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Threes! Freeplay

Threes! Freeplay for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Asher Vollmer located at 8714 Washington Blvd Culver City, CA 90232. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a fun game with a similar mechanic to 2048, except you make 3's by merging 1 and 2, then merge equal numbers (3+3=6, 6+6=12, etc.). I appreciate that they have a free, ad-supported version. Edit: I revised my rating because the developers fixed an internet connection issue that prevented watching ads for free plays.
been playing this game for years--very zen like for me. until it started crashing-tried reinstalling with no success. please bring it back!!!!
I love Threes! I've been playing it for years...but after the new update it keep crashing...why..! whyy..! whyyyyy...! Please fix the game 😭 Edit: I have to uninstall and install the game back...and the game is back to normal πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ 2nd Edit : After play it for a minute...the game crash πŸ˜” 3rd Edit : Yeayyyyy...! Threes! is back...!! TQ Admin....love youuuu..!! 😘😘😘
Great time killer. Entertaining game play. Games are quick. Easy to learn. Sound effects are cool. I would love to be able to download the effects for my phone notifications.
I had originally bought this game several years ago. After moving from one phone to another, I had forgotten to reinstall the game and just thought about it recently. As I had originally purchased it, I thought that all I had to do was restore my purchase. This does not seem to be an option. Now I'm being asked to pay $5.99 for a game I already owned. Great way to keep making money by screwing over your existing customers! Thanks, guys!
I have been playing this game so about three years, maybe even 4. used to work on my Note 9 now it just freezes. it is unfortunate that I am no longer able to play this game. it was my go-to pastime. I will continue to look for updates, but I had to uninstall the game.
Love the game but the ad networks are ridiculous. How does the whole app become unresponsive while they load? I noticed the game was eating 500MB because of the cached ads and yet it still claims it can't find ads all the time! It's a shame the paid version is $6 now because at half that I'd buy in a heartbeat.
watch ad for more plays doesn't work. App claims to not be able to connect to internet, it might be a bug but I'm pretty sure it's just dishonest marketing and that pisses me off.
Well, All I want to do is to play this little game. First of all, it comes in at over 50Mbeg to install. Well, ok, so install it and then you start palying it. Well it could have been better to say the least. Why do I need to go and create a username and passport to play this "litle" game. I need to have a little game that can stand on its own and this is not it
unplayable. freezes immediately upon opening. edit 4/13 reinstalled after a couple weeks and it has been working well.
It's not free, contrary to the title. The app can't detect an internet connection, so you will have to buy the paid version after you play your 10 or so free games. Pretty shady monetization move.
I have play this game since 2013 on iphone.. This game really fun.. I reach up to 3072 with high score of 214818.. But then, I change to Android and realise their were no "Three!" at playstore.. Then yesterday, when I saw "Three! Free", I thought I can play it once again.. But unfortunately, it not FREE at all.. It more like TRIAL.. U should name it "Three! : Trial Version" instead.. For someone who don't have access to internet, this game like scamming people..
It's such a simple and addicting game. The only thing to get more replys is to watch ads but it doesn't bother me. 😁
Help! Threes is awesome, but I can no longer contact the ad server to watch ads, I just get the "you have to be online" error with the "makes sense" button. I AM online, and was able to uninstall, redownload and reinstall the game, but still gives the error. I've cleared cache, rebooted the phone, and I've tried on home wifi as well as 4G, to no avail. Helllllllppp! Please fix soon so I can keep my high score higher than my gf's!
Love the game, but it stopped working after I updated my android to one UI 1.0. The app says there's no internet connection, but there is. Have read others reviews and understand a bit more now. It's a shame to delete it, but bye bye Threes πŸ‘‹ Thank you for your response Asher. Yay, Three's is back! Happy times. Awesome that the bug has been fixed. I'll be updating my rating.
have had the game for years but had to uninstall because just recently it started freezing up my whole phone and playing the music even when it wasn't supposed to be on.
Most addictive game ever, requires minimal brain power to keep you coming back, deleting it as I write this cause I wasted too much time on it, 10/10 would recommend tho πŸ’―
It had crashed with recent update, but now works again - no update showing since though...? Whatevs - it works - back in Threes business! 😍😊 Waaaaahh.. broken again.. 😭😭😭😭
Good game but won't let me watch ads to continue playing as it claims I'm not connected to the internet. It's a shame, especially as the Β£5.49 for the ad free version is a bit steep for a casual game like this.
love the game, have played it for a long time. Now works on my S10+! Thanks for the quick bug fix. now I can get my Threes fix :)
i would have given 5*s,the game is awesome you can enjoy it very much "BUT" for sometime because after you run out of plays you cant play anymore except you watch videos in videos it say if you watch the video you will get 3 plays more but after i watched a video i just got 1 play or it says to buy the whole version (that i couldn't find) so the game is awesome but you can play it for just sometime
Does not play well on Android devices. freezes up and crashes. love the game but if not fixed soon will find another game.
Lovely little game but you only get a few games when it stops and tells you you have to buy the game tbough you can watch an advert to get three more goes. Tried that and kept being told I wasn't online though I definitely was! Threes Free is misleading so I have given up and deleted.
Wow, I can't believe my old review isn't here anymore. Well, I'll tell you, I just have it a good college try, and it is starting to do the same things. What should have obviously been detected as an left to right motion was interpreted as an up and down. This is a different device than I played the game before, so I know it isn't hardware. Fix your gesture detection.
Great game for 5 minutes, then no more lives... Opened again the next day, no lives??? You have to watch ads for every life🀣 Wait for whoever rips off this idea and does the game right πŸ‘
This is my favourite games app but it has an issue with recording scores. I bought it 3 years ago and have achieved to the maximum tile 4 times. I have developed a playing strategy that works but can't always record my score with the statistic screen deleting recent games. I have now found that the maximum number of games recorded is 1,383! I am loathed to delete my games record as I am very proud of my achievements. I am in the top one hundred of high scores. I wish this issue could be sorted.
I wondering if we have 5Γ—5 or higher so that unique characters are like awesome. We have already 12 characters in the game, but I think we should stretched out more of this tiles. I hope that feature will might out of this year. And this feature is also included to the premium version. And I really want that feature. You know, kind of craziness. 6 characters might be added from the 5Γ—5 grid and you'd need to characterized them. So, this is the offical comment to you, Asher. And, good luck!
Off to find a new game. After years of playing this game its time to move on. Recently updated the App and it keeps crashing! Soo frustrating.
Game keeps crashing on my Galaxy S8. The game works fine after reinstalling, but any time I try and play after the initial reinstall, the problems continue. I love this game, but I think I'll have to find a new game to play if a fix doesn't come soon.
Annoys you with massive ads every couple games to try and coerce you in to buying the overpriced paid version. It's not worth it.
Fun, but after the initial plays, it won't detect internet to be able to watch ad to play more Edit: Works great after update. Really fun game! Thanks for fixing it.
I've put more time into this game than any other. but i think it would still be greatly improved by allowing you to see more than one tile ahead. it would feel much more skill or strategy oriented rather than just blind luck.
I downloaded this app as a time killer for a road trip and as soon as I opened the app it asked for me to choose a google account. I chose the one I wanted and then it showed a loading sign. I clicked outside of the box that it showed up in and it went back to the screen from before and asked me to choose an account. I chose the account from before and it went back to the loading sign. It keeps doing the same thing and wont let me play the game. Not 100% it's the game's fault so I gave 3 stars.
Very good. Like 2048 but cuter, also has great music and sound effects, and the gameplay is even better than 2048.
tries to use my phone to dial a message.. I don't trust this app, deleted. I had this app on another platform with no problems at all (amazon underground). It's quite annoying that one needs to watch constant advertisements merely to continue having turns. Boo! Unfair advertising placement. Still never reinstalling again. Boo!
I love this game or loved it until it kept freezing each time I attempted to play. I got it originally on my iPad for my kids which is the better version. The sound will continue to play in the background in the middle of a game which is frustrating when you're in a good game and combining all those high numbers, only to have to restart your phone.
Getting the no internet error others are complaining about, please update and fix this or tell us that you no longer support this app. once it's fixed I will put 5 stars.
Big fan of 2048 and had high hopes. But what horrible sound design! This game's music and sfx suck. I know you can turn off in settings but tutorial killed my desire to play this game.
Used to be great, but now broken on purpose to force people to pay for the full version. Also very shady permissions required. hero to zero.