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Thunder Stock Cars 2

Thunder Stock Cars 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by 3dinteger. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I think this game is wonderful I love it that you got the correct font and paint scheme for their respected drivers. This game really integrates the fact that you can't just full throttle the cars in the corners. I really wish that there was a rear view mirror but it's not really a complaint. The thing that you really got right in my eyes is putting some older cars that were never ment to be on the 2010 - 2011 body style, and throwing them in with some of the cars from that era of NASCAR.
the game is great, but i think it'll be better if it has a working cockpit, a mirror, speedometer hud, a better physics, and the ability to have an account/cloud save in the game.
Great Game overall i love the season mode and the qualifying i would like to see more ovals and a superspeedway
I don't like the car the steering and the braking and I hit the wall every single time when I brake and turn at the same time
I love this game. It's all about driving ability and not about buying a better car. It's just simply hitting the marks and concentration. You can adjust difficulty to challenge yourself and yet make it enjoyable. Simple and fun!
3 stars. Only because there is no roof view. Basically a view of top of hood and can see the the whole front end. Other then that pretty good. Needs more tracks and more cars. Love the old nascar cars in here and some newer.
This game needs alot of things to work out with...The turning is bad,Need more tracks,Need more cars etc. tbh I should gave this 2-3 stars but since alot of things to work with I gave it 1...Also there is no pit stop and car damages,which made the game more worse.
This game has really bad quality and the animation is awful and the steering is tarible and the cars are to slow to be a racing game 😀😀😠☹️😟
This is just a driving game. There's no racing or competition. If you win the pole you've won the race. The only racing is when you're lapping the field. I've won on every track at every level. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the tilt steering. If you watch Nascar you would see that you have to use the banking and the brakes to your advantage to help you turn. The game would be better with super speedways, crash damage and pit stops. Also add more cars to the field. Nascar had 40 cars.
its not bad, turning is difficult but u can master it eventually nicely done, cars look a lot like NASCAR'S COT model
Very cool game but sorry 4 stars ,all because of one silly little thing that were you turn the sensetivity of the is so low that I crash and I crash . So please in the options menu to add a sensetivity I and everyone can adjust the sensetivity of this game.
I like the game but I feel their can be more. I would love create a car feature where you could use templates from the other carsand one with no sponser change the main color and number maybe font of number. Probably a few more oval roadcourses short tracks and have a custom car limit to wear you can make the field up to 43 cars. And I would be if you had to unlock them with 1000 coins like others. And make the names for them when they're cpu. Those are the only things i want besides nastrucks.
Great game because this is one of the closest games you can get that feels like your actually in NASCAR and your not glitching everywhere. Wish they would make more banked tracks and a super speedway would be nice but other than that its pretty good. OH, YEAH ANYONE WHO SAID THAT THE STEERING IS BAD DOESN'T KNOW HOW SPEEDWAY RACING WORKS. GET NASCAR HEAT 3, 4, OR 5, IT WILL DO THE SAME THING IN THE TURNS.
This game has become my favourite racing game on mobile. The paint schemes are just familiar enough to realise who they are based on. I do agree that adding pit stops and more tracks would add to the overall experience, but the "local track" feel of everything gives it an extra boost in my book.
This Game Has A Lot Of Fun And Hopefully It'll Have More Tracks, Pit Stops, Multiplayer, More Cars And Custom Cars (With Numbers 1 To 200) Etc.
needs later the 2019 cars that they are going to use and maybe add more seires like the xfinty and truck cars. PLEASEπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Amazing love the ability to upgrade without real money. All the crybabies need to gl back to farmville stock cars aint for them and god forbid they have to work...at anything. Lol
Well the game is good graphics there pretty good but there are some stuff that most be fix like make car crashes have damage like you can see the parts off the car brake when it hits another car or hits a wall also like add big tracks like super speedway and something else add cars like the ones that car in nascar right now and that would just be cool. Keep up the good work πŸ‘
Good game but when i Turner its bad but that is one of the only problems because its a little bit oitdaye bit still good
This game is FABULOUS! It has the #48 Car βš„ , which is my favourite! (Even though it looks kinda boring) . I like the creativity of tracks as well. Also , I like how you made your own car 3dinteger , that is in both series. 😏 I like the #32⚁ , #24βš€ , #13βš€ , #2βš„ , #5βš… #18βšƒ , and the #48βš„ MOST IMPORTANTLY. Please make Thunder Stock Cars 3 where you can have MORE Paint Schemes for the cars such as the Kobalt Tools Scheme for the 48.πŸ’— I look forward to having a game with more Tracks! Great!
Love this game, I like how we need to get off throtle on corners. Would be nice if you guys added a rear view mirror though. AI is awesome and not wreckless. All in all I love this game and looking forward for more updates.
This game is like this game is like you have to buy cars and I don't like why can't we just like choose your own car that's why I ride this thing of three maybe 1
This is a good nascar game compared to others, there can be problems that can get fixed but even if not fixed, this will still be a normal good Nascar Game!!!!πŸ₯³πŸ˜€
This game sucks dick. You barely earn any money for races,the AI sucks, and the cumstomization is lacking very badly. Also the retard who made some of the menus doesn't know how to spell so there is mispelled words. All in all this game is pathetic.
Fantastic game! A few suggestions to make it better though. First, addimg pits would be amazing. Tire wear and fuel use would make this game tjat much more realistic. Also, it could use more tracks to make a better career championship. Great game!
When I played the game almost every race my steering would go out and I wouldn't be able to turn. Otherwise the game would be fun.
it could be better you guys need to change your drivers most of them are retierd also some reason controlles would randomly switch id be holding the gas petal and it would break and go bakwards also learn how a nascar actulay crashes they dont just flip over
This game is amazing. It puts the creativity of the cars and tracks in the game. It also has jeff gordons car my fav. 5 stars
Wow this game is really good. It definitely is the closest to nascar that you can get. I just think it could be even better if you added night races, a superspeedway, a longer career mode, and some more cars with maybe some more current paint schemes. Also, I dont know how to unlock more cars in career mode. Could you please tell me how. Thanks.
This game is awesome and cool it has good graphics but there are too many problems makes the game boring 1. There's is no caution like red , yellow and black flag 2. You can't even customize your own stock car 3. There are no pit road and you can't even change tires and refill gas 4. There are no superspeedway tracks 5. The bump sound effects are awful 6. Bad physics Can you fix/add this in next update pls I really love this game so much and add more 2021 cars and anything πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™4 stars
The game is very good. Some additions I would make is adding more AI to the track while racing, adding more cars and more tracks to race at.
Good game. Needs more control sensitivity so you can avoid hitting walls and should earn more coins for if you come in first place instead of 45 coins.
I love this hame but i wish they had truck racing and pit stops cumstomizing your car and one car i love is the black number #3 car and the yellow number #3 car
love the game it is great! i would not just steer only nascar fans but fans of all Motorsports and racing games!
Fun for a day or so... but only five tracks, single seasons, and two car choices gets old pretty quickly.
Love the game, but needs more, more tracks, a way to customize your own car, amd mabey make the buttons bigger, cause when I race I might miss the buttons and crash in the wall, anyway then it's a great racing game!
Should have called the app demolition derby. That's the ONLY place pros would drive like that. It's obvoius NONE of the developers have EVER seen any PROFESSIONAL stock car races. This is marketed as a RACING game. It isn't, it's a wrecking game. Waste of time and device memory. Controls are iffy at best. Graphics are WAY below standards. Physics are out of another universe altogether
So, I'm not about to say that the game is good, but it needs work. Let me tell you something, the cars are stupidly unrealistic. NASCAR's get unstable really easy and don't settle back in well. You need slide mechanics that achieve this somewhat and it will be more enjoyable and accurate.