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there's this girl for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Angela He located at 531 Lasuen Mall P.O. Box 15228 Stanford, CA 94305. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Art is simply gorgeous. The menu button on the phone is cute. I like the interactions with objects and swiping to reveal new pictures(more fun than just the next button). This is like a kinetic story. I had a bit of trouble going to next scene after the cutting picture one. Overall it's a short game to pass the time while you enjoy the art.
I... Wow, just... This game is fantastic, I teared up a little to be honest, It's beutifully illistrated, and I really like the music, It's a great representitive for lgbt aswell. My only complaint is that It's a little choppy. I kinda what a second game to come out honestly... All in all, 9/10, fix the chopiness and it will get a 10/10.
I'm in love with this game, design, creator and idk anything else but I love this even though I've never played it, it looks incredible and I bet it's even better than it looksπŸ₯Ί
I really love the unique and design of the game! Even tho the stort is short it's was so enjoyable and bittersweet.
The arts and songs were so nice and heart touching but the game was boring and short and meaningful i didn't enjoy .
Overall it was a pretty nice game, I was able to finish it in around 20 minutes. I do wish it could have been longer and what I mean by that is that I think it would have been nice if we saw what happened after the choice we made, if we choose to look back we get to see a small montage of their relationship and if we choose to move on it would be nice to see images of them moving on then have a timeskip where we see the other girl and get an idea of how her life is.
first of all, the art style. omg the art style is so dope, i'm living for it πŸ˜­πŸ’˜ the color, the music. everything is perfect ! A+ ! πŸ’œ the plot is alright. just like a normal romantic story. nothing new but still pretty good. in my opinion, the ending is too short :( love this game btw. 10/10 ! πŸ‘πŸ’•
Simple, Emotional, and beautiful. Those 3 words sum up this entire game. The controls are easy, the art is breathtaking, and the storyline makes me cry everytime. (P.S, Tap the phone to start!)
I love the art and the music but it's not really a game you can play for a long time. It's more of a short interactive novel. Wish it was longer, more interactive with more choices that matter, and had a dedicated back/exit button. Also, navigation's a bit clunky/clumsy. I do appreciate that it's LGBT-themed though.
I just recently got this game and I'm honestly so glad I did. It's such a beautiful visual novel and the creator is such a beautifully talented person. The art style is so pretty, and the game gives a glimpse of what young love is and the process of moving on. I'm sad that there is only five chapters, but it still is an enchanting, 10 minute experience that I recommend, you won't be dissatisfied.
This is so lovely, I love how the songs fits perfectly with every chapter and the sentences that always keep appearing whenever you start a new chapter is just briliant! It makes it even more aesthetically pleasing especially the last one. Also, the art itself is amazing and the story ughh. I just love it; I love it even more when I saw in the options (or was it credits?) That this game is based on real life. Just love it.
i usually never write reviews on game but theres this girl is pretty special. now, the controls are slow and clunky and this is more suited to be a story or animation with how short it is but this game is sweet and was well worth the download. it reminds me of other games and thats already a plus in my book. i personally feel the story should be longer but thats just me. the controls need to be worked on but honestly i was able to push through it. its truly a masterpiece and deserves more praise
This is a really great game, the story is good, and the art is gorgeous. I had a little trouble at the beginning with the controls but other than that, and absolutely wonderfully made game.
Is it me or did I almost cry during this. It's sooo beautiful...the graphics and the art style is such an inspiring touch to this. I love the story in this and I wish you made more like this😭
this was such a beautiful game. I loved how you didn't give explanation so the player could interpret the story however they wanted too. such a simple game I loved it. the only thing I would work on would be the controls sometimes it was hard to understand what to do. overall lovely game😊❀️
To those who are not familiar with visual novels, this is not a game. There are no dialogues and you have to interpret what's going on according to your own understanding of the story. Another beautiful one from Angela He, I first encountered her work from Steam and immediately realized that this is another work of hers just by the artwork. Music is definitely up to my taste, I'm a sucker for lo-fi and glad she used Shiloh here. The only complain I have is the swiping, otherwise 5 stars.
Beautiful piece of art. Not exactly a game, and for a "game" it is a bit short (half a hour maybe?). Anyway, I loved it. It's much better way to spend your time than to play some yet-another-f2p.
SOOOOOOO good!!!!!!! Loved the art and the visuals...my heart ached when I had to choose between moving on or giving another chance at the relationship since I could see both happening ;-; whoever made this: I love that you created this game and I hope you make many more like this!!!! :D
beautiful art, music, and aesthetically pleasing colors. the story is sad yet just plain wonderful, and the characters are relatable and very interesting. i would give a 20/5 if i could. gameplay was just star struck beautiful.
It was a short story game but I honestly love it. It actually portrays the true events in the relationship between two woman. And I hope you produce a lot like this or just a sequel because it is such a major cliffhanger.
I gave it 5 stars because it's an awesome game and I can Feel the emotion and love, and the animations are AWESOME. And it's especially great because there are no words yet you can tell what they feel and are saying! But I have a question. Am I waiting for an update?? Because i got to "Turn Back Or Move On" and it stopped. Or is it a demo?
I didn't really understand the story. πŸ˜‚ Like, why did she leave her in the first place? Moving it to the next panel confused me because sometimes you need to move down or sideways. The ending seemed okay. You kinda get to choose what happens. I liked the music! Besides that, it was a short playthrough, but good. πŸ‘
there's this girl started out as wonderful, but the story is a little bit too short and rushed. If there were more than 5 chapters so it could be dragged out, I'd give it a 5 star rating. Overall, the art, music, and story itself are amazing. The song lyrics that you put in each chapter really matched, too. The controls, in all honesty, were confusing for a minute, but once I got the hang of them, it was all good. My only main problem was that the story was a little short.I'dSuggestThisToAnyone
Very charming! Basically an interactive picture book. The art and music are gorgeous. The story is very simple but touching.
Its way too short, but honestly beautiful, with an interesting use of music, great visuals, and a unique yet realistic story line. If you're looking for something cute to spend a couple minutes on, I would highly suggest this game! Only wish it was longer, I want more!!
It was just beautiful and in my opinion, a way too short. I felt every single emotion I could have possibly have felt. The soundtrack is so cute and the art style is breathtaking. With 5 short chapters you can fall in love with two characters who don't even speak. This was the type of thing that makes me want to believe I'll find someone and honestly? I'm here living for it.
The game story is great but ended very quickly,less than an hour for the whole thing,the characters are cute,I wish there could be some verbal communication atleast,pls continue this game and make it longer.
I give this game three stars because first of all its really cute and all but I wish the game was longer. I would have gave this game a 4 star tho. and also the game was really slow. I don't know why but all the rest of my games were working fine. but overall I really like this game.
I love it soooooo much!...tho... it gets stuck on the part where she is cutting the picture.... please help and tell me what to do! 😞
really liked this short journey and I couldn't help myself but to always choose "turn back" I would've liked to get at least one more picture after the final decision and I would've loved to see this story progress further but it's fine as it is. only negative: On my phone were the controls a little imperfect, which is a little annoying but it's not a problem since theres nothing to precisely control
i am a big fan of your art. I really appreciate every little details tgat you've put in this game, but the only thing that is missing is the story. Its too short, but still you made another beautiful art!
Beautiful, took my breath away. Although this was just a short game that I was able to finish in less than 10 minutes, I really enjoyed it. The music and overall aesthetic of the game really spoke to me and I hope to see more games like this in the future. 10/10
I just finished playing this game over a span of three days (it's pretty short) and it is amazing. The artwork is stunning, to say the least, and the story is captivating. ...sequel?
The art, story line and the music was all super beautiful! It's a short 10-15 minute game but I still loved it alot. I reccomend playing it!
10000/10 its not that bad and i love it the music just fits perfectly with the story and i love the style, keep up the good work.
Love this game! The art is amazing, the story even without words is still so easy to pick up on and is amazing. The only problem I had was the controls being a bit confusing at first but I don't think this game deserves a star off for it. I would reccomend playing this!
More games about girl x girl love please. The art is amazing the only reason it didn't get 5 stars is bc it's slow and there's not alot to do. Other than that this was a very beautiful experience the music and art and the story well the fact that it is lgbt is enough really underrated. Thank you devs. I hope there are more girl x girl games in the future.
I really love this game. It's very deep though words aren't present. Regardless, I am excited to see your next game.
i was really excited to play this game but right after the end of the beginning, it wouldn't let me continue and it's kinda frustrating. i really do like the art and the colors i just wish i could continue in the story.
This was absolutely fantastic! The art was breathtaking and the story was so plausible it hurt. I may or may not have cried a bit πŸ˜…. I loved it! Also, most of the music used was already in my playlist so that only added to the greatness. Oh, one last thing that brought it all together...GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!β€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ
this was the cutest game I've ever played. if i could, i would give 10 starts. but, it does make me sad that there's no more chapters, i would've loved that!
THIS GAME IS INCREDIBLE OH MY GOD JDISISHDJW the artwork is absolutely beautiful, the music is incredible and the story is so cute!!! It's all just so good!!!!! Thank you so much for making it, I loved it.
A simple masterpiece. Loved it so much, bought creator's other games to support the work. The art is gorgeous and the story is subtle but hopeful and just adorable. Reminded me of my first love. Truly a unique game/story
Simply beautiful... beautiful story, gorgeous and eye satisfying colorfull art style, amazing music, and nice game play...i love this game so much and i wish u guys can make more like this.. cause i have pretty much finished it like 5 times now😁... there's just sometime nostalgic about this game and its story, plus the music..it just gives me this calm fuzzy feeling ☺️
I loved the artwork and general feel of this, the music was perfect and really made it feel like it was an indie game. However, it did feel more like a comic than a game (which isn't necessarily a negative thing). I love that it's LGBT friendly, but the first two chapters seemed packed with story and then the chapters following that seemed to get shorter as if the final product was rushed to get out. It's free so it is to be expected, but I'd pay money for more story in all honesty
This app is amazing. It shows different points of view, and how one small change can effect a whole lot. I really reccomend it as it is a very fun and emotional rollercoaster. It is short, but you get what you pay for. I would love to see more art by the artist in future projects too. It is so beautiful and has a great message; take what you can when you get the chance.
This is a really beautiful, short visual narrative about the impact of relationships in our lives. The lo-fi music suits the art and story well, and I found the fact that you have to swipe to the next scene instead of tapping to be an interesting choice that also suits it and makes it stand out. I finished the game in like 15 minutes, it's a short experience, but worth trying, so please do install it. Also it's ad-free from the get go, so-
Honest review here. It is honestly a great game. The design, music, and story are all wonderful. I think my favorite has to be the artwork of the game. The creator developed this really well and I encourage you to try it out. If you're fans of Life is Strange, this game has the same vibes (not gameplay). There were some cons throughout, but what's an app without any flaws. It's a short game, but the story makes it enjoyable as a single play through. I hope you all enjoy as much as I did.
short but very enjoyable! very good art i loved it!!! πŸ–€ also the music used in everything is so good 😳
This app is absolutely amazing! The art is great and the gameplay is amazing! This is honestly one of my favorite games I've ever played. I am kind of bummed that there is no more stages, but its fine. I do want to know what happens with the two girls, for example, will they get back together. Can you make a part 2? Please, and thank you.
Not sure how I should feel about the ending.. You didn't really have a choice for the last chapter, it felt like.. Also, the beginning of chapter 3 was kinda hard to understand. Art is gorgeous tho! Saved it from being a 3 star ngl!
A short story, yet very cute and realistic. A couple who met by fate, the story's ending is placed on your hands. :D
Yeah 4 stars because its too short which made me want more...i suggest you to update it and add more storyline, thats the only bad thing because it ends....But all in all its sooo cute and sad at the same time so please make it longer
This is such a good game, thank you so much for making this.β™‘ I can tell that it such a hard working! A lot of scene with beautiful grafic and details. There are 2 endings right? I love how it ends in both way :) Your art style is so lovely!❀ I'm a big fan of you now! I'm a lgbtq+ supporter btw :)
The visual novel is pretty unique, with mechanics I haven't seen before. They're not grand, they're just simple but endearing. The only bad thing about this is that i wish there was more haha
Very short and to the point, but still keeps you engaged. It's simple, but executed in a way that's almost enviable. It's definitely something to learn from, even just in a game design sense. Other than that, the characters look adorable and their story is somewhat relatable. Even though it's short, you can see it must have taken a lot of time and thought to design.
The art is pretty, the gameplay is simple but effective. Overall very good, but i was simply wondering if you would ever bring missed messages to phones?
i give this 10/10! i loved the concept of this game! The chapters are unique in every way! I've never been in an LGBTQ+ game EVER, and i've never heard of one until now! Other than that, the only thing i'd like to say is that PLEASE ADD MORE!! i wanna know what happens next! Does the black/brown haired girl meet someone else? do they get together? AHHHH!!! I can't handle it! please add more :D
I don't even have words for this. The graphics, the background music, the transition effects, the damn beautiful sketches. It felt like I was in another world. This game or I should rather say story was so Simple yet so impactful. Damn. I'll play all the 5 chapters all over again. And the part that I hated the most was...that it ended ughh whyyy. I love this, seriously. P.S. This is the first ever review I'm writing and I loved that there were no interruptions asking for ratings or something.
Great game, honestly pretty sad in some parts, I wish it could have been longer but it makes sense it wasnt, the visuals are hand drawn and look amazing.
This is absolutely beautiful, art, music and story-wise, it's quite a unique VN style game. Though I think I found some issues while playing: 1. Sometimes my touch input doesn't get detected somehow. For example when I swipe or connect stars I have to tap or swipe repeatedly sometimes for the game to continue. 2. Also, some animated parts seem to have choppy framerate. For example, in the baseball part, it was hard to time my press since there seems to be input delay and framerate drops.
This game is great, it has a great story and will captivate you to play till the end! The story can be finished in 1 sitting and can be undestood without knowing the english language. The visuals are amazing and the colours pop out of the screen, I only wished for more.
It's a pretty simple game/visual novel, but I liked it. The artstyle was beautiful and the story was pretty alright too!
It was very short, but the artwork is beautiful and I love the story and it's emotion. I would love to see more chapters of this, but what there is of it is still a amazing heartfelt story β™‘ (P.S. I love the star/constellation theme to it) Edit: Oh and I don't think I fully understand some of the storyline, but it's still beautiful either way. Edit 2: Also does it matter how the constellations align?
the art is amazing. i love the game design and music as well, though i think the story felt a bit rushed especially from the middle to the end. i would definitely pay for more content, though!
Such beautiful artwork, and such a gorgeous novel. A few glitches here and there, and apart from being a little too short, it was five-star rateable. It was easy to fall in love with such breathtaking artwork and the wonderful music just makes it. I would love it if there were more to the story, I kind of want to find out what happens. It's a lovely window into someone's life at the time of some very important, life-changing decisions but I wish there was more. Amazing though, so refreshing!
This is one of the cutest games I have ever played! I like to think that the reason they stopped talking to eachother wasn't explained because the creator wanted people to create their own story. I personally like to think that the blue haired girl stopped talking because she felt alone, as no one else wanted to discuss what she liked. She felt that there was no point in continuing to like what she liked because other than the brown haired girl, she had no one. Such an amazing game! 5 out of 5!
Really love the art style. But the lovely story, as much as I like it, is so freaking short that I have to force myself to play it not more than a chapter a day for fear of ending it too early for my likes. Some people here complaints about the laggy transition, but hey, I used to play games with ultra crappy framerate so I'm totally okay with that (and the transition only happen occasionally, though, so it's not a big deal)
the aesthetic of this game is just beautiful I love it so much and I really personally wish that there was more of it because it was such a great experience
short and sweet. The visuals were stunning and the story really captured how modern romances can be these days.
The visuals are so good and the soundtrack is good. Also the quote/song on every chapter is good. The effects are so good the transitions are great. Lastly the emotions... I felt it. Even if there are no dialogues/monologues in the game. The story is so great!!! Good thing I chose"Turn Back"!!! Thank you for creating this.
This game is absolutely perfect. It's so different and stands out compared to many other story games. The music and the visuals were astronomically pleasing. The only thing is that there's just this part of me that feels like the story was left unfinished. It was almost abrupt and choppy. I hope that someday there's a second one or an update of some sort. Regardless it's a beautiful and flawless game.
This game is amazing. The art is beautiful and very pretty. The music helps set the mood for the game and it is a sad but great and amazing game.
Amazing. I couldn't find my last review to edit, but I found out how to get to part 4. Anyways, the art, graphics, controls, it's all on point. Keep up the amazing work, Angela! πŸ‘πŸ’–β­πŸ˜Š
Gorgeous gorgeous art, absolutely astonishing. It looks so pretty!!! And with the animations it all comes together so well! And the gameplay element with the constellations - i adore it! β™‘ There was one possible mechanical/graphical issue though. The text for the different endings on the last chapter was cut off on my phone, not sure if thats true for everyone or not. I have a samsung galaxy s20 ultra
I love this game! I only wish it was a bit longer. I was able to finish the whole thing twice in about an hour. It has the most beautiful artwork and the story is amazing. When the second chance screen comes up, it would be cool to have like a separate path where there's 5 more chapters of them becoming a couple and such. It was a real tearjerker and this is probably the best visual novel I've ever played! :)
Was kinda short, but I really liked it! The art is super good, and even though there's no dialogue you can clearly tell what happens. <3
I love it- the art and storyline and music is awesome! Thank you!! I really enjoyed this game, it's really cute! ❀️
Loved the game. Especially the drawings, they were so fantastic. Just wished there was a true ending, like if she turned back what would happen? And if she moved on, would she find someone new? Great game though!
Aren't you the one who created some game, G O D wHy cAn'T I rEmEmbEr!! But, the story was about a girl with heavy depression due to the loss of a loved one. It's a "pick your own choice" kind of game and is.. Sad and happy, depending on what you choose. Anyways, another amazing story game! Keep it up, bud, this is the g o o d s h i t .
I LOVE it. This entire game is perfection! THE ART IS THE GREATEST THING AND SO SO BEAUTIFUL I just wish it was longer and that they didn't break up. Other than that, I literally LOVE LOVE LOVE this game.
Waaa! I don't want to spoil this, but I got pretty emotional! Great music that fits the theme, amazing characters, and good plot. Therefore, I give you five stars. You deserve it! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
As a pansexual who tends to lean more towards women, this game had me in tears. It was beautifully designed and drawn and the music lyrics fit each chapter perfectly. It was short and sweet, yet has a lasting impact on you and has you thinking and relating to it. I highly recommend this game, and would love to see more beautiful games like this. 100% would give more then five stars if I had the chance.
very beautiful, simple yet thought out well the music fit the storyline amazingly hope to see more like this!
The game itself is rather easy to 'play' and control. however the story line is something I instantly fell in love with. it's simple and to the point but draws you in. Honestly the story line is relatable to a certain sense
Honestly I can't believe this game is free. The art in it is unbelievably beautiful, the music is pleasant, and there are so many good, vibrant colors. I love this game, it is so pleasant and nice, it calms the soul. Thank you for making this.
It was short yeah, but beautiful. The art was incredible and I liked the music. The story was sad and felt a bit incomplete but I think that's how it's supposed to be. I mean there are some things in life that leave you feeling unsatisfied and sad
i don't usually write reviews but i really had to write for this one because you have left me as an emotional wreck rn. I swear i was in tears when I started playing because FIRSTLY there is such a unfair lack of lgbt based games and secondly, this is so beautiful and relatable that it made me cry TWICE and it is strange because i hardly cry. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CREATING THIS. STAY BLESSED. OMGGG
amazing art, not really a fan of the transitions. I'd be cool with it if it would slide with one swipe, not multiple. I love the concept of it and the characters but it's too short and not really immersing for the player. I think the only reason why I like it is because of the art and overall plot (and of course tHE GAY) but. 🀷
I love it! it was a great experience, the storyline was really like in real life! the controls are difficult at 1st, but it's ended up easy, the graphics and drawings were really beautiful! I really love it! (spoiler) I even cried in the parts where they fought and the parts where there was very sad things, I really love it! but it's a little short, but it's ok, it's really great anyways! 5/5 stars!
I loved the silent picture story it was gorgeous and I loved the story itself this game was incredible I just wish there was more to it. I hoped at the end I would get to see what happened after I chose between the two options even if it was just a small snippet of the girls' lives a while after the choice was made just to see where they went either together or apart. Aside from how short it was, props to the developer, this game was beautiful and sweet and just all around wonderful so thank you
It's really sweet, it's not something I would normally download/play but I saw it on tiktok and gave it a go and I'm glad I did, I really enjoyed it :)
Not much in the way of dialogue, but certainly managed to pack a lot of feeling into this story. Certainly had me thinking about my own experiences.
This game is truly beautiful I can't believe how well was the art style was and the music was just so beautiful
Just BEAUTIFUL! music? AWESOME art? AWESOME story? Short but so heart touching and emotional. It said a lot in just a few words.
The graphics were so pretty! The story line was good too but it was quite simple at times. I wish the game was a bit longer though, the ending was a bit too short for my liking.
This is most likely to best short story game I have ever had the joy of coming across and playing. Both music and art are breathtakingly gorgeous. It's amazing how many emotions can be spoken without any words. Thank you. I look forward to this creator's next story. ☺
This little game is so beautiful the art the color the story it's so beautiful thank you for creating this and how it relates to life. Just such a beautiful creation. πŸ–€πŸ’œ
The art style is outstanding and so warm and the story really sucks you in! I love how you pick up the important, but unpleasant true issues that everyone go through but doesn't have the guts to talk about. Your games are really valid. Super excited for your next game :) take care of yourself <3
The art style and music are amazing. Its not really much of a game but the story and details and everything else about it are all so amazing. I adore this game. Its fantastic.
It was soooooo heart wrenching The music The art The storyline Oooohhhh....... I need a recovery period
This is phenomenal. I would absolutely give it a 10/10 rating. The art is stunning, faces are one of the hardest things to draw, but in every frame that I saw, you captured it perfectly. The story is sweet and simple, and I love it. To anyone who is interasted in playing this game: Do it. It takes around 5-10 minutes and it will warm (or melt) your heart.
When I saw this game, I was extremely excited to try it out. Art and Music was incredible! I really liked how aesthetic everything was (to me at least) and I overall liked how it was a second-person view from the story like your watching somebody's life in front of your eyes. I just wish you had a little bit more control over the game, but it was overall amazing! I also loved your other games on PC, you always do such an amazing job on these games. And yeah I love it 😊
This game is so good. I'm a sucker for games with interesting mechanics and this hit that for me. I'm sad it was so brief but I would totally pay money for more games like this. The art was stunning and overall it was a wonderful experience.
Absolutely beautiful. Edit: I came back to edit, but only to say that the story and aesthetics are really sinking in 5 minutes after playing. Deserves more than two words on a review. Not sure how long I can type because the tears are blurring my vision and my keyboard is getting wet
I love the story it could use a bit of lag fix butother than that its absolutely awsome. I love the art style of these types of games.
This game is something I never played before. It has this sorta aesthetic that I just cant pick. Maybe its because of the music and songs. Maybe its because of the art style. One thing that does bug me is the lack of context this story has. The only thing I know is that they used to date or be friends and for some reason they stopped. The story is very vague and even after playing it to times I still dont understand it. However I really hope part 2 gets made.
I thought the art and story were beautiful, and I loved the open ended ending. I do wish there were a few more choices that impacted gameplay, bust seeing as how this is a visual novel and not an actual RPG thats a nitpick at best. So happy to find some wholesome wlw content πŸ’•βœ¨
Love it! Just like many games you have made, like Missed Messages, it is amazing! Absolutely love the art! I wish there was a tutorial on how to draw in such a way!
A short, interactive story beautifully crafted and stunningly put together. Goes through the making and breaking of a relationship, leaving with a positive end and inciting feelings of tenderness, hope, and satisfaction overall. Though quickly gone through it is paced and unrushed, with soft and calming illustrations and actions; perfect to keep handy for those moments when things seem overwhelming and a gentle, poritive reminder of love is needed. (both enjoyed by myself, and my 13yr old son)
Wow! I love it so much, this is so cute! Thank you very much for creating it😘 I'll recommend this to my girlfriend :)
It's short but beautiful. Some might complain about how short it is but in my opinion, that made it even better. Thank you so much for making this :)
I am absolutely in love with this. The art and visuals, the music, even the story itself are all incredible! This is an emotionally driven lgbtq+ story, and I found it extremely relatable. The story and game itself is very short, but please don"t let that stop you from reading it. It's so so worth it, especially to get a feel for the content this creator makes. They make several other interactive stories that aren't available on mobile, but worth checking out! I hope they come out on mobile soon
Aww, that's a sweet short story, the music, the artstyle, and everything is so good, its so realistic and just absolutely beautiful, thank you for doing this! <3
A very short and cute game. You can play it within 10 minutes, but it's alright since it's lovely. It's quite simple, but the art made me want to read it until the end ^^. There are things that need some work on, like the transitions since they're laggy and at some points the story was a bit confusing and lacking something. All in all a good 8/10 ^^
this was such a great app. beautiful art style, the background music was just chef's kiss, the aESTHETIC WAS WOW, and the story overall was wonderful. great job, 10/10 would recommend.
I just want to appreciate the art work in this game its absolutely wonderful. It has so much meaning and with little words spoken. I hope to see further updates with this story and more games like this :D
the art style is beautiful and soft, the story is so adorable and unique i fell in love with it immediately, also the music! i know all the songs and i love that you chose them for this story it really made it more fun and beautiful
I loved this. Downloaded this game ages ago on my phone but didn't have time to play but today i did. I loved the music & graphics...an the ending. Made me wonder what would happen for them both really, if there's going to be a Part 2 to the game but i doubt it. The ending is fine the way it is, even though it is a little sad. But that's life, sadly. πŸ’™
I absolutely loved this game, every single part of it. The art is absolutely stunning. I think Angela He is an amazing artist and she has done a wonderful job with this game. I enjoyed also the background music because it fits so much every single chapter... At the end I was even close to tears. Thank you so much Angela for this masterpiece ❀️
It had beautiful art and it has so much potential but it was just a tad bit confusing and I guess it felt a little rushed. It wasn't really explained why they stopped talking and there were some other plot holes, maybe of it was a bit longer it would allow itself more time to unfold naturally and more smoothly so it drags the audience in more. But overall it was extremely beautiful and moving, just needs some extra work is all.
this game was amazing! the ending made me cry, but i kind of liked that it wasn't a happily ever after type story. there are too many stories like that if definitely recommend this to everyone. the graphics and music are also very beautiful and soothing. everything about this game is pleasant and good. i have no complaints whatsoever
I gotta say, This was pretty fun and relaxing! Although it is short, and i see exactly why. The Art is outstanding! Now i saw a lot of reviews of people not knowing how to start the game. "Like its totally hard to start! Like omg!" Lol just click the phone! And enjoy the game. It has easy controls and the slides are easy to move! Best quilty as well! Its amazing and i really think its a calming game and such an relaxing game! Well, thats all i have to say!!! Good job, and keep up the good work!
It was amazing, you know, and the I don't have a problem that they left this off with the only 3 things, but I really do love the art style on this and I love everything in it quiet, but overall, it's a very good game
Very cute narrative and adorable art style. I was skeptical at first, I feared the taller girl was a tomboy. I did not think I would like her, because I hate tomboys. But no, she is cute too! My girlfriend said I would like this little story, and she was right~ (o^~^o)
I love this game 10/10. Is really cute and emtional. I love it. Adorable story. And it's just overall a cute, short and simple game. It has charm and isn't like most that you'll find out there. I love the art style and the game play it's self. It gets you in the feels, if you know what I mean. Really get game.
Ouuuuu Ok so the music in this I think is the same as in mixed messages....soo my little gay heart was already sad I haven't played the whole game yet so forgive me, I just had to say that before I forgot. Also, I didn't give full stars because the scroll mechanic is a bit clunky and doesn't work very dynamically, That is all I love you all, have a wonderful day, AND WASH YOUR HANDS Edit: just found out this was made by the same person as mixed messages !!!
I love the music! I love the art! I love everything about this! Yet, tbh i think next time ya'll should add directions, because it was abit confusing sometimes, but overall Amazing work! The story is short but it's fun and instresting! Keep of the lovely work!
This was a great game and i really enjoyed it but it always glitches at the chapter imaginge, could you pleas fix this bug!!!!
This was a very cute story, however i think that it was designed to be a better comic or animation. The level of control you had on the game was very very little, it felt more like you're watching the story fron afar rather than actually in the story. You have two decisions that you can make that actually impact the story, you can choose to try at love again, which shows an extra clip of the two girls talking or you can move on, which shows an empty street. Thats it.
an aesthetically pleasing game. the ending could've been better but overall the experience was rly good ;;
It was great. It has a great storyline but the controls are a little hard sometimes. The five chapters are short but tell a great story
Absolutely beautiful only two things that would've bumped it up to 5 is for a bit more interaction and a longer story. I honestly am hoping for a sequel to the optuon of another chance. The art is breath taking, the story is sweet and real, the music is calming (nice nod to marceline with the garden song) and the story of them is something I'd even love to see in a tv show. Thank you for making this game it was truly a wonderful experience.
Oh my gooooosshhh! This was an amazing game! I loved it so much! The art was amazing and the music made me get into it more. I literally cried. Something without words is just as touching as something with words. 😭 It was so good!!
Where do I even begin? It's just so beautiful and sad! The music is perfectly atmospheric, and matches what happens in each chapter. The art is gorgeous, Angela He has a distinctive style that just suits the flip-book comic style with the romantic story. It really doesn't take long to get through it, it's a short storytelling app, but the beauty of pretty many everything makes it worth at least a few replays.
I'll start off by saying in no way am I affiliated with the LGBT community, but I like this... The pictures were really well drawn and evoked some strange emotions from me even though I've never experienced any of this first-hand. My only complaints was that there was an odd tapping sound followed by a crackling noise mixed into the music from the first two chapters. And the last chapter felt somewhat rushed.
I don't usually write reviews but this game is wonderful, it gave me a nostalgic experience that left me in awe. I wish more stories were like this where there are no words exchanged but you can feel the emotion in each image, and the art was extraordinary.
I absolutely loved this, it was such a beautiful story and I loved how it was just told through pictures. I just wished there was a little more interaction and more chapters. I would love to see what happens next!
Very sweet game with absolutely breathtaking art. This game is like a good short story. I highly recommend it as a quick distraction some time, as a mini vacation. It is short, and it is probably only good for one play thru, but sometimes things in life don't last.
It's so beautiful! Both the story and the drawings are amazing. It's quite short but perfect. I've cried whilst playing it... Very well done to the creator of this game! It's more of a story than a game though but i don't really mind.:)
I loved this. The art, text, story line, everything. I loved it all. But the only thing I don't like is how it doesn't tell us what the two were talking about while fighting.
Graphics are so pretty and the transitions between scenes were very unique. Sometimes it took me a second to realize what to do but it was very interesting and unlike anything else ive played. HIGHLY RECCOMMEND
It was a very lovely game. Visuals and vibe reminded me a lot of Life is Strange. Only real problems were the sometimes confusing gameplay which had you guessing what to press. The visuals are beautiful and the story really grew on me. Very great game to get into your feels :)
Luv this game! The music was beautiful, I actuallly enjoyed listening to it. The graphics & art were phenomenal, I love the look of this game. The game itself was fun, emotionally charged & the best game I've played so far! I am very impressed with it, & I love that it's a yuri (lesbian) game! πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ’“ GooglePlay needs alot more of these kinds of games 😞😳πŸ˜₯ Please create more games like this, Ms. Angela He Thanx sooo much πŸ’“πŸ˜πŸ˜
When i first saw this game i was quite excited to play it, but after playing through it didnt live up to my exspectations. The gameplay is very limited as the player maily scrolls, or connects stars. The story was quick, and felt a bit rush. The main strong suit of this game was it's art and music. i think that this game could be more suited to a comic format. Although if you are looking for a quick story you might enjoy this game.
Short and sweet story about love and loss. I love the way Angela tells her stories and her artwork is so representative of the atmosphere she is trying to set. She is an amazing author, even though there aren't many words. I can't wait for any future projects by her.
A beautiful game with a cute story. I love the music, and the colors. The controls where a bit confusing, but it wasn't hard, but I figured it out
honestly this game was amazing, from the artstyle to the story line. And although it wasn't a pretty long game (literally finished game in a few minutes) it was enjoyable and kinda soothing in a way. it's like a little game you can play from time to time and won't get bored of it, it's just something quick and easy to play. highly recommended.
This is the best game. I played it all the way through and I felt every emotion portrayed. It was the slightest bit of a emotional roller coaster but this was cute. I didnt pick the move on option though because they made such a cute couple. This is all coming from a 12 year old.
ITS SO GOOD AAA. This is like one of the most best "game" I've ever played!!!! It's very short and simple but it's truly beautiful <3
I really enjoyed the art of this game! It was also a really cute storyline and I dont really have anything bad to say about this! Though I do wish there was more to play after you chose to move on or turn back! Maybe a second game? Idk I really recommend downloading it!
There really wasn't a lot to this game and it was also very slow and laggy on my phone. There was also one choice you can make and now it's at the very end of the chapters. I think it was very hard to control or move to the chapters and there wasn't a lot of specific directions. I mean if there were lots of other choices and longer chapters and maybe even more chapters it would have been better.
Very beautiful game! I love this game and your art is beautiful! Another great thing about this app is that it's LGBTQ friendly! You should make more games like this! (on mobile I mean)