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Thisissand - Art, Creativity & Relaxation

Thisissand - Art, Creativity & Relaxation for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Beige Elephant located at Kettutie 4 A 17 00800 Helsinki Finland. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Im just slightly nervous about installing because no.1 : it hasnt been updated since 2017 no.2: it needs ascess to sooo many things. Like it needs acsess to my camera, my wifi connection info, etc,etc. Why? I understand that there is like a thing where you take a photo and can create the photo with sand but like- i dont trust apps that need this info and acsess to this stuff..(plz plz plz update)
When I try to make an account it says "Please connect to Internet first" even though I am connected and everything else that needs wi-fi is working! I can't play so it's completely useless.
Been playing this this since before smart phones. I find it very relaxing and fun. Love the photo and feature! I wish there was an erase option though.
I'm reducing my rating from 4 stars to 2, until the problem that appeared this morning goes away! I try to like another person's art, but a message tells me that it was unable to submit the like. I try to share my artwork, and the Internet connection is good, but the program cannot, for some reason, post my artwork. Uninstalling and reinstalling once didn't fix the problems. If it's something to do with me having over 4000 shared artwork, is that the maximum?
Having trouble resetting my password, even after contacting customer service. GREAT app, love using it. Will rate higher star once password reset issue is fixed. Make some cool art.
Tbh it is not as cool as the online version. It makes a weird sound and the colors are meh. I recommend you rather play this online instead
terrible terrible graphics and everything you dont have to pay for (everything)on the website. come with a special membership..... unlike the website.... fix it please
So I just installed & when I opened the app a message popped up (it didn't on my sister's iPad, but did on my Honor 8) that said "the server that the application is connecting to is unverified" & a bunch of other information about the validity & the expiration of the certificate & the organisational unit & who it was issued by & it asked me if I wanted to make the connection for this session or not & I decided not to because it seemed weird. What was that, why was it there, & what does it mean?
I get so relaxed watching the sand fall lol eventually I'd like to subscribe or buy the different features that I would need to do The full app because I know I remember when this is just a website I used to love going on the website and now that I have the app it's just so rewarding and fun to watch you know your creations you know in front of you as far as sand art goes
Attention AtTEntion sanders. This is sands ssl ran out but its okay dont panic. They are still secure. As far as not connecting with share please follow these steps to reset that glitch. It happens often yes. Turn on airplane mode cuz it resets the receivers. CLOSE thisissand. App info. Clear cache. Lately i need to power off and restart at this step. Then make sure you turn on the reciever you will use to share while u make your art, it doesnt suck data while creating. Powering OFF resets .
This used to be a good game but when ever I try to publish an artwork it just says "could not establish connection please try again" I put on my best connected network but it still doesn't work please try to fix this
Hi everyone I found this amazing app about 2years ago it was very satisfying and therapeutic for me. Anyway long story short I recently tried it again but it kept freezing towards the end/completion unable to save an hours worth of artistic effort. Shame because it could be a 5 star experience.
I wish it worked on normal phone data that's why it only gets 4⭐ from me. And last time it was updated was in 2017 it needs to be updated yearly. But all in all the game is super great and I love how you can color your sands!!! I recommend it to everyone (who has wifi :-) ] (Updated Part) I wish this app had an eraser tool incase you make a mistake so you dont have to reset your creation over again!! Can you pretty please add a eraser tool ??
It's really good on the website, but there is some sort of glitch in the app, so I'm unable to access the game. If this gets fixed, I will download it again.
I'd like there to be an undo, and I'd like there to be the ability to keep the way the sand art looks- when I have chosen horizontal but worked on it vertically, it's just so cool. I wish they would stay like that if I wanted. The color picker isn't all that accurate either, but overall, 4 stars because I've made something close to 1000 artworks on the app.
Kinda nice. It gets boring after a while (maybe because I'm not good at it...) and it's kinda repetitive. But a nice relaxing game with no ads!
Good app but Thanks for crashing and not saving an 30 minute piece.. 😞😞😞 please add an autosave feature
This game is awsome! Its realy relaxing and can keep you entertained for hours, I have played this game while in quarantine and it has kept me entertained. 5/5 would recommend.
Omg it's on mobile! I see it has been for a while, but i could never find it! So happy! It would be nice to have purchases reflect on the account as a whole (what i expected), not just one device (what i experienced). Oh well, $2 is really nbd, plus, again, i love this app
I would give this a 5 star but, if you want people to play you need to make it where you can do some stuff without paying. I couldn't change colors or do anything but place green sand because I would have to pay to do anything else
It is way easier to use it on a chromebook. Me and my friends at school we make really pretty ones it is fun and the sound is relaxing. It also confused us , because when u would tap for it to play it's hard to make it stop ,but other wise it is a really fun ,amazing and relaxing app
Love the concept and the options. Unfortunately the controls are underwhelming since you cannot do some of these things on your phone. (Even though you may have THE BEST smartphone... strange right? ) Seems like this game would be better played on an actual computer. I really wish there was a was to control the sand better during the photo option. That really gets me mad and has caused me to quit playing altogether for over a year. And NO updates ... ever? Update the [email protected]#% game already!
I love the app but everytime i try doing something its the weird connection error i dont mind it but in the future i hope for updates to fix this error and etc.
I love making pictures with the sand. This is an amazing app that is genuinely calming and exciting all at once. The only thing i would offer advice on is adding tools to do different things. Like maybe a Glue tool that you can draw the glue onto the board and the sand sticks to it. That way you can go more in depth with the sand work.
LOVE IT BUT...recently I have been seeming videos about sand art and glass and they have a really thin stick to adjust the sand so I was wondering if that can be something just asking πŸ€— wonderful game
Relaxing and fun, great way to bring out your creativity. Unfortunately, there seems to be an issue currently with being able to submit a piece to the web or send feedback. Very frustrating!! Hope it is fixed SOON.
i love this game it is soo funπŸ’ when you are stressed out you can use this to calm you down and not be angrey anymore so you should go download this game right nowπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€
This app is super good for if you are angry or stressed. It immediately calms you down. You can even like and share people's projects. The only thing I recommend that they add is commenting. I think commenting on other's projects would be a great way to get to know the creators.
Love the game I played it on the computer during school mostly lol but I keep having this message pop up same as everyone else saying it needs a freakin update the last time it was updated was 2017 here it is 2020 update your game we still love it lol
this is an amazing app would 100% reccomend the only problem is the search engine dosent work but it dosent realy matter because i dont realy use it also if the search engine would add a # section because people do challenges all the time it would be SO much easier to see peoples entries! thank you guys for this amazing app!
This app is amazing! I've had so much fun on it and I've made so many good friends. Although no app is perfect and this game can get a bit laggy at times I love it! Some suggestions I have however include an undo feature so that if you mess up you don't have to start a piece all over and maybe a commenting feature?? I don't know, I don't want to pressure you guys because I saw in another review that you guys we're short on being able to do very many updates. But its a recommendation from me!
Wish I could rate 0 stars.. App kept crashing as soon as I opened it. And when it did work it was just a black screen, My phone: Samsung A10 Please fix this. This app looks really fun and I want to make art..
Total trash... I couldnt even use the app because when i tried to sign up, it kept telling me i had to be connected to the internet. Which i was. I went to my data instead, same thing. Went back to wifi, still didnt work. Absolute garbage im glad i didnt pay for it.
Great fun game, but I HAVE TO PAY TO GET MORE THEN 3 COLORS! In my school we play this with unlimited colors, but I get 3 shades of colors in the app! Not very happy about that... but I really do like the game.
i like it, it's fun. The only thing i have against it is that you have to pay for some of the other features but that is understandble. I think it's pretty great πŸ™‚
I love this app it's fun and relaxing so I'd recommend it! If they added anything I would wish they add comments just for better feedback on us specifically!
I gave this a 3 because this is super glitchy here is my expierence with this: i was playing it then my phone just shut off. And then came back on then off. It was SO GLITCHY so glitchy you would think someone is hacking. Then it turned off for like 30 mins. I was getting to the point where i thought it broke my phone. So please fix this. This game allmost BROKE MY PHONE. (on mobile)
I can use it and open the app, but it kept glitching black and back repeatedly that I can't use it because its hard to look at... I already uninstalled it more than twice and installed it back but it's still the same..
Its awesome. I love to make portraits with all the beautiful colors. My only problem is i can't log out. But it is awesome otherwise!
I bought the $1.99 pack for all the stuff less than a year ago. A little after I deleted the app only to download it again today. I logged in and noticed i could not do the HD thing. I am very upset. I would like the feature back or money back.
(This is just me ranting on a problem. I still think the app good) So. I just spent 2 hours on a piece(nonstop). I WAS DONE IT. I had just tapped the 'Finish' button when the whole game froze, so I exited and re-entered the game in hopes of that fixing the problem. I came back to find the entire 2 hour session worth of work deleted, the random unfinished piece that I had deleted before starting the new one having replaced it. Hmmmmmm. Glitches happen. That doesn't mean that I need to like it. 😀
Calming and relaxing, I'm addicted to it. I haven't been into my art in a long time and this app is bringing my desire back
Why does this app activate my camera?!? I am using bluestacks meaning that I am playing on a macbook and whenever I open this app the green recording light turns on, meaning my camera is being used.
I love the concept but this app seems really buggy. For instance, you can save colors but you cant remove your saved colors. It says you can and tells you how, but it doesnt work. It would also be nice to have an undo. Something like a 10-15 second undo option. Rather than having to discard the whole thing and start over. It really sucks to be close to finishing, but make a big mistake that ruins the whole idea, and your only options are to keep it or discard the entire thing and start over.
Not connected ... turn on airplane mode, completely close TIS APP. Clear cache, turn off airplane mode. Open app. B4 u do anything restore purchases. If it restores u can share. If it doesnt, repeat and or clear decive cache in system. Close camera too.
i love thisissand please make more games like this it is relaxing i played it sense 1st grade can you make a drawing edition plz
thank you for giving this relaxing/drawing app but I just play it with out just wasting not money thats why i give it a 4 out of 5 sorry but thanks for making this awesome game
this game is fantastic.it relaxes me and i always discover something new. I like that i can interact w others n see what they are doing.some of the things i cannot figure out.that i how do they make certain designs w out photosand.i love photosand.
One of my favorite apps πŸ’– I probably create anywhere from 5-20 pieces of sand art on this app per day. It's fun & easy once you get the hang of it! It's really satisfying to scroll through all my previous creations & see what other people create too! I usually play this game while watching netflix bc it doesn't require TOO much effort & is very relaxing.
A boring game We can play only for 5 mins after we gets bore I am damn sure but the game is good for its features
To fix connection glitch lately phone off. Restart after the following) clear cache while airplane mode is on and app is completely closed. Restore purchases, then begin or share.
It Is very intuitive but after a while It got a little boring. I would have gave It a five star If the picture sand mode was a little more accurate and didn't look so bad. Over all 9/10.
This doesnt work at all it keeps saying "check your interney connection" when i try to sign up but my internet is fine
I love this game for this reason... The ads don't pop up when your doing your sand art. I dislike this game because there are SIX features, and you only get ONE free. You shouldn't have to do ads AND have have only 1/6 of the features free. I hope this helps! πŸ˜„
This ia an addicting, fun game. Also this game is sattisfying.I love making stuff like this. This art like stuff is so much fun. Who ever made this app/game is very smart and had good ideas.He has succeded by a lot.Thanks for the game playπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’»πŸ“±So fun.
My phone keeps telling me that this app has been detected using my camera when I haven't opened it in weeks. I'm not a paranoid person but I don't see why it should be accessing my camera outside of taking photos within the app and as such I have uninstalled it.
used this on chrome, i have the latest LG Stylo 4 with android 8.1 and it says theres compatibility issues. disappointing.
This game is amazingly amazingly amazing,but one thing that throws me off is the bug where your screen keeps glitching to black and then normal,if this was fixed i would love to rate it to 10,000 stars,Great game!
Awesome, relaxing works a 90% of the time, it glitches a little in regards of sharing your stuff but nothing that ruins your experience. All the features are worth so go ahead and buy it. Don't wait.
In my opinion I think this is a great game! You can do and art, like other posts and you can also make posts. So i'm living the dream life! You should go play this game its great!!!😁😁
Um uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh idk how to put this but it keeps saying : connect to Play and I'm like : woah I'm just a kid no way. This didn't happen next time fix this please !!!!!! I love the game but in putting one star because I can't play what a waist of space but I think other ppl should play it
Very nice game although only 1 feature is free but it it all come in 1 pack and very low price to get. Good game.πŸ˜€