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Three Kingdoms: Heroes Saga

Three Kingdoms: Heroes Saga for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Gacraze located at ROOM 1502, EASEY COMMERCIAL BUILDING, 253-261 HENNESSY ROAD, WANCHAI HONG KONG. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
One of the good games for free to play players... I recommend it to every free to play user ... And also is very exciting to play. heroes design is exquisite and teaching is very simple.the only downside is it's hard to make enough coin to keep up with upgrading gear.
Many bugs. I will be waiting for the updates. EDIT: The most important bugs are fixed so now it is playable.
Old game mechanics. I was hoping for a base builder with some fresh game mechanics but this just feels dated. Might just be the other Three Kingdoms:Overlord game rereleased. I do not recommend this game.
One of the good games for free to play players... I recommend it to every free to play user ... And also is very exciting to play
The clock and events are based on utc+8 but i only get notifications when it's my my time zone which is utc+5:30 which makes me miss all the events there is no space to see the clock or what events might occur missed a lots of events and rewards in two days please do something
Cool game so far. A mix of hero collector and classical castle power up game. Not so p2w heavy yet excited to look forward.I am very interested in the history of the Three Kingdoms so play this game.heroes design is exquisite and teaching is very simple.
Seems this game has lots of characters in Three Kingdoms. Also I love the loading background sooo much. I want to set it as my computer wallpaper. especially the beautiful female surname role LOL
I want to feedback to you that Empire guild is basically terrorizing the entire server and preventing guilds that are not allies with them, from growing or play fairly. If you as developer do not put a stop to this, take note - it's either you retain them only as players (which means a dead game and you can all go home with 0 salary) OR you delete them off and let other players continue your game.
This a money sucking game.. You need to invest alot of money for their event, hero, war etc.. The developer only thinking players to keep top up.. Causing the game to be unbalanced. Would not recommend people to start playing unless you too much money to feed these game developers
I love the history of the Three Kingdoms and so this game is a brilliant game generally. But this game goes further than that as it combines historical world building with adventure and PvP warfare. It FEELS like the old Romance of the 3 kingdoms games. I am enjoying it a LOT
the game is very fun with many interesting characters, with more to come hopefully. but I want more guidance and gift... I already follow FB fanpage and hope there will be more guidance... find friends to discuss the game experience.
It works fine.I hope there will be FAQ's in the settings so players will know how the game works.Lets see more improvements later in upcoming updates.
So far so good!My friend invites me to play this game and join his guild. We aim to build the No.1 guild in our server. Good Game!I like the animations and graphics. The game runs smoothly on my cheap phone. I'm hoping more people will give the game a try.
Sometimes after update, I can't even login to the game. Even after reinstall, it is still not able to install.
Well the game is nice and to be honest, I was attracted by the bgm when I first played this game. I and my guild will fight with other warlords for cities.I feel very exciting.
Good apps man, but i dont like the issue (recconect) because when i world boss, it will take me to very unuseful loading. So pls make this game become offline games, THX.
Just installed this and it's asking to make and manage phone calls. Not sure why. I get it needs to access storage to save game data, but phone calls? I'll re rate this once I get an answer...
If I could give a rating, I would give 0. Stop allowing staff to play the game by allowing them to edit their accounts and giving them infinitely ingots to summon in the Great Carnival. How is possible for a player to max Cao Cao from last season and this season for Pang De? We are talking about over 10k-20k on spending. It isn't fair for players who actually spend real money in the game. Dynasty players from Server 6 season 3. Either they are cheating or something is going on. Please look into it and do not allow staff to play the game by editing their accounts. That is my 2 cents.
The game is very fun with many interesting characters, with more to come hopefully. I dare say there needs to be away to switch from one faction to another.
This game is really bad. Only P2W for heroes, so you need spend $ for to get ahead. Its all about heroes in this game. There is no troops type. Also i think the developer really stupid, in this game, you will se zhao yun wife (ma yunlu) as better heroes than zhao yun itself 😂😂😂, so its really a joke. No wonder only got 2K review 😂. Better install other game, this game just wasting time.
Nice game so far. But if u wanna be strong make sure u got enough money to top up if not don't be at the middle and going no where
Every event in this Game is about Top Up, spending money, out of 10 event all 10 is Top Up, require player to spent money, boring game, nothing new. Bad experience in this game.
I'm amazing by the voiceover. Feels like I'm playing the old PC version of 3 kingdom. Keep up the good work, I hope there will be more features and other improvements to the games.
Disappointing, frustrating and depressing. The events that help you grow are the same times every day, however if you cannot be on at those times you lose out on all the rewards. And as with all these games its money driven. So if you dont have money and cant do the events you may as well not even try this game. I've played for 2 1/2 weeks I have no game coins so cannot upgrade all blogs, do research or create the gear needed for heros. Deleted.
I like this game , Don't need support for money.Very interesting game.Very interesting game.Very interesting game, many functions make me feel novel. suggestions: follow their FB because they will put free code here. Nice game, thumb up! even I have couple days of error login, but they responded so fast.
boring p2w events /build timers gets frustrating long /need to pay for protection or you get bullied /drop rate on summons is low .
This game is good but since yesterday my game is error it wont let me see the mail and guild and after that i cant see my profile or and all my silver gold and others pls fix it i cant play anything in this game anymore it keep malfungtion after it fixed i will give 5 stars
Good game, but there's a lot of problems in it. The marching order is one of the main, every move u make will use marching order except for exploring relics. And event where u have to hunt or farm, but hunting won't give u the items u need all the time, sometimes they drop and mostly of the time it won't, so its just wasting marching orders for thos, and lastly, this zhuge liang event, if u don't spend money u get nothing. So don't bother.
The game is good.. The only thing is I make a pre-register for this game, but I didn't get any pre-register rewards..
So far so good! There are definitely some things that need to be worked on. I have only had one reward that I couldn't get. I don't like having to wait till c lvl 8 to chat. This will drive away new players because they won't be able to ask questions. I like the animations and graphics. The game runs smoothly on my cheap phone. I'm hoping more people will give the game a try. One last thing for people reading. Most apps require to "make and manage phone calls". Go look into your permissions.
Good game, good game play, I always love three kingdoms story, and this is spot on with characters and storyline
Just installed it and beside the fact that it doesn't work without the permission to manage phone calls(i don't see the need for that) when you wanna enter the server it says that it's not open yet...why did you realesed it if it doesn't work?
This game is very very good for me. I love this game . But i do not get ssr heroes. i hope more heroes event .thank you so much for this game. 🥰🥰🥰🥰
A game that favors the rich. Rich/strong bully the weak. If you are a beginner or about to start this game, I strongly discourage you from wasting your time and money. Once your castle reaches Lv 8, be ready to spend 200 gold/day for shielding your city from attack. Please do not ask me go Facebook fanpage. Thanks.
Cant get past the 'make and manage phonecalls' permission. Not allowing this (why is it needed??) 2 stars for minimal additional download, and decent looking graphics on the video.
This is a super pay to win game. If you don't plan to spend really big, dont waste your time. By the way, this is not a strategy game but a online casino type of game. Happy gambling.
Definitely a pay to win game. The game server will ask you to purchase more and more. Otherwise you will be no match for those players who purchase a lot.
Is there any issue playing this game on LG G6+ mobile phone? When i playing so many times the game has stop, cant go to outside (only loading 75% then the game was stop and close). As i remember i already 7 times reinstall this game and the result always same even more worst
Best game ever. The graphics of the game are awesome. I hope everyone gonna love this games.I already recruited lots of Three Kingdom Heros in this game and my favourite is Zhao Yun. Love this game. It was nice to be able to preload a game. must push...
Really bad game. Game developers are so greedy. They don't give GR heros to everyone who spent money for moderate amount because they want customers to spend more money. Only high spenders get GR heros. So, please don't spend money for this game. If you spend money and you will regret for this.
You should be show your current time in game, because we think to come game back for game event. we see with our national time.Please, resolve for lag sometime.I like this game ,but Don't need support for money.I hope, this game is best for players.
Good game. this make excited everyday good grapic and war and so many hero to play. All hero of 4 country are good it's up to you which hero you will build on best THREE KINGDOMS IN GAME in 2020. 1 more thing don't do a lot of new server. Over all Good and good luck.
Great Game! You won't be disappointed. Heroes are amazing too and I love the arena you fight in. Almost like a GOG ,ROK, FFXV, KOA mixed with RPG type of game. So you get best of both worlds 😁 Way to go Devs. Graphics are sweet and I enjoy playing every day. Every new game takes time to grow and I'm 100% positive it'll only get better.
F2P for sure got bully/no friendly, P2W must spend much much much much .... money for total hero CP. No hope for middle spender I had try 1-2 season no GR come out very sad and retire.
This could be a fun game if it is not completely dominated by uber spenders. It's really a shame. We were told that the new season was going to be different. They were supposed to reshuffle the guilds. All they did was merge another server once again. No new events to change things up. If you don't want to spend a lot to succeed find another game.
Downloading new update are very slow,my internet connection are perfectly fine and when i restarted my game,i download form the start !!,so i never make any progress at all !!!
Asks to make an manage phone calls which i dont understand why it needs that, also wants access to you files an storage etc, you cant chat or send messages until you palace is lvl 8 which is ridiculous as when your lvl 8 you lose your sheild, definitely going to be a money player dominates game as its just opened and already people are almost top lvl, one of the worst types of these games out so far
There's a foundation of a game here. The game can give decent rewards. Its highly pay to win game. Only problem with that is there is nothing to win. There just isn't enough depth to this game to justify any spending. Needs work.
pay to win games, spenders getting stronger everyday meanwhile free players is fodder to spenders, EVERY event is top up so i suggest you skip this game
Last night just installed the game buts I'm all ready fed up it crushes so much that im considering to uninstall it, jst fix the problem the game is good so far except the crushing problem it doesn't last more then a minute every i log in .plz 🙏 fix it, so far I'll give 2stars till problem is fixed
Started this game , i really like it, just need to fix the chat ,cant write more then a few words , plus cant even talkin chat til castle is a 8 i think as soon as you start you should be able to chat in guild, but for most part really good game , just wish there was a little more directions. Im sure it will get better. Thank you
What a waste of time. Game dominated by the people who spend actual money. If you arent planning to spend a single cent, i suggest you skip this game.
The game is good. Gameplay also interesting and generous gift every week. Just try it. Update: Money grabber game, Most event from recharge.
Besides all the crashing it is very average. It is similar to all the other pay2win games in this genre.
well even I have couple days of error login, but they responded so fast. Now I can enjoy continuing my journey. Good job guys. May I have compliment for the error? a good hero perhaps? I wish.. will be 5 stars?
All the people complaining about this game before it even comes out are ridiculous. People don't complain to steam when you can preload a game on there.. It was nice to be able to preload a game. Also, anyone complaining about having to give access to phone calls and such have not bothered to look up the reasoning behind it. Look up the reason before assuming they are trying to steam your information.
It's a completely pat to win game. You can receive lots of in-game currency for free which is pretty ideal. However, some people pay literal thousands of dollars and then try to sell their accounts. It's a dying game so I dunno why they do that, but it creates a major power imbalance where the top 200 server players are literally untouchable from those below. At higher levels resource gain and cooldowns take weeks especially if you are constantly attacked. It's not worth getting into this.
I hate about your words censor system, players are coming from different country and sometimes using their own language, sometimes we are not convinient chating because many words become ******* after posted in chat. Please fix this issue. For example, why word "tamat" become ***at in chat. Is TAM means dirty or something bad?
At best, it's a really poor knock-off of every other mobile war strategy game out there, at worst, it's a sad, pathetic, greedy exploitation of the Three Kingdoms lore. Makes me sick that such a rich and incredible story in history is being used by money-grabbing game developers. It's the most P2W game I've ever played and all the events revolve around giving them money so you can evolve your Lu Bu a few times. Disgusting. If you're going to spend money just go buy the latest Dynasty Warriors..
Game not bad. It take internal download. Conquering city is very interesting and all my guild members are working for this goal. Our guild is the BEST! My favorite is recruiting heroes from the Three Kingdoms.
Gameplay, graphics, and voice acting are all amazing. The map is gigantic giving you plenty of places to roam. The character designs are especially awesome. Xu Chu is my favorite character from the three kingdoms. I'm particularly fond of his design; he's so muscular and hunky~ However, I think a big part of what makes people leave this game is the fact that you can invaded at any point in time. If someone has a higher level palace they can destroy your home REPEATEDLY when they feel like it.
Money driven game, wasted my time, one player could rule over the server because others cant keep up with his top up
The game is very unbalanced, they allow one country to have more players then other country. They don't even the teams out, what should happen is a country locks if they have more players forcing them to join another country. It doesn't work that way, wouldn't recommend this game one bit unless they fix the issues.