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Throne Rush

Throne Rush for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by NEXTERS GLOBAL LTD located at 107 Faneromenis Avenue, 6031, Larnaca, Cyprus. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Unfair for someone to attack my city and walks away with 26 of my morals then when I go for a revenge I only get back and I have to fight triple times or more to get so much cause I don't even get so much when I attack!!! Outrageous 😠😠
Good game some of the builds getting a little long need better way get more walls they come few and far between
I can't open the game, i have uninstaled it and instal it, but still the same problem. Is there any new update ? maybe work this time.
It's great to play but it has not any back up? I've upgraded my town well and now I've to change my cell phone..i don't know if I'll get my this town in my new cell phone aswell or I've to start the game as a beginner?
Edit: i still dont understand how matchmaking works. I am in C7 and i always get matched with C8 players. PLS fix your matchmaking and i might consider spending my money on your game
please erase this game and delete my base so that no one can attack it anymore, l have lost all interest in playing this game, I'm being systematically targeted by 7 players a day, there is always 1 player that stays online so that he/she can keep an eye on my base, so when my shield is down that person will tell all the others that my shield is not active and I get systematically targeted so that my resources are not worth collecting, this has been going on now for quite some time.
I like the game, but i think the upgrading duration is just too much, so it would be better if they reduce it
This game is almost same to same most popular game"clash of clans "style.but some of the places ar not same. Example-world war system, friendly challenge and brotherhood lable up are not available, please, pleaseπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ above speciality joining the game then this game is more more popular.last update in this game is op! Same to C. O. C "gold pass" Style.thank you " I LOVE THIS GAME"πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
Good game, but nexters have to increase the no. daily gems and also give some gems every season. They also have to gave some new gems tours like lepri chune and shards at arena every season.
I am playing from 2 years it is a good game I liked it so much after playing. It is a wonderful game. Its better to improve the chat section.
It's sure changed alot from the last time I played,but over all pretty good game,just wish there were more English speaking alliances.
A good game destroyed by the greed! Expensive packages. Worthless packages. Anyways, I lost all of my magical items all in a sudden. Quitting this game. Waste of time and money.
The game is good and i am playing it for long time.but I am disappointed that players are always playing same type of tournament. it would be island or bastion of horror or phoinex layer tournament .the tournament were repeated over year.i will give 5 stars if the developer create something new type of tournament with the old ones.old ones are also better.but the players want something new with the old ones.then it will be great.i hope the developer will think about my review,
So unfair. When you need sand to build and do everything, the games become unplayable. Your resources can't grow fast enough. High amount of sand is required for EVERYTHING... I did the math it will took 2 years to upgrade to the next level WITHOUT being constantly attacked by army twice the size of yours. This game is so unfair you've been warned. Waste of time and not enjoyable.
Hello there throne rush people. I seriously need help, I can't get anywhere in your game, I'm being attacked 3x a day and when I get 2 the game and collect my resources, I can't do anything with them because they wasn't worth collecting them, I can't even upgrade my walls, I need you people 2 stop all attacks / or a months shield so that I can actually do something with my base, if you people can't help me get somewhere ? the only thing I can do is 2 quit the game permanently.
This game is very good the build of kingdom is very fast so we can enjoy many benefits like defenses and a large army so its seems to be very good to fight a big time with dif troops
I am just told you all our team please docoration make some big or animated like Dragon's lair , lavitator , Water Balde like that because that's call decorations our kingdom saw more beautiful
same battle throughout the year game is stagnant.no improve or inovation..there should be something new. like brotherhood vs other brotherhood..
Trash gm matchmaking sucks how new player can attack way high lvl player and win so I thought if we loose game would give us at least decent opponent but to my surprise no .. at least adjust ur trash matchmaking uninstalling this game no sense of matchmaking at all
I may have lost my patience to quick to get the full experience but you have no control over your troops except where the spawn. It's simple to the point where it just sucks.
This game is basically a copy and past of clash of clans like, go get clash of clans and uninstall this garbage.
This game id amazing than lords mobile and clash of. Clan it is hd in add and in real also. I like it
The update I made last October 24 , 2020 caused my game to crash, now I cannot play this game so far. What will happen to all the progress I made?
Fantastic game but now my castle is 16 level but enemy attack and stole extra gold resoures so now i am not ubdate my castle what i do and improve castle 20 to 25
I like this game but when troop or other things takes morethan 1 hours for updation then i get bore and close the game.decrease upsation time and give some boneses of gold abd bread..very hard rules of game
Fun game but the people are not very helpful with advice on how to play. Another downfall is that you need friends to play to get some of the stuff you need.
It's good but recently I encountered some problem I can't Open my account.. When I tried to open it it's all black ..i tried the install and un install but it's still the same im starting to get annoyed with this... I hope you can fix this. I don't know what to do
I have one problem can you fix the unfair matchmaking please im having a hard time with player much stronger than me BOLBOL
Fantastic game but now my castle is 15 level but enemy attack and stole extra gold resoures so now i am not ubdate my castle what i do
thi game is good but it would be better if u make friends fight each other and the time are u serious 1 day to make the castle level 6 please everybody see this right the same thing to make the game do what i said please
Loved this game ever since I was a little kid. Combat is a bit awkward at times with how units target buildings, which is what keeps me from that final star. Overall, a great game!
It's ok. Needs refinement. To be able to move view so can see 360 around map. Need a world map and be able to march army to any castle. Needs better chat to enable real teams.
Can you please add more missions to get free gems easily? it's taking forever upgrading everything with only two workersπŸ˜• pleaseeee
To all those who said this is a copy of Clash of Clans, excuse me but this game came first on PC years before the copycat "clash of clans". They just made it in mobile this time. You don't need to spend money. Upgrade all your buildings first before levelling up your castle. Make sure you constantly rearrange the buildings everytime you are adding more buildings.
Lovely game so far. Just started it and just amazing. This game is also one of the few that put PC games to shame. I like the knights and the archers layout. It is a best to try.
Way too expensive to actually enjoy, game is fun if you can afford to throw away hundreds of dollars,or even thousand dollars
I totally loved and enjoyed the game , but it would be better if we have opportunity to use either gold or bread to build / recruit army / upgrading army πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
When i open my Throne Rush App than it ask to update the app when i click on update it will not update ??? So now what should i do ???
Once I made it to level three and started matchmaking, it kept saying additional data required and would never find me a match. Uninstalling game.
Why does all these game Are the same defense wins low trophies and when the opponent wins attacking ur base they get alot of trophies dam these company's scam money greedy clowns kai puku..all about the money..
Very bad i collected 4500000 rs for upgrading castle it say additional sychronised i start game again and he take my 300000 gold i cannot upgrade castle😑😑😑😑😑
Sync is missing with pc version.... I want to play same town on both but I have two different towns.... I will prefer mobile version over Pc one....
That troops better to use open area or avoid walls when approaching a building mostly the troops deffence destroyer should have other option when they find next target they would attack or find that open wall or no more walls on def building. And about deploying a troops would be able to deploy 2 or more in different area at the same time, all both holding deploying or rapidly tapping deploying on different areas at the same time.
I suggest Nexters & our All Team You please Solo Decoration Make Animated Like Old Decorations Water Blade , Levitator, Dragons Lair, Dragons Egg, Flaming Rose Dragons Altar, etc this Type of Decorations Make More Beautiful Our kingdom Kindly Please Think about it.....☺️☺️
Thanks for the reply in my previous comment. I have encountered a problem recently regarding the knights. When I attack my enemy's castle, the knights seems drunk. They do not know where to go. They go back and forth until the turrents kill them.
The game is fantastic the only reason that I'm giving 4 stars is that add of face chat lite.it uses completely sexual words which shouldn't be allowed at all because it just seems as if they are promoting pornography. So plz take it a serious issue and must prevent theses types of ads in the game
Well nice update,and also pls add magic items 2 times per day,minimum.. if it give you nonstop i think lot of players will play again.... this time 4 stars gave,was nice update.
Excellent, I had played this game in PC , and I would like to recuperate my account and to get more gems
Edit: i change my rating because i just realized this game matchmaking is base on your castle level and one level below. It all depends on you to focus on attack or defense. Overall it's a nice game
I've probably downloaded 3 games and play them so I can get the free gems sometimes it takes me weeks to complete these little mini games and still no gems , pretty much convinced that the free games to get free gems is a scam other than that aspect the game is fun
Hey....why i can't login with my Facebook? I've played this game with my Facebook with my computer before
This game is superb, the only issue that I have is I played this game before in computer and I connected my fb account on it, but why can't I use my account in this Android version? Now I'm back from the beginning... Please make it happen, where you can use 2 accounts in the game.
I am not satisfied enough by the graphic design I suggest to bring make more haste or potion when attacking the troops and one more thing is the picture you showed here is different from the game. Before I'm installing this app I really taught that the content of the app is very the same to the picture you show up. But not, it's different.... But still I love to play this game sometimes but not always. And also I suggest to update the fastforward time when watching your your recent attack.
I got 26th in Phoenix event, I had same number of levels as 25th, but other player got better position and reward for SAME SCORE like me. Actually I was 25th until very end, have screenshot 4sec before end to prove it. Support explained me that other player got better reward because he had more talismans toward next level, which I can't see anywhere, have to take it for granted. I feel cheated, what happened to me is not fair. Very disappointed, will not support unfair developers anymore.
To Early to say, but so far its good and entertaining. Graphics in the game isnt great but its not to bad for a stratagy game. Maybe developer can create a open world map like in World of War Craft 3 frozen throne... please consider making a update with a open world feature......
Fun knock off of clash of clans quicker growth though., but I get invaded too quick and cant retaliate, because weaker troops. So I deleted it.
Another dumb game that wants you to spend money irl unless you join a strong clan, total PTW... uninstalling at once. Play for free at first, and win, but then get pounded, no thanks... πŸ‘Ž
Free up to a certain point then progress is nearly impossible without paying cash and just overal not a very interactive game dont suggest
Wow. i like these game than COC. i hope .the creator of these game can give me diamond.or other previlage πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜„
Love the game but the only problem I av right now is that when I want to fight my match they always give kingdom that is way stronger than me and when I was attacked I was not able to revenge.
The game should have a search button where the players can search another players. But I love this game so much, I just hope that for the next update, please add more thrill to make it more interesting. I rated it 5 star because this is one of the amazing game.
You get one star for not being fair on Phoenix event, I was 26th and had same score as 25th, but he got better placement and reward. Bastion event is boring, not challenging at all, troops you get from using runes are not helpful to higher levels. Only good thing so far is Pirate event, it is challenging if you don't go the easy way spending money. Rewards are good. It would be more enjoyable if there were some more side quests to earn resources. Daily quest gives you very very little resources.
EDIT: I can't connect to my old account, whenever I try to connect, it always says "UNABLE TO CONNECT TO SERVER" what should I do to recover my old account, Pls Help 😭😭😭