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Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Asmodee Digital located at 54 rue de Clichy 75009 Paris France. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
been playing for years. always been a bit dodgy, especially uk advanced. now it's crashed at game end. tried on two devices same result. uninstalled. rebooted. now google play crashes when I try to reinstall. great when it works but now it's unplayable. i expect better from a popular paid app. surely they've got the funds to make it more stable.
Overall I think it's pretty good. My only real complaint is about the Ai of my opponents, it seems like when they're at 16 trains or less they just place trains for the sake of placing trains.
There are not a lot of instructions. I have played this game in real life and this is a fantastic digital version. Unlike some other digital games like Clue or Life, It does not take forever for the computer players to take their turns. You can pass and play locally and you can play online as well, but I mostly just play against the computer. The only improvement would be if they had a level option for the computer players; I'd like to make them harder.
Great app version of the game. You can also buy the extra boards at a reasonable price £2.99-£3.69 per board or expansion cards for 79p. The only reason I haven't given 5 stars is because the "blue, white and red" achievement on the France board for solo play doesn't work. I've done it several times and it hasn't registered. Others online are having the same issue too.
We play the board game a lot and this app is exactly the same as the board game. I might even like it more, the games move faster.
The online experience is very bad. For half of the games you play the server will crash durring the game. Also the game is keep sending notifications about updates that never happent.
We really love this game both on the table and online. We like playing local, but sometimes one of our tablets won't connect to the other.
Very good indeed, like the board game. imho the best are Switzerland and Pennsylvania: good versions to play and seem to reflect a real knowledge of the locations. The basic USA and Europe are great too, as are the Nordic countries and India. Avoid UK, nothing like the geography of the country and obscure rules, and France which has a weird rule of chosing the colour of the route before you claim it.
We love the board game and this app allows us to play with our children out of state! We love it and highly recommend this app. You can play with others on different platforms which is a plus! Worth every penny!
My favorite board game but the app has a bad bug to where when a game fills up with players it does not pop up the play button and you have to close the app, restart it, and then go to resume play. Most matches automatically replace you with a bot so it voids your opportunity to select your starting destinations which obviously is a HUGE part of the game strategy. If this is fixed the game is easily 5 stars.
Addictive little suckered. The only problem I have is that when I reopen the app to play with the AI again it wants to play through last two moves of my last game again. Otherwise, I would give the app a 5.
A good game but I wish it would accept no thanks s an answer instead of depending a rating every game. Also the ai doesn't understand the need for tickets in versions like the big cities and Nordic, so you can thrash it by a hundred points without really trying
I paid for the Europe expansion and then suddenly the extra levels that came with it like 1910 MEGA USA and Switzerland and Nordic have now all gone and it wants me to pay again?!
It's been great so far, no real complaints, I think having 1 or 2 more boards for the base app would be ideal but I've bought them all anyways. It runs well, the AI occasionally seem either way too easy or the game is just intentionally screwing you over. Would love to see some of the newer boards like Japan or Italy included too.
Incredibly frustrating. Playing with family in other countries, constantly being timed out and replaced with a bot. If they have their turn right before you go to bed, by the time you wake-up you've already lost a huge enough chunk of your hours that if this happens regularly it'll time you out halfway through the game. Absolutely terrible system that has completely killed my enjoyment of the game. It should be possible to select 24 or 48 hours per turn, not this game-killing system.
I had this game on an old phone and it worked great. However on my new phone running Android 9 its just awful. It doesn't fit the screen properly, and there is no quit button so I have to force close it so it doesn't save my settings. Some maps don't work at all, and worst of all it has lost most of my achievements.
Takes a bit to figure out the interface (starting a game with a friend is very challenging!) Once you get the hang of it, it's lots of fun. I reported a bug a few months ago and it hasn't been fixed yet, where sometimes the face-up draw cards don't load.
Solid adaptation. The biggest problem though is people quitting midgame since they are only replaced by a bot when their timer runs out completely, which wastes everyone else's time. A possible solution is to replace a player after 2 minutes of inactivity until they rejoin the game.
Do not buy this game. Waste of money. Game crashes all the time, local lan game doesn't work and both pass and play mode and online games crashes. I can never finish a game successfully
Played 7K+ games. All of a sudden, the games doesn't retain settings between sessions. Angry. But I keep playing. Games is great, I'll fight through it.
Great game a set up! Everything is alittle small when playing on your phone and the layout changes randomly. Super nice to play online with friends though! Great virtual game that you can play over 15 days too!
Crashes on load, used to work (and was great), but its been a solid 6 months since this game has stopped working... very annoyed after having paid for it.
Really amazing game, so much fun. Exept it wont let me create an account so i can play online and cant sign in, this is a paid game, bugs like this should not happen. FIX IT asap please
used to be great. the updates are not the best. now it just authenticates. cant play any more. last update they removed saving your settings. guess this game is on the way out.
Love the board game, but this app gives you all the fun with quick setup beautiful artwork and easy to understand tap and drag controls. I can easily play a solo round while in a waiting room, or do pass and play with nearby friends.
I used to love playing the India version of this game, but the last update wrecked it. The game board seems to have shifted so that there is a big empty gap at the top and the cards are half off the screen. I also can't place cars on the edge of the screen (my phone is a Samsung Note 20 ultra with an amoled screen). Please fix these issues so I can give it a better rating.
this game is sooooo much fun but this app is HORRIBLE. If you go to a different window for a moment while playijf the game, you get kicked out of your game. there are cobstant errors like Client Timeout or Player Not in Lobby (even though you are). the game freezes so often that almost every game i have to exit and rejoin.
Solo mode is good, however local play mode (where you can play other users on the same WiFi network) completely doesn't work. Using Pixel 3A and Pixel 4A. Very disappointing as we would have preferred not to have to make accounts to play online.
TTR is a great game, I thoroughly enjoy it. I'm not a fan of the chess-style ranking system. Doesn't adapt well to a game with randomness like drawing cards, I can lose 100 pts easy just from bad luck. Also super buggy; it's not uncommon to get kicked out for no reason or to lose sync. Also I get random notifications that say "TTR Needs Your Attention" seemingly for no reason; when i open the app, there's nothing new or unusual. I hope they resolve this app's many bugs, I want to like it a lot!
I FREAKING LOVE THIS GAME However, the latest update is extremely frustrating. I'm able to get through entire games but it crashes before I can see the scores. I only have a vague idea of the results because I can see if my score went up or down once I restart the game. I just bought 4 new maps due to the sale so I'm just learning them and want to be able to see how I'm doing. 5 stars again once this is fixed.
I would give it more stars if I didn't have to login every time and then reset all of my preferences. No other games that I have had over the years have this problem. Update 8/20 I still have to login everyday sometimes twice a day. The worst part is the blaring music that I have to shut off every single time. Please at least get rid of the music. Update 6/25/21 I still have to log in repeatedly throughout the day. On the plus side my settings are saved so no blaring music
Fantastic port of the original board game...But... I loved the board game, so purchased the standard USA one for the phone.I then added the game to my Google Play Family Library. All was good & It worked great. Now for the "But !". after playing the USA map for a while, we decided we wanted to play the Europe map. So I went to the "in game store" and purchased the Europe map. However, this map is unlovked for me, but NOT unlocked for others in my Family Library. Why is this ? Not so happy now.
This is a great adaptation of the board game. Runs smooth, with many maps to play on. Works well on tablets and smartphones. Also keeps your purchases and applies them to your account so you can even have the same maps on the Steam adaptation so you can play on your computer.
great game but i cannot install on my tablet it wants me to buy again we have the board game and love it so my wife and i bought it on our phones when my wife went on her tablet and installed it from her libary it installed without a problem she can use the app on either device but when i try it prompts me to pay a second time id prefer to use it on my tabet but im not paying again both are android
This game seriously needs an option to disable the constant "Its your turn!" popup reminder. Or just leave that info on the screen somewhere. Especially in Solo games, popping up every 15 seconds is insane and really distracting. I know its my turn. I saw it the last 12 times. Leave me alone, I'm trying to think
Love this game but I do have one issue when it comes to the chat when in a game (not the lobby chat) - how do you send a message? I know where to find the chat but can't find the button or key to actually send it.
If not for the following.... I'd rate it a 5!! But...Beyond livid with the apps stability the past weeks!! Never had any issues until then and now it CONSTANTLY kicks me out of the game and/or won't let me play online game with a "player not in lobby" error message about 85% of the time! So tired of the frustration of when trying to get I'm and play with people and NOT the computer when it's my ABSOLUTE favorite game! UGH!! FIX THIS!!
Great game, with lots of maps, and online features, however; for whatever reason, it won't work with my Pixelbook. Just keeps crashing everytime you load the game up. Works fine on my other devices, just not this one.
I used to play all the time, but it logged me out and will NOT let me log in again. It won't let me create a new account, because my email is already used. It won't let me find my account, it just shows gears, then nothing. All my saved games and data seems to be gone! When will you fix this? I paid for this app and would like to be able to use it.
This game is exactly like the the board game, im currently obsessed! My only issue is that for me it's so difficult to just join in an online game. Otherwise I love this app more than anything right now!
Ticket to Ride is a family favorite. The game play is very smooth and fast. You can even speed it up in the settings for an ultra quick fame. The expansions have made it much cheaper for me to try all the games they offer. Great price for the expansion games although the original keeps me entertained for hours. There are at least one board game version I haven't seen offered (London), but overall the selection is huge. Great job.
Good game, but need to give host ability to kick people or a vote kick. This is ridiculous having to wait for someone on a quick game
Horrible: I played this game 20 times and I couldn't beat the computer. Seemed like game was making it so that I could not win. Not fun anymore.
Just like the board game. It's nice to have the computer shuffle everything and place pieces, but it doesn't have the social element of paying the actual game with friends.
Highly recommended steering clear of this and just buying the board game version, which is great. Playing online is an absolute joke. Cant join anything as my karma is too low (even though I've never quit), or I haven't played enough games or there is no one playing my map (Europe, which I had to pay more for).
Great game but beginning players will be frustrated by the poorly designed pyramid scheme of points-scoring that only benefits the experienced players. The 1-on-1 logic is completely backwards. The game allows upper level players to set a block against matches with low-score players, but low score players cannot set a limit against high score players in 1-on-1 matches to learn the game. Expect to get griefed a lot as these high score players mug you for points in the first two months you play.
Fun game, simple interface, easy to use and play. If you're a fan of Ticket to Ride then this will scratch the itch.
I'm only playing the solo variant, so can't say much about multiplayer. In general it's a nice app, no crashes, everything runs smoothly. My only complaint is that the bots could be way better. In the Europe variant I've never seen any bot building a station, even if it was clearly in their advantage. That's why playing Europe seems broken... hope it'll get fixed.
Love this game but there are some serious issues. Parts of my profile were randomly lost. It started my games and experience over but kept my points. Super frusturating to start over. Also, when playing the computer, they make moves that are completely pointless and have no reasoning to them. Other then that, i love it.
This game is a bit addictive. Its fun, unpredictable and frustrating all at the same time. You're either in favour with the magical algorithm, or not, which adds to the experience.
It is a great game when it plays but when in an online game, almost 90% of the time, the game stalls/freezes/becomes unplayable in some way.
My wife and i bought this game on both of our Android phones so we could play over our wifi, but it doesn't work. It just says there is no server available, and technical support is no help at all. Just look at all the negative reviews about this game and online play. I wish we payed attention before buying.
Don't be a fool like I was. Purchaed the game. When you go to play, you're continually presented with what you don't have access to and are asked to pay more for the content. Might as well made this free to play with the same options to buy content since your initial purchase gets you a very limited amount of content. What a joke. Talk about feeling suckered. Devs should be ashamed. All mobile apps are money grabs. Offer me a game at a set price. I hate these "gotchas" after the fact.
There are some wierd UI bugs that crop up every now and again, but nothing that seriously impedes your ability to play the game. Aside from that, it's a solid rendition of the board game.
Love this game but I have experienced a lot of bugs since downloading. Lots of times it shows games on online mode but when I try to join, I get error "player not in lobby", and get the same error when I try to create a game. Additionally, out of 20 games online, I have had the game terminate on me and not let me resume 4 times. Please fix these bugs and would be 5 stars.
I love the board game version of this, and this app gives me the ability to play a quick game without the setup and when I don't have anyone to play with. I also play the pass and play option with my SO before we go to sleep or in the car while waiting.
One of my favorite board games. Really good translation to the digital format. Some of the maps are super tiny and the switch between portrait land landscape mode can be glitchy. Playing on a larger device makes this better. Add ons are a little pricy. But otherwise, it's a great game.
Latest programming put a player bar at the beginning of each turn which is in the way (across the entire map center), delays the game and is totally useless and freaking annoying. What, were the designers drinking while working from home during this time of COVID? 2/2021 It is slightly better but It seems the bots are less skilled. Reading size is still an issue on mobile devices.
😭😭Great Game the only thing I don't like is, I can't text or communicate with other players at all. I was told only IPhone players have that luxury 😭😭😭😭😭. But otherwise Great game!!! "This is the New Chess".... Anybody that wants to play check me out!! ( (Pierpont: "The Train That Never Was")
DO NOT BUY - DOES NOT WORK I purchased this game on June 30. I installed it on my new Chromebook. When I open the app, some animation starts and runs for a few seconds and stops. At that point I get the message the app has stopped. I tried it again several more times and it never got any further along than mentioned above. I contacted support at the support address in Google Play and have not heard anything from them in a 21 days. They obiviously do not care that the product doesn't work.
Online game is great for playing with distant friends while you video chat. The maps are all good and the person who invites others can use maps others haven't purchased. I really like India. It crashes very occasionally but I play loads
Love this app! I've played it for years. In single player mode, the robots aren't the smartest competitors, though it depends on the map. The newer maps seem to have better IA, written to win following that particular expansion's mechanics. I love playing with my sister 200 miles away. She's smarter than any bot. 😉 My only quibble is that sometimes it updates without warning in the middle of a game, but I can always get my game back. It's just a little jarring when it happens.
The game is really fun, same as the physical boardgame. Buy 4 stars because of the quality of the app. Connections drop often, it crashes occasionally, and creating my account was a difficult process.
The game is good but for some reason you have to go to the developer's website to create an account. Another issue is that after purchasing the app you only get 1 map to play. The are more pay walls to get other maps. This seems very unfair and a rip off. Don't get why only one map is allowed especially when you purchase the app. Feeling cheated.
Best game ever just wish could play more boards without having to buy them all. Even just a couple of free goes a week after you buy 2 or 3 boards would help. Especially when I've already spent hundreds of pounds on the actual board games to pay with family and friends :-)
When will ticket to ride will be on sale. ₹300 in sale in indian currency for a game no way im buying it. I thought it would go down to ₹190, then i would have bought it.
I changed my previous review from 4 stars to 5 stars. All bugs have been fixed, and it is super easy to play again. Thank you! I love this game and get so hooked. I love the vibrant colors and have multiple routes. Great game, and thanks for having this available on mobile!
Good game, would give 5 stars if I could log in and play online. Unfortunately it won't recognise my email , although it happily recognised my money. Will put rating up when the experience warrants it.
Love the boardgame and I'm having fun with the app. Slight problem with the AI and their style of play. Eventually, every single one of them will just draw cards until the deck runs out. Not just one character either. Every character does this. And then instead of playing those cards, they will start to just draw destination tickets. It's absurd. (Mostly happening closer to the end of the game) Do they play like that for everyone else?
Games are good. During this pandemic wanting to play with friends who also have this game but no matter what I try i cannot add them. Hours of searching online for this answer and seeing others having same problem. Since 2016! UPDATE:. Friends added but not very easily. I bought all maps on my tablet and cell but since that setup doesn't work on PC's have to repurchase everything to use the bigger PC screen.
This is an ok game, but its so painfull to have to login every second or third time I open the app. It has also lost a bunch of my achievements. Id expect this of a free game but not one I've paid good money for.Edit The latest update seems to have fixed the problem. Thank you.
Great game but hopelessly unstable on Android. I've crashed out for the umpteenth and last time. Uninstalling now. It's a shame, a bit more development effort and this would be fabulous instead of a frustrating annoying waste of time.
switch phones and I can no longer sign-in. I bought extra expansion maps, which still work, but it does not recognize my email. The bad part is I have tried several times to contact support but with no help. They can take your money but won"t help when you need it. I am uninstalling the game. so two weeks after my review, you tell me you are deeply sorry for my issues and I should contact you? I have tried contacting you, you won't respond fo my questions nor will you help.
Great game, I have the boardgame and the app. Online play is competitive and exciting. Anyone can win that what I like about it. Great way to kill a couple hours.
Some minor niggles means 4 stars instead of 5: the black reminder panel that continually pops up to remind about picking routes or cards is annoying as it distracts from thinking about what to pick, plus it obscures the far right of the map which matters if looking at routes going there (perhaps add an option to switch these reminders off?). Would also be nice to be able to switch off individual sounds, rather than all together. Finally, the bots aren't very good.
This game is brilliant and really addictive! It makes it easy and stress free to play ticket to ride and I love it ☺️! My only complaint is that other maps cost even more money. And seeing that the game already costs you £5, it would be nice to see some more free maps instead of just the standard USA one.
I like the game, I have all the USA expansions, but the app is glitchy. It never remembers my settings, which is most annoying when opening it - the music is quite loud no matter how many times I turn the sound/music off in settings. Also when opening a game it takes me back to the last move/points screen for the last game i played even if it had completely finished and I'd quit back to the main screen. It also highlights the second place player as the winner in the bottom of the points screen.
Fantastic! Not quite the same experience as the real board games, but the feeling is certainly right. Missing a few of the expansions we have IRL, and maybe they will come, maybe not. A full 5* from me nevertheless!
I love this game! But one achievement is making my game crash. Every time I lay down the final line of track to complete the "Blue, white, and Red" achievement on the French map, the game crashes. I've earned it, at least 5x. I have it on PS4, I want it on Android.
There are continuous bugs where you have to force close the app to be able to play your turn. It's is constantly one thing after another with an app I had to purchase.
I love this game.. but it is very difficult for me because I am colorblind. Please put the emblems on the colored marks of the board! Then of course 5 stars
I love playing Ticket To Ride. I have the board game and it's our favorite family game. The online version is great because you don't have to wait on people if you're playing against the robot. It goes so quick and it's great practice.
I LOVE the Ticket to Ride physical board game, and I was excited when I saw it available on my phone. I purchased the USA board and the 1910 expansion. After seeing how much data it used for online play, I found I was only going to be able to play the Solo mode. This is disappointing because the bots are programmed only to play trains and rarely even complete their routes. It may be useful to try new boards before making a physical purchase? 4 months later, the gameplay in solo mode still sucks
As soon as any map opens, a message saying "please select some tickets, XYZ will begin" comes up. Its placement unfortunately is in such a way that the destinations on the top of some maps (Pennsylvania 4 ex.) are covered and if I want to long press on my tickets to check out the routes, I can't see these destinations (buffalo, Rochester etc). Pls change the placement! Its get otherwise (excluding frequent app crashes) I've all the expansions and they're brilliant!
Great Game! My only complaint is the lack of an option for better visuals. It would be nice to have a mode thst takes notes from the Carcassonne app with 3d rendering. Also, there ought to be a screen that blocks the next player's hand in pass and play until a button is pressed to confirm the game has been passed. Otherwise, this is basically a perfect port of a great board game
Fun game but app keeps crashing, which is a big problem because each game is timed, and every time you quit halfway (due to software issue causing connection abortion ; or sick of waiting for another player's time to completely run out because they are having issues with their app etc.) you lose karma!
Edit: They still haven't fixed the signing out issue. Dropping another star because this is ridiculous for a paid game! It keeps signing me out! And every time it does, it turns the music and sound effects to full blast. Plus it forgets all my other preferences. I thought it might be every time I reboot my phone (Pixel 4a) but it's more often than that. Fix this annoying bug! The music is awful and loud and it's super annoying to have it play when I open the app.
The problems I was having with purchases, etc. from the previous update are fixed. Thanks! I love playing Ticket to Ride, with the board game or the app. I just added United Kingdom and France to my maps. Highly recommended. I would love to see additional maps added, such as the Netherlands, Africa, Japan and Italy maps!
my friend and i both bought the game. i created a private game and sent them an invite. however, once we were both in the lobby and tried to start the game their play button lit up and mine wouldnt. they began the game playing against a bot while i was stuck in the lobby, unable to press play.
A bit too small to play on a mobile phone but it is ok on an Android tablet and Chromebook. It does tend to crash under certain scenarios when trying to join games but once the game starts it's reasonable. The UI could do with a bit of a refresh around starting games as it seems a bit clunky. I don't know if they have stopped development as no updates since July 2020.
At first we all enjoyed this game. I bought it, with many of the extension boards for several family members. Now I only have access to the one board, and not all the extra extensions. So it turned into an extremely expensive game, and is glitchy too.
A fun game for playing solo or with friends. Also a good idea in learning the geography of various countries.
The game is great! But i've got some problems with stability. It is not always starts. Time to time I just see black screen. and only device reboot helps me.
Great game but it has some issues. Most importantly, it does not remember my settings - specifically audio settings. I like my games on mute so I can listen to other things while playing and it's super annoying that it doesn't remember this! It shouldn't be a hard fix and I've seen other reviewers complain about this too. Gameplay itself is really good. One of my favorite games.
I bought a the Dutch map of the real game, any chance you will update new maps? Good game, can you add a personal longest route counter or a shared longest route counter? Saves time to count the longest route.
As seen in several other comments, when I logged back in all purchased maps were gone. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it - still nothing.
What an absolute rip off, this app makes you pay 9 dollars for the game, and when you begin to play they ask for MORE money to unlock anything more than utter basic game play. If I'd have known they were going to scam me like this I would never have purchased. Complete criminals.
First - 9$ to get, well, NOTHING Because you have to spend yet more to actually get a map, Europe say, in order to actually play this game Better to sell with one map included, up front Will cancel payment
Gameplay is pretty good. Login system is very difficult to negotiate and it keeps loosing my login and purchased games.
Love the game and easy to play. Disappointing that there isnt a story mode for unlocking the different maps, instead of having to buy each individual one.
The game is fun and the app has adapted the core game play well. It crashes sometimes, though, and not all the instructions on expansion maps really make the most sense that they could.
The right side of the display is cut off /not fitted properly into screen. I'm unable to see points assigned to tickets :(( Pls fix it, it's very difficult to play
Cant join games with computer players vs mobile downloads. Computer can invite mobile users but not the other way around. On top of that scoring is different, it shows them different winner vs mobile devices. This app needs to fixed, its glitchy. When you have completed the ticket, it still displays as incomplete. I really appreciate the response, thank you. And good luck, I hope you are able to fix it soon :))
I will never buy another game from this author. They are unable to fix bugs in their own software. I've not been able to play this game since 2018. Amature software developers ....
I love this game it's so cool because you can make make trains and things like that and play with your friends and that's important to play with your friends and you can choose another name not the real name your real name of course 😜😜 I play with my friends like my sister my grandmother and grandfather zo zo zo zo zo zo zo cool you could play with me I always play it take it and good luck
Lots to like about this game. It looks good and the functionality is intuitive. Minus stars because it gets glitchy in multi-player mode and because the stations (Europe version) don't work well. Re stations: (1) can't specify which route they apply to. The game guesses and doesn't always guess correctly. (2) I've played an unhealthy number of games against all the AIs (pandemic lockdown) and none of them has used a station once, even when it would be to their benefit.
For fans of the board game, this is an excellent app. There are a few persistent bugs such as my account not staying logged in (and often getting duplicated), but it is a minor annoyance and not anything that detracts from the game play or the enjoyability of it.
App works great on my P30 Pro. Been playing for a few months with no issues. No crashes nothing. App has been great and fun (although I never play online matches so haven't tested that side). Wished the add on packs were cheaper and that they would do a discount price for all the packs is purchased together. If you've been put off by the very poor Ticket to Ride Playlink (PS4) app/game, rest assured. this App actually works. Great app guys. Please consider a discount add on pack deal. :-)
I love this game and really enjoy playing however I constantly get logged out of the game on my phone and then I can't log back in. I've emailed Asmodee twice and have never received resolution or a response to my emails. I'm very disappointed in the lack of response for a game that I've paid for. I'd appreciate someone fixing the log out issue for me and acknowledge my emails so I can play and earn accomplishments. Thanks!
I don't want to give the app permission to access my photos, media, etc. but it apparently won't. Open unless I do. Is that correct? Why does it need these permissions to operate. I cancelled my purchase because of this which is sad because I wanted to play online with distant family members. What options are there for playing without giving permissions?
I have to turn the music off every time I open the game! Make it stay off! Overall, the UI is pretty terrible. It takes 5 clicks just to resume a game(!), and you have to wait for it to animate the menus. You can accelerate the main menu by tapping, but the other ones take forever and are unresponsive at first. I hate how it constantly nags you that it's your turn when you're thinking. But it's T2R, and I can play it with friends, so 2 stars.
The perfect solution to the lack of opportunity to get around a table with friends and play my favourite game! A bit glitchy, hence 4 stars rather than 5, but good enough to fill the void.
Great game. Love the layout and simplicity of it. Just that everytime I play with a friend online, it gets stuck in a way. Both players are waiting on each other. So it freezes the game. And the only way to fix is to leave the game and then resume it. If fixed, I will change my rating to 5.
2/28 - Update: They have finally fixed the notifications! I love playing this game with my family. We are in different parts of the country, its nice to stay connected and play with them!
I keep getting errors for no reason. Client and server out of sync?? Client not in lobby - mid game?? I haven't played enough ranked games but I've played over 100 games?? Access denied? I Please fix this! It is frustrating and it is spoiling the game. Edit: errors have gotten worse. Can't play at all! I have tried 6 times, but errors all the way! If I could add screenshots, I would.
The online experience is very bad. For half of the games you play the server will crash durring the game. Also the game is keep sending notifications about updates that never happent. Out of 4 games, there will be 3 with server disconnect so the game is false advertising as an online game. Don't spend your money to this game since the developers know about the issues and do nothing to fix it. Also you can see that they recommend to contact support, but is useless.
Hadn't played the game, but I love board games and I knew about this from listening to podcasts and watching reviews etc. Bought the app because I knew I'd like the physical game; and mechanically speaking, I do. The app is good enough that I am about to buy the physical board game, and I have also messaged my close friends/family because I want to be able to play against them remotely over periods of days or hours etc. I know they'll love it. Overall, great game and app, smooth UI. Yup.
Great game! My one issue is the UI is very unfriendly. Devs, would it be possible to add a button on the home screen to show your level, rank, games played etc. Also, I don't understand the achievements panel. I'm sure I've completed many more cards than it shows. Finally...the ranking system is bizarre! So close to a perfect game :)
Great and addictive game but plagued by bugs. On the last round you are often refused trying to place your last route. Music is super annoying and keeps going back to full volume. Very little in the way of providing clear instructions. Rules for handling route cards very obscure.
I gave it 1 star because I bought some of the other maps a while ago but when I went on today I had none of the maps I bought and I was back at the beginning. I do not think it is very good to remove my maps and I want them back. If this hadn't happened I would have rated 5 stars because the game is great if you don't have the maps on boards also I enjoy playing it a lot. I would like the Nordic countries map and the 1910 maps back thank you
Second best to playing the real life board game. Only thing is I don't quite see a way to decide how dumb or smart the bots are and I want to be able to choose an avatar picture for me without connecting to my Google account.
The game is fantastic, but the app has some issues. when it needs to update it says it cannot because I have not purchased I don't know what (although I have bought all I could inside the game). So I have to uninstall and install again the app, over and over again (once every few weeks). Please try to solve this issue, it is very annoying! Other than that, totally reccomend!
The selling point for my group is asynchronous cross-platform play and cross-platform IAP purchases. I play asynch during the week with friends in different time zones. We can continue our game anywhere on any system because of the crossplay. I create the game on my tablet, continue the same game on my phone when I'm waiting in line somewhere, and then get alerts on Steam to continue the game from my PC. It all works. It's my most used game because of those features.
the online play usually works well. the 2 big issues I've experienced are games where people are auto kicked from the game, forcing a computer to take over and play horribly for you (this seems to have gotten a bit better lately) and whenever a tie game occurs, the game just picks a random player to be deemed the winner and the other player looses what can be quite a few rank points.
It's only a bunch of bugs! It keep hanging during the game! And if one if the online players has problem with the game, the game will be deadlocked. It's terrible! I prefer physical one instead of this app. Only one map is unlocked, others should be bought separately.
This game is so much fun. Addictive. AND I can play with family on the other side of the country. WELL worth the small price. And NO ADS EVER!
I love ticket to ride. But I love it even more now I can play every map. Great game. Defiantly worth buying the extra maps too.
The app just keeps crashing, even mid game. And it keeps logging me out in the middle of the crashes. It operates like it has a mind of its own. Today this happened twice - 1 game crashed, didn't let me rejoin, so I started another, that crashed, and when I logged in again, it took me back to the first game like the 2nd didn't exist. And the game had meanwhile played itself into the ground and I lost hard earned points. This kind of software glitch is unacceptable,esp in a paid app!
Stupidly addictive fun. Absolutely love it. The game instructions are a little clunky at first but maybe watch a quick YouTube tutorial on it, once you get the whole point it's really fun.
Bad: 1. £4.99 upfront cost 2. Default, and only map provided is for USA even if bought in Europe. 3. £2.79 for non-sharable in-game purchase per player for each extra map 4. In-game chat allows you to type messages, but there is no send button (Android only issue) 5. Swapping to another app disconnects you from online game. 6. Buying in-game maps and online play requires an account with DaysOfWonder. 7. Sometimes not able to connect to online game, have to close>open. 8. Needs 1+GB non-SD space!
This is a great adaptation of the modern board game classic Ticket to Ride into an app. Very intuitive to play even as a beginner. The AI players are well developed so it is fun to play solo, but it is even better played online. You can do this with random players all over the world, or in private games with your friends. And if you are at home, it includes a pass and play version to play on the same device. Definitely recommended.
Great board game...but this digital version contains flaws. I purchased the app after enjoying the board game. Frustratingly there are various bugs that affect game play and require me to restart a few times each game (specifically when selecting technologies in UK version). Also, it would be good to see some special offers/discounts for additional map purchases. Or even a lite version that allows temp access to other maps to try before I buy.
I really like the game, but its so glitchy, it's driving me up the wall. I've got it on my IPAd and it is fine. I put it on my tablet and just about every time it asks me to log in. Why?? And then sometimes I can put my user name in and it goes no where. I have to restart the tablet. On the tablet it will open and be only a quarter size screen. Extremely frustrating...grrrr. if you can fix all this I will be happy!
I love the board game and its great to be able to play it online either with friends, against strangers or against the computer! No ads is also great!
very good game , close to the real board game. Play is easy and intuitive. The local play is not so good. I suggest using the on-line play. Find your friends and send an invite. It is more robust than local.
The game itself is good, very user friendly. But whenever you want to play online, it kicks you out. They should solve the issue. I saw they were commenting that it may depend on the phone model. So I am saying you guys have an issue with Samsung Galaxy S10+.
can you please fix the constant bugs...this is terrible for a paid app 5/31....still has bugs to work out. LOTS OF THEM! a PAID app smh A year later and STILL as unstable as in past....constant crashing. I don't have these problems with any other online games...please fix the servers so we don't get screwed over when playing. Shame that it's an app that cost money yet no support and poor servers. 12/13/20 Still has consistent problems...almost becoming unplayable. No longer enjoyable to play
Excellent mobile version of Ticket to Ride. The precision of train placement needs a little work - that's the only reason I withheld that fifth star.
Love this game. Latest update has vastly improved online play, but still can't get through a game without errors. Solo play is worse (slower, more glitches) since update.
It is really fun you can play with your friends, and you can play online with other people, you can even play solo. It is also a board game you can buy. It is a great game, and it has no ads, and it has great gaphics .
Enjoyed & addictive.would be good to have a package with all maps included. Can't link my Asmodee account from android to Xbox combine my achievements. It finds both my accounts but have to buy game again on other platform with more maps $$
Great fun, well made version of board game. Some options a little fiddly, dont always seem to stick when toggled. Doesnt affect gameplay.
overall good but... con: the game resets the volume EVERY SINGLE TIME you start it. You can't leave it set to silent more because it won't stay that way con: no way to tell how many games have been played to reach achievements. Also, have played 40-50 games in each area and it thinks i still haven't completed 20 games in any of them. con: complete a game. go back to the main menu. turn screen off, when you come back to play a game, it thinks you still haven't finished the last one yet
Pretty good, but needs updates. On Android 11, and it seems like the methods the app uses to persist data aren't supported anymore, because I'm often asked to log in, and every time I open a game of TTR: Europe, the dialog shows up giving me the instructions, as if it was my first time playing. Every time.
So when are we going to see the Alvin and Dexter expansion? Come on, I want aliens and lizards romping through my maps! Also, why does Europe's Europa expansion not have the DEPOTS? It's great to have the extra destination cards, but those depots add a huge push-your-luck element and I miss not having them. Just saying.
I love it BUT...whenever there's an update I get logged out, and when I log in I have to reset all my preferences, which is annoying. What's worse is I bought extra maps but now I am being asked to pay for them again. Only app I've ever paid money for, and bought extras like that. Was going to buy more maps but am now nervous I'll just lose them at the next update.
I love this boardgames! Now I play the app even more just because there's no setup. I'm even having a competition between the computers. I think this makes me a better player!!
Great game with lots a variants to each map, making each one a different strategy, a different challenge. Whether you play solo or online with family and friends, this is great fun.
you have to buy maps for an unreasonable price. the game in it's own is fun but it's just not worth the amount of money you have to spend to get some sort of variety of experience. in addition to that, the multiplayer is a little bit broken. sometimes it wont let me create a lobby for no reason at all. meh
I would give it more stars if I didn't have to login every time and then reset all of my preferences. No other games that I have had over the years have this problem. Update 8/20 I still have to login everyday sometimes twice a day. The worst part is the blaring music that I have to shut off every single time. Please at least get rid of the music.
Loads to like about this game. The interface is gorgeous and intuitive. I've played online with folks in another city, as well as solo against the AI. Both modes work well. It gets glitchy when playing online, but it's easy to exit and re-enter the game.
There needs to be a way to boot inactive players. 3/4s of the time, a player will ditch a game and you're stuck just sitting there waiting 15 minutes for their turn to time out.
This is the e-version of a great board game. This version has a solid AI and good game play. I recommend you try it! As described below, Asmodee had a problem with an update. The game would last or hang in the Steam and Kindle versions and failed on the chrome book. Game fails to load on Cromebook. Start screen with train animation starts to load then disappears. The game was updated last year and stopped working. A waste of money. Great Board game botched by the software developer.
Connection error kicks you out when playing online. Even the error admits there's a fault with the game "Software error caused connection abort". Bought the game yesterday, and have had this problem countless of times. Becoming very tedious, with now no chance of a refund for a broken product. The game itself is very good, with as you'd imagine, tons of In App Purchases, which are expensive sadly. The bugs need to be fixed pronto if you're going to charge a premium for a game. Not happy at all.
Ticket to Ride is my favorite game, and it's been wonderful getting to play it on my phone but myself rather than having to get out the board and find people who are free to play. The AI's can be pretty dumb, but that's fine with me. It just means I win a lot. I like how each AI character has a different personality, so you can decide which type of person/people you want to face.
Very fun strategy game. You can play solo or online with others. The expansion maps are reasonable priced.