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Time Trap - Hidden Object Adventure Games

Time Trap - Hidden Object Adventure Games for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Crisp App Studio - Hidden Object Games located at 65049, Ivana Franka 55 Odessa, Ukraine. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really enjoy this game. Refreshing from other hidden object games. Each room is different and challenging. I
Would be exceptional, but some items to vague, dark or obscure.. And no explanation when you can't progress for no apparent reason📉...Obtain 3 stars & in menu appears complete, but overall menu remains 😢2stars or incomplete chapters??? So next level remains locked... 🔐 Keep resetting puzzles & searching same scenes🕶️until 🙏hopefully really complete & lets me progress...
Very entertaining! My top 3 favorites from Crisp Studios! I REALLY wish they would make a part two to this story. It is really disappointing to read people complaining about Crisp App Studio's games, some of their games are a little juvenile and silly, but overall they put of time and energy into making the games very entertaining and YES FREE! The Advertising is minimal and again, they are FREE! Thank you for making these games this! Please make a part two for Time Trap, it is one of you best!
Game is quite good but unfortunately all these bloody ads are a pain in the backside, time to uninstall!!!!
Great game,,not to hard yet not to easy,,,not a huge amount of ads...nice for a free game...so far I have nothing negative to say about this game. Sure helps pass the time on bad days,nice to have something to keep your mind busy.Thank you to the creator's of games like this..
Shame on you! If you can't complete the storyline then just admit that and hold the product until you do. Interesting graphics, but you insulted my intelligence by retracting required stars to move to next level. And by the time the error message bait and switch happened I was ready to quit but I journeyed on only to find that there really was no true conclusion to the story. You excited me and then let me down. Ugh!
Love this game, love the graphics and the way thing blend in a bit making it challenging to find the objects. Game is well put together. Thank you
A very enjoyable game hidden objects are very well hidden indeed. I have to use the hint button occasionally but that's not unusual. So far as the darkness of the screen making it hard to find items, I just turned up the brightness of the screen and have no problem.
I got through the first few levels and my eyes were strained far too much. Even on a phone with a big screen the items are blurry and not crisp enough even with the brightness turned up. Sorry ☹ I had to uninstall.
Refreshing and mind focusing game. It brainstorm our mind and challenging one. I really like this game to play.
Artwork is beautiful, puzzles aren't too difficult, story is short yet intriguing. Game is free to play and complete.
Pretty disappointed with this after really enjoying a couple of your other hidden object games. Some of the scenes are so dark, even with the brightness turned up to maximum you cannot see a number of the objects. In the couple of scenes I played before giving up a number of the objects are actually behind the HINT button, impossible to find. Only by hitting HINT does the object appear from behind the button. Putting this down as an unlucky choice and will try your other games.
Like game but won't let you out of it has no exit game feature that's why 1 star if that was fixed would give it a 5 and play more games like this
Love the game it's hard to find items but that's exactly what I like about it.The further I go the more I want to see .
So far I'm really enjoying the fact this is more hidden object scenes than figuring out scenes which is what I'm used to when playing apps. Thank you so much.
Some of the objects are hard to find because of how well they are hidden. Some times it is very dark.
One of the very best hidden object games around, crisp clear intricately detailed graphics with objects actually hidden in the scenes, not just stuck in anywhere. A real pleasure to play.
I'm a bit disappointed. I no sooner than paid for ads to be gone than the game was over. Good game but incredibly short...
This game has been wonderful. The graphics are amazing. I've played a many hidden objects games where they were to easy but this game you really have to look for objects. Love it
Its pretty good but the brightness is too low!!! I cant find the objects due to poor light in the game even if my phone brightness is turned all the way up and in the house. Please fix or let us be able to ajust it in the game settings.
The designers of this game did an awesome job. Ive been playing nothing but hidden games from Crisp. Good job.
So enjoying this game its unlike other hidden object games as the story is interesting to follow and there are no time constrictions, I like the sepia graphics and the well hidden objects, I see many enjoyable hours ahead
This is mostly hidden object games, with a few other puzzles. Thats exactly what I was looking for. Its dark, and creepy! Perfect! And FREE! The only problem I've had so far is that it didnt give me enough time to read the story at the beginning. Otherwise, I'm having a great time so far.
Nice game to keep the calls away. Only "thing" I found against the game was it says to finding "jar" and there's 10 jars lying around. After you click on 4 or 5 wrong jars the game takes 2,000 points away. I just uninstalled the game. It should have at least said find 10 jars when there are 10 jars and not 1 out of 10.
Some things are well hidden but to get anywhere, you have to redo scenes till you know them well. Making replaying the Game not as fun.
I'm reserving my 5-star rating for a later time, although I'm inclined to give it to them now. I've only just begun to play, but thus far, this beats out all of the Wooga & other hidden-objects games I've tried. Great graphics, challenging scenes, solid storylines, & perhaps best of all, no ploys to make you buy packages to continue game play! I'm really enjoying this, & if their other apps follow suit, I'll be a devoyee of this developer!
Good game. Very engaging and interesting. Clues sometimes a bit hard to see as screen is quite dark. Enjoying it so far though.
Aside from hiding pictures behind the Hint and Menu buttons so that you have to enlarge the picture to click them, which adds to your time, the game is okay.
Not easy and some areas you really have to look to find the objects. Don't rely on the hint button, give yourself time you'll find what your searching for.
Love the game, the art work and the ads are short. The play is easy, I hate long stories with these games.
This is a challenge for me, not so much into the story behind the game, but got the searching involved. Crisp App Studio games have hit a nerve with me, and being shut in such games are great for forgetting time and circumstance. Take an old girl's word for it, another game to add to the keeper list! My thanks to the people behind things, and more of these please.
Not bad so far. Pinch and expand. Clear descriptions. And looks like a dirty wartorn dusty environment. Not some comic cute sepia pictures.
I have played hidden object games for years, since Windows 95. I found myself just randomly tapping the screen because it's too dark and dreary and every object looks the same pretty much, I was playing on a 10 inch tablet but I still couldn't make out any objects so I uninstalled.
Really enjoy the challenge. The graphics are beautiful and atmospheric and the hunt for clues is difficult enough to keep you hooked.
Just started playing but so far loving it,,not to hard but not to easy either so that makes for pefection...Ads are minimal....I think a game I'm going to enjoy...
One of those games where I wasn't sure if I'd like it after watching the video, but glad I gave it a chance. Excellent story-driven hidden-object adventure with mini-games. It's a must try! :)
The game is enjoyable however some of the objects are definitely difficult to find because some scenes are very dark.
I have enjoyed playing several of these games by crisp app studios and have enjoyed Every one of them. Give them a try I'm sure you will be like me and want to play every one of them. A good way to exercise In my case the old Gray brain matter Haha.
Awesome game, challenging but do able. Question, sometimes it says there are two of one object, like pass x2 or diary x2. I havent been able to find the second item. Is this a glitch, or am I missing something? Ive had to restart that game just to get through.
All the games a pretty good, some are harder than others, some seem to be repetative, but still enjoyable. This one is one of the best, I really enjoyed it!
Just OK. Mostly hidden objects and not enough puzzles and other challenges. The music is very repetitive. The story line is fairly weak. Big Fish makes better games.
A lovely game with a twist at the end. Enjoyed the puzzles too. Big downside for me, too many snakes and bugs 🤨