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Ticket to Ride for PlayLink

Ticket to Ride for PlayLink for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Asmodee Digital located at 54 rue de Clichy 75009 Paris France. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Why it is mandatory to play tutorial everytime I open the game? Why can't I just go to login screen and then start my game..
Can't even install the app. Downloads fine but crashes on install every time making local multiplayer impossible. Multiple newer devices couldn't install the download despite all suggested trouble shooting. Totally negates the reason for my buying the game in the first place. Thoroughly disappointed!
The app works perfectly now. I played with friends (iPhone X, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S8). We were all able to connect and play all day all night. We were skeptical at first, because of the bad reviews. But it seems to work flawlessly now. You can even close the app and come back, and it will bring you back in the game in just seconds!
Do not buy this PS4 game. We spent $50 on the base game and expansion bundle, and have been unable to play at all because the Playlink app consistently crashes when players try to join the game. I will be contacting PS support to request a refund. Total waste of time and money.
Actually having read through my previous comments I'm happy to say that after the eventual first update the game is actually more stable now. No crashes or completely random scores. It's a pleasure to play and works well using P30pro and IPhone.
Love the game - only bummer is that we haven't been able to figure out the rules for the Switzerland, UK, Germany and France boards.
Used to crash a lot but there's been a noticeable improvement recently. Still a lot of less significant bugs but good to see there's progress.
This app appears to be broken. It crashes every time it tries to start. Tried installing on multiple devices and same thing happens. Hoping they fix it or make a patch to use the controller instead. I would like to play the game I just paid for.
Constantly crashes and completely incomprehensible instructions. I wish I could get my money back from PlayStation. Truely awful when it was meant to be a family friendly game.
Crashes more often than it doesn't crash. We spent $50 on the Ticket To Ride game with expansions on the PlayStation 4, and we only played a few games through successfully. All the other times, the game crashes. Plus: The Germany board always scores as if you kept every ticket card you looked at, making players lose more points that they got.
Very broken. Issues getting into and out of games, extreme issues with scoring. I plan on asking Sony for a refund for the playstation part. You should reqlly hold off until the game is fixed. Edit: Seems to have been mostly fixed. There are plenty of ways the system could be improved, but it works.
I love the playlink games so was really looking forward to this but I haven't once been able to play a turn. Five of us tried to play today three times and crashed every time. Wish I hadn't paid for it honestly...
Our family loves the.Ticket to Ride games, and were so excited to have this on the PlayStation. But since buying this in November, we've only been able to play a few times. Every game opens fine, then crashes during the game - it either kicks out players, won't load a person's turn, or just stops working. Recently, when we were able to complete 2 games (several day apart), at the end of the game when it adds up the route cards, it penalized every person for all the tickets that they did NOT keep, giving most of us a negative score. This is the biggest waste of money!! $50 down the drain!! I would like a refund.
Can you fix this app so the Playlink functionality works with the PS5? Having recently splashed out for all the DLC it'd be nice to actually be able to play it with my family
Pretty shisty to sell the game at a 80% discount on PSN when you can't even play locally due to broken PlayLink app. Dont make the same mistake we did and give Days of Wonder your money. When the companion app doesn't work the entire game is unplayable. Read the other reviews. This issue has been going on for well over a year and they refuse to fix the issues. Don't waste your time trying to connect to a server. It won't happen. And don't donate your money to a worthless product.
DO NOT BUY THIS PS4 GAME! The app is unusable. We tried to play with a couple of friends and the app randomly crashed, buttons were unusable and it quit people out of the game and didnt allow hem to return. I paid the 20 eur for the qctual game but this app made it 100% unplayable and unusable. It's also impossible to get a refund since technically the app is broken but the game is not playable without the app.
Hi. See the issue on android 9. Can't find the server. Issue seen on one plus 5 snd samsung galaxy s10.
This game is great! Simple enough to play with the whole family of all ages. :D Easy to control once you figure out what to tap and what not to. I would give it 5 stars if you could release a pile if you've changed your mind (once you tap, you'll take a card.) Galaxy S8 user here. Enjoy the game, everyone. :)
All info is on your phone screen, so there is no need to look at tv. Should have just bought the mobile version of the game, at least then I could play it anywhere and play against people online while staring at my phone
TTR itself is vood quality fun, so I am not gling to necessarily review that here. The whole PlayLink implementation is a good start but still lacking thee other, official, digital versions of TTR. There are a few bugs and a host of optional features that meed looking into, but I am optimistic that AD will address these in time.
Struggled to use the app with the game. Wouldn't connect to begin with, once got that sorted there are a few bugs we noticed with the game. Playing the game on your phone's is a good idea though, keeps your hand secret. So good attempt but could be better.
It's good once you get it but it's takes ages to install, and most of the time you have to re-install it.
Crashes more often than it doesn't crash. We spent $50 on the Ticket To Ride game with expansions on the PlayStation 4, and we only played a few games through successfully. All the other times, the game crashes. Plus: The Germany board always scores as if you kept every ticket card you looked at, making players lose more points than they got.
An unmitigated disaster. I'm a fan of the board games but this app wasted an hour of our family boxing day trying to get it to connect and then actually make a game work. Never even managed to take a turn, so uninstalled and requesting a refund from PSN. Avoid, avoid, avoid. Thanks for wasting my time.
It's a pretty good game, I was able to play with a few of my friends. The game took like 30 minutes to download, it's still a great game though.
DO NOT BUY THE GAME !!!! The application cashes in the middle of the game and you need the app to play. Sad because is a nice game, but with this issue is unplayable.
Unplayable. I paid $19.99 on PS Store only to not be able to play it because this app simply won't start without crashing no matter what I try. You can't even use a PS4 controller to play a single player game, so it really completely relies on an app that won't start.
This was $20 on the PS4, I tried it out solo and.... I'm a bit disappointed. It works well enough but the implementation is too simplistic. I guess I expected it to be flashier. Also, it is a bit buggy: (1) the UI on the phone is weird - field of view is cut off around the edges. (2) some of the cards may obscure the board, so I can't tell where I'm placing my train pieces. (3) starting a new game is not elegant - you need to quit the app and restart a game. (4) the field of view on the TV is also cut off around the edges, you can't shrink/enlarge the view in-game. Well, hopefully they patch these out. I haven't tried the tutorial to see how well it can teach the game.
The server often aborts the game without the computer recognising a missing player so the game is lost. It's a problem with the android app and should be easy to fix.
Spent 45 minutes into a game, and then servers suddenly booted us (5 players) out of the game without being able to come back to where we were... I understand that things crash, but to not allow us to come back to where we were previous (have to start all over again) is frustrating to say the least... please fix, as it ruins what is fun game with friends!!
I bought this app and i was able to play solo with bots or with multiplayer on the phone without playing on playstation 4, i dont way now when i starts the game it keep saying you have to connect to WiFi and playstation, i was able to play the great game solo and offline, any clarefication?
Of all the playlink games I've played this is the most bare bones one. It doesn't even have a play again button when you're done. That being said it does what it needs to and we're having a lot of fun with it and no connectivity problems. I'm rating it down because it's so basic but most of all because the Vanderbilt trophy is still bugged after over a year so you cannot get the platinum, which is lazy and a disgrace by the publisher.
I don't have problems with the UI like some, nor the rules, having experience with the real thing helps. But the game keeps crashing! What's going on? Money will be wasted unless someone claims a fix.
Pixel 2 not included! Will not work on pixel 2 at all. Tried every possible trouble shoot and wifi option. Does not work
Poor devs whom have never updated the game since release. Shame on you. Very unstable game across many of my devices (tablets / phones)
Cant play on PS4 or PS5 when using the internal Wifi on the console, playstation adds itself as player 1 meaning i have no control over the game when i connect from my mobile. Ps5 also does not work with playlink unless using the internal WiFi other Playlink games work fine
Appalling flawed app. Should be removed from store. Connection through local is an absolute farce. We bought the game for PS4 and have been able to connect to play a local game on one occasion over a period of 16 hours and close on about 75 attempts. What's worse is that Sony have been aware of this for months and are doing absolutely nothing, not even refunding money . Therefore false advertising about connectivity. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON BUYING THIS FOR PS4. Sony, you should be ashamed!