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The World of Magic: IMO

The World of Magic: IMO for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Com2uS located at 서울시 금천구 가산디지털1로 131 BYC 하이시티 A동 12층 (12F, A-dong, BYC Highcity B/D, 131, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea). The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Nudity/Eroticism) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
sucks,.. this game will drain ur life,.. requires a lot of time grinding levels,.. verrryyy loww drop item chance,... insane succesion rate of upgrading weapons and armor,... very hard to gain golds,.. u will perished before u get strong,.. only the people who had dollars enjoy playing this,... eww..sucks.. game...
Paid but not receive my product. All i've receive was a my account being blocked permanently on my device and IP.
I love this game so much but please make the high lvls dont attack the low lvls cause its ruining the players game plat sorry for the wrong spell
The game was cool but please read my compliment when you are mage there is a chance that you will stack please fix this my exp is going down
This game is fun but it sometimes have some problems but when i contact or report it to them they managed to fix it for me so im really happy about it, although i wish they ban some botters in the game cause they're ruining the game so much by just botting hope that Com2Us will do something about it.
Good game!But make sure this game still has the same mechanics and please Com2us do some more servers for more experience at excitements........Also gift for every maintenance like 5000 every maintenance,,Ps.suggestion lang po ito,to god be the glory!More power Com2us!
It's the best MMORPG game I've played but there's a problem, afk players conquered most of the farming spot in new servers including boss spawns please find a solution to this crisis ( T - T)
For me this game is good iveen playing this game for 6years and i having so much fun but the thing i dont like is games keeps crashing anytime maybe instead of creating some new and useless events why not focusing on fixing some crash issues.
The game is good i enjoy playing it. I suggest that u make some adjustment about the monster spawn time its a little bit long sometimes when the area is crowded it hard to lure monster. Adjustment about exp gain and gold its to low Adjustment about monster item drop its to low Pls make some adjustment to the game. Im Waiting to your responce
kindly fix it from the past few days my twom keeps on lagging, someone hitting me and dying without an enemy, i've been losing exp bcoz of it, . I cannot play it.
It's fun but horrible at the same time, the number of time i crashed and disconnected is uncountable (always at the important time). The battlefield spot takers always had been a trouble for most of the player in this game and you dev still not fix it ! Do you really care for the player dev ? Or just want to take away there money ?!
After the new update, it just says "there's a new update", and when I get said update. It still continues to say there's a new update. Broken. Fix it.
If you are the kind of person who likes Grinding games with some people u can be friends with. Then this is the game for you. It is very great if you are up for the challenge of Grinding. Raising your level alone is hard enough (specially if you are a Mage) but you also need to grind Money for equipments.
Its a good game there are some missing items on some classes and also make quest more easier to see cause it takes me a min to figure how to move to coordinates i will rate 4 stars cause it need a little updates on some of it.
Pay to win. theres hackers and scammers, you will lose your account when you reach 40. there are op guilds and if you accidently make a mistake the entire guild and allied guilds will spawn kill you and with a world being so small you cant hide from anyone. All level 25+ maps are pvp. Not able to play in over 5 years because of high levels that remember me. Game is too small idk how in todays era of tech thats still a thing for an mmo. Edit: Came back to try again in 3 days account was banned.
I want to rate this a 5star but im dissapointed because some of high level player are always steal a kill from low level please do something about it gm Because how gonna level up the low level if they always ganna do that and disable the platinum member only can sell in black trader
It is very sad to say this but I quit this game years ago because players of higher levels were bullies, killing low level players in areas needed to gain exp making them unable to level up and advance anywhere. After 2 weeks of not being able to level up past 10, me and my brothers quit. Most horrible gaming experience. The level up system won't allow us to gain massive exp from slaying higher level monsters and so we have to farm specific locations to gain any exp but each area was the same...
reporting a lot of bots but no action at all new players need to buy platinum and buy items to sell at black trade thats how to earn gold easily, not all players can afford that they just depend on farming but they can't because too many bots your terms and conditions are useless because too many abusive players you can only take action to those who refund their platinum but not botters
Game wont let me login. Tried making a new account, email is taken. Tried recover my password of the email. Email not found. So confusing!
Hi Com2us, Im just wondering why I can't play TWOM anymore... After that Halloween Event Last Year, Every time I open this app it always said " The App Will Be Terminated Because A Security Violation Has Been Detected". Can you pls fix this, I want to retrieve my account... I spent so much time and effort in this game... I have lvl 41 Mage (IGN: 27100802) in BIGMAMA. I'll hope it gets fix Soon...
This is good but if new server and plss back the event of turtle z pet koii bag and the lvl2 bow plss back him and i need new server because the value of gold in Darlene is noob and cheap..
Game has barely expanded and it's been around for a decade! Finally adding an area..who cares. .? No areas for new lower level players that are the future for your game which has great potential to continue living. Your older servers left to die, but that is understandable. What i don't get is why not expand and map more areas? Could even do duplicates areas to teleport to with level requirement. So your lower level players can grind in peace. Maybe merge some old servers if possible
Fix things like lag walking in this game. It's been so long you took away useful harmless things like being able to shift into a map to train as a ranger but still have things that make the game super unfun to pvp like "Lag walking" that rangers and mages can do. If you don't know what it is look up "How to do the lag walk glitch" on YouTube the video is 6 years old and it's still in the game fix it please we know you only care about money but if people quit you won't make as much.
The worst thing no open dungeon 20-50 please , open the dungeon so that we should not leaving this game. And don't delte I'db/dungeon 20-48 pleae open back.
I Love the game however the quest is so hard to follow, the map is hard to navigate . No minimaps just coordinates. Once the quest is finished you end up getting lost what to do next because sometimes the last mission ends with it. Or is it just that I dont know how to play the game?
1.Made chat box for every chat, to hard to see our guild chat and world chat. 2. Baned anyone that using bot. 3. Made channel for every server, its hard to play when high lvl player to afraid to hunt at their lvl ground. Always ks at newbie ground. 4. Every battlefield started its so lagg, ping reach 2-3k ms This game already 10 years old, so lets show us what a 10 years old game should be like
Bad graphics... But still wanted to play since my friend invited me to play with them... But feel disappointed... Not balance... And lag... Spamming force close
I've been playing the game with two of my siblings for about 5 years now. This game has so much potential as an mmorpg but the fact that it crashes and lags alot takes away from that. The community is filled with scams and the black market always is priced too high. I've put in alot of time and money into this game and really wish it was better.
theres a glitch when your a lil laggy where as a mage once you start casting a spell its gonna take so long (not the lag casting time a different one)
The game knows what it's doing to be honest, I got disconnected right when we're about to win the battlefield and guess what! I got no reward from the event. Do I have to buy some "Platinum" to not get disconnected? Or pay to win is unavoidable in this game?
This game has so much potential. The mechanics, character customization, class pvp, etc., this game has it all. But the only problem is the lag. Servers does not indicate ping or connection stability. Also many players are toxic as different maps are open for pvp anytime.
Hey guys I been playing for 1 year is good yea but I did not like is the same thing get some new monsters add more map because is boring lvl up change it I lvl 40 and it took me 3 year to get their plz change the lvl up because people quit because it too hard when u start play give us 9k to 8k to start it up with new character add more features hair pet sword that why I have it 3 star if u guys change that it brings more players on it alot more thx u
Been playing this game for about 10 years absolutely love it just wish they added level cap to 75 and stop dropping the exp gain back in the day was so easy to level up now they make it impossible and another is they need to increase the drop rate for rare items especially when paying for it its just not fair I would give it a 3 or 4 star but because I love the game so much I wouldn't but please developer's you guys need to do something everytime you guys do update its laggy pls fix
this game is so good.its like your playing with your friends. but i dont like the rpk/pker at beach in darlene they so bully and bot is not good i wish some day it will be fix. Thats it thank you😊
A simple, charming little mmo that has kept me coming back for over 10 years now. It's far from perfect, but has more to offer than most other mobile mmorpgs.
I love this game, played it a while back. Now, however, i can not seem to log into the game. It only makes it until the title screen says, "Touch to start". I touched the screen several times but to no avail. It made the noise that irs supposed to when you touch the screen but nothing after. Please fix this. Edit: at some point the problem had been solved. As mentioned before i love this game. 5 stars.
I love the game,so many players to be friends with,but theres still scammers and toxic players around...i wish Com2uS ban those players because they're making trouble to other players.
Gameplay is fun until you find out the mechanics for lvl 1 mob is the same for lvl 30+ mobs. Botting problems, Com2us do not care anymore about this game, bots everywhere which make it hard to lvl up. Just money grabbing off the last players that remain. 3 classes since 2010? New servers essentially shut down all older servers as everyone moves to them.
I played this game for almost 6months but suddenly game/developer just goin to block the accounts which I dont know the reason. I was trying to retrieve the accounts but it shows that it was my fault (which is not). It says that i was using refund which I cant do since i cant even buy platinum (i free to play). Hopefuly they remove restriction from my accounts.
So hard to farm and gain exp, gamevil ,make it more easier to play im telling you many players will play this bcoz its fun and also the drop rate of items wth i played for almost a year and not even get a single weap A scroll. The game is good tho
I love the game but the level progress is slow when you reach level 12. So I hope that you can improve the progress of the exp given by the monsters. And I there be sparring between same kingdom of same empire.
I didn't know that an outstanding game exist long time ago.. This game is lit.. Recommended for people who like to do RPG games with friends with light requirements.
Used to play this a while back then I couldn't log in. Even though I lost a lot of progress and such I don't mind starting again. It's a fun game and seems to have really improved in the time I stopped playing.
Been playing this for a long time, things werent so much of an issue now it is. Wouldnt let me log without kicking me off and telling me "TWOM isnt working" and my only options are "Close app/Retry" or "Send Feedback". I have sent feed back but this is the first time this has ever happened to me as now, cant even login to the game without being kicked off constantly which is a frustration! Which is why, originally it was a 4 to a 2 star rate.
The game is very cool but in the beggining of playing the game the tuturial were kinda off not helfull at all well but its still a good game other people make money in this app cuz there trade money for gold the others arw scammers but you need to choose wisely if you wannatrade or not anyways this game is the best i played it in 11th aniversary but its still fun i cant wait for the other updates pls make it more fun and awsome then well its awsome allready pls continue with this game andkep up
I love the game and the new collection quest (great feature. but, for some items it is way to hard to get them. Such as velvet cloth, and sand-tree leaf. I get about 1-4 cloth every 2 hours of training. I'm sure there are many more items but they only ones which come to the top of ma head. Much love and Please fix❤
This game already 11 years old wow, it really better than other games in all play store, I did tryed so many mmorpg games, all not even close to this one. Thank you guys for the best game.
Wow really great game i see this game advise on your game summoner war sky arena then when i check it out its hard to play in starting bit after sometime its like its easy to get i m really become fan of this game pls give this game some good updates too then its really become a popular one. Thank you for your hard work for giving some good games like this. I really appreciate your hard work.
i really like this game style . Kingdom vs kingdom . Pk system . Bullies in game . Hard leveling . Can't talk to other kingdom players . i love it .
Too many bots i can't train in a particular map because of many bot players. If only you could expand the map or take action of this issue then i will give 5 star. This is a great game sadly too many bots
I really love this game but my acc in this game got blocked i used gmail of my brother so that my account also blcked with all his acc in twom . its ign is lColombial in darlene server going to lvl30 its so hard to lvl up fr me and buy equip and skill and got block easily please let my account back huhuhu😭😭 i really like this game but i feel so dissapointed they blocked my acc too NOTICE ME PLSSS
i like the game, i invested much time here, please do something about the lag isue :), i rated this 4 star before now i lessen the app rate 1☆ because still of lagg issue, can't say that it's my internet connection because my brother playing other game without any lagg.
Let's be honest, it takes a long time to get gold (main currency used). The price of buying things in the market is already high enough, but with some of these updates, they have a BIG flaw: the promotion of risk. The Fantasy Event was promoting risk by getting people to enchant those weapons. The Double-Success-Rate Event was promoting risk on people's main equips. And now, this Walter Event with expensive equipment boxes. The rewards are OK, but in the end you lose much more, because of risk!
Please do fix this new issue where in the game suddenly crashes before it shows the character select screen.
Here I am again with high espectations on u guys keeping the game updated pls I am going to start from 0😬. I literally grow up playing this game its a lil childhood memory and I come to have fun I hope u guys notice this review I see many bad reviews but this game is gold I agree with some reviews warrior is a bit nerfed and in pvp doesn't shine like he have to do. DO NOT LET THE GAME DIE.
I think the new collection content is great . But maybe consider adjusting the spawn time of the mobs or increase numbers of mobs . Since the new content was released people we're kill stealing each other because of the collection . It's so hard to farm in marshland which is my only source of gold cuz im a mage . Its a demanding request but please also reconsider your choices on lowering the price of Armor and weapon enchantments cuz it really affected many marshland farmers . TY good work 🙂
Good and fun game. But some places are full of bots that farms 24/7. Security for botting isnt enough. BRING BACK BOTCHECKING CARD w/ modifications. Suggestion: restict in common pvp areas(eg.beach) Make ur anti botting system better than just blacklisting softwares. Maybe add a randomcapcha option/question if player is suspected as a bot. Or have a GM just checking/banning. Also please do something about people who auto joins but afk bf people. Bf is now just about which side has less afk ppl
Ive playing this game for a month and its not boring for me at all. This game if so FUN. Everything is nice♡But if its possible,merge all servers, make pets attack or have some special skill like healing -Jherpy Barslanos♡
High ping, mages using major glitches to win over every class, extremely low drop rates, unstable servers getting disconnected every few minutes, extremely hard to levelup and Pay to win. All that combined with ridiculously high deadly and crit rates just make the game unplayable. Take the warrior class. Its supposed to be able to tank damage & have high hp to survive and yet a 40+ warrior with decent equips will die to a same level ranger or mage in less than 10seconds. This game has no Future
already fixed idb... but BOT still no action Bot at Sky castle Crused,lcedcoffee Bot at Ruins Cruelty Bot at marshland Many to Mention.. are u earning due to Bot app?
You should try to do something to eliminate the afkers during battlefield. It is one of the most frustrating thing about the game. It stressed most of the players knowing they were not chosen after waiting for 10 mins but your system picked the noob afkers. Please do not let them take away the essence of the battlefield. By the way, the game needs more contents (guild bar and tasks, more maps, more classes, same/different-faction pvp arena). Don't waste its potential. Thanks for noticing this.
1. Developer should add maps and channel for each server to avoid restrictions and crowded. 2. The spawn of mini and bosses should not always the same coordinates. It should be random in a particular map so any player can hunt and find them-- fair for everybody. 3. Dungeon contains random loots, hence many. We know it's hard so we deserve a lot of of items in this game. 4. For every maintenance, players should receive a compensation rewards or gifts. It is a compensation for waiting the event.
putang ina nyu lagi ako dc sa loob ng battle field, lagi nyu nlng force exit ung app ko pra lng sa feedback na putang ina nyu. ayus ayusin nyu ga gagong developer
Great game. Graphic is good, gameplay is good. But please add an option where we can report bots, scammers, etc. It would be great if that get's added. It's a good game but those are the only problems bots and scammers that are in game
I love the game but its always crash in the middle of training and farming. Disconnecting every minutes. i'm tired of this game. i spend money here to buy stuffs and suddenly get block. i really don't know the reasons yet why they block me tho. even i got response on email. still need proof lol..
Best game ever. :3 Redacted. Most addicting and time consuming cutest little game I've quite seen. Would recommend to others. But one thing that's having me bugged as of late. Its the older pet generations. Bring em back with a box to open em all event. The chances could be immense. Anyway see you in app. I'm misspixie, missfairy, and undecide. Wadanka server. Looking for new server but not sure of changing just yet. Keep up amazing work!?!?
Much scammer, a well organized and structural by using multiple account to setup the scam setting. A obviously bad game considering it's 10 year old? A passive authority of developer by not changing the game system, especially regarding the cycle of trading and economic. Luckily im only half-month into this game. Very not recommended! Bad community. My opinion is that, Scam, and even Racism is the identity of this game!
great game.... but try to make a potion that can reset all the stats so we can change the stats at once
Twom developers there's a bug on your update. Can't go true the game. It stck on second pass page only. Please do something for what's wrong with your update. Thank you