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Tile Craft - Triple Crush: Puzzle matching game

Tile Craft - Triple Crush: Puzzle matching game for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by STARSPRITE located at 6 Raffles Quay, SINGAPORE 048580. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very cool game/app! Tried others but this one is the best. Not overloaded with adds every time you finish one set! That's a relief in it's self! Good back drops that offer you to change if you want! I'm enjoying it! Hope it doesn't change with some unexpected upgrade! I totally recommend this Tile Craft game! Try it!
I think this is more instant identification and recognition than memory.Make sure your eyes are clear and your glasses clean because there are small differences in some of the tiles It does keep the mind active.
I like this game because so far it doesn't like it keeps sucking your money like the other game I had.
I like this game it is very nice game and it helps ask to sharp our memory as we have to pick the things
It is ok a bit plain, and would really like more in-depth 3D effects and not so many basic levels, I'm an adult and love very hard puzzles. This one is very simple and great for kids or perhaps others who don't mind going through all the locked levels to get to the more challenging levels ...
Ive been playing this game every since it came out, i love this game so much its really hard to put down, if you dont like the ads then turn your wifi off, thats what i do when playing the game and it works. I really dont understand why everyone is complaing about the game? Ive had no problems with the game, if i could rate this 100 percent, i will, but people need to stop complaing about the game cause theres nothing wrong with it!!!!! Awesome graphics, love the pictures.
Great game! I just got it yesterday and I am already hooked! It is a very fun game and very interesting. It is hard sometimes but very worth it! It gives you bonuses to help you and only makes y ou pay for helps after you reached your 20. I really love how they add more icons to the game! I am very strict a bout my games but I love this so much and hope you guys do to.
Does what you expect. I find it very soothing. I do wish there were more rewards for finishing levels, esp. past lvl 1000 when there's no new wallpapers, but other than that, solid game.
Great game but far too many ads. If you win a level you have to watch an ad to claim your prize then when you try to move on to the next level you have to watch another ad... Shame really cause it is a good game to play.very addictive
I really enjoy the fun colored tiles and the relaxing way to play.I was enjoying the game until I couldn't get back to it after giving you this review. It just kept going back to the review
A game is supposed to be relaxing. You shouldn't freak out about crossing a level just because you have been at it for a week! Tile Craft excels when it comes to this. It is a silent, soothing, and calming game. I enjoy playing it. Some levels are tricky and take time but it's nothing that will consume your life. Watch ads only if you want to. Absolutely love this game. Thank you developers for creating this simple gaming experience.
not exactly mahjong, but in a fun way! theres one ad after your first game but the ads after are very well placed nd you get to play for a while without them. the only way to get boosts is with watching an ad but honestly the game is way more fun without them so it doesent effect much. even though you cant customise menus and such, everything is easy on the eyes. im currently at level 40, 36 is my favorite so far. looking forward to getting the bg at 200! very happy to have stumbled on this app!
Fun and simple with just enough challenge to still make it relaxing. I paid for the ad-free version because I felt like there were too many ads. It was worth the purchase price though.
I used to really enjoy this game, but there are a lot of ads now. I can understand an ad between each level, but an ad when I pause and try to continue playing is unreasonable. Also, it would be nice if there were ways to get the bonuses without having to watch an ad (especially when for most levels where I'm up to need at least 2). This needs to be fixed. Other than the ads I really do enjoy the game.
It is a amazing game . I like it a lot . I give 5 out of 5 . But the game has a lot of ads . I play a lot of tile games this is the best. I win all the stars. Perfect game in the world. I like the 2nd wallpaper a lot .
The "ad" demonstrated descending columns revealing underlying picture as matches were made. Reality was same old complete the maze to oblivion.
TO THE DEVS OF THE COMPANY: come on folks, I've given u 5 stars across the board, raved about your little game and recommended it highly and STILL NO REPLY FROM YOU??? Not nice guys!! Still loving this brilliant little game but bkz of your lack of response my rating just went down to 3 stars! YOU REPLY and I will take it back up to 5 stars. Truly devs, you know what they say about "word of mouth!" You can't take 2 minutes to reply? You're not playing fair Devs. πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯ Jessie 9.16.19 5:20 am
I'm starting to really enjoy this game, as I have an illness that keeps me in bed, an give me brain fog, it helps me think an pass the time.
This use to be better. But now it's nothing but ads. I get ads for powerups, and an ad for a second chance. But you get an ad for going to the home page, ad restarting, ad for next level, (and most recent, which REALLY annoys me) ads after you unpause..... I pause a lot... so imagine pausing to do something, ad. Pause again to reply to someone, ad. Pause again, ad. All in one game.......... =_=
Fun game. There are in app purchases but you can avoid them by using the hints which are useful if you can work out which order to use them , you just need to watch a 30 second video to get them. It's worth trying to save as many as possible on the easy first few games to use on harder games as you go through the levels.
Absolutely Satisfying and quite challenging. It tricks the mind as a very easy game...lol...do Not let this fool you. Great Game.LOVE Love Love the Newest version..it has Feel to it..the sound of playing is Awesome..Music is Much Nicer tone...I can literally Feel each click as tho it is in my hand!!! Like the old wooden jigsaw puzzles I did at age 4!! Warm game.
I have been playing for awhile I just reached level 2888 Yay!!! This morning when I went to play after months of no issues it went back to level 50???? I'm one pissed off lady😠 this helps me with my PTSD Please I beg you to fix this issue ASAP. It says it goes up to over level 8000. I've cleaned my phone restarted it everything I can do. I'm not starting over!!!!!!! Please Please Fix!!!!! I uninstalled it I'm done!!!!
The ads aren't too many, though it's slightly frustrating when given a bad deal which you can solve and have to watch an ad despite having no choice in failing the level. Overall love the game, currently on level 473 with all 3 stars
its okay game ok it is a awesome game very addictive game i would recommend this game to anyone that would like this type of game for themselves i really enjoy this game it needs to have more different decorative tiles to play so you can enjoy it more
i m now at level 1023 and the game just stuck at this level ., it didnt allow me to go to the next level even though i managed to clear level 1023,,i tried to update the version but still the game just remain at level 1023 ... any advise anyone pls.?
What happened? I use to really enjoy this app, even paid for the ad free version. Recently, it constantly freezes when trying to get the bonuses after achieving 3 stars. Extremely frustrated!
Interesting, makes me wanna do more and more (when I succesed), but when there is no more tile to match, whatever I just wanna give in
addictive! keep on playing until level 232, it seems no way to get clear all. tried for days but still cannot. giving up and source for other game
Nice game. It would really help if there was a bigger difference between the orange and passion fruit tiles.
It's a great game so far, i don't have any problems, i don't understand why so many others have a problem with it, I'll see if it gets worse or something
Loved this game until the recent update when they starting pushing more ads and I recently switched to a new phone and there is no way to save your data so I've had to start over again which is quite frustrating
love this game,but dissapointed I have come to the end,level 946,when are you adding more levels,i need my daily fix.I have completed the new levels and at the end again level1,023.Please hurry up and add more levels,best game ever x
Not like the ad. I wish this dumb trend of false advertising would stop. If your game in itself isn't attractive enough to pull in the players, you're doing it wrong.
False advertisement. Why can't people stop falsely advertising their games with the content and gameplay footages of something that do not even exist within the game itself? I got baited into downloading this game, hoping to play a 3-match scroller with race against the time, but the game is something completely different
I used to love this game, for the whole 3 days I played it... now not so much. Costs coins to play, and difficult to win. I get 2 rounds and that's it. Liked it better when I was free.
Very bad game. The only thing you understand when you you play it : You cannot do things except if we help you... This can be done when you see ads. πŸ˜”
Very relaxing, but not sedating. Can't go to sleep because you'll be repeating the level. I like the colorful tiles which are large enough that I don't always have to wear my glasses;)
Love the game, but it would be nice to get more back ups, ideas and rearrange tiles, without buying them.
challenging and addictive. Once you complete one level you'll be tempted to complete the higher one. It keeps you thinking more and more, which is very good for your brain...lol
I used to love this game, but the frequency of ads is too much - I just paused mid game and had to watch a 30 sec ad to continue!! Unistalling, sadly.
I like the game, got up to level 902 then it reset . Kinda bummed about that. My goal was 1000. Oh, well.
Please do not try to remember where we stopped the game once we have unistalled. I play a few games and then l stop playing and l uninstall the game from my device. After a month or so if l want to play l will it install it again. At that time instead of starting at the beginning after a month when l intall the game you start at the level l stopped. I do not like that. Please do not tag me.
I first gave this game 5 stars, but as I continue playing I noticed there's no way you can watch an ad to move on unless you purchase more moves, not liking it anymore πŸ™‰
Great relaxing game so easy to play for most ages very addictive once you start it's difficult to stop graphics are nice and colourful just a shame the tiles are not a little bit larger but all in all a great game to play anytime thumbs up from me :)
it's quite challenging, but it's fun. but after lvl 25, I can't click the next button. I have to exit and open again to go to the next lvl. fix it please
I loved this game so much when you couldn't get past level 48. I would uninstall at level 48 and reinstall then play until level 48, uninstall, reinstall, play until level 48, etc. all the time. Since being updated it's one of the most boring games I've played. I'm on level 104 now and it's not at all challenging. You don't need to think or plan moves ahead, just click every tile and you'll complete each level just about every time with 3 stars. Please change or going to uninstall permanently
Just started playing, so far no complaints. However my opinion could change. Ads are a little slow but so far only between games. Played through lockdown and I am still in lockdown (grandchildren!) this game is my fun mindless entertainment. Not a lot of ads!
It's okay, it's just like the rest of the games. Soon or later it will be to hard to match up. Thanks keep your day job.
This is a fun non-demanding, yet it can be slightly chalenging, game. At least so far I havent found it that difficult. Bit im only lvl 8 so far. I dont ge neraly give reviews this early but I like this one so far so decided it deserved the revirw if that chahes, as some games have done in the past I'll be back.
Its fun its ok its not like the other maching games were you are timed you just have fun with the game and it is very calming game so get it and there is not that much ads l mean there are like some ads but there are not that many its really cool you should get it and this is my opinion so if you dont agree what l say its fine and who ever read this l am so amazed because no one ever reads mine so thanks for reading it you are cool and awesome bye
This game is not the same as the one advertised. It is easy to learn and the first levels are easy, but later on you really have to stop and plan. I won't be keeping it as it is a copy of one I already play. Was hoping for something different.
Looks easy, think you've got it every time, but, the game can catch you out, just started playing, good so far
Well, Awesome is the first thing that comes to mind. This might sound strange but I can tell how much I'm going to enjoy the game by how much cussing I do at the game 🀣πŸ€ͺ of it. I love this game as much, I dare say probably more than any other game I have on my phone. Please don't change anything about this game. I absolutely love it exactly the way it is!!!
Have only played this game a short time, but have enjoyed it. Other games can be annoying and frustrating at times, but have not felt this way with this game.
Latest update sucks. Gets stuck when attempting to get a rune or second chance and has to be restarted.
I love this game as someone with a tracking disorder this is a great tool to train your eyes the only thing I hate are all of the ads every time you start a new level you get a 30 second ad
It's not the same game on the advertise This is not acceptable I'm so made I give it - star you don't deserve stars for lying but I can't post my review without giving you at least 1 star and that's cheating also
Love this game but some of the ads keep freezing my phone and it takes 15/20 to sort it out so unfortunately I'll have to uninstall it
It's a tile match, but not as you know it! This is a fun match 3 game but it's not quite that simple. The early stages ease you in but as you get used to playing, the game difficulty increases. It's fun and relaxing to play.
I enjoyed the first 40 some levels then it got too hard. I want something to relax not give me a headache.
I really enjoy playing this game, it's super addictive with cute and variety of tiles. But after recent update I notice that the tiles arrangement keep repeating every 2 levels. I already reached level 700 and I keep contemplating on either to uninstall this game or not. Please do something about this I really love this game.
The first 25 levels are easy, no challenge. Level 32 and up I needed to y use the cheats- and spend time watching ads multiple times before returning to the game. I would like it if there was an optional time clock; the player could then try to beat their own fastest time for added challenge.
A very good and entertaining game, i would play this for hours! Maybe if the ad is reduced or vanished, it would be a whole lot better experience
I used to really like this game and I still like it but a little less. No matter what I do, an ad pops up. Yes, I understand ads help to keep the game free but when an ad pops up every single time, it gets annoying. Fail a level and restart, ad. Go back to the home page, ad. Anything you do, an ad pops up.
Pretty good ~ just want to be able to "undo & retry" before last tile for the first several levels... 'til you get the hang of it..just saying 😁 I do like the challenge
I love this game it's amazing but the only problem are that ads I hate them so much if I just pause it shows me a vid. To prevent the ads I have to turn of the internet. Overall I recommend playing it. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
Love this game can be very additive but great nonetheless has a bug in it it keeps freezing during play even when you're near the end of a level the when you reopen it it jumps 2 levels
Just started today. Reaction time of the game is fast so it has been fun so far. It is a layer game, not a flat moving board as depicted in the ad. It's similar to other games I have not a flat board game of match 3.
Most recent update fixes lots of problems. No more random hangs between games, much better speed at start of new games.
this game is not easy you think it is but it's not. It's very enjoyable I love it thank you. The more i play it , the more I love it!!!!! I still haven't changed my mind, for the third time around, I am still enjoying this game!!!!!
Excellent and addictive play. I always feel that I have a chance to win. And it happens more often than not,
I really like this app, I've only had it for 5-6 months and I'm on level 571 I play it alot lol, Well I haven't come across anything glitch like yet but if I do I will tell, anyway thank you for taking your time to read this!! Bye bye!
This game makes you use your brain by thinking ahead of each move. Its good to keep the brain active and fun at the same time!
Challenging and rarely any ads. Best of the tile match games. It's like majong, but three make a match
I really loved this game in the beginning but as the levels increase it becomes impossible to solve them without purchases.
I love this game. I've had it for over a year now. It's my favorite game to relax and unwind. Very casual, cute graphics, and the music is endearing. I'm at level 450 and I still play it often. Ads aren't too obnoxious. You can play the level without interruptions until you pass or fail the level.
I love this game! I love the challenge of it, because each puzzle is completely different some are harder than others and that's a good thing. I like that it takes me a couple of tries on some others I feel like a whiz kid and get it on the first try. I'm all about getting those three stars!
Video constantly freezes when attempting to get the bonus for getting three stars. I can see that other users are experiencing this problem.
I like it it's just nerve-racking at times while your playing the game. If you want something calm and relaxing THIS IS NOT YOUR GAME. But if like a challenge THIS, THIS JUST MIGHT BE YOUR GAME AND OTHER GAMES SIMILAR TO IT. GOOD LUCK!!!! SIGNINING OFF SOPHIA MARTINEZ
I used to really like this game and I still like it but a little less. No matter what I do, an ad pops up. Yes, I understand ads help to keep the game free but when an ad pops up every single time, it gets annoying. Fail a level and restart, ad. Go back to the home page, ad. Anything you do, an ad pops up. Game no longer has the option to play a video for a hint when you get 3 stars. I have taken my rating down.
It can drive you crazy ,but you can't do 1, after few times it gives you more of the same so you can do it, it's great fun, but I think there should be more ways to get free clues etc , without paying for any. Thanks great game though
Mind numbing way to pass the time. Sometimes the ads will not load for the free bonuses but it's overall a good game.
Can be quite challenging at times but I like a challenge so keep on playing. The in app purchases are too expensive and the ads do get annoying. I would prefer to buy a game instead of RIP off in app purchases and annoying ads. There is no such thing as a free lunch. But please give us an opportunity to buy a game at a reasonable cost.
Once you get to around level 40 it becomes totally impossible, but I guess the owners are making a fortune from the advertising you have to endure to try again. About to uninstall and suggest you don't bother uploading.
this game is ac really good, pretty relaxing at times. im at level 451, it's pretty satisfying when u can just push thro a few levels, the ads r annoying tho but i just turn wifi off
On level 40. Challenging, but with the chances to retry levels, it is enjoyable, not too frustrating. Fun when you can quickly spot the matching tiles.
Very annoying adds which I've blocked but still appear and you can't get rid of them without closing the whole game
Fun, entertaining, challenging, and free of ads. Mahjong with a twist. Match 3, match 3 more, it's so easy. Or is it? I just lost. Warning: This game is addictive!
Used to relax playing this game, but an ad after every level or attempt at a level is a bit much. If I'm stuck on a difficult level I'm basically just watching ads, which gets boring pretty quickly.
Excellent game. Few too many and too long adverts though. Ads get longer as you progress. Actually ads put and off buying their stuff.
I love this game it is really good when you have some spare time. The tiles are beautiful and new ones are added. Well done developers, a job well done.
Timed games not my favorite, but graphics are nice, soundtrack undemanding, play challenging, and a good visual exercise.
On the first day I made it to level 45. There were 4 hard levels before level 45, and 45 is impossible without using most of the cheats (shuffling, free matching). Even if you use most of them, you'll still probably lose. Level 45 is designed to suck you dry, because it's mathematically impossible to win. The computer randomly places tiles and doesn't care if you can humanly solve it using skill or not. This game, therefore, has no skill element. It's a ripoff even if it's free. Bad design.
Perfect in every way, Images are big, ads go fast, only thing you could do is add a timer to make it more challenging
I have been stuck on level 48 for 2 days. It's impossible to advance further. I am unistalling the game.
Every now again I find a game that leaves similar games in the shadows..this is one of those amazing games! I Love it!!
I had previously given this 5 stars cuz I liked it but I'm stuck on a level that is impossible. Level 46. It starts with only a row of 4 on top and nothing ever matches. I can see why I stopped playing it before. It got frustrating. I'm not paying real money for help on a game like this. Uninstalling
Best to buy the game to eliminate the ads. Otherwise it is not a great experience. Edited to add - toward the end of the game (past level 2880) bugs start to show up. I've completed the last level (2888) but the game won't show as complete and I keep getting thrown back to level 50. I've reached out to the dev.
This game is really good and I have no worries when I play it 🀩🀩🀩 but I hate the ads they annoy me 😀😀😀 that why I gave it for stars
Hard 3-tile matching game! Like Mahjong, but different. These tiles are stacked so you can see the tiles below. Matching 3 tiles was never so challenging. It starts off easy and gets harder and harder. Love it! I'm addicted at level 150!
It was fun for a while, but then it deteriorates into totally unsolvable puzzles designed to have you watching the same insipid ads ad nauseam or pay for cheats to get past the unsolvable levels. Don't expect a game of skill, but rather a barrage of ads.
I clicked on this game to download based on what I saw in the ad but it's different and boring. In the ad the tiles were moving so you got fired up like how am I gonna do this and you can't stop because the tiles are moving you can lose like any second then the boring game the tiles are just in the middle and you just match. So, maybe you should put what's actually in the game in the ad and stop wasting people's time!!!!!!!!
It took a little time to learn how to play it but now I find thR that I can go at a really fast pace. It's a very addictive game! It does have a lot of ads but i don't mind that too much!
I'm addicted! I enjoy clearing the board by matching three tiles at a time. Like most games, it gets increasingly more difficult to solve. But, the good news is, you can go back and start over on an easier level and work your way up again.
Fun, addictive, perfect quick games, lots of ads, but short which you can opt out of and re-enter gameplay pretty quickly
Fun game to chill with unless you're doing other things like working. Can use up a lot of time during the day.
Amazing game to pass the time. I love how the tiles are different everytime but in the same shape, it gives your brain a break from looking at the same tiles the whole time.
i love match 3, this is different, played level 8 like 6 times before i beat it with help. we'll see...
So far it's a good game but you don't see your score and that's strange because other games you get to see your score.
There are absolutely no ads the game loads very quick i recomend that u download it OH also i only took 58 seconds to download so i have no complaints i absolutely love it keep up the great work😘😘😘😍
This is a new game for me. I am learning how to play it, so far I am enjoying it alot!! It makes one really use ones brain,which is a good thing. It is different from the other mahjong games I've played. I'm not to keen on the second chance choice, but the games must go on!! 😊G.B.
Very addictive game. lots of levels. gets harder and harder. for the first time you think it's easy to play after you're wrong. :)
Adverts when you lose, adverts when you win, adverts when you achieve the highest score and want to claim your reward bonus, adverts when you want to purchase more moves... It's basically a game of Snap with non stop adverts. Its a tedious experience. Don't know why, but I actually stuck with it to level 101. The levels don't improve.
I enjoy the game. However, the game freezes alot! Especially when closing the ads that are forced on you. When I select restart, the game forces you to an ad, that usually freezes up the game for me. I'm uninstalling the game. Good luck to all.
It's nice. You can play it when you're bored. If it's on silent you can even play it in meetings lol. The ads do not pop up annoyingly, however you can choose to play one to get a second chance if you fail the level.
Very addictive fun. Just got to level 50. Lots more to go. Housework,Cooking etc all getting missed whilst " I just do another level" lol
NOT AS ADVERTISED. I would give this a ZERO STAR RATING because it is not even the same game as advertised. I was expecting tiles moving up the screen and try to match 3, just like in the advertisement. Made it to level 10 just to see if these levels would show up. Totally false advertising.
Enjoyable, not too challenging, a great way to relax and unwind. Fun graphics, ads not too intrusive and you get nice little rewards after watching. Haven't been playing for long but so far so good.
A great game that's fun and challenging!! I just wish there were more options at the higher levels of play, as they are often impossible to complete, unless you spend a fortune on bonuses to get you through, which many people like myself, simply can't afford!! Too bad too, it was almost my new favourite game!
I love the challenge of this game and each level is unique in it's own, But when I beat the challenge and clear all the tiles even on my first try I don't recieve any stars. Why?
Freezes a lot! I don't mind watching an ad to get bonuses but it freezes with almost every ad... 30 seconds for an ad sure... 5 mins of fighting and restarting etc... nope... found a duplicate to this game that I'm going to.