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TibiaME MMO for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by CipSoft GmbH located at CipSoft GmbH Pruefeninger Strasse 20 93049 Regensburg Germany. The game is suitable for PEGI 7 (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is my old childhood game, story line are great ! comeback for killing my boredom. i expect more in the future Cipsoft.
My first MMORPG game I am using java nokia phone with Edge network at that time 😂 btw its 11 years ago when I am on junior hihgschool its boring if you din't buy premium I hope one day this game become totaly free can ho anywhere without premium surely I will give 5 stars for that
Frustrating game because of autohunters they use bot upgrade lvl and easy game every place is crowded because of them boring no game left ...
Legend game! I miss so much for this game.. my first game in nokia phone😂FYI.. now it was become bored because of leveling more easy just on doing daily quest and many place become idle. GM, please just make it like the old tibiame.. we all can conquer and dominate our own place to hunt for our guild to make it more fun! From Member ( Smirnoff V ) guild w6
The actual game are great until u are forced to pay money just to be able to venture certain area to finish the MAIN quest. That free platinum aint really helpful at all since its just a nickel of booger.
honestly I like this game, but why is this game not smooth if there are many players who are online. even though my device is very possible. please fix it again.
Why you not make animation for tibiame or history of tibiame. Make a film and lunching with all language. Thanks tibiame you been with me till my age 20th. Thanks you so much. I hope you make a film a history of tibiame.
Its absolutely great all tho i would definitely like it if u werelable to switch the dpad to the right side
I'm playing during Covid 2020 and it's a great game BUT it is "PAY TO WIN" so with that being said, enjoy being poor and have fun walking 20 miles to your quest because portals are for premium players lmfao
Laggs a lot in the city or crowded area. Paid too much to not even get premium! Crazy. Good game but can be cheaper because it's over priced
I typically play the PC based MMO, but TibiaME has the same basic concepts. Due to my service area I don't get to play much, but the graphics are great and the controls are very user friendly. Give it a try and come join us on the PC MMO, if you love old school rpg graphics and a wonderful community you'll love Tibia and TibiaME!
This one isn't exactly tibia because of many differences, but even being way simpler it still is a great game, just dead and mostly botting players. Play it solo, or with friends, you will find it very entertaining still. I love to play it from time to time, even sink some money on premium a couple times just for the additional stuff.
nice game. been playing it since 2008 till 2020 although on and off hahah, but nowadays, tibiame needs a lot of money to purchase things in markerplace.
This game sucks, if the character are dead, 3x level are lost and need to pay with real money to recover
It's a fun game and all, but the game is soon to be dead, dev need to think of something to revive this game back to life
This is awful, it's nothing like the the pc game. This is slow, boring, disgusting graphics (seriously, the wonky pixel art from pc tibia had some charm, this is just bad), the disclaimer alone made me want to quit before I started..
It is so nostalgic. But in the quest the slimy parchment, i can't take the parchment and consequently don't finish the quest
stuck at 6/10 in login section,. its happened since i gone to aurea city while the condition re quite crowd at the time, and got forced logout
Customer service is seriously flawed - serious concerns about what you pay for are regarded as if by from a spoiled brat. It is, quite frankly, the epithet of self-entitled.
my first game was with nokia 6500 with 3G network.although its a great game ,its always abit expensive but ill still gve 5 stars because of all the memories it gave me n all the great friends.
I really like the game. I've been playing off and on for a while now. It's decent fun but quite difficult. The graphics are what I would expect from a java mmo from 2003. It's a good time killer but it's no where near as good as Tibia 7.6 for PC.
the worst game ever, even you play on flagship device its will forced close randomly, then lots of bug inside. when you just have a few hp left on your HP bar the game becomes lag many times, so your character will be died immediately, thats how the developer raid your money
Has me signed into a different google play than what's on my phone... Cant make purchases. Also seems like they've become greedy. That just ruins the charm of an old school game. I played Tibia for over 20 years and watched as they slowly destroyed that perfect game. I'm done with these greedy developers. I'll pay for a good game but not when I feel that I'm forced. Please make the real Tibia for mobile, only charge for premium. That's how you'll make money. Go too far and you'll lose your fans.
I played this game back in 2006, honestly it was a good game. Those who say it bad game you're just little kids who were just born yesterday this is one of the most earliest mmorpg on mobile
Please improve settings add some chooses if Music on or off and sound effects on or off. Low graphics/medium/high so we can choose to improve game performance ,fast and not laggy. Add some Vocations, large Aoe spell, spell DPS, life/mana steal items and more events /updates that players enjoys the game well.
THIS GAME SUCKSSSSS!!!!!Both p.c. and mobile it should be awarded the worst game ever! I'd pay to have this trash game deleted from the world! It gives gaming a bad name. PLEASE TAKE YOUR LAST BREATH AND SHUT DOWN YOUR SERVERS EVERYWHERE. ID RATHER PLAY ATARI PONG. UGH..
"Tibiame" is the most succesful mobile mmorpg in terms of having great storylines. However, bot programs are allowed which destroy the game. Furthermore, updates are rare and the worst thing according to me half of the skills in both vacations are useless in most cases bcz the game based on solo playing except boss fights.. If you are a real mmorpg gamer and have time, I strongly recommend "Tibia".
Gets boring quickly. Sort of P2W. I mean, you "can" beat the game without buying platinum, but you get far behind the wallet warriors quickly. Plus, there are many cheaters using bots to farm stuff. Bottomline is: "why play it?"
A nice little game, very simple compared to all the more modern MMORPG's. The English is a bit off here and there but it just makes the game more charming. The best part about this game is that it works on the oldest mobile phones! I only started playing this game because I needed an online RPG to play when I don't have access to a PC. So I Googled and found this game. I play it on my Nokia N95 8GB. My smartphone broke recently so I rediscovered this gem of a game. It's really chill and casual.
i have an acc which i can't login.. it's so suddenly, said incorrect pass but i never change the pass tho, how can something like that happened? and my acc not connect to mail or have a pin.. i hope i can find a way to get it back, i spent money there.. developers please your answer
I used to love the base computer game, however this game is so garbage. You can't really expect perfection from a mobile game, and even if there can be, this game is as far away from it as it can be. I honestly won't really even recommend playing the base game nowadays, just stay away from this company in general.
An old game where people spent a lot of money ,just for getting stronger here . in other words, no money no power ;)
this game is very good long year ago, i play on symbian phone for 3/4year and now this game still good but player online only between 30-100player. Sadly developer do not develop graphics or gameplay so thats why player tibia leave this game....
There is no issue on this game been playing it since i was before i in high school Lvl 150+ been there many monster From white to red to black Dragon witches elementals type 1 problem just that experience for higher lv getting harder n harder n most of exp given aroumd 800-2000
Rated as such due to memories. It is now a shadow of what it used to be back in 2000s. I've spent way too many years in this game and created so many memories. The fact that it is still online, even if abandoned, allowed me to revisit some of those memories. Thank you TibiaME for those old memories.
Please decrease the death lost experience or remove, so it will be enjoyable like other games😂. Better if the SKILL has passive skills too and the slots for skills must have 4 or more. Add new interesting events every week/month , i hope its available for everyone. Don't use Old events with out changes because you disappointing players. Thank you and i hope you understand.
Complete waste of time! You have to pay to keep playing even though this is allegedly a free game. I loved the original Tibia but this is only a money grab. Nothing like the real game. It starts free but you have to pay to advance. Very disappointed.... will not recommend to anyone!
I've played this game on and off for about a decade, even before this game had a 3D visuals. This game is just complete trash, every time I come back to the game thinking it'd be a great experience it just is not. This game is so vulnerable to account hackers, I'd say I have over 10+ level 30-50 accounts that just gets hacked all of a sudden. This game would be awesome if it wasn't so prone to account hackers. Terrible online support team.
Hey dudes why you guys dont invest a litle bit more on tibia and do a mobile client, just i know more the five people (excluding me) that wold do everything to come back. I and my friends just grow up play tibia. And between us we have mobile games that on tibia style but they are awful. I believe in you guys.
Oh! TibiaME! I always play this game some last years ago, I played it in Java, and, And I found this game in Android? I very like it, very very like it😍
Great game. Been playing for a while. Would like it if there is more missions for a certain level of character and what does not make sense is that killing a powerful monster is not that rewarding if you consider the experience you gain from a monster that can almost kill you and cause you to loose a great amount xp.
My first MMORPG that I played in my life , I first played this in 2009 , great to find it on Android ..
Waste of time you need pay to play. And it's not even close looking like oldschool tibia. Producent is just greedy I will never install this game again.
The control are terrible, game play sucks, Nothing like real Tibia. Total waist of time, I recomend you do Not download.
I haven't played this newer one but nice to see it's still around! Used to play this way before smartphones even existed and it was always fun!
obsolete game... its not worth it to play or invest money or time in it. high level players have control over the game items, only they get to have the best armours or weapons.
Good game similar to pc in ways. However too many login and acc probs still not fixed. One eg. Incorrect password when you know its right, cant login. Often times doesnt load or you get server issues deny login also with no reason why. Im a long time fan of tibia but come on. Re evaluate the structure of your accounts and login issues. Nothing new however with tibia me. Random problems at random times with no reason. What a shame.
i play this game since i 15 y.o ,and until now i still loved it, but i hope they can make it better graphic or new UI, anything , so this game will not dead or end,, new quest , map, king whaatever, and switch world , i hope i can move to a new world cause worl 12 i played mostly die, no one play again, and i looking for partner to play,,, i hope chipsoft can make it better , i still play this game even my payment is not sended to me , i lost 700 plat , and my money also, but i still love it.
Excuse me , so i want to tell you that when i play tibiame its so laggy but thats not my phone problem or internet connection. When i login my character its start laggy then i will reconnect , when i reconnect the character its stuck at the loading page. please fix this , or i just waste 2500 platinum for a laggy gameplay. Btw , my phone RAM is 3GB and ROM is 32GB (9GB Used). And my internet connection is 1/MBps.
Don't make the same mistakes you did in tibia here pls I play tibia for 18 years I put thousands of dollars on the game and eventually got tired of the B.S... I come back to tibiame and is so different than 8 years ago it's set up so u can get to lvl 20 fast but in order to get more quest or finish some u need to pay and when I try to pay for a premium said my payment is not good so I have to go to reseller pls fix it I don't want to see this branch fall like the main "Tibia". Kemuel lvl 150+
I have played this game many times with my different accounts. After, getting good lvl my accounts get hacked and I can't login. Its unsecured, costly, outdated.
Leveling is very hard..if u die while lvling u lose 3-5 lvl down..it take 4-5 days lvlup bcz each lvl need tons of xp.. totally time waste ,useless game.. worst game ever..
Fun game if you able to spend money, but few problem are the monster spawn are too limited without party system, quest monster are close to none, could take up to 5 minutes just to find 1 monster to kill. Control are horrible, D-Pad button and the disconnect button are on the same spot which cause player to accidentally quit/log out the game from few mili seconds lag, UI are horrible as well, it's a pain to use item, also a lots of time players accidentally dropped their stuff while moving.
paywall nightmare. its the type of game im looking for however it holds features hostage pending payment. and it isnt even very well made. i missed quests because i explored before being prompted to do so. and on top of that the information system is constantly reminding you of where you need to go via screen consuming popup message.
Very simple games can sometimes be difficult especially to find hidden items that require the help of other players to find a lot of players and friends
Pay to Win, like you can buy everything, even levels, skills and stats. The layout is terrible, it was created to old phones, and have not been updated since then.
i played this game in some years ago and it was excellent, i've made far progression, but now i play from start and already got stuck in ashmor where you have to go to place that free player can't enter, i only lv 12, nice
When I was a kid, I really love this game. I can play this over night. 8 years later I want to play this game again but after I see reviews from many guys I am starting to remember why I deleted it. So sad that this game didn't do any update to what their customers want. This game need to be improved many things and I believe if the company learns from many MOBA games like mobile legend, LoL, Rov which they always update to keep their customers this game gonna be popular again.
After I buy premium , can't log into the game stack at prepare game data 6/10 . other non premium character can log into game . just wasted my money . I try to wait like 20min also the same .
This game is by far the worst game and has the worst customer service. Somebody hacked my account( App is called Tibiame Guide) which downloaded from google play and is hacking app, asked for a refund. Now got banished for 18 years because I want what the hacker took from me from this game. All I wanted was my money back and cant get. This app accepts hackers on their servers. Be aware of your personal information getting exposed. Dont ask for refund or you lose your character for life. Just FYI
Edite: ah, thanks for responding. Well, it was solved long time ago tho. Still, thanks. Btw i have some suggestion, will be glad if you guys take it. - create some daily quest for low leveled player, this way it might mitigate some shortcoming of leveling progress of low level player.
fix the lagg issue... last year i play it and its smooth no lagg when i cross a lot of people, sometime theres bug.. i hunt and i almost lvl up..when i go off then i on again on the next day.. i lost my exp and i spent my money to buy 129 new and i lost it too.. fix it now!
2 stars for the fact of 9 slot inventory, and your spells are carried in inventory..which means with some spells some potions and quest items i get about 10 minutes of looting before i have to go clear inventory..pretty annoying
So ive played this game off and on for about 10 yrs, recently decided to delete my warrior and start over and do premium, today i get a letter from cipsoft do what it says and all of a sudden im logged out of the game and my pw is incorrect when i go to log in. My pw is not being entered incorrectly i know its the correct one so i email tibia me and get told they are working on thos request and please dont email again and no response from cipsoft I go to reset on page and no link is sent to me
I can say this is my first MMORPG I ever play, and I still play this game till now, though in 2009 I went to stop playing because of my lack understanding of keeping an account data safely, so I lost my first account and I didnt want to touch this game anymore. But, few years ago, I start to play this game again, my childhood playing this game is there, I feel nostalgic, it is like I go back to my hometown Aurea with some changes and improvements, but Maja is always there looking for the mirror.
Wow I remember playing this game on my nokia5300.its been so long like 40years ago since i play.the first mobile rpg game (online)ever made..no android phone been created that time.5 star..
cipsoft really dropped the ball by getting in with the wrong investor, and loosing all asset and update control of the game. i would avoid this game.
Pay to Win game. The developer is so greedy about money. You earn just about 500 exp for example, but when you die, you lost 10% of your current exp. Do you think it's fair??? Ex. : you have stamina for 120 monster kill about 500 exp each = 60k exp. Your exp right now about 400 million, so when you die you lost about 40 million. Do you really wanna play this game? I recommended playing warspear instead, better then this sucking money game.
Play this game since years years ago while so popular on Symbian OS (8+ years ago). But now this game slowly in the stage of dying. CipSoft seems so lazy to at least make graphic improvement since this is not Symbian/Java based game anymore. The interfaces so outdated. Need so unnecessary clicks just to open desired menu. So disappointed as veteran player.
Already a dead game and you need to pay real money to play this game. Not worthit to play now coz there many games x10 better just search in google playstore.
i already played this game 4 Years!! and i enjoy it.. but why this game not upgrade a grapich and other like another mmo game. i wish this game can be Upgrade to better game