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Threes! for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Asher Vollmer located at 8714 Washington Blvd Culver City, CA 90232. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Probably my favorite game on a smartphone. I normally dont like gaming on my phone but this game changed that opinion. The game is gorgeous with a really cute art style. It has the perfect aesthetic for a mobile game that doesnt require a powerful phone and doesnt drain battery. The gameplay is perfect for quick pickup and play when you have a couple minutes free. The soundtrack is from a composer that worked on Mass Effect 2 and it shows because it really is excellent. Totally worth 6 bucks.
What an adorable version of 2048. It's so bright, colorful, and cute. The faces and voices of the tiles really give them personality. The gameplay itself is simple and addicting. I haven't reached the four digit tiles yet, but that's what keeps me coming back. The design of this app keeps the frustration at bay (who could be mad with all those happy faces on screen?). I'm happy I found this game. :)
Google Play Games is required. If I pay for a game and don't want leaderboards or other junk, why do I have to install or sign into other gimmicks? Makes the game useless for me!!!!
This is one of my favorite puzzle games on Android. It is super challenging and very addicting. I wish they offered some type of hint button for when it gets very tough.
A simple game that ll interest people of all ages. Good for anytime gaming sessions - Be it while waiting in a queue, or even while lounging about. A game well done.
The paid version of this game does not work for me. It just takes me to the Google store everytime I click on it.
Quite Addictive. Random in that you can play twice and get a great score in one round and next to nothing the second time. So not skill based, but entertaining never the less.
This is one of my favourite games on the planet, its so cute and easy to understand, i highly recommend to anyone :3
Its a travesty what happened to threes. That 2048 game ripped it off, made the game WORST, and got more downloads.at least threes will go down in history as one of the greatest puzzle games ever, its up there with lumines or puyo puyo in terms of mechanics and amazing artstyle and itll never leave my phone
I didn't expect to like this game, but I needed a game to chill too to relieve stress... It's not the game I needed, but it is very addicting.
Delightful art and sound are paired with a very frustrating game. While you have control over what side of the screen the next piece will appear, you cannot control its location. As a result, once I got the rules down, the vast majority of games end due to bad luck, rather than poor strategy or decisions. There is nothing you can do to reliably progress further in the game because a perfect strategy can be killed swiftly by RNG. There are some bugs - I got a new high score that did not register on the stat tracking, despite unlocking an achievement - and UI problems as well. A good example of good concept, very poor execution. Good for a quick timer waster but not if you are looking for a puzzle game to learn.
Serious flaw ... This game does require some interesting thinking to build your sums, until you're down to 5 or 6 empty squares. At that point, luck takes over. You may get 2s and 1s added to the board that reduce nicely or that end your game swiftly. For me the random element is far too great, and causes more frustration than enjoyment. The problem is fixable, and hopefully the designers can add a mode that provides more control in the end game.
There was another comment saying this game needed to have the play store sign in debugged and the devs responded that it was fixed, so I decided to try it. NOT FIXED. Kept trying to open it to even begin playing and every time, even after shutdown and restart, was taken to the playstore with a popup that said "signing into google play." GAME DOES NOT SUPPORT OFFLINE PLAY.
Fantastic simple game that's easy to learn but hard to master with very high replay value. I've had the game for years and everyone that sees me playing loves it. I appreciate it's price and the developers focus on solid core gameplay and not interruptions.
Hell-a addictive and very nicely made... However it's ultimately a very simple game. Can't fault it for polish but the value of the time I spent trying to complete it is... Questionable 🤣
This is one of the best mobile phone game, why? Firstly it's easy to play, u can pick it up and play for 1 to 5 minutes, leave it and pick it up again. It can be played with one hand, suitable for both small and large screen. The music is great, the gameplay is great. If u're tired of those grinding games, if you're casual gamer or already mature in age but still want to play easy game then this is the game for you. I got it while it's on sale, otherwise 5 to 7$ is too expensive in my opinion
Is there an option to skip over the tutorial intro when you open the app for the first time? I didn't see one, but I already know how to play and it was annoying, especially because you can't turn the music off during it. I could be totally missing it, but if there isn't an option to skip it, there should be, in my opinion. Otherwise I love it. It's worth the $6 instead of dealing with ads and predatory microtransactions.
Top 1% Player here and gotta say, GREAT Idea and fundamentals, poorly implemented design. The game is buggy with semi-frequent crashes and really the only solid thing is the art. Additionally, simple quality of life features like an undo or restart button are no where to be found. RNG plays too much of a factor in the later stages of the game as well, which is severely disappointing because this game could've been so so much more if the devs had any clue how the game itself functioned
Brilliant game, plain and simple. An update a few months ago unintentionally made it a requirement to have an internet connection in order to play (launching the game also launched the Google Play store, and without an internet connection the game simply wouldn't start). I and several other users complained about this, and the developer just released an update a few days ago that fixed this issue. The fact that they listened to their customers and worked to fix a game that came out over 5 years ago shows how much they care about this game and keeping their customers happy. Not only do I recommend this game, but I will follow anything this developer does from now on. Much respect and keep up the good work.
Keeps opening Play Store, borderline unplayable EDIT: appreciate the dev response to this, the fix seems to be working! The bug truly did make the game unplayable, which is a shame because it's a lot of fun! Now that it's working, I'm looking forward to sinking hundreds of hours more into this game
Re: update Game still opens up Twitter often, which i never approved for it to connect to. High scores also still missing................../Old review: Addicting game. Always asks me to post results on Twitter, though. It also erased latest achievement so I lost the biggest boost I had.
Challenging, charming, addictive, adorable, enduring. Threes is certainly one of the very best puzzle games of all time and worthy of the many accolades it has received. There are many clones and imitators available but Threes is the original and best. Every game is a little slice of joy. I could play it forever and can't recommend it enough!
Great movement and thoughtfulness that you'd want out of a mobile puzzle game. This is a game I always make sure to put onto a new phone. I have stopped playing this game regularly, but have consistently found myself revisiting it over time and am always glad to have on a flight or road trip!
Passes the time when you want to zone out for a while. Requires an internet connection on first launch to install Google Play Games. This was unexpected and meant I couldn't start playing when I needed to most! Other than that I would have given it 5 stars.
i played this game literally for years. it's a game that i can put down any time and play as slow as i can without pressure. if i can't finish a game, i can close the app and resume it any time. i usually play this game while listening to music. it's an effective time killer. also can get extremely addictive.
This is the best number game ever!!! 2048 doesn't stand a ghost of a chance🙄 I highly recommend this amazing game because of its high-quality features, especially considering its price. Download now.
I used to play this game nonstop on the subway and on flights. Now it seems to require a persistent internet connection, which means I can no longer play my favorite mobile game. What a bummer!
It's a solid game, I've played it a lot, but I think there's a problem with how if you swipe in the same direction, the added tiles stick to the same row or column instead of a random position. I feel like that messes up my game more than anything and it's not fun to strategize around.
Pretty good time passer, music is good but feels like it loops a lot, so more tracks would be cool. It also sounds kind of... compressed?
Truly addictive, I play this game when I have a few minutes or on hold. It never frustrates, but a constant challenge. No pop ups, no hook to spend money, just a pure and simple pleasure!
I use this on all of my Android devices and the one Apple unit (iPhone 4s) I have running. Behaves perfectly everywhere except on my Tab S7+. Puts the boost in the lower right instead of upper left. Still a 5 star, however.
This game is easy to pick up but hard to master! it is one of the best numbers game I know and offers a ton of depth that keeps me going even after months and months. Thank you! :)
I didn't expect to love this game as much as I did. Compared to all the copycat games that followed and tried to steal from its success, this game actually has personality which adds a ton to the experience. This is a great puzzler in which the different pieces talk as they appear on the board and add to the soundtrack. Presentation and sound are top notch, and the game is a delight to play over and over again chasing for high scores and trying to see these allusive yet charming high numbers ♥️
Great game, but did it get harder? ive been playing this game for years, and i used to be able to frequently get high scores on the 20,000+ range, but now i am lucky to get over 5,000 on moat games. did the game get harder? it seems to actively try and make me lose.
Fun little game however extremely frustrating due to some of the randomness. Like the same number appearing several times in a row. The numbers spawning in a random row/column I can with but four 1's in a row on a full board is frustrating.
Threes is a game that always finds a home on every phone I own. It's easy to play but difficult to master, and can fill anywhere from a minute to an hour of time while you chill. It's basically perfect.
I was a huge fan of a clone of this game. In this game page, the developer mentions this game. So I decided to give it a try. I have played for a couple of hours the free version and immediately decided to buy the full version. The game is amazing. Hundreds of times better than the clone. It's more challenging and funny. The music, the tile's voices. I loved it.
This game is TERRIBLY addictive. I have wasted tens of hours of my life that I can never get back. And I can't stop playing. Please advise... I have removed it from my phone and then I end up reinstalling it in moments of weakness. Color me triggered.
Simple to learn, but difficult to master. One of the most enjoyable yet challenging games I've played. The art style is top quality as well. Highly recommended.
The latest upate stalls the app. It takes over 3 minutes for it to load now. I end up just closing the app. Used to love how easy the game worked :-(
I heard about this from Totalbiscuit awhile before he passed away and never thought to leave a review, it is very addictive. I find myself playing this just about any time I have a minute. I highly recommend it.
Excellent game which is absolutely superb if you're looking for a time-killer. But I have a request for the developer. Please add a chance to rewind the wrong moves. Thanks for a very good game.
This is definitely my favorite mobile game. It's simple and short, of course, but it's just SO well done. I really don't have any gripes with this game other than the song gets repetitive really fast. but considering I almost always play muted, it's not a huge issue. I've been playing this for years now, and I've recently just hit my 4,000th game. Not once have I felt like the game was getting boring. It's very much worth the price.
Beautifully designed game. Addictive experience: once you get the rhythm, you can't stop playing. The little monster are just awesome