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Throne: Kingdom at War

Throne: Kingdom at War for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Plarium LLC located at Plarium LLC 075 Creekside Drive, Suite 100 Portage, MI 49024 United States. The game is suitable for PEGI 7 (Fear) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is good and I've been playing for over 3 years now! That said it is definitely a pay-to-win game and you will be shelling out good money if you want to be competitive on a global level. Not criticizing, just want people to be fully aware of what they're getting into. As others have said, the game is very similar to Vikings - almost exactly - though Vikings does get the major updates a month or two before Throne does. One thing that would be very nice (if Plarium is listening) - is if they offered the use of Google Play Points rewards points in this game as well (Vikings already supports buying in-game goods with Play Points)
Been playing since early this year. I enjoy gaining the achievements and boosting my gold! I love gold!!!
Well its a copy of plarium's vikings. The only thing thats different is art direction. Everything else is identical. Same research, same timers, same deals. People r dead. U can sit unshielded for a week and return to same last messege in the chat and 0 attack attempts. Shame because i like the theme. It just needs more people. You can be one of them lol
Plarium sets the level to beat, in my opinion. I've played their games for years and always enjoy it. From New to Expert, you'll probably find a way to have fun.
Terrible game, A complete rip off, Events you can't even Play in unless u spend Hundreds..Loads of bugs and shadows...Fighting in name only, ..and packs Are A joke.. Crumb's for Scandalous prices.... Replys are Automated . Been playing 3 years spent a fortune only to Get Blocked on Facebook..why ? Because I tell the TRUTH.
It is an amazing game I have played it for a couple of years now. However recently I encountered a problem trying to buy gold using MPesa mobile money transfer which is the most common method of payment. The game no longer supports this kind of payment so am now stuck. What is going on? Is it possible to resolve it?
Not quite sure though..but all in all it has great graphics...and i need to explore more.. Just a little lag though..
Before you spend ANY money on this rip off, make sure you can reliably connect. 95% of connection attempts, with no exaggeration, result in error. Your city and hard earned resources are left for others to plunder while you spend DAYS without a single successful login. Plarium gives everyone same response: "Clear cash, restart, check internet connection, reinstall game..." worthless script with no improvement. Plarium is a huge ripoff.
Good game for a short while before the entire game becomes pay to win. I'm not spending money hand over foot to get some upgrades and having to wait something like 13 weeks for one upgrade is ridiculous. And part of the reason I gave such a low rating was the responses from you guys. You post "clear cache, check account, reinstall game" or "check Internet connection" (none works) when it's blatantly obvious you're ignoring every single polite request to change one simple element of the game...
Don't play this game. There is something called a "Shield Bug" Currently. If you have a 3 days shields on your town it won't stay for that amount of time. I am a suspect of this Bug. Had shields for 5 days. I double checked Before I went to bed. And than next morning I got hit. Lost Billions of Recourses millions of troops. This is a bad game in Development. If you want to play this game Think twice before you. I even contacted the support. No reply yeah Good game. Go To Hell Plarium.
Very interesting game makes you think about your kingdom as far as building your empire and making decisions on war maneuvers.
I think that this game is good so l down load it. And then it is great the graphics are so fasinating
After achievement update I can't connect with mobile data. Works on wifi but I'm never home so all money spent on this game was a waste. Edit:. Thanks for boiler plate reply. I have emailed your support team and tried all the things you suggest since they are standard response for all problems related to the game. It's always my problem until an update rolls out and then it will magically work again.
Second day playing this, so far so good. I like the artwork and the game plays smoothly. The packages look a little more expensive than other games from this genre, cok spoiled me with their 99cents packs. The best complement I can give for now is the stability, the game flows very smoothly and does not crash every five minutes. The company behind this game seems to be located in the US, that's also a plus.
Do not play this game. It is fun, and will hold your attention in the beginning. However as you rise through the ranks you will realize how broken it is, and how unfair Plarium treats its players. Don't bother contacting support, unless you're a member of XD they won't listen to you, or do anything about game issues. A broken, and corrupt game. Edit: Thanks for the bot reply, you can shove it. Fix your game, listen to the players.
Couldn't give it zero stars which I would like to, no support as they closed down messenger, when you try to log on to the 'support website' they give you its unavailable, had a game name for 3years but all of a sudden its removed apparently for 'terms of violation' but they allow perverts to harass women in game which they have proof of
Updated March 2021 It WAS addictive. It WAS fun. But so many tedious updates. So many boring tasks that have to be done to keep competitive against other players. Its more like a job than a game and you don't get paid for it! It's still a beautifully detailed game, but lots of the very nice people who played have left and there are too many not so nice whales left. Don't play it. Far too addictive! And the app makes it so easy to play - But I wish I could play my existing city on the app.
stuck at loading screen. can't play the game at all, kind of sucks cuz i spent quite some money in it, fix the mobile version at playstore. it gets stuck at 90% my wife plays it too and has the same problem on her phone. i am really refretting spending a 100 dollars on it for which i can buy a complete game. at least in the old days i could.
I played this game so long ago but now gave it 3 stars because they removed old musics. Please undo old musics.
Mixing the dungeon crawler with an mmorpg is the worst thing u could have done to this game. U need 3250 boosts to compete. All the available locations to get them have had zero luck in over 3 days. U cant compete without them..if your going to keep being greedy making bigguns use even more t7 to play at least compensate us with the proper boosts to play! So ridiculous. People spend way too much to play competitivly and have lives to attend. We cant slave away all effing day in your dungeons
The game boasts excellent graphics and attention to detail. Infrastructures change appearance after each upgrade, which is visually admirable, and existence of different tier soldiers with different uniforms and functions also creates interest. However, constructing and researching takes a lot of time and resources. One thing this game heavily demands is your patience. If you have good amount of patience, this game is for you.
I'm so pleased that in telling others of my issues with palarium and not Google concerning getting on to play Throne kingdom at war they even shut down one of their support on messenger but they are eager to take your money want my game back palarium support is a joke for me nonexistent I still can't download my game MACV u lie
Love this game. Enjoy playing the PC version as well as the mobile. Have been playing for a number of years. Well worth downloading
fun. but expensive in game. In order to successfully compete, one must drop $10,000 easily. I can say this because I've been playing for over a year. And they keep adding upgrades that widen the gap between the rich and the poor. Those able to make the upgrades within their lifetime, and those not. It was over 1000 weeks to upgrade the castle to the final level. If you come into this game today, you are too late and will be playing a financial catch up against those already playing for years.
To excel in this game, you need to excel at spending real money. I hate the fact that I can get attacked even when I am offline. There are a lot to hate in this game. The irony is that this game can still be addicting. Just like any drug, you need to undergo a rehab or endure some more until you realize that the point of playing is to feel good and not to feel frustrated. This is a sick game because it is the frustration that drives you to spend more.
This game was fun the one time I was able to play it. But I have not been able to log in. I have pressed restart about 100 times now, and I'm not exaggerating. I had a 7 day VIP that is now going to waste because I cant get on to use it. I thought it was great to find a game better than Forge of Empires, but it didn't last long. I trust this problem will get fixed especially because so many are having this problem but it isnt happening fast enough
I had just gotten this game and I already like it. I really suggest it, it is very fun and addicting game
Please, this is the third time am writing to support without any solution to my problems yet. Unable to purchase items from the Bank. whenever I try to make a purchase, I always get an error message saying "ENTER CORRECT CARD DETAILS". I've tried 3 different Debit/Credit Card from different Banks, but still getting the same response.
have not been able to log in game, have ut linked to fb and get kickout everytime. Ive been playing for over 2 yrs, but new studies/builds can take up to a year or more to complete this should really be adjusted to less time. I think also you should allow for order members to be able to shield another member with 8 hr shield, and even be able to send each other ports if needed. this is done on another game and it is really helpfull.
This game is really good but there is only one problem the way they fight their war is really poor.i will advice the creator of this game should find something to do to it
I downloaded this app to be able to play a city I built on my computer when I am away from home, but I cannot log in with the email address connected to my account. The only 2 options to log in are Facebook and Google, both of which are not connected to my account. There needs to be an option to restore where one can type in an independent email and password to restore a city on this app. I have spent money on my city already, and would like to continue that one on the app, not start another.
The game is good but too expensive, packs start at £4:59 takes to long to build once you reach castle 22 the build time gets worse. The time it takes to build will take you into months unless you have boosters, 6 months for castle 26 that's before you have to upgrade other buildings first which add to the time as well. You will have to stay shielded at all times and to do that you're need to be in a good strong order with a good leadership to get the gold. theres is no translator. Gets boring.
Love this game! You need to join an order asap. Find the highest one that will accept you. Check main chat to get a feel for who good/bad guys are. You don't need to spend a lot, if any, just kill lots of assailants/apostates. Always be doing four town processes (bldg upgrade, troop training, studies, hero improvement-attacking assailants). GOOD LUCK!
Terrible game, A complete rip off...Loads of bugs..LOADS Ya Can't even see Towers And packs Are A joke Crumb's for Scandalous prices.£18-99. 🤬 Been playing 3 years spent a fortune only to Get Blocked on Facebook why ? Because I tell the TRUTH...U can't play this game properly for Free they say u can ITS lies...4 years Building up my Army 1b TROOPS To be Killed with one hit ? so Why rebuild, spend Few hundred £ As it will just happen again..And Reviews that say Different have to b FAKE
Its perrty much stormfall with new skin stormfall was made by plarum! UPDATE: Definitly and so far its perrty fun love that im notified of my stuff that helps alot and the lag aint bad at all witch is hard to come by with these types of geners! all in all ill redo another in a few months :)
Takes up way too much space,fun game though.I think this is a bit like a game called Lords Mobiel,a bit of a copy of it just different names and art work.Wouldn't recomend if you have another game and don't wanna get rid of it to give this game space!
Good game, easy to learn, resouces build quickly, couple of bugs. It tends to lag and building times do take awhile but if your patient this is the game for you
Too slow to update, When I click on the update through Google Updates, The page just Waits and Waits for the "Pending... Verified by Play Protect" screen. I have tried for days to update the game and still nothing. I have left the screen on for over an hour and nothing happens. I have been playing this game for several years now and never have had this issue. I will continue to play until the update no longer allows me to play because of this issue. Please help me solve this issue.
Doesnt load 80% of the time on galaxy. Stops at 90% says connection error. Tell plarium 1 million times ,they just say clear cache,check internet blah blah blah. Did it, 4 devices and 3 connections later,still stops at 90%. I can try to log in for 2hrs with no luck. All of plarium games do this. Getting old
So far my experience has been quite pleasant. I love the graphical details, each worker has his own animation and just in general really inviting... If you don't plan on spending, then you'll need to invest alot of patience; but every upgrade is rewarding cuz you see the buildings change in appearance. Thank you so much for helping! The texting works much better now.
I saw something else in pic and, when I installed, I was surprised that the game had not good graphic and I saw that this is the boring game ever and the fight is very very poor and bad. Badest game ever
Android version update uses too much memory so I decided to Uninstall the game from my smartphone. Update: cleared cache then reset my pwrd and made more room for this app on my android.. Gam works now!0
I just started the game so I can not give a more detailed review. I will update review. So far the game is user friendly, it is similar to Plarinum other game Vikings War of Clan, the name of characters, resources, and items have been changed but basically the same.
I enjoy the game more now that I have the tablet better in this format than on the PC where there can be some lag
utter trash, problem with stability they say doesnt exist but let alone they put out a patch that addresses the stablilty. NO support team only a stock reply to your email saying they cant help you or reimburse your lose. DONT tell me to email your support team there is NO support team. Strictly pay to win....DONT play this game....run.
Yes this game costs! I have been playing on and off since 2017 and it has helped me quit smoking twice. they usually keep at least 1 pack a day under the price of cigarettes. so I'm kinda saving. but I am not a big spender got a little power now after a year or two.
Game is way to expensive for what it is. If they lowered the prices and made better deals. You would probably make more money! Game is getting worse and worse. And don't say its auto selection, we know it is! That your programmers selected .. yes. Wish I could give it 5 stars. But you guys are so money hungry.. its stupid. The biggest strategy of this game is to see how much money they can get you to spend. Truth! And you can see the auto response this generates.
Great graphics great game play I recommend this game if you like this type of game not very pricey if you like to spend
I really enjoy the game. I'm playing it about a year already but i quit the day when my town got burned and lost all my resources and troops. I don't know what happened cause i leave an active 3day shield before logging out and after 8hrs i log in again and then BOOM!! my town was unshielded and burning already.😒
As this game evolves it takes more money than ever for less and less progress. It's no longer fun knowing the only way to compete is to drain the bank. It was promising but like most games they allowed greed to screw it up. We went from a full order of active players to 3 money spenders. There are games out there that are more fun and you wont need money. This game is excessively expensive. Support appears non exsist
Only game I have that won't load. Stops at 75 percent. Server issue. My internet works fine on everything else.
nice game, needs a translator in chat and mails. Would be nice to have multiple castles per one account
dated graphics from 20 years ago, PAY TO WIN. no customer support. any issue gets a "thanks for contacting we will reveiw etc etc." then another email "our game is running fine it MUST be you, we cant (wont) help you. might as well reply " we have no customer support, we dont care about your issue, we have your money and even if our servers lagged and you had an issue we would never admit it...WE DONT CARE....now just shut up and gives us more of your money for our crappy game.
Its just wastage of time game... It will grab things from you and give it to other lords... Its whole system is full of bugs. Not playing smoothly... As well as pay to play game.
The game is good. Pack prices are too high. Clitches occur too often. Plarium will NOT reimburse. I was booted from the game and Plarium said it was their fault and some reason I could not load the game. My shield expired and I was zeroed. Plarium said they had the issue fixed within hours and my shield dropped after they fixed it. I explained I tried for hours to load but finally had to sleep and then go to work. Zero care from support and zero compensation. Plarium is all about Money not game
This game is horrible and it needs an update because it never works and there is a lot of ads and I deleted my other game because I thought this game would be better than my other game but it turns out this game is horrible and I deleted my other game for nothing.
app did not display properly on my android tv so i could only see loading screen message about downloaded data