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Tile Connect Master:Block Match Puzzle Game

Tile Connect Master:Block Match Puzzle Game for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Joymaster Studio. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like so much the game. Many tile connect game levels are hard. But this are easy levels So I like it. Latest update are no problem but please give many challenge event because try to make this game fun.
Very relaxing game. I've been bed ridden for a little while now and I never play video games. However, I saw this game on Instagram and I tried it out and it has helped me through my difficult times of being sick
I like this game, way too many ads AND when your suppose to get extra points... they don't give them.
I'm presently at level 9-61 and have enjoyed every aspect of this game. Most ads are less than 20 seconds. There are a variety of difficult challenges. addictive!! UPDATE 06/16/22: I've been waiting (playing) 3 days for "secret" puzzle. Level 29. What's the problem?
I really like this game. Very relaxing although too many long adverts. What I really hate is that I keep losing my rewards. So annoying.
This is the best tile match games.. Bright graphics, fast moving, easy upbeat music and a puzzles to add to . Fun game..
Very fun game so far..I only started playing today but it has been very enjoyable so far. Not a ton of ads and they aren't too long. Great game if you want to play a relaxing game with no time limit to complete the level. Highly recommend.
I am loving this game. It challenges my brain severely and i love that. My reflexes are comeing along nicely.
I enjoyed this game for a couple of days, but after 2 weeks, it's now boring...tired of the same tileset. Claims of new skins to be unlocked, yet this fails to be the case. An email to devs about this has gone unanswered. Just another falsely advertised app which I'm gladly uninstalling.
Just started playing easy so far hope it gets harder color's are bright and cheery it's very relaxing and enjoyable and keeps your brain thinking
The ad shows 3 wheels inside each other to dial & match up the 3 tiles. When you download it, it's NOT wheels to dial and match; it's just the same boring game as all the others.
I love this update! This game Def deserves 5 star from me after this update. This is 100% my go to at night as the fun/ challenging puzzles help relax and challenge my mind. This is Def the best one in this category imo.
Fun. Nice graphics. Game functions good. No Ads purchase was reasonable! I am trying others of this game type and this one is the best so far.
Easy to play, intuitive and quick. It's a bit like Mah Hong but easier to play, no doubt it will be more challenging as I progress.
This game doesn't play as advertised. It show as you match tiles it tells the age of your brain it absolutely does not do that it is just your typical match 3 tile game.
Constantly having to restart the game. Won't let you get free points, but no matter what it all works great every time you BUY them. It freezes up constantly.
It a relaxing game but it has to many ads pre game. If the ads will be minimized to 2 while your plaing each game be nice.
Totally hooked on this game! Just the type of fun I was looking for. One two many server errors when collecting double points.
I am having fun with this game so far. I haven't gotten up to the hard part yet, tho. The ads are not to bad either.
I like this game a lot, but I find that some of the ads are very inappropriate. I imagine there's a lot of kids that may play this game and they shouldn't be seeing ads about other games with people cheating on their wives and husband's and other inappropriate things. Most adults don't want to see these ads, let alone children.
I really enjoy this game. The levels are fun & challenging. I have one issue. I have searched & cannot find what the tickets are for. I think the game play directions should include this information.
This game is fun the harder the levels the more thought you have to use but is still a good game I like it very much
It is a great game. You try to tick everyone ,They have to watch very close.but yoy do a get job. I hope my eye Q is good. Thsnk you. Joyce
So far so good. Simple game with few ads. Think it has the potential to be challenging later on which is good. But time will tell, it might just be like this in the beginning and full of ads and hard to complete games later on.
Again! Everything shows up nicely in landscape ... until I try to play - then it is only in portrait! Why does it seem that developers forget that not everyone has the same physical abilities ... some of us NEED (not want) help holding devices and not all devices can be used easily in portrait - come on guys ( and gals) start including everyone in your possible client list - stop limiting yourselves!!!
I love this game. You have a CHOICE to watch ads!! And you get a puzzle with it at the end of each game. So I get my jigsaw puzzle fix at the same time. Can't beat a deal like that. Try it, it's fun and relaxing.
I love such type of games. I started with Tile Master and I still play it, but it has too few levels. This is my first time playing this game and so far I like it very much. It is more varied. We'll see how it will be later.
This game is easy paced, no rush, keeps the brain active as you are thinking all the time about your next move.
I was really disappointed after my download because I saw this game in an ad for another game; in the ad, this game showed a scrolling up tile game and there are no levels like this. They are flat and immobile tiles. I played through a few levels and there wasn't even an option for this. False advertisement.
It's fun and easy matching tiles and when winning watch another piece of the puzzle added. Unlike most challenging games this game is so easy on my eyes. Thanks.
Love this game very much.. not like, but love! Umm 77 yrs young but play Dominos & Gin Rummy, which r my MOST favorite games, but this one is right there w the top two. Try it & I'm sure u w love it.
Its for kids and adult too.. Great and fun.. At first i thought it was boring but when i played, it relaxes my mind! Thanks..
I've made it through the 1st 25 levels. Very easy but more challenging as you go.(tiles start stacking). I like the graphics, some games the eye strain is to much.
Love this game but don't see the point in the daily challenge, it just keeps running out of tiles so you haven't a hope in hell of ever completing it. I just don't get it!!!!
O.K. This is my newest addiction. At first the game seems too simplistic, but the skill level gradually , insidiously becomes more complex. Lovin' it!
Relaxing game when just want to chill After a stressful day. Or if you need a challenge try beating your last time. I think my fastest time was 1 min. Fun, easy, and relaxing
I like this game, it's a good easy distraction while I watch movies, and for someone with ADHD that's just perfect.
I originally suspected this was a mahjongg-style game, and while it does bear some superficial similarities, this is a surprising and refreshingly different sort of game. First "map" is incredibly easy, but about the end of the second one the complexity and difficulty ramped considerably. Really enjoying it
Cant say anything bad about this game. Super easy and great time killer when I get bored out of my mind 🙃
I was expecting what was advertised; blocks rising from the bottom & matching 3 to keep blocks from hitting the top. Also too easy which bores me. I don't have the patience for boredom. Deleting this game.
This is really a fun game. It is very relaxing. I wake up during the night sometimes with anxiety problems and I find that after playing this game a few minutes or so the anxiety begins to decrease. Thank you for such a nice game.
Had this game before and lost it when I did a cleansing app. Loved it then, love it now! It's a game you can actually win enough that you can keep going through the levels. Yes there are adds, but not so many it's extremely annoying. I'm happy to have a it back again! 😃
I just started to play the game, whats the rush to be rated, its annoying enough that we have to deal with a million ads, let people enjoy the game for at least five minutes to get a feel of the game, but other that it seems like a good game to play,
I'm only on level ? 5, but for now it's a 5 star rating in my book. I will update you later. TY. JESSIE UPDATE: I absolutely LOVE THIS GAME. 'Nuff said I guess. Nothing I don't love about it. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND THIS GAME!!! Thank you, Dev's!!! 💜💜💜💜💜 Jessie
This is NOT the game advertised. I will delete ALL tile games until I see the correct one on the video showing what is supposed to be the challenging game that scrolls.
Great game but I don't like that when I have to delete n reinstall the game it doesn't save where I left off
So far it's an easy game. Something to do while I listen to podcasts. I hope the ads stay short, 15 to 20 seconds.
To many ads!!! When I read the reviews one said very little ads! What a joke to many and 30 second for very play. Sorry
I have only just started this game, but I am very happy with it. I like that at the end of each game you get part of a picture like a jigsaw. It means you look forward to finishing the picture. Also so far it has been easy to complete each game. I previously gave up on a tile match game when it became impossible or nearly impossible to complete each game. I hope that doesn't happen with this game, as I like having a relaxing game to play.
I love playing! I name each item to exercise my brain more! Thanks for sharing! 💞🌟💑💟🙋😘😍🙌💗😊🌠♥😂😄🙆
I really enjoy playing this game, but I am uninstalling it due to the M rated ads that are on it. I don't want my child to see the ads and I don't want to see those ads.
This game is relaxing and pretty fun. At first it wasn't too challenging, but if you keep playing, it gets better.
By far the best of the match three tile games I've tried so far. Very few levels that need boosters, plenty of coin rewards, ads not hugely intrusive. Good job.
Enjoy this game! Easy but yet challenging. No pressure with timer or other interruptions. Lots of ads but gives me time to do something else. Thank you.
I really like this game. It is fast, no freezing, and it tests your hand and mind and eye coordination. Plus it is addicting.
Keeps your mind going. Dont hesitate when picking tiles. Keep them coming. Enjoying the relaxing content. No stressful encounters. Just plain fun
Enjoying this game. Fun to play & expect the game to get more challenging in time. Also ads are not too intrusive which is so welcome. Definitely will continue playing!
Love this game. It forces me to think about something other than my dog staring at me! Seriously though, it is fun and relaxing!
Well it start good but as we reach the higher level it will also become harder maybe. Not to much ads that pops up. Hopefully it will really be good as we play to the higher level.
It's okay. A simple strategy usually gives 3-star-win. Once in a while it's a little tricky, but mostly straight forward. If you like solitaire, add stars. It you want a challenge, look elsewhere.
I am changing my review. I originally gave it one star because the game was way too easy. It was nearly impossible to fail a level. But it's gotten much harder, and much more interesting. It could be better, but it turned out to be a pretty good game. A few suggestions to make it better: 1) It takes way too long for the game to get good. You have to get through about 25 levels that are so easy that they're boring, with an advertisement between each level. So the beginning of the game is 15 seconds of boring play, followed by 30 seconds of advertisement, 25 times in a row. I suspect a lot of people give up on the game before it gets good (I almost did). Cut down on the number of levels on the easiest difficulty tier, and save most of the advertisements for later after the game gets interesting enough to put up with them. 2) Enable a way to redo levels you've already passed so you can collect stars that you previously missed.
Didn't think I'd ever get into "telephone games", but here I am. I like those when I don't need to think a lot; just relax, unwind, enjoy, and this is it; plus, this game is just plain FUN.
I don't like too easy, but some parts are impossible. The extra daily challenge is near impossible to do. I get to the last level on the challenge, have literally spent hours and still cannot complete that last level. Gets irritating and quite frustrating.
So far, and I'm only in the beginning stages, I lime the game. Makes you think ahead but still relaxing. Colorful tiles.
I'm presently at level 9-61 and have enjoyed every aspect of this game. Most ads are less than 20 seconds. There are a variety of difficult challenges. addictive!!
I'm only on level ? 5, but for now it's a 5 star rating in my book. I will update you later. TY. JESSIE UPDATE: I absolutely LOVE THIS GAME. 'Nuff said I guess. Nothing I don't love about it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME!!! Thank you, Dev's!!! 💜💜💜💜💜 Candy
It's very fun. I am only on my first puzzle. I hope they don't keep playing the same tune forever though.
The game is straight forward. However, there could be additions. Such as changing the images on the tiles. Changing background. It gets pretty bland after awhile seeing the same tiles and background. There really is not much to it.
If you don't have good phone service don't bother with this game. Although it was nice to start. But with all the adds that pop in the middle of games it pulls them in and if you have bad service you are stuck and cannot play till can load an add.
Previously had an issue with this game and posted 2 star review. But, issue was quickly fixed. I have the paid version of this game and absolutely love it! Even the regular version doesn't have too many ads, so, is good all around. Really fun and addictive! Thank you!
Just started playing easy so far hope it gets harder color's are bright and cheery it's very relaxing and enjoyable and keeps your brain thinking I am enjoying this game hard to stop playing
It's a great game but there are too many adverts, it is very annoying 😞😞😞 I dont like that they bombard you with adverts in the hope u will pay a fee to get rid of them. I dont mind the odd one every now and then but these are too many too often.
Very enjoyable and i love that there is no timer to play against. I play the games to relax, not to be stressed to beat a clock.
Still waiting for the game to play like the ad showed.. I thought I was downloading a game where the tiles can rotate and have levels where the tiles drop down. This is just old school 3 tile match. The game itself is fine. Easy. But definitely not what was advertised at all.
Love it!! It keeps me interested in the out come of the next puzzle. Rather your at home or not, you will just enjoy it..
This gsme is ABSOLUTELY ADDICTIVE!!! I haven't found anything upsetting about it yet. There's alot of ads but they are, at least, varible & short I'll keep playing until I find any problems Thank you for ssking for feedbsck. Carolyn S.