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Through the Ages

Through the Ages for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by CGE digital located at Hostavick√° 267/23 Praha 19800. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Edit Mar 20, 2021. The spectator mode is awesome! Thank you for taking our comments seriously! Avs Caesar challenge is broken. Please fix. Edit: Jan 5, 2021. We would like to suggest spectator mode by invitation, as my group of friends have our own private tourney. Or if you wanna grant us a tourney mode that's even better. Thanks! Edit: Nov 10, 2019. After getting some play time, may I suggest some end of game statistics for those of us who like to overanalyze our game play? Thanks!
The game is good, but after installing the expansion I no longer get notifications when it is my turn, this makes it difficult to play quickly.
Any tutorial that can both teach you and make you laugh, is a winning experience in my book! The gameplay is smooth and fun, yet challenging...and the soundtrack is even great!
No longer working on my phone. It has been over 30days and still does not work on my phone. No one has contacted me. Wish they would fix it so I could play. It still not working
I've decided to take the unscrupulous measure of resorting to digital blackmail in dropping my glowing five star rating to a one star protest vote as the game crashes every time in challenge mode. I'm rattling like a junky in withdrawal without my daily fix of this most sublime Android strategy game. Get this bug fixed pronto and your stars will be returned quite unharmed.
Used to be a 5 star game. Now it won't load and hasn't loaded for months. I waited months to update my rating because I wanted to give them time to fix the issue, but still no solution.
The game is awesome. The way you port board games to digital is actually an art! Please, please, please optimize the app so it stop crushing. It does it two times per session on me =( I'll purchase any add-ons anyway. Upd: I'm not sure if there were any updates but the game stopped crushing. Thank you! 5 stars.
Crashing after 20-30 mins play since recent update. Annoying to have to restart the game and load save to resume. Worked fine before update.
Great implementation of a board game. Works well even on small screens. Unfortunatelly last update made it unable to play. After contacting developer, they refunded my payment. Maybe I will have better luck with new phone.
Such a great digital version of a very complex board game.. hard to believe they were able to create such a good user experience on such a small screen.
This is a great port of the board game. I was skeptical the game would translate to a phone, but it does. Challenges spice up the base game to add replayability against the AI.
The UI is well done and everything runs smoothly. If you are new to the game itself I found the learning curve to be a bit steep in terms of using combos and only recently started winning some games. But the ability to play games at you own pace is very nice and creates nice distractions during the day :). It's worth getting this one, the depth and variety ensure for very good replayability.
Edited: the app is now fixed and runs smoothly. Is a good implementation of the board game. Recent update broke the app. I'm on a Google pixel and cannot click on the ok button to take turn. Will update review when fixed. Until then it's 1 star since it's unusable.
Great digital implementation of the board game with solid AI and fun challenges. The tutorial is great and there's lots of replayability to be had. I've got at least a hundred hours of play so far and likely more to come. Definitely well worth the purchase! Edit: just got the expansion and boy was it worth it. This game definitely has legs. Still playing it two years later and certainly more in the future. Shout out to CGE for a terrific digital implementation of a classic game!
Extremely addictive game. Tons of fun with multiplayer. The single player is really fun too. All around great game.
What is going on? I was able to play a full game this week, then it started crashing again and now I can't open it at all. How are people giving it 5 stars so recently? Is it working for everyone else somehow? I have a pixel 3. I wonder if it's an Android issue.
This game plays very smoothly, everything is easy to find and the interface is easy to understand. It contains an excellent tutorial that teaches you to play the game even if you've never touched the original board game.
Great adaptation of the board game. Takes what is a daunting experience to get to the table and makes it convenient to play.
Excellent digital version true to the board game, yet even better (manages all those rascally cubes fur you). Amazing job!!! Worth every penny! Buy this game. Great tutorial too!
online rules are very quick; active community - rarely have to wait longer than 15m for another player to join games
Absolutely brilliant. The best digital board game available on your phone. Only slight negative is that notifications don't always come through.
Challenging, lots of decision-making, well-balanced, low "Luck to Skill" ratio, phenominal graphics, economical use of screen-space to convey lots of useful information, versatile (online community, challenge games, pass-and-play, tournaments, achievements, etc.) -- Through the Ages has it all !!
Excellent app and game, this was my first experience with Through the Ages and the app makes it much easier to learn. The tutorial is very good however it does leave some aspects of the game for players to learn. App functionality is excellent, have not experienced any bugs.
very good game. not for kids though. because its so complicated. I've updated my rating for 4 stars now, nearly 5 because the game can't go full screen on my Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra screen. The game is in zoom mode and i don't know how to fix it.
This game was crack to me.. But since the last update the touch isnt as responsive and fluid as before on my honor10, please fix this.. And also crash mostly happens on challenges with expansion.. Shame because this is the first game i bought and played since release
Very well developed and a very fun board-game that fits in your one hand - Even though the app isn't perfect yet (but close) due to connection issues sometimes when going in and out of app.. A great app made from a great game, everything is almost perfect!! Buy it now and enjoy, I kid you not!
Very well designed app, and the game itself is genius, so overall I highly recommend. Wish it would load my only online game automatically when it's my turn, but that's picky. GET THIS APP if you're a serious board gamer.
My experience playing this app has only been satisfactory. Even when I lose I learn new strategies from having paid attention to the AI's turns. No complaints.
Best online implementation of a board game that I have experienced, very smooth on all devices and respects official rules.
Decent game. The ai plays well enough that it shouldn't need to cheat, but it still does on hard mode, which is a shame. Don't agree? Just keep your own stats on when colony events come up in the "random" event deck. Hint, low chance of it being in your turn, high chance of it being immediately after your turn. Just one example.
The app is fine despite constant crashes. The game itself sucks. It is so f###ing random and luck based it does not deserve the praise it receives.
For me, the best digital ver. of heavy weighted board game. The AI can be fun if you are a beginner, and there are some challanges too for advanced player. The only thing that lacking from this game is its matchmaking, your opponent may is more experienced than you in many ways, while you just got into this game, i find that really harsh. But overall, this is a success "board game into digital"
Great app. Great game. Great support.. unfortunately, lose a star because of constant notifications and tech glitches lol
Have had the boardgame for a while, found the game easier to learn via the app, even when you lose if you play well you still enjoy developing your civilization!
Used to be very good up until last update. UNPLAYABLE NOW. Everytime I minimize the game it disconnects from the online server. It takes 10 -20 seconds to reconnect again. It makes impossible to play super blitz games. Not to mention NOTIFICATIONS COMPLETELY BROKEN, only comes up when I reopen the game. We friends of four always play 2,3 games every week. But now because of the notification issue we stopped playing Pretty sure many others face the same issue.
Very good adaptation of a very good board game. It plays well on phones, and it has very good single and multiplayer options. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys board games in general and strategy games in particular.
The boardgame itself is great, and the app is perhaps even greater. It handles all of the boring stuff (upkeep, income, etc...) And displays all information in an easy, intuitive way. You can play online versus your friends in either android or ios , in assynchronous mode, and it works really well. One of the best (if not the best) app for a boardgame.
Great game, great implementation on mobile, but notifications have gone from barely working to never working at all for me and all the other Android players I play with. This stretches a several day long game into two or more weeks. Edit: notifications are mostly fixed, much better. Edit 2: And they broke them again with the release of the expansion. Edit 3: Since my last edit they've fixed and broken the notifications several times, but this latest update had broken the actual game entirely.
Great app. Great game. Great support.. unfortunately, lose a star because of constant glitches with notifications and tech lol
Excellent translation from board game to app that does what the best of these should do, make the board game even better
Its been over a month and no matter what i do i cant connect online... I just refunded the steam version and now i will do the same here
Good game, great implementation! Unfortunately notifications stopped working around April 27th which makes it much less enjoyable. Edit : notifications are now fixed!
Perfect adaptation of the boardgame with very comprehensible UI and option for offline play. I wish it would run on computer too.
steep learning curve but great fun. its a bit like civ but with one city. board game must take a while just sliding cards about. hats off to you chaps. Update Jan 2020 Since recent update has a tendency to crash. Most often when restarting or continuing games in progress. Disappointing as only change in update seemed to be having the corporate logo of CGE appear in a splash screen.
In the Tutorial mode, when the opponent (yellow) draw patriotism card and loading Production, the app blink to black screen and closing. I tried clear data, clear cache, default English lang and Hungarian too. The apps always close when continue tutorial. So it's waste of money. I can't play the game.
Everything's seems fine except, why are wonders almost completely covered by the resource bar (playing on a phone)? Also art on most cards seems a bit low rez? Except leaders which look good.
Very worth the price. No ads, no cash shop, just a very difficult strategy game with a surprising amount of depth
This may be the best example of transfer of a board game to digital. It is even better than the physical copy, except for your real friends being there!
Edit: Jan 5, 2021. We would like to suggest spectator mode by invitation, as my group of friends have our own private tourney. Or if you wanna grant us a tourney mode that's even better. Thanks! Edit: Nov 10, 2019. After getting some play time, may I suggest some end of game statistics for those of us who like to overanalyze our game play? Thanks! Original comment: An excellent upgrade for people who already know and play the game.
Just amazing! The most complex, challenging and rewarding "board" game I have ever played. And one of the few that is actually better played online than with an actual, physical board.
Very impressive! The most perfect board game port to mobile! The humor of the tutorial keeps it from becoming tedious, since there is quite a bit of information to communicate to a new player. Possible actions are easy to identify, which makes it a bit easier for a new player to feel comfortable they are not missing an important play. Stats are easily accessible. Every detail seems very well thought out! An all-around great game! The expansion makes the game even better! Download now!
It's an alright game, crashes all the time. Basically Civilization but for those that like Culture only victories.
Awesome game, though developer breaks the app fairly regularly. All isses as described are preventable. I hope they improve their development and testing processes so I can have more enjoyment and less frustration! Edit: the new bugs with each update continue. I'll increase stars once they start prioritizing stability in releases!