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Tiny Bubbles

Tiny Bubbles for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Pine Street Codeworks located at 701 5th Ave #3300 Seattle, WA 98104. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Interesting game mechanics and puzzles. Monetization features are tastefully done and non intrusive. I was glad to pay for this game. Enjoyable time killer.
Beautiful music and sounds. Lovely art. Challenging but not infuriating. Ads are the right proportion. I downloaded because the developer was so nice to a person with a disability who wrote about using it. They seem like a class act!
Simple, calming and beautiful. Most puzzles are not super difficult but they are fun and engaging. I like to play a few puzzles to relax.
awesome tiny bubbles. download it, you'll soon become addicted. some may complain about commercials but, they are not long and a tiny break just before your next bubbly experience...
absolutely beautiful, superior everything, makes you think (not mindless play), lots of variety. I am going to pay for it just to reward the creators of this unique and beautiful game experience even tho I don't care about ads.
Great concept and game play. Requires some thought but at the same time very zen and calm. What I really love is that the adverts are not to frequent like to many other games and you don't have to wait to get more lives if you fail a round.
Both the sound and visual design are superb, far beyond what I've come to expect from a mobile game. Compared to most games ads are minimal, and can be removed completely with purchase. Gameplay is both relaxing and challenging, and extremely satisfying. If you enjoy the gameplay you can unlock more, support the developers, and remove the few ads by purchasing for less than what most people pay for a cup of coffee.
Fun game. I hope they will come out with more levels soon, as I can already see I will play this quickly. Eye pleasing graphics, ear pleasing music and sounds. A very relaxing game. The amount of ads are just right, not enough to make me want to delete the game, but enough to make me consider buying the upgrade. That's a huge plus!
I like this game, the concept is solid and the animations are smooth. I wish there was a bit more free content though, but still this is a solid pick 👍
this game is really interesting the developers are really carrying about their games and the opinion that the public will have about it this game looks really professional and their is also a color mode for colorblinds. it is a proof of the time they past to make this beautiful and excellent game Every part of this game is interesting I will support them as much as I can if I could give 10/5 stars I would because they give for free their 200% ❤️❤️❤️ #Irecommendthisapp
The idea and design are awesome. Wasn't sure before downloading if I would enjoy it but it is pure pleasure. New ideas and goals appear so it does not get boring. The pro version seems to me at a fair price for this piece of work.
Wonderful, charming, cute fun little game that obviously has a lot of thought and artistic + development effort put into it. Bought the paid version before completing the first zone and I even find myself writing a review! That should tell you how good it is.
I bought the Ad Free upgrade and it still harassed me to watch an ad after playing infinity mode the first time. So I refunded that and uninstalled. Pretty slimey, dev.
Beautiful. It would be lovely if the infinity portion of the game did not have a limit on the number of moves.
its very fun and challenging. Every level has kept me captivated where most games bore me after a while. This game leaves me excited to play more. keep making new and different styles of play. I will keep the app if you do.
Unfortunately, though this is probably the best game I've played as a low-key screen puzzle distraction (great animation, lovely sound design, good concept, complex and simple at the same time, friendly characters), on top of the understandable ads, (you've got to pay the bills) fully two out of only seven worlds are behind a frustrating paywall. This leaves a game which is Quite short. I finished it in only two days, and having finished everything free, am now deleting and on to another game.
When I launch the game, all I get is a black screen and I am unable to do anything with my phone until I take the battery out.
Didnt buy premium because times are tough but can say the 5 sections that are free to play are heaps of fun and doesnt get old. Great fun, Great graphics, Great soundtrack, Not too many ads 10/10
Was decently fun, until I kept getting unskippable ads. You can't even get back to the game without having to close and restart the game, it just sits on the ad. I seriously don't understand developers who do this. Why would you allow unskippable ads?? Don't download, not worth it at all.
A nice relaxing game with chilled music. Puzzles can be tricky but are solvable with a little thought. definitely one of the better puzzle games I've played.
I wanted so badly for this to work for me. The game looks beautiful and the sound is great. The gameplay is new and creative. BUT the colorblind mode is not working for me. I still can't tell them well enough. You need a symbol or pattern on the bubbles and colors for colorblind people. While I REALLY appreciate the thoughtfulness of including a high contrast color mode, it's still not enough for my eyes. Great idea and well done. I'll keep an eye out in case you update it with patterns.
This is a fun game that makes you think a bit. So far, knowledge of basic colour matching has helped. most challenges don't require speed, but a few do. However, it generously lets you have another go if it doesn't work first time.
It's a lovely distracting game, a couple ads here and there which are totally fair and understandable. But unfortunately I've finished the free game, the rest of the game is behind a paywall. It's not expensive £3.99, but I have made a conscious decision in the past to not pay for games on my phone, so I guess I'm pretty much done. Edit to response: I'm sorry to hear the ads don't cover everything, I also hope you make money from the game after your efforts. Best of luck.
good game, but short. 5 stars for actually being fun and addictive. But lacks a lot of levels. be playing it right now if had more levels.
Warning: Addictive! Relaxing to play, puzzles are very satisfying to solve, and the overall aesthetic of the game is pleasantly hypnotic.
I was a slow starter on this one because the instructions are somewhat vague and it took a bit to figure it out. Once I did, I'm their biggest fan. It's pretty, soothing, deceptively simple and completely engrossing. And I love the star babies!
Love this game! It's simple to learn but becomes challenging enough to keep things interesting. Cute design and very few ads. I will be supporting the creators by buying the ad-free version soon
Very fun, aesthetic and intuitive puzzle game. Seems as though you get most of the gameplay for free. Ads are minimal and don't feel invasive. This might be the one game I pay for premium just to support the developer!
Great, addictive but drains your battery even on battery saving mode. The developers should be able to make it so it does not use that much battery About the "infinity" mode. It I do not have to wait 3 hours then I will watch more ads. Don't you think?
I seldom leave reviews for games, but this one truly deserves it. The game is excellent, but what really impresses me is all the small respectful things the developers did right, such as the clear language prompt on first launch telling you what data tracking will be used for, and allowing you to opt out, the brief, non intrusive advertisements, including a color blind mode. The list could keep going. It feels like the developers respect both the player and games as an art form.
This is the most well-considered game I've played in a long time. The soap-bubble physics are a treat to interact with and provide endless combinations and variety - kudos to the devs for their thorough exploration of the possibilities. The fluidity of gameplay transcends that of some of my other favorites - Two Dots, Quell, Peggle - and puts it on par with my all-time favorite, Monument Valley. Even the ads are presented well, and with a hint of apology for their necessity. Thank you, Pine St!
fun 2 play some types of levels have a steeper learning curve than others but format has changed a bit since my last attempt and seems easier to understand what the next move involves . I like the replay option if you click wrong you don't have to wait to end the level to restart.
The gameplay itself is good, like others are saying, not too easy but not frustrating. But there aren't many levels, bought the app since it seemed new and figured there would be more, but they don't seem to be hurrying to make more....not sure it's worth the money if they're not going to add levels. Also even if you have screen rotation turned off, if you have your screen tilted even the tiniest bit it will force you into landscape. Really annoying, especially since it looks just fine portrait
This game is so beautiful, I mean I'm a complete sucker for cute, nerdy things. Bloop is fracking adorable! My 7 yr old daughter and I love it to just play around and relax. Not too easy and not too hard. We really love how you get to change the colors in a bubble! You get a coffee from us just for having a game that isn't just candy crush in disguise, its super fun! 💕 I cant wait to see what other games you make😊
Slick game, but way too many "commercials", and it's ramping up. It's the sort of game with a few seconds of play per level, and an ad every few levels. I can't play it.
Not challenging but relaxing and nice animations where some fortunately can be skipped. Too boring for me to keep playing since not increasing in difficulty (at least not after ~75 levels done).
I found this game rally fun and it is really spectacular. The logic and fisics under the game is fabulous. Its simply and tricky at the same time. Good job to everyone involved in. Thumb up!
I've only played a few levels so far but, based on presentation alone, this is what mobile games should be. This was clearly made with a lot of love (and the gameplay is super cool so far too)
Wow, just wow! Beautiful artwork, really stunningly beautiful and fun! Gameplay is so smooth and the graphics are just sublime. Rich soundscapes mixed with flowing play just make this one of my favorite games ever! Cheekily challenging in a way a game has never quite made me feel before. it's almost toying with you. I couldn't give you my money fast enough. so worth every dime. Really hope this project has more to come? Just awesome, this game goes to 11! Because it's one higher...... 11/11
I love this game. It's a creative and fun take on the matching style games. I've already spent hours on this game and still have hours of gameplay ahead. I highly recommend this game.
Loving this game so far, I can tell a lot of thought and care has been put into it. Gameplay is really fun, great unintrusive music and very user friendly UI.
I really like the gameplay itself. but I'm also very impressed with the ethicalness of the game, ads, purchasing.
Fun, and challenging, but not too challenging! the ads aren't too intrusive, and it's a fun and unique concept! gorgeous graphics, and lovely sound effects and music ^^
Such a fun and cute little game. I purchased the full version hoping there'd be more levels. Knocked off a star for the limited puzzles and another star for the level "Spumoni Pop" being absolutely unbeatable. I'm 3 puzzles away from finishing the game but this level has made the game unplayable. It's frustrating beyond belief and I can only assume it's glitched at this point.
Easy but beautiful beautiful graphics. the physics engine in this game is great, the little character Bloop is adorable (and a pain sometimes lol), and sound design is spot on. Biggest complaint is the puzzles are quite easy. Forces players to think in different ways sometimes which is great, but rarely difficult to solve. Completing the challenges is a slightly more difficult challenge. In any case, for a stress free, beautiful looking puzzle game, this is it
I like this game a lot! Such a unique puzzle game. It makes you think hard; even when you think you know you're colors you're going to make mistakes because this game can get tricky! But oh, boy, is it fun.
I'm having a lot of fun with this game!! The fish is adorable and I can't wait for the aquarium to open up! I plan on paying for premium when I get paid. Definitely worth playing!
Nice time waster. Dev is up front and honest about use of ads to support and struck a perfect balance. Other developers take note, this is how you do it.
so far I love it, very calming and there's not an annoying about of ads but if it keeps my attention I'll consider buying it so there'll be no ads.
I am not one to leave reviews, or generally pay for full versions but I love this. Surprisingly relaxing, love the dark mode ability and how it asked to make sure the colours were clear and distinct etc. You can tell a lot of thought went into this.
The graphics in this game are smooth and very colorful..I especially love the little fish in it,so cute..the game is especially fun..if you haven't tried it yet you must!!!!
This can be very challenging. Each level starts with a group of cells that need to be merged in a particular way. In order to do that, the membranes between them need to be broken. Although the solution is always logical, the attempts can have unexpected results. I enjoy it a lot.
I just realized that I've stayed up nearly all night! Once I began playing, I was entranced and completely lost track of time. I LOVE not needing to wait or pay for more lives to continue trying to pass a level. I appreciate the availability of the dark mode. (My one request would be that the main map screen would also have an option to darken.) I often can't play games because of light sensitivity issues. I am VERY glad I can play this one. The grapic design and game play are superb!
This game is great, beats boredom and so satisfying when you pass a level. The sound effects are great and the music is calming. Would recommend.
This is a nice, calming game with great aesthetics and optional ad removal via in app purchases. The mechanics are fun, easy to learn and thoughtfully explained as you go! This is a great puzzle game for those looking to pass some time without too many distractions!
i rarely review games. but had to for this because this is unique. to make such a good quality game free of cost in the store, the developers have to put ads and it is understandable. one purchase makes the app ad free too.
This is an excellent game. It's addictive, fun, and free. The physics are great- the bubbles act like real world bubbles. I like the 'infinity ' feature, too- I've seen too many games where the boosts and hints are behind a paywall. It's a good choice for a casual burn a few minutes game.
Wow wow wow. This game is beautiful, fun, and oozes character. The devs come across as present, quirky, and cool. Love the little details like warning me ads are coming by calling them "commercial breaks". Loved being asked if the colors were clear enough for colorblindness. Great approach all around.
Love the sound effects and versality the game offers with the physical response of the bubbles and colors combinations. It is also very close to mindfulness at the beginning but then some levels are based on velocity or they have stressful constraints so I don't like it so much as before when I like to relax. Would be great to have a filter or options to decide whether I want to relax and see satisfying popping of bubbles or whether I need a more adrenaline shot challenge.
Loved it, paid for no ads, worth it. Then I hit a level I couldn't solve even with hints. Haven't played it since. Wish I could use infinity game tickets to skip that one level.
I am still struggling to find out when the fish creates a bubble and what will be that bubble colour. I thought, description will be self explanatory, but it is very generalized. Pls add a description about that that particular puzzle also. For, rest of things enjoyable game.
Relaxing game, graphics and sound effects are nice :) felt price was reasonable as clearly there's been a lot of effort put into making the game pretty and intuitive!
unusually well designed game. really pleasant to play. challenging without being frustrating, and looks good without being excessively 'cute'.
I just started playing this week and I find it relaxing yet really it works at my mind as well, so much better than any dumb matching game. feels like in a game for intelligent adults. thank you so much
Excellent entertainment. I have read that when you press & hold, in order to see the result of a combination of colors, when you release it, it actually submits the action; well, to avoid that, hold the view while you move out of the circle, then release it. This is if you do not want that combination. I am enjoying this game a lot. Thanks. :)
Chill game, infrequent ads with option to pay to remove them. challenging but possible to win. I'm really enjoying it!
Good until I finished all the levels. Then it's either achievements I've missed (but no way to see where they can be accomplished) or Infinite play which actually lasts about 80 seconds and days to come back in 3 hours. So now I'm uninstalling. I happily pay for games that offer regular updates and new content but I've seen no sign.
As with any F2P mobile game, there are ads. hey arent over whelming in any way. The game is clever. Challenging without being infuriating. Good app.
The graphics, animation, and music are so soothing! The puzzles are also so interesting. What seems complicated at first actually have simple solutions, making you see problems differently :)
Lost me with the "infinity" mode that actually isn't infinite but forces 3 hours in between play. Getting really tired of meh games forcing ads and extremely long wait times just to play. It's a game about popping bubbles not a culture changing classic! Act like the over polished time waster you are.
It's an ok game. It is too easy, and having to pay to gain so little of extra content is not worth it to me.
Nice to see a new game that is not just a re-skinned clone. Sound effects and music are zen like, makes it easy to relax whilst playing.
This is a good game. I love it so much that it got it better. Tiny bubbles has lots of games!!!! IT IS SO GOOD AND FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤❤🐟🐟. If It had more free world's it is good.please give me the aquarium bye tomorrow please 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😉😉😉😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
The most relaxing and frustrating thing to do when you need a quick break from work. Love this! Definitely worth the small price to support them and get all of it.
Well made game, but often becomes nothing but a lesson in frustration because of reaction time. I HATE puzzle games with time limits.
Gorgeous. Beautifully original puzzle game, with serene animation and sound. I so want to live in this bubbleverse. Challenging enough for puzzlers and logicians, immersive enough for procrastinators and escapees. Pop, pop, gloop.
Fine gaming software indeed! It is imaginative and original. The puzzles are engaging and interesting, the overall level of polish impressive, and aesthetically it is beautifully presented. Congratulations to the team, this is excellent work!
Fun but the ad frequency is insane. After almost every level, almost everytime you restart a level. Even when offline there is a black screen, with a timer of course, telling you this is where an ad would play. It claims most ads can be skipped after 5 seconds.....wrong. 30-45 seconds everytime. Ads keep getting longer and more frequent month after month. What a joke of a platform.
Fabulous art. Really good puzzles. Just enough cleverness needed to keep it interesting. I decided to pay to unlock all levels and it was worth it. Quite cheap too.
FUN brain teaser! Paid to remove ads, no glitches, beautiful graphics. My only suggestion would be to add a hot link so we can pull up a color mixing cheat sheet during the puzzles. Over all, great game!
cute little game with non invasive sounds and suitanle for children and kids at heart. yes there are ads but you can either buy or choose to not worry about. game doesn't seem to have any glitches. haven't chosen to buy yet but doesn't mean you shouldnt . reckon it will be worth it. they deserve the awards they have been given. congratulations!
Fun, relaxing, great soundtrack, unobtrusive ads with the option for no sound in the ad. Thoroughly enjoying this game!
I love everything about this game. The tutorial is well designed, the graphics are beautiful and satisfying. The sound design is great. The puzzle levels are challenging and interesting. I can't say enough good things about this game. I purchased the premium pack because I want more games by this developer.
I'll admit I thought 'another bubble popping game, oh boy..' but this game is surprisingly fun and challenging. The graphics are cute and the soundtrack is nice- could be a little more ethereal in my opinion but still it's not annoying, yet. The puzzles are a good mixture of simple to challenging. There are ads if you play online, but I simply turn off wifi/data during play, turning back on to watch ads when I want. Hopefully they add more levels as I've finished many already. 👍 thus far.
Beautiful, immersive game with engaging well-designed puzzles. This is the kind of game I always hope to find and rarely do.
One of the prettiest time waster games I have come across. The visuals are just beaitful and, if you're as slow as me, it will take you a while to solve all puzzles. £3.99 for no ads seems fair, but then that's personal choice and for me it just lifts the enjoyment to a new level. Highly recommended!
Extremely fun and semi-relaxing. I love that they take into account color blind people by asking if the colors are too similar before you start the game
This is not the usual match-up game. It hasn't required ongoing purchases to keep playing and it has been very absorbing. I started playing, expecting to do a couple puzzles, but got lost in it instead. Very nice!
Soothing game that is challenging but not stressful. I purchased the full game to have more levels and I still play the levels over and over after completing them all.
Love the peaceful music, the puzzles are diverse and fun. The little characters make it extra entertaining! I don't typically spend money on games but I wanted to support the makers of this one.
a very cute and unique puzzle game! i finished all of the free levels within a day since i play a lot of puzzles, but i keep it around to play the endless game. the mechanics are smooth, the graphics are gorgeous, and the music is nice! despite how quickly i finished the available levels, i might still end up buying the full version someday because of just how fun it is.
I have not played much of the game yet but am really enjoying it so far. It is a type of puzzle I have not seen before which is rare. The thing that really made this game stand out was the colourblind mode, I appreciate the extra thought and effort the Devs put in for accessibility reasons
Very impressive work. How did u make it looked so realistic? Game concept so fun. I only having trouble understanding the icons and UI indicators.
This game is great, I have nothing bad to say about it, which is so rare these days. Didn't even care when the 1st ad appeared, sadly it didn't load. This is one of the few games that truly deserves ads. You can see a lot of time and effort went into this. Top marks.
How to exit the application? It seems that it is only paused when I tap the back button. Is there exit at all? Edit: I'll found the game a bit frustating. It rushes at you with new puzzles faster than you masters your skills. It is not clear if you should tap fast (or slow is good enough to complete the level). Overcomplicated idea with color mixing as for me. Because puzzles changes in type (not complexity or size) I don't feel excitment of learning and solving - it just vapurates.
It's fun to figure out the right color combination to accomplish the goal. And the music and overall visual creates a calming environment for me.
the game is interesting and most of ADs are moderately short. game play could be tricky as some operations have to be combined critically in time sequence. players may need some out of box thinking.
Nice game. relaxing and challenging. Fun with colour. Different to other puzzle games I have tried. Very enjoyable. Not too many ads.
Great Puzzle Game! While playing, one can tell how much love has been invested into this Game. And really nice integration of Ads, not disturbing in anyway to gameplay. Most Mobile games should take this game as Reference. Wish the Producers Success!
I play a lot of puzzle games and I'm always looking for a good one. This is my favorite I've found. It's my second time downloading it. It's really underrated. The physics of the game play a major role in solving the puzzles and I haven't found another game whose use of physics is as fun. Also the game is designed really well. It's really well thought out. Challenging and fun.
wow is all I need to write. Your game is ridicious. I have multiple problems with this game. No real updates. No new game levels. When you play the bonus rounds and you try for minutes to get the bonus points but a 30 second ad won't play. Oh it's your system. Check your internet connection. So over again and again I lose out on these points. Even though there's no new levels to play. I like this game but so many issues.
This game has the most respect for the player as far as ads. The let you know when an ad is coming, don't give you too many ads, and let you know you can skip them. This is how all free to play games should be made.
Great brain tickler. Sound is good. Puzzles are challenging. Very polished game. Anyone looking for a new way to exercise your mind should give it a try!
This is the best puzzle game I played on my phone. Graphic are awesome, mechanics are so good! Game isn't boring! Good job 👍 Thanks for this game! 😊 I will recommend it to my friends. This is one of a kind!
really enjoying this game. I was searching for a new leisure goal oriented game. little did I know I was searching for this game. fun, cute and rewarding ! I especially love the starfish :)
This is a really good game. Really made me think to figure out the solutions Unfortunately, I seem to gave gotten through the free levels, and can't spend money on games. It was fun while it lasted.
Absolutely love this game, it's so therapeutic and I don't even mind the music that plays, normally that does my head, but kind of helps me to stay calm and focus 💕💕
Lovely mellow vibes! but reducing by one star due to the bombardment of ads but I believe you can purchase an ads free version which people who like this game should consider... Please check out a very mellow yet potentially life changing knowledge based talk intitled "Another View" by a bloke called A. R. Green - you can find it on the YouTube platform and you simply plug in the keywords "another view green" into the YouTube searchbox and it will immediately pull up! Enjoy...
very relaxing and fun. creative gameplay and pleasing graphics. you are not bombarded with ads like most other games.
This is a fun game. I bought premium today. There are two small problems though. Firstly, the game rotates to landscape mode even if my screen rotation is disabled. Secondly, please allow undo in case you placed a colour into wrong bubble on accident. Or allow zoom. It's sooo hard to click accurately on the tiny ones :(
What appeals to me about this game: easy to figure out and get started quickly, the graphics are appealing and I can't be certain if I'm really good or if the game is really easy... it's a win-win!
Being profoundly hard of hearing, I can't speak about the soundtrack of this game, but I really like how thoughtful the developer has been concering colorblindness, providing alternatives that allow people who do no see a full range of colors to play this game. I'm enjoying it a lot, its quite different then other games. The ads are minimal, and announced.
The starting mechanics and challenges are straightforward, but if you keep going the mechanics get more challenging as you try to manipulate the shape and size of the bubbles. Excellent casual game.
It's a beautiful, meditative game that I get cought up in for hours . The graphics show the complexity of bubble lighting with a calm meditative environment. The behavior of the bubbles and puzzle components are very intuitive. I have only completed 3 areas and they have been relatively easy. I paid premium because I feel those involved with the game's creation are undervalued, especially when starting out. There are in app purchases but they can generally be earned by watching an ad instead.
Fun casual puzzle game. Has a few interesting mechanics so far. Premium (ad-free) package seems reasonably priced.
Dont usually write reviews but this exceeded expectations. I really like the graphics and its quite a calming game you can easily get addicted to. Got just the right balance between being a slight cerebral challenge but not feeling like your doing anything
One of the only games I would write a review for because it is a basic concept but well designed and clearly communicated at all steps. I can see that the developers out thought into the player and respected the player. Wonderful time waster, good imagine and sound design and would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a very casual game to keep them busy in moments that would otherwise be wasted. 10/10
It was fun when there was something to do. Now I finished the free levels, cannot buy the premium package for some reason and there is only infinite play which is not infinite at all. The game itself is fun though, very straightforward and easy to understand. Thanks!
Wonderful game. Don't go arcade straight away, get some experience going left. Finished the whole game now, but struggling with the achievements. Note to the devs: would be good to know which puzzle helps with achievements, i. e. which can be replayed and what can be improved. Thank you for a pleasant game.
Pretty fun gameplay, with some help my 3 year old enjoys playing. I downloaded it some months ago and it is one of the few games he still returns to. Only issue is I can't remember what the tickets are for and can't find the answer easily in game.
Such a calm atmosphere! Ads aren't intrusive at all (2 in 10 minutes), and the game have me the option to purchase after the 2nd one, which I did. Awesome sound design, fun puzzles, and simple to-the-point game play. Perfect relaxation game.
I've played through the first section, the game requested a review. This is a fun little time filler. Beautifully crafted graphics and serene background music. Great concept and enjoyable in small amounts of time. The ads kill the biggest enjoyment.
Overall, a nice casual choice! Graphics, concept, execution and UI are all smooth and well done. Scaling up of difficulty is smooth and clean. Unless you pay for the added worlds though, you really only get 3-4 days of play for an active user and a week or two for more casual folks before you've done all the puzzles. Good overall and hoping to see evidence that the dev team plans to add more worlds/levels/challenges for paid as well as free play.
Game seems good but to close an ad the calibration is off so you click the "x" 6 times before actually closing an ad forcing your ap store to open. Maybe go with a different ad system. Dont bother replying I aint cong back.
This game is absolutely brilliant, can't stress how much fun it is to play, very original and beautifully paced, even when you feel like you can't process you find a solution, very satisfying, well recommend.
A wonderful way to spend some time. The game actually makes you think about how to proceed and is challenging without being overwhelming. Worth spending the money to upgrade to the premium version.
A lot of fun, and it's a great way to really learn the primary and secondary colors as well as what happens when you mix complementary colors. Unlike my mother who legitimately thought red and green make. Blue. Needless to say, this game really helped me show her how wrong she was. I'm going into art for college, and for her not to trust me when I say blue does not come from red and green really gives you a headache. Thank you for this game. Loads of fun! Ads are handled greatly.
First you start thinking "oh, it's just mixing colors", until you learn how much you know your colors. Very engaging! Beautiful animation. Works smoothly!
This game has some serious flare, so far I've enjoyed myself every second. they really used the concept of colorful bubbles really well with all the different mechanics. I love the different names for your profiles and you can choose between 15 different languages. so much personality, so much fun, all in all, a wonderful game made by wonderful people.
Decent game. But locked after a small number of worlds and you are required to buy to proceed. Bad purchase format. I hadn't realised there were a limited number of worlds, but paying 3.99 for an extra two out of seven is a lot. The game has an original concept though and deserves its awards!
still new to this game but, it's just great! You can play as much or as little as you like. The levels are thought provoking and not too difficult. Definitely check it out
The game is quite stylish, unique, and becomes rather challenging at some point (though one can reduce the challenge using boosts). Well done!
I love this game. Just... Don't put too many colors in one bubble... Youll see something you don't want. EDIT: hey dev. Didnt think I'd get a response. But what I'm talking about is how a level will become corrupt with all the sprites messed up. I think it has something to do with rapidly adding colors to one bubble. Making it massive before the spikey guys can break it.
Well well well, what a game. The people who designed it put much thought and love into how it looked, how it sounded and most importantly, how it makes the player feel. Not about winning, but the learning process to get through each level. Beautiful!!
it makes you think and the graphics are awesome! First time I went past the double outside line and the little spikey things attacked. Made me giggle. Love this. keep it up.
a lot more enjoyable than i thought, reasonable amount of ads, aesthetically pleasing, intuitive gameplay, and good music, perfect
I downloaded the game for fun and I paid for it to support the developer(s) because I saw the responses they left on some of the reviews and was genuinely impressed by how they handled criticism.
This game is absolutely adorable. I normally don't do reviews but this one is definitely a must-have if you want an escape from reality. a Great game to play before sleep, and make some sea critter friends. Highly recommend :)
Unique puzzle concept. The right details in the right places. Simple game but there is enough here to fill some spare time, which is all I needed. It shows that a ot of passion was put in this game, keep it up.
the way the bubbles move and form is really satisfying. the controls are responsive and their is a perfect difficulty curve! great game to play when you want to relax!
I think the concept could be good. It takes ages to get to an interesting puzzle. The loading for each puzzle is longer than the puzzle. It introduces such tiny things in the tutorial, so slowly, just give me 10 things that teach me how to play, then give me puzzles
Good looking, fun and not stressful game. Gets harder and longer to complete, but never pushing you. Will keep playing and show to friends.
This game is very relaxing and each puzzle has unlimited times you can try, with no timer, which is important to enjoy the experience. It looks lovely and sound design fits the graphics. It was explained well, but I'll be honest, sometimes I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing, or how/why/when the fish was adding more bubbles, or how I was supposed to achieve the goal, so I just got stuck on those puzzles. I'd say this was a good game to play if you were on a long journey as it's calming
Definitely one of the most interesting unique and creative puzzle games I've encountered. I usually find most games too repetitive and just time killers, this one feels higher quality.
This game is oddly calming and addictive. Has a soundtrack like spore with a simple game play that has color mixing and strategy in a completely unique experience. luckily, there are lots of tips and hints if you get stuck or are color inept.
I liked that you offered a choice to select colors that are more visually distinct, as it was rather hard for me to tell yellow and green apart. However, it turned out that game is unplayable with those colours, as the logic of mixing colours is totally messed up with them. Then I thought that the option to hold on the bubble to see what was happened, but this turned out to be highly unusable as well, as it is interpreted as action when you release the hold.
Enjoyable game, beautiful design and very reasonable price for full game with no ads. I'm just sad that I've completed it.
Very enjoyable and visually delicious game! Only real "complaint" is the use of the phrase "Coming Soon". The Aquarium has been "Coming Soon" for at least six months now. I recommend either delivering the update or rephrasing the message to "Don't hold your breath" (pun intended).
Good game, everything ok, but the jittering on the android screen is too much after clearing all worlds am stuck on the last one and everyte I start a new game the jittering starts and the screen is hung. Can you fix this bug please in your next release.
A whole new groundbreaking puzzle game with detailed and fantastic effects. This is definitely a fascinating piece... but after playing for a while, the stage was too difficult for me. I think it's designed to be solved without fail, but at least I want you to eliminate the randomness that changes every time you redo the stage. There are probably many players who enjoy it, but it's difficult for me. ( I'm japanese, sorry please when my english is strange and wrong... )
Dynamic, relaxing, beautiful, challenging, and original! A must have! I rarely buy extensions, but this will be an exception to the rule! Great game team! Kudos!
Beautiful and sounds great. I've only played for 10 mins so I can't give it any higher, haven't had time to judge the puzzle mechanics
Fun little time waster that mostly lacks in long-term playability. It only took me a couple of days to complete all the free levels and I find the price too high for the content that you'll get from purchasing the full game. Infinity mode is kinda fun, but not really infinite if you have to wait three hours(for me it would be great if there was an infinity mode without the tickets that's actually infinite, not like I need the tickets anyway)
this game is pretty dang incredible. I like the attitude the developer seems to have towards ads, and the stylistic elements of the game are gorgeous. in addition, even with my adhd, I have no problem focusing on the game. I could play this for hours! well done!
I really like the game, it is creative and amusing and really well thought out, but what I really love and appreciate is the ad courtesy, they warn you when they show up and explain why they have to put them in and also they're muted automatically. I bought the premium just to support the artists who designed this lovely game, but really the ads aren't intrusive and the game is really innovative.
I- oh man. It's hard to find a mobile game of this caliber, it's hard to find ANY GAME of this caliber. This game knows exactly what it wants to do and does it RIGHT. I can tell that this is single-handedly one of the best if not the best mobile game ever, and I've only played it for like less than two minutes!