated to the point where the game is very unplayable. No matter how many rewards you give out after BS maintenance, it will never be the game I once liked. What a damn waste. I suggest not playing this game. It's just not worth the trouble.
I suppose its cute and all, but i couldnt even play it since i needed to download 132 files! That would have taked hours, maybe its just my device but idk, it said i needed to download the files to play. Like you expect me to download 132 flipping files! , i cant say its a good or back game since i couldnt even try it. But after knowwing i have to wait like 6 hours to download the files its a no go for me :/ cute to bad i couldnt even try it.
I would go five because he'll I love this game! But I've tamed six constellation eggs at friends farms and it doesn't show up it says check out the results of taming, I click it and then it says it's failed! I'm getting pissed off at this and I'm losing my pacentice! please fix this
Only cute. Played back in 2014. Quited bcs of Love system not friendly, Bell and Coins too hard to earn, especially spend 20 Loves just to breed another trash and only sell little extra. Other system including broken tutorial; police event can't progress bcs I spent my daily tend; large file and long loading screen; animals Mastery stress; adventure system not friendly; can't check hours inside storage; can't buy certain pets just for the sake of 10 Mastery lv. Overall, cute only. Shame.
I have been playing this game for 10 years and have enjoyed it until a big update yesterday. It is now AWFUL to play. The game lags and doesn't respond like it used to. It now takes 3 times as long to do what is needed to take care of your farm. It makes me sad since I have played for so long, but I will not be continuing to play unless it is fixed very soon. I would NOT recommend for anyone to play this game.
The game is fine and all and the graphics are cute, but there is no help button that I can find. The only help buttons are about specific things but they don't really help. Took me like 30 mins to find how the transfer an animal to another place and now I cant seem to find turtle island on my map. I saw tutorials on how to get to the trading center, but how am I supposed to get to the trading center if turtle island isn't even there. Oh, and I can find a help button for the problem either.
I was promised 100,000 coins if I came back to play bc I haven't played in a bit. I clicked the notification (the 100,000 appears in gold-colored font) , the app opened up,I did NOT recieve my coins. They also were NOT in my giftbox. I really want my coins please. Aside from that, this game is a gem. SO MUCH to do, it just expands & unrolls, and secret doors open, expanding it & rolling out more! It should have much higher rating. A lot of work was & is put into it. Need more ways to earn coins
Everything about this game regards your money. All the events even if you save up enough Bells you wouldn't get the animal if you even want a chance to get it that would require money or endless grind if you want to play and enjoy a game without using your money please don't install this
I was hoping this would be a new Magic Tree game, but sadly it's not. The game is not terrible, but it's no different than other games of the same genre. RIP Magic Tree.
Cute aesthetics, but the game UI is cluttered. The tutorials barely made sense and I was extremely lost in the process. Even when I found my way, I was inevitably asked if I would like to purchase more affection. Yes, your affection towards your farm critters are reliant on you waiting or forking over USD for packs. I'm sorry, but I'll pass on the day that I have to do something so absurd!
I miss the original simpler game it used to be. I download this game years ago. Now it's all complicated and even has adds now. I'll forever miss the original one
3/23/2021 UPDATE: Can no longer access the game. Been a player for about 7 years and am now locked out. THANKS TF! Old review: over a month after the Unity update, the game is still painfully slow with no sign of a fix. Production building collection has even gotten worse and the in-game chat hasn't been fixed.
latest update is super laggy,, loading screen is taking too long,, visiting friends is also taking too long and sometimes it keeps saying "unstable network connection" even though i have good reception,, i hope it gets fixed next update..
Great game, but except it keeps crashing all the time and wont load unless i delete my other very important apps in order to free up extra space, so unless im or anyone else is willing to do this, they wont be able to play their beloved tiny farm 😐😔😭
I used to love this game. Its no fun anymore, there is too much going on now. Too many ads, seems to be more to download everytime I play. Basically pay to win these days.
The game features are Very cute and everything but there's multiple problems like The Hearts Taking forever to generate- And from the beginning the game took awhile to load I'm not sure if it's the internet or it's regular, The game might need more fixes, but overall this game has potienal, plus if I ever made a game I would say this game would be more better than mines.
I cant open my account in the game it always return me to my home screen when I press game start. I tried a different account and it works so I now know that the problem lies in original account.... Please help I really like to play this game... Thank you.
So cute and definitely a casual game. Money is kind of hard to earn, but it isn't as bad as the other comments are saying.
No check on spending premium, aka bells. i was buying an animal, expecting it to be in cash, but spent ALL my bells, 150, so over $10 in real money. Every other game has a check "Do you want to spend these 27 bells on?" as a courtesy check.
Absolute worst 'customer care' team imaginable..if you have any issues whatsoever don't expect them to care to resolve them! Once they get around to finally replying, that is.
the game is still closing and the pop up is still popping up when i try to visit friends i cannot help my friends because of this issue I URGE YOU TO PLEASE FIX THESE PROBLEMS OR I WILL BE FORCED TO UNINSTALL THE GAME I AM TRYING TO PLAY THE GAME ON MY SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB A (TABLET ) AND I REALLY WOULD LIKE THESE ISSUES RESOLVED SO I CAN KEEP PLAYING
This game is so adorable and cute! I absolutely love it I am hooked! The art is adorable and I just want more animals! Happy 9th birthday Tiny Farm! 4 stars because small arbitrary translation issues and the chat keeps crashing periodically but other than that. Amazing, addictive game!
9yrs playing and Tiny Farm has completely shifted from what it was originally. What it used to be a very chill, play & complete at your own pace kind of game, now relies heavily on daily/weekly tasks and getting limited edition animals from events (or Pay2Get.. Joy), to the point it FEELS LIKE A CHORE now. With the addition of the ad system it is now and AD WATCH FEST as they include this as a task to complete events. You need to spend HOURS daily in order to keep up. Do not recommend anymore.
The tutorial doesnt show how to play the game very well. There's a lot of stuff going on and the tutorial doesnt talk about any of it, so it's really confusing to find stuff you're looking for. The style is cute and the animals look adorable, but that's about it. Deleted because I couldnt even find the things the main quests were looking for.
I really like the graphics, but it is extremely glitchy, I paid 10 bells for an egg that I never received. I do not recommend spending money on this game.
I love this game. All the animals are so cute. Edit: I still like the game but I have removed 2 stars due to the recent updates. The game is way too different now, it's harder to play, keeps freezing and has bugs. I also got a message from the game saying that my currency can no longer be accumulated. And how are we to get animals from the forest now or even heroic animals? Please change things back.
I just installed the game. The loading system is very slow. I can't believe nobody complains about that! My phone doesn't lag but this game is very bad from the start! I don't think it is exactly necessary since I'm a ten year old that currently doesn't know much, but you should improve the loading system.
After the first big update, the game was glitchy and a whole lot different. But now all things are fixed and it's running better then the past version, and I just have to thank the devolopers for such a good game, I've been playing it for years and I'm going to continue.
Being Derby Days back! PLEASE. This is a disgrace compared to it. FFS just turn the servers back on. There was a community and everyone loved that game. Come on Com2us.
Wow, the Unity version was worked on for months? Too bad you clearly didn't test it for the same amount of time. An extended maintenance and it still turned out slow and full of bugs. Every major update is a disappointment. Wish mobile companies would stop practicing "release first, piss off players, and fix later".
honestly honestly the games okay I started playing it and it was fun but then the events are unfair the game tells me he was in a hundred percent chance you get this animal all you need to do is buy this for 300 bells if I only have 10 how am I going to get 300 bells initial wish have news events were open the box open the thing and you can get this animal I open like at least five six a day and I never forget it I eventually deleted this app for some time because eventually didn't get fun
Currently Unplayable For Me I've been playing this game off and on for years, but have recently had to uninstall it as everytime I click start, the game doesn't play. It's a real bummer because overall I thought the game was cute and enjoyable.
With 2000+mb data but still laggy,loading game so slow,almost everything is slow,..game tutorial really messy,every extra animal need extra pass & its price is getting higher for each animal,..crop so cheap even for long time crop & money is hard to get,..The ONLY good thing here is the cuteness of its animal,..other then that nothing really hook me up,..
Good game, but I haven't been able to get on because a screen with nothing on it but yes and no buttons on it comes up and I don't want to hit either without knowing what they're for. Does anyone know? Dec.31.20 The problem got fixed. YEAH!
Updated my review for bug fix I have played this game for 9years+ and this is the worst update ever. 1. Loading time is increasing significantly - The hamster continue to spin when changing to another map or another friend's farm - This is serious performance issue. Many players complains on this whenever i look into the chatbox. 2. Not responsive when i try to click the animals or production buildings - I need to click multiple times for the same animals for feeding. No such problems previously 3. Not able move friends' animals,I cannot click on my preferred animal - No such problems previously 4. Cannot move same types of animals from inventory although i still have slots in the farm - No such problems previously 5. Cannot find same types of animal if not full loves - Previously if i click 'Select Animal' it will show me the location of the animal. 6. The talking animals - a lots of words on the screen - Can it change to point to animal then show what are they saying? The screen is spam by all these talking animals' words. 7. Search function is case sensitive - previously it is case insensitive. 8. [Fix] The re-design is not working. The stuff that i have moved to new place is still located at the old place after i back to the same map again. At least i saw this problem in Turtle Island now. Some other players also seeing this problem These are what i can think of now. Please fix.. Thanks
The Love (energy) system takes 10 minutes to refill if it didn't eclipse (surpass) its limit, is increased by just 1 after you level up, and limited-time animals require higher amounts of it in order to be groomed and breed, the gameplay is not bone (very) relaxing and riddled with paywalls if you do not spend Bells to speed up timers for crops, grow animals (including fantastical ones, in what is supposed to be a hard (realistic) farming simulator) after Beginner's Luck gets used up to grow baby animals, etc. the graphics are too cute, and I'm referring to the excessive kind of cute, pixelated mediocrity, the controls are really awful at registering inputs, increasing an animal population is also increased by a pathetic 1 if an Animal Certifcation is purchased, but its price gets ridiculously jacked up each time, the game lagged a little whenever I visit Alfredo's farm since it was jam-packed with animals and decorations (and which has no village), there are MULTIPLE in-game currencies to make as much of the actual golden calf (money) as possible for the "game developers", it needed to download 50 files before I can (temporarily) enjoy it, and to be honest, this is just another waiting game that doesn't deserve 1 million downloads given how tedious it is to complete anything.
This game is probably one of the only farm and collect I actually like. Very cute. Addictive, one might say. But it comsumes a lot of space. R.I.P my farm. TnT It was great while it lasted. :)
Playing since b4 talking animals even were out. Recent updates make game barely playable and actually with the newest update yesterday, the game won't even load. So much for my 350+ day sign-in streak.