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Thor : War of Tapnarok

Thor : War of Tapnarok for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Appxplore (iCandy) located at 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent #06-05 Singapore 139951. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its an ok game. would like the enchant add watching to last more like 12hrs (4hrs per add watched). Heroes dying is a serisouly discouraging mechanic in an idle/tap game since you wont be paying full attention most of the time they will die randomly, even with the relic maxed out it feels bad. deffinetly needs some quality of life impovements the skill leveling and hero leveling. Would love to see a max buy and auto upgrade option or button for this. it gets tedious at high levels.
It's a really fun and well instrumented idle click game. I like the Norse take on it and the characters. It gets more fun the stronger you become.
This game is fun. An addictive clicker with a badass nordic mythology theme. Go check it out of you're a clicker addict looking for your next hit. My only main gripe: no marvel representation at all. At least have an avengers skin or something. Major missed opportunity. Other than that, this game completely slaps.
This is one of the best clicker rpgs out there. it's very simple, it plays well, plus it has great music and art style. but i've had some problems during the loading screen, it always takes too long :/ i know it's a small thing but when you just wanna play for a sec during short breaks, that's kind of a deal breaker. hope you fix this cause i really wanna keep playing :)
Its quite a fun game but has some serious flaws. The main one being heroes dying, it's there purely to encourage to real purchases, because its spend money or wait 6 hours to ascend or do anything depending on the hero. Ruins the whole experience.
I loved He-Man: Tappers of Greyskull, so it's no surprise I love this game as well. I was ecstatic to find the devs had made another game, and I downloaded this once I could. Every currency is obtainable in-game, but I honestly believe they deserve any purchase they get. It's a great tap/idle game of mythic proportions.
between pop up ads, skills that don't recharge unless you watch a video, and allies being able to die, I'll have to not recommend this game unless they fix things.
Ive played other tap games but so far this one has been such a blast of fun. I just love seeing how strong i can get and all the new things i can unlock also me and all of my friends like to be competitive and what better game than ( Thor: War of Tapnarok). I recomend downloading it and i usually dont recomend games to others, so come on give it a try.
I LIKE IT! it may not have any relations to Marvel but the story arch of that is still a bit there however my favorite character is Loki, I wish he was playable with his horns on his helmet, that would make this game perfect!
No words infinite good points for this game. The creator of this game are very talented. I would like to thank all of them for this amazing game.
fun game again I love Icandy's work love it also trying to bring Thor ragnorock in to it to can't wait for another game like this but maybe instead for if you make another how about endgame
They say hero becomes powerful after every ascension - true but your enemy also become powerful and they cost expensive with every ascension. Also you get lesser ruins with every ascension and relics cost goes up. So my relics and every this is waste. No matter how much I make my hero powerful it's always lesser. So I don't see the point of upgrading it so full game is waste.
fun tapper. i love norse mythos so naturally i was drawn to it! great time waster if your tired of TT lol definitely one of the better tappers!
Everything looks amazing! I've played a lot of games like this one and it is worth. Only 1 thing missing which is more of a personal demand:It would be great to have an "acc reset" option in order to reroll the artefacts you would want for a faster start. But overall, a great game!
it is a decent game. pretty middle of the road. not many things to manage or buy, like that you can play offline, but that aside there isnt much special. give it a solid meh.
perfect tapping game lmao to be honest I'm just giving this review because I will get 50 gems!!!! they sure know how to get people's attention ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I like this game tho it's addicting. 5 ๐Ÿ’ซ
Great game, love finally having a tap game worth playing again. I do wonder if another update will be coming out soon? Adding clans/weekly tournaments/ events. Things most tap games have. Over all tons of fun though and would recommend
I love it, the story is amazing and its... Just... Wow... I love it so much its not like the other tap games this kne is the best
Easy game to play, easy to level up and earn money, and you can even idle with your allies and still make cash.... Good work
This game is best game on the app store its sill 5 stars but u need a update but over all this is so fun :)
well, i love rhe game as far as tapping games go but it does seems to have alittle laggy issues the more action on the screen. and more then 90% of the time when i open rhe game ro play it, it staops @ 50% loaded stays there until i close it out to reopen it. then it might load all the way( i said might). most the time when i doo that it still stops at 50%. so i close it out and do that again maybe 4-5 times then it loads all the way. and to the ppl saying its just like He-Man, well yeah it is.
the game is fine, i love the weak spot ideas in a tap game like this, you can beat bosses more easily with that, its a useful function
Played for 24 hours, been fun all day but not sure how ill feel when it gets alot tougher to level up.
The game is really fun! Here are some suggestions: - Offline Stage Progession***: My idea to make it balanced is to be only progress up to 50% of the stages to your max stage (i.e. you're at stage 100/500, so you can only go upto 300) - With that, some form of skill specialization would be nice. (i.e. Skill Points every 25 Stages, Perk Trees to allow building into Ally, Tap, Abilities, etc.) - Also, a max level option is crucial for these games. Ideally with rounding to nearest 10th level.
Really fun game, great artwork, the game is similar to tap titans. Had no trouble so far with any bugs, just anoying ads poping out after watching videos for boosts.. Im looking forward for tourneys and clans in the future, its not as fun if its not competetive. Maybe add pets? Not as in tt2 where they are passive, but make them like in some mmo's, where you can level them? So far I RECOMMEND this game, has the bright future!
it was great all though some of the bosses hp seem too high like area 35 20m hp i think but otherwise good game
A very addictive game that deserves 5 stars. A amazing future update would be if you added clans in to the game and clan bosses!
Initial play on fresh install. So far its not terrible. I like the fact that the tap sensitivity is set high.
This game is cool! The only thing I would ask for an improvement is the upgrade buttons are very difficult to push. Please up the sensitivity on those buttons.
Its cool i think that there should be permanent skills u can buy with gems and an automatic tapper u can buy with gems so u don't have to tap thor all the time
It's a very fun clicker game. I like the idea of having the allies for help, and being able to level them up too. It's a fresh take on a very busy game space!
Enjoying the game, but would love to be able to clear the in app purchase offers off the side of the screen. Some people just aren't going to spend money, like me. And constantly being bombarded with in app sales takes away from the enjoy ability of the game. Give me a chance to decline them so the disappear for 24 hours at a time atleast.
addictive tapping game! the theme of the game itsel is great for another tappingg game it is just awesome what they have done. maybe will recommend some more characters or updates in skins or looks and so on for the hero, but besides that great simple and addictive. So if you are looking for something to kill some time and have fun think no more, just push Download.
I've just started not that long ago but so far im loving this game plays just like Tap Titans 2 almost identical to be honest.
Similar to many incremental tap games out there. Lots of stuff to unlock. Many things to do and unlock. Game itself is not bad, but nothing unique. Well, there is one thing that is unique at being a CASH GRAB. Why the 1 star? Well, because of one GLARING bad game design. Whoever decided that allies can be randomly injured while fighting bosses and require hours to recover should be fired. Oh did I mention there is a skill that can OHKO any monster, at the cost of one of your allies getting injured? Well, you don't have to wait for hours for your allies to recover, just pay premium currency, which is scarce and best used in other areas. And you know what the kicker is? You don't get the full benefit of ascension (ie rebirth in other games) if any allies are injured. So you now have to wait hours for your ally to recover, just so you can ascend with full benefits, hindering your progress. God forbid another ally gets injured during the recovery period... Or you could decide not to wait and get a penalized ascension. Or you could just pay premium currency (the current recovery time for the injured ally in my game is 6 hours or $7 in premium currency). Sounds like a design that was meant to be a CASH GRAB. Until this "design" is removed, I will keep my rating at 1 stars.
Pretty damn good, incredibly fun and addictive, I've spent Hours just tapping on this one, a great game, plus even though it is a bit simpler and accessible I still love the way that you guys used the Norse Mythology and lore of both the Original and unique and it melds very well. If only there was a bit more to do or maybe a new mode or something just to give something more to do, but nevertheless, still a great game.
Finally someone had the audacity to make an exact tap titan copy. I played tap titans 2 a few years ago and came "at the end of my road" so to speak. This is like a new start (without tournaments unfortunately).
Was good and fun early on, but it gets repetitive very quickly after a few ascensions with nothing new to add to the game. I reached stage 2500 within a week time and there's nothing interesting to keep me going. I got intrigued by the IAP offers as they seemed interesting when I started out but I wouldn't recommend them for anyone before they add more to the game. If only I can ask for a refund now... Live and learn. Anyways, fun game at the start but dont expect much from it for now.
classic tap game, no problem here, ill give it 5โ˜† but it is around 3.5โ˜† since it lacks early progression and also it has a slow slow slow start
It's a typical tap game, plus more. The ingame purchases sometimes get in the way, but you'll miss them most of the time. The bosses institute weak spots for possible massive damage. This makes it much easier to take down tough bosses.
Not very far in to the game but not even 3 minutes in and I was getting hit with purchase deals which tells me they are out for your money
I'm early into the game, stage 34. But so far its a decent clone of tap titans. Only thing I would like to see change is the accuracy of taps in menus, sometimes trying to level up i need to tap the same button several times for a single level.
This game is fun but gets boring after a while. If there was a guild system and maybe leaderboards then i would change my review to 5 stars.
So the problem I had was rectified pretty quickly ๐Ÿ˜Š I'm happy with the service and the game is dope af
So far i really like the game but for some constructive ideas i think for thor every 500 levels or so you should be able to evolve him just like you do the other characters giving him super abilities like for example the first evolution could unlock auto tap function for thor otherwise great game so far...keep up the good work :) looking forward to more updates and heroes and villians...
full screen pop-up ads on a tap game. let that sink in for a sec. devs reply is that it's popup for their other games and you can dismiss it with a tap. Again, this is a tap game. you dont need to LOOK at the screen. so you'll just be tapping uselessly on their ad rather than the game.
I just downloaded this a couple nights ago, and so far I think it's wonderful. It definitely took some notes from TT2, but there are also a few original ideaa thrown in to shake things up. The important thing is that this is a very competent tap game that impliments all it's ideas effectively. There is a nice feel of progression much like TT2. While there are ads as one would expect, they can help in a variety of ways but you can skip some without missing out on much. Cant wait for updates!
Pretty good game so far! Balanced all around as much as I can say. Nice graphics, the controls are as for a tap-tap game... Worth giving it a try at least!
i like it lol i played the hee man one to in the past. their was a feature in that where u can slide for strikes. should put that this as well. but overall i like it.
Its cool. I love that it keeps its autonomy going even After I close the app?! Makes waking up to this game even MORE ENJOYABLE!!!!
Fun at start. Reminds on tap titans. Pop up adds are annoying thou. And those shop prices need a reality check.
I enjoy this game I like the set out I am a fan of tap titans so this is refreshing and who dosnt like thor. I give 4 stars because the touch sensitivity for upgrading dosnt work to well I think it's where you've made it so you can slide the characters up and not accidentally tap upgrades but instead it's made it hard to push the upgrade buttons all round. apart from that great fun will give 5 stars if you can sort that one issue.
Love the game even for a highschool kid but meh I was a big fan of Thor and I still am but the game is really good may be a little of the story line but hey its not a bad thing to see what people can make with there creative thoughts so thank you devs for this enjoyable game
It's an idle tap game. It's a style of play that you enjoy or you hate. For me, this is just one I can hop into play here and there and just enjoy.
This is a great game! I love idle games...and ones that strike my interests, more so. I know Sigurd wasn't during Ragnarok, and this IS about Thor...but I was wondering if you have any plans for Sigurd in the future. Just a suggestive thought I had. :3 Keep up the great work.
easy, 4 straight hours in it! brainless, and boring! kinda? simple game, I believe to push advertisements about other games? u may feel dumb playing such a game? lol! i usually leave negative comments for games, but this one deserves a mid rating! a child could be busy playing it! 5 star for children entertainment!
i loved tap titans and that was an amazing game, it had an almost funny vibe that made it so addicting. then they say the game is coming out but based around the greatest mythology, Norse! it has great gameplay i adore the little allies and other charcters, super cute. all right fellas, dream on.
Appxplore is best game making company i loved appxplore's all the game and this is the best funny gameโšกโšกโšกโšก
Overall I think this game is amazing. However, I feel that the tap accuracy needs some bugs worked out still.
A Silly and Pointless game app as all you do in it is just tap the screen. Not a proper adventure game at all.
I like this game because thor: god of thunder character of the main marvel but not really like this game but i like the character so it shows power of lightning and thunderstorms. So, however, this game is fun, more team battle and beat all boss. Right now my mission is 445 number of level completely and i got new armor from completely challenge, pretty hard but i got it. So much work for this game. All you have to do is just press the finger and attacking. Lot exercise finger lol. Im enjoyful!
Its a good tapin game, grafics is a little busy, text size and font must improve. If developments release new patch it could be better. Thanks for your try!
Fun Game ๐ŸŽฎ it could be better though. This game is time consuming and it's a great game in general.
A clone of several different games, except those guys did their mechanics better. No original concepts really, but the artwork is pretty nice. Theres a lot of UI and QoL modifications that can (and to) be made. I'm not trying to throw fire for this being a blatant clone, its difficult to come up with a truly unique creation these days. Its pretty, and I'll keep playing because I like tappers. But if you're going to copy them, at least match the best parts and bring them to your game as well!
Nice theme using tap titans formula. Graphics are a nice touch. The pop up that freezes the game when collecting achievements and watching videos should be displayed only because of offline progress and not this often. Makes it hard to want to check your other apps and games out. Consider dialing that back, its enough to make me stop. At the very least dont halt the game and only display because of offline progress was made.
Seems like it could be an alright game, but it's pretty buggy. If I click on a button to upgrade something, it doesn't work half the time. It makes an animation showing that I clicked it, but it doesn't do anything.
The game is really nice. And it is very interesting. The comppany makes many great games. Both the game and company are awesome
Very polished clicker game with a Nordic Mythology theme. Everything this company puts out is of such great quality. If you're looking for your next clicker addiction....
average clicker/tap game. ads not so bad as other games. .5 of a star more because the All-Father looks BA
Thor war of tapnarok is a c๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Žl game to play it remind me of Light a way and carb war i l๐Ÿฅฐve these kinds of games so much. ๐Ÿคฉโ™พ you can upgrade you're fighters you can even get 15 green diamonds if you see a eagle flying pass with a golden scroll in it's feet you should click it and watch a ad and not all the times you're gonna get green diamonds sometimes you get different things. You can go to a different world just like light a way & crab war and you can level up Thor.
good but annoying that the progress really slows quick. treasures cost a lot to upgrade and I barely get enough runes on restart. around 230 now. also don't like the fact that it says grow by 3000% or something which means x30 growth but in reality I get half that at best
nicely done. The game is fun to play for brief sessions to kill time. Graphics and sound are well thought out.
Love the game it's awesome. Love the character designs as well. Even the enemies look cool. The game is sooooo addictive!!!
Galaxy Note 8. I also find the buttons don't always respond how they're supposed to. I find myself pushing and tapping several times before it responds. Otherwise very fun game and looks great!
I love Thor's visual design in this. Sorry I'm not in the mood to grind to the next part of the game I would like. I'm guessing your play testers wanted to control Thor. I personally would have rather he attacked on his own, and I would just be that giant hand in the sky from the opening scene. I'm more an idle player while doing other things, not much of a tapper, so in this game my Thor was left standing staring into space most of the time.
i love this game its so additing and cool to play i would just like to ask if in the future is going to be a tournamemt or items to buy to streghten your char like in tap titans but overall its a good game
Very clean tap game with cool settings.....just wish there were more storyline characters in the gane
Great tap game with Norse myths in it. Weak spot isn't exactly new but it's welcome lol It would be cool if you guys can put a different kind of Runes and arrange them like the Futhark (Runic Alfhabet) based on each ally personallity. And each could give a different skill to activate based on skills or boost the active skills. Finally, it would be pretty cool if you guys can put the images of each rune too. Well, I think that's all I can think of now lol Cheers \รต
Optional ads to double rewards, cool. Popups though... You do realise EVERYONE hates popups right? EDIT: You should add a tab to the settings screen that lists your other games. Everyone still hates popups.
I really like the game, I'm just having a problem, I can't seem to go into the idle mode. I've tried almost everything and it just doesn't work, could you maybe help me with that? Thanks
Not too bad of a clicker game. Very similar to TT2 which is enjoyable. Hopefully with time, there will be different game facets that will be added (pets, etc). Keep up the great work for the time being. I'm having fun. :)
Pretty good game.graphics is also good.being an offline game makes it far more better.there haven't been any crashes in this game.i request you to please add the stormbreaker instead of the mjolnir
Pretty simple styled game, but still very addictive. There are games out there just like this one, but it seems to be better made and have more options for it than they did. 5 stars.
Simple to learn game and fun to play, I am enjoying the game. Like the name choice of the game as well. Thank you for creating!
Fun game just a few problems that need fixing, like lower the amount of ads.. having to watch an ad-reward and then click out of another add after collecting it is annoying.. also this game spikes the ram and overheats my phone. ive played many tap games with better gfx and none of them used as much ram as this does.