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The Wild Darkness

The Wild Darkness for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by PoPeyed Inc located at 경기도 이천시 서희로 36 3층. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
the game is fun, and Ive played maybe 30+ lives so far. however i can NEVER connect online. which means i cant bring the old items from previous deaths, missing the whole point of the game play. even after the recent update i cant connect... i have galaxy s9 and android is up to date. idk what the problem is here.
I love the game and I'm already addicted to it😍, the only problem is it's kinda hard to win against the monster, I'm always in level 2 then I always go back to where is started and I can only discover 2 in the map😒🤧🤦🏻‍♀️, I think it's need to make it a little bit easy😅 I'm starting to get pissed off, but I still love the game...
The game is interesting and awesome but, BUT The monsters is too OP, and so meany, i am always struggled when there's a surprise attack and then it's hard to fight with them, and expensive revive, and if you are revive, the life isn't full enough to be ready on the monster because you cannot go and then after all you are dead. Useless revive. There's also small percentage to survive. You cannot feel free and safe anytime because of OP shadow. Lack of balance i think. Need to fix this.
With the recent updates the game is impossible now. The amount of monsters on the map is ridiculous and the game is just not fun anymore. I'm really disappointed because I put a lot of $ into this game and loved it. Now, I'm just stuck playing the first few maps over and over. I had like 30 revivals saved up and after the update, I'm down to 5 after a few days and still haven't been able to reach rol2. I guess I'll keep checking back for an update but until then I cant play this anymore.
Really great game. The atmosphere is perfect. I was a bit frustrated at first because it's so easy to die and so expensive to resurrect. Then I realized you have to die to progress in the game. Don't get too attached to each run thru. Dying unlocks totems that give boosts that help you last longer each time. Reminds me of Minecraft or other survival game but in a rouge-like format. Love it!
Finally I survived 700+days 100+lvl. Equip two dagger in the beginning and apply some elemental potion to staff to stun more or weapons easy beat the boss. Don't start cutting and gathering all the trees and grass... your wasting a lot of moves if you only have few foods. You make a lot staffs or other things and trade it and sleep at daytime.
for survival game which repeatedly dying, some automated notes that updating itself when interacting with key objects might really help. like, Forest entr (#1 tab) d1-found broken Ruin of L, need light tablet d1-found big boulder, need stone pickaxe d2-found dungeon entrance d2-entered dun. d5-exited dun. Suspicious dun.(#2 tab) d2-in 1st lvl dun., ... d4-opened door A d4-found 2nd lvl staircase. d5-in 2nd lvl dun. d5-found boss room. d5-won against the boss d5-found L tablet d5-exiting dun.
I like this game a lot! It's super fun and I haven't gotten bored yet like I do with most games. However you do have to be dedicated because it is very hard. One suggestion I have for the developers is: Maybe when I level up all my needs bars get filled? That would be a great help. Also I would like an option to turn permadeath off. I know that's the whole point of the game but I like being able to have the option.
Game is too heavily built on random chance to be playable. Difficulty increases way too fast to ever progress without spending money (and most negative reviews saying exactly this are from recent versions. Did devs purposefully make the game impossible to play without spending real money, after they got a bunch of good reviews?). No point in playing.
I love every aspect of the game except of one thing, Sudden Deaths... The game litterally makes you feel anxious when it comes to life or death situations which is something I find challenging and unique, however, overpowered mobs spawn almost anywhere in the game... Atleast have a leveled list system... Where mobs spawn on specific area levels(eg. Weak mobs on area 1, moderate/normal mobs on area 2, and hard mobs on area 3) Please try to consider rebalancing the game...
im having fun at the same time its irritating, tap, tap, tap and tapping thats what we only do in this while surviving and its pretty boring if the only way to control my champ it just by tapping in the entire game then suddenly i die, change the movement control into "joy stick" and patern the attack and spell buttons just like of those in mobile moba's,,if you do this, we would have a better feel of the game and it would be more fun.For me the difficulty is just right but lower it a little
The game is awesome! But, but, the monster is so OP! And the ingredients to make better equipments is too rare. If I wasn't killed by monster then I'll be dead by starvation or disease/poison. You should make the herb for poison/disease to not be one time harvest. And what's the use for magic seed anyway? I try to drop it on land or water but it's no use.
Love this game, have been playing for a week, have died countless time and i still enjoy playing this, it got you competitive and i aint gonna lose. Like others comment about death,food and so on is so true but i still survive till 60 days +/. You also need luck in game. This time i play very careful im lucky here and there. It feel fulfilling surviving for soo long, if it help you can search some guide and tips online, sure you can last more days though. My sis survived for 15 days on 1st play.
I love this game so much. The only problem that I have with it is that sometimes there's a light streak down the middle of the screen while the areas around it stay dark, even with a light source in use.
Cool game but I agree with other reviews getting food is too difficult. Hell I'm on day 14 and am about to starve cause not enough creatures are spawning and the last rat I killed ended up dropping an iron bar of all things. I don't mind difficulty if there feels like an intuitive way to learn how to gain the more of the things I need. Beyond that dieing for something that feels consistantly out of reach until I can achieve a level high enough to start a farm seems unnecessary.
Challenging turn based survival if you can overcome the initial struggle and very rewarding if you have persistence. One of my favorites on the store. The newer patches make it better than before.
Honestly this game caught me by surprise. It's so subtly turn-based, it flows like a full rpg. Perfect for mobile and the requirements don't seem that high (not that I checked them). I get lost playing this game for hours and have to agree with needing a better way to heal. Otherwise practically every mechanic I've come across in the first 20 days (I suck!) Is flawless. My only regret is forsaking the cloud save, but I still have that other device! Maybe there can be a way to merge totems ITF?
This game is great and I love it I get hooked on it so easy my hates it because it takes time away from her this game is perfect besides having to wait 12 hours for the ad free remains I suggest dropping it to six for the major fans of the game to Max the amount the play time and run time of the app I would have given 5 stars but I think there is always room for improvement
Used to be 5 stars. It was a hard game before, well balanced, but hard. The addition of the snakes tip it over the edge between hard and ridiculous. You're barely surviving, trying to find a worm to get some food so you don't starve, you cut down some grass and do you find a worm? Nope, you find 2 snakes instead that kill you.
This is my first time rating a game, and what i want to say about this game is that it's good the way you conserve foods and fight enemies efficiently is heavily depended on your decisions and actions but what i don't get at this game is that sometimes it's hard to connect to the server and when you save the game.
I stumbled upon this game by accident, and let me tell you... it is THE BEST PHONE GAME EVER!! A bit repetitive, but the maps are never the same! You never know what you will find, how you will die, or how far you will make it! A true survival game! The more you play the better and faster you get! Be careful though, too fast and you will surely die lol if you like time consuming games this is perfect. I can't get enough! ❤
I really enjoy this game, but I need to rate 1 star because of a terrible bug that keeps me from contacting the server. Can't open remains, can't shop, can't save to the cloud. Really a fun game, and I would love to keep playing it, but this has essentially stopped my progression.
It's got potential. Nice little game, but can be rather frustrating. Too difficult to get building material. How difficult is it to get stones in the wild? Well, in this game is extremely difficult. Another thing is the food, only rabbit gives you a tiny piece of meat, all the other animals you kill give you NO food. Like I said, this game's got potential, but the way it is now, it's just too frustrating.
The game is great but I have to rate it 1 star for the terrible user interface> Too many confirmations that I need to click. It became extremely tedious just to craft an item. You need to add in a toggle on and off button in the setings so we don't hae to confirm our actions all the time.
i really like this game, it's challenging and fun and you can discover something new in each run. But the one complaint i have is that it's far too difficult to find rocks! they're an extremely essentially resource, but finding enough of them to craft even the most basic of work benches is incredibly difficult! please either make rocks more common (e.g making more of their drop rates from boulders higher), or lower the amount needed to craft things like the foundry.
I'm not one to usually like really grindy games, but this is one I actually enjoy! I'm not that good at these kinds of survival games, so this has been really hard and frustrating, but at the same time really fun and enjoyable when I make progress. Dieing after a lot of progress is really frustrating and happens to me a lot, but I also get immense satisfaction when I progress more in my next run despite having to keep replaying from the beginning.
I love the game. I love all the new monsters. I haven't been able to get very far in the game but I don't mind at all cause I find the struggle fun. My only problem is that once and a while the shadowing of the game moves up making half the board black unless I crouch and there's a single lit streak down the middle.
It's a really fun game but for me personally everytime I close the game and want to come back to it later, everything is reset I lose all my star fragments all my progress everything. I believe that is a huge upset and hope it's fixed soon so I can come back and play again for now I'll be putting it to the side
Greatest mobile game. Can't stop playing. Understanding that you can loose everything at any moment adds some special charm for this game. Like in real life you have the only one chance. No place for a mistake. Bu you have one RIDICULOUSE ISSUE. If you drop you bag that the end. You even can't pick droped bag back, cause... cause you don't have empty slots!!! Please fix this. 4 stars for these issue. It brokes my favourite character
uh, it's kinda hard i guess? but it's worth it and I had fun playing with it, also a suggestion. do try to make more weapons ( claws and whatever ) also make more summons or pets that can make the game easier.
To be honest... Everything in the update was nice... Except... Why on earth did u change the button location on opening chests and putting rename in the first slot... And the freakin size of the rename window wth lol. Those who hv fat fingers will mispress alot when opening storage since its in the middle. Aside from that all was nice XD
The gameplay was good. The part I didn't like was how difficult it was to load your progress. I saved mine via Google and through the other option. But when I tried to load it, it won't work. I think they really want you to spend money here. It's not that expensive, just that I already spent too much on this game. Will give it another shot if the option to load my progress becomes available.
Nice game super survival but there might be bugs that needs to fixed like super high damage of enemies that can kill you 1 hit...i hope in the next update there's more animal added like chickens where you can find source of meat and i hope they might add some companions to help you attack the enemies 😄😄😄😄.....super nice game..love it!!
Even u are loaded with patience, it wont work. So tiring to start from the scratch, 1st stage is very easy but ruins of light 2, i find it difficult. Difficult in a way of finding food were hard, monsters spawning left&right and no option to runaway. hope u will consider having an option to restart where u died. And why i keep updating this game everyday? CAN YOU GIVE ME BACK MY 60 STARGEM. I SUDDENLY DIED EVEN MY HP AND ENERGY ARE INTACT. WHY?
In my first time its really hard you know but it wont last because you learn every die you gain experience you learn how to strategies how you attack and make food And build the best weapon and armor you can get, this game is full of mystery and its fun when you can beat 1 hit the monster its so satisfying that youre scared in the past and then now your now unstoppable in your own game, so i suggest you to play this game:)
I have been playing a few days and while I will say I like the puzzle and crafting aspect of the game and the fact that the mechanics are easy enough to play the game, the save part sucks. I've made it 14 days surviving, will save to the cloud and then when I bring the game up to play later my last game is gone, nothing saved and I have to start all the way over. No thanks. If this can be fixed I will be happy to play again and give a different rating.
Hello, playing it many times. I can now survive in 20days(im using adventurer since it's skills is for long lasting) Also when my armors durability went 0zero i can't repair them. Is there anyway to do so? Unlike the shield and swords they can be repaired. Also i really want to use the shovel but since i dont hav the materials. I cant dig things such as eg. Tombstone.
The game suck. It is hard to find materials and food. What the hell is with the monster u can get a hit and die. U can't get something from that cat leopard and its so aggressive. Adjust your limited resources so that it can be playable.
The ominous shadow's in my opinion are too fast. One time in my game I was trying to make a fire after running from one and I was 10 blocks from it, right when I moved 1 block the shadow get right beside me and one hit me. I got really frustrated because I got really far that run. Overall, really good game but they are too fast.
This game is a great way to pass the time. Very challenging in the beginning because of lack of food (or management) and necessary equipment. Bu once you get over the beginning blues it's all fun from there. Issue: to refill water is a pain and annoying to do it all 1x1 you should put a batch fill option. Issue: skill option transfer is not mainstream and skill stone don't provide enough info... This have completely ruin some good gears for me.
The developer will probably never notice this comment but,,, i think there should be a game mode where you can respawn in the same world without losing your whole progress and treat the "you die then that's it" game mode as the hardest mode since the feeling of devastation of suddenly being surrounded by bats while picking up loot then die isn't fun you know? Anyway, i hope many people agree with my statement until the devs noticed it. But hey! So far, this is a good game! 4 stars then 5 later
Been playing this game for quite some time but with the latest updates , the game's become quite difficult to play .. cut the trees and you have to fight caterpillars ..cut the bushes then deal with snakes. They appear more frequently in caves. But the character stats are the same and there's no change in rare item drop rate. Still have to grind and grind just to get the things for making equipment and weapons. I could survive with wizard for 40-50 days before, now I can barely do 15
This game is very challenging.. Quite Hard but its good to play but there's a thing that I dont like.. Respawning of monsters..Monsters respawn in the place that I went before and when I go in there again, they are in there again. it happened in the dungeon.. First few days is easy but when I've reach day 15, bear,wolfs,and tiger is the monsters I always encountered in the Meadows
This game is tremendously fun a great way to pass the time if you have nothing to do and the fun never ends even after losing the urge to servive will have you wanting more everytime this is my first time posting a game review and I must say really worth it.
The game is very interesting and addictive to play. I believe that it will keep update and upgrade for the better. Is a hard game to survive but it would be nice to see female character apply in the game , u can choose a female character but when u play the game it end up being a man.
This used to be a 5-star, very awesome gameplay! It's the survival game to my taste. But after the update that spawns snakes and very strong multiple caterpillars everytime i cut a bush. It sucks. Food is also very scarce, i used to kill rat and rabbit for good amount of meat. Now i kill goats, boars, cats, rats, beavers, rabbits, and not a single meat is dropped! So done.
This game was already the best on the market when it was released. It is actually ftp but I spent money on it just to support the game because it is amazing. But the dev's have stayed so involved in the game. They are constantly listening and responding to players and updating the game to make it even better!! Great job guys!
At first you might get annoyed 'coz there is not much of instructions. But as you go along, you'll definetely love the game. Setting prorities is a must in this game. Highly recommended. I even bought gems just to revive. Lol.
Don't play this if you cant handle RNG. You will die often in this game. Very unforgiving Rogue like game, kind of in the style of 'Don't Starve'. Very difficult due to little guidance and information. Truely free to play, even the ads are optional (in exchange for some/better loot). Happily spend some money on this game to support devs
Ive seen people say this game is p2w, they probably didnt even play the game. You can beat with game with 0 totems(obtained from remains.) You can buy remains with currency from playing, you dont even have to spend money, but its pointless to buy them at all. Once you finish an ending for the first time you get 3 golden remains which individually are way better than a 300 currency remains. This game only has bad reviews because they arent good enough to survive.
After yesterday's update I can't play the game if I try and collect my remains as it stays in the loading screen to connect to the server. I enjoy playing this game but it's still incredibly annoying how dependant you are on getting lucky RNG in your map and enemy spawns. One thing I detest with a passion is the fishing mini-game as the controls are awful.
This game is just Great. you really need to depend on yourself, know what to build first, when and how to fight, when to retreat. the game is not easy tbh, you think at first that you're doing well, And then boom! You're dead, but of course next time you won't make same mistake as you have learned it haha, it's really challenging, it's basically based on experience and skill, some other games keep boosting you up as you grow, well here if you don't boost yourself by yourself...you're done for.
I changed my rating to 2 stars, upon reaching day 59 I died and the game was just hard and unfair given that all the enemy is a lot stronger than you and there is also a lack of food around each area but there seems to be a LOT of enemies, really frustrating though its a great game however the game developer should change some aspects of the the game cause its unfiar that the character levels up but he dies pretty easily pretty frustrating don't you think? I still play it, upgrade badly needed.
This game is great but the way the beginning is really difficult if you don't understand how to play it. But I'm having trouble about the hunger bar. There isn't too many food available. And I'd like to suggest to let us build a farm land for keep safe.
After playing for a month and barely getting to the endless wastelands and using up my week attendance I've discovered If attendance continued it would make the game a bit more bearable cause then you can wait a week to revive your main and continue, considering all the easy ways to die, it might not make a difference but at least it leaves you a chance to recover. Restarting just to die where you left off over and over starts to feel like your playing with luck.. over all this game is awesome.
One of the most frustating and annoying but enjoyable game I ever played. Frustating because of lack of food, normally die due to this, why is a wild boar don't produce as much meat as the rabbit when you can eat them? Annoying because of the difficulty of the game. All I had reach is 72days (w/o dying once) and I can't reach that after. Enjoyable because this is still a good game.
I really love the game and mechanics! Keeping me occupied on my free time. I like the idea of watching ads in phantom chests, and hope it helps the devs. Hoping there will be a character edit feature in future updates. Keep it up. Thanks for the wonderful game. Edit: What makes this game fun is the challenge, its either you quit, or you take up the challenge, learn the game and gitgud. I'm quite triggered, on some reviews lmao. I have survived for 250+ days and counting...
Fantastic game, it is quite challenging and the learning curve is steep. You will hear lots of people complain about food being hard it is hard at first but this is part of the learning curve. Best turn based system I have ever played. One complaint is that the weekly attendance disappears for me after 1 week, if that didn't happen I would probably give 5 stars. The monetisation is also very good, never once was I forced to watch an ad or feel forced to pay for anything.
To you who haven't download this, if you like a challenging game, this game is definitely for you. The game is full of randomness, if you're very lucky, it'll be pretty easy. Words of advice, if you're going to enter the unknown ruins in the desolate meadow region, be very careful. I warned you 😝 To the developer, i think you should make more characters. Don't listen to the people saying that the resources algorithm is bad, it's good the way it is. Well done 👍 Good luck and have a nice day.
Overall love the game, very fun and. Challenging, bit of a learning curve and you will die alot so get used to it and learn from each death and you will smash your achievements. Only thing I would love to see is co-op, my partner and I love playing games together and this is one of the few solo games we both play and wish we could play co-op. I'll give the game 5 star simply cuzz it's very well put together and it dosent shove adds down your throat like alot of other games similar to this
I prettt like this game. The only issue for me is that the control. And also I hate that I have to move tile by tile everytime. And it's really hard to run away from enemies when being chase while having a low health. edit: I find it hard too to advance. It's a little bit difficult. It would be better if theres an option to choose the difficulty. Like Easy, Normal and Hard.
Enjoyable but it's getting to the point where the hazards and enemies happen a ridiculous amount. I had a character with a sword and shield as well as chain mail armour, and there were still so many enemy spawns that it died. I think the level of enemy spawns was better before the update so if the devs want more variety of enemies then they should adjust the spawn rates.
Really love the game!! Ive been so addicted to it from the very first time i tried it. But I do hope meat comes frequently, like I killed 10 wolves/badgers/boar but I only got 3 small meat. And the spiders are freaking apocalypse, I died there most of the time, especially when theyre on forests. Overall, its great adventure and has lots of potential, keep up the good stuff 💜 Edit: I did observe rabbits are so generous at giving meat. It would be nice to have a rabbit breeding pen?
I love this game! but It's hard to survive. Rocks, metal ore, foods are hard to find. This game is not balance.⭐⭐ Edit:⭐⭐⭐⭐ Yup your game is getting better.. wish you add more mission or goals for those who finish the game.
I like this game but need more improvements and more items.I recommend to put some wall or something to defence your base from monster or lighting because its too disgusting.I dont know if the game has already this feature I dont know Im just on the 117 more or less days.This game is too hard and that makes me want to play it for a long time boss are not easy to kill thats make a gamw more challenging
It's not a bad game but the limits of reviving and hard hitting creatures with the annoying grind of basic resources ruin the experience. If you plan to revive more than 4 or 5 times instead of starting over from the beginning endlessly you need to spend a lot of cash as the cost increases. Maybe add in a way to earn revive ankhs or the purple gems, or make it so you gain a box in a new game using the class that died to gain a small amount of stuff/exp, something to lower the grindy feel.
After playing for 2 months, I'm finally confident in reaching ruins of light 2. Then the update with baby snakes and caterpillars. Alright we're back to square one. The game was already hard enough before but it got even harder. Well, I'll keep playing anyways. update: can't open any remains after the most recent update. it just freezes.
A good game so far, though I have only been playing for a bit. I do enjoy the dark survival feel. If you like survival games you will like this on. You do have to get use to the grind, but that really isn't to distracting. I like it and look forward to surviving again.
Im now at 130 days the game kinda fun to play now but at first you'll be screwed cause you don't know what to do. But yeah i managed to survived and one more thing the game is a little bit laggy maybe because of the render distance of the map yeah. It depends When I change map if it is laggy. Often lagging at deasolate meadow.
This is the hardest survival mobile game I've ever played and I F&"KING LOVE IT. Every decicion is critical. But one thing I hate is the time cycle going too fast. And when you revived, you didnt get up from your rune instead. Also i hate the thing that i can't upgrade items from weapon/armor table. I wished the "Meat" makes hunger become FULL instead of half hunger. The best thing from this game is, it's not P2W game and DID NOT force you to watch an Ad.
People often said that this kind of survival game is hard. I have played countless hours of the wild darkness and came to a conclusion why this game is hard: because you can not directly monitor your health value. Is my HP enough for battle againts this monster? Maybe, who knows? For the player, beware: many of the deaths are careless deaths while level grinding. Closely monitor your health. For the developer, I highly suggest to display a numerical value of HP AP over the bar.
Lovely little Rogue+lite Survival RPG. I love the balance between crafting, upgrading, RNG drops, combat, and pacing too! Only qualm is that I still can't figure out how to plant the magic seeds in the farm plots located on the map. Also, the gems and totem boxes are generously given in equal amount to gameplay at regular intervals. I appreciate also that the longer you survive, the better and bigger boxes you get. I will say to new players, use the merchants! They refresh inventory upon buying.
The game is designed to make you lose all the time. Whenever you play carefully and do best not to lose in 3 rd stage you are bombard with enemies. shadow in general in day light as well as others too. World 3 insanity: Funny thing I was equipped well with a blessed chain mail, +2 short sword, +1dagger, heavy boots as well bow& stone arrows and got attacked by wolf& shadow first then a badger& 2 shadow next then finally a wolf&cat just few steps apart are you serious !!!
Game is really fun however, I just paid for 60 gems and used them to open remains..... I then saved the game and selected load from cloud to be sure my save took and it didn't so now I have no totems and my money basically was spent for nothing...... Where are my saves going???? I've saved to both cloud and player account and have not yet to find any of my saved games after trying 5-6 times both ways.... This also makes it so my attendance reward is always at day 1 no matter my consecutive login
I'm really enjoying this game!!! It's play to win, NOT pay to win, and the occasional ad is unintrusive and optional. On top of that, it has an interesting plot and well thought out gameplay - I've been playing nonstop for at least 2 weeks now. If anything, it would be nice to be able to customise my character - change hair/gender/skin tone - but either way it's stil a great game.
While this game is fun. It takes several runs to even survive for 10 days there is no tutorial or help in game the random generator affects the starting area so badly that I was killed by wolves several times. When I had just made a knife. Necessary starting materials arent guaranteed which means that you have to progess into much more dangerous areas with no weapons or armor if they guarenteed a broken machine and 5 rocks in the beginning section this games would be fun.
I Like This Game! It's Fun And Challenging. But I Always Ran Out Of Food Though. At First You Have A Good Amount But Later On, Nothing. So I Hope You'll Do Something For It. Like Maybe If You Killed An Animal You Can Take It Back To Your Base Take It's Skin Out And Get Food In It? Or Just Make The Animal Drop Rate Higher And More Animals Can Drop Food Especially The Leopard Cat. so I Always Die On Fighting Please Make It More Balanced. We Can Also Get Some Protection Is Walls.
Very nice game. It's more like a Dark Soul game where perma death is real (unless you got Ankhs or Gems to revive). 10/10 for me. Waiting for more content in the future since after a character finishes an ending, it doesn't have anything else to do (aside from collecting those rare artifacts, lol).
Fun game, pretty challenging. I did find after fixing Ruin of Light 4 I got kinda burnt out from consantly making sure I have seeds for my garden so I can eat, and the lack of being able to poop often is really frustrating. If worms werent so hard to get pooping wouldnt be an issue but.. It is.
I enjoy this game. I inexplicably cont to play it even though its extremely hard even nigh impossible to get anywhere past a certain point unless you want to feed a lot of your money into new lives all the time. So I end up starting over a lot.
WOW! This game is awesome. I find this game enjoyable and very entertaining. Surviving within the game is very challenging which is I love the most. It's also satisfying to discover new craft and I am thankful that it's a turn-based game which allow me to think as long as I wish. I just hope that the graphics will be improved just like some popular games(3D like🤔). And another thing please increase the chance of getting meat by hunting. Overall this game is really interesting and fun.
I would say this game is pretty good the fact that you need to grind hard and think of strategies every move is awesome you'll definitely feel the thrilling sensation with a hint of curiosity Because this game is full of mystery and surprises!. And even if you died or lose you will still gain a reward after that which is needed to become more powerful in the game which is pretty fantastic because you will feel that your efforts didn't get wasted . I definitely recommend this game!
So, I get that I'm not very experienced in playing survival games, so I know I'm not very skilled at them. I would love if you made a game mode that wasn't roguelike, and was more like respawn in your sleep roll without earning totems. Maybe you keep curses, magic spells, and bags, but you lose the contents of the bags, or have to go back and find your dead body. And also if you could trees, rocks, bushes, etc. could respawn/ respawn faster. It would really broaden your audience a bunch.
When i first downloaded this game it was great I disnt have any problems with it. Until yall did an update know i keep getting error messages. Ive gotten like 10 of them i dont know what yall did but it messed up the game. Please fix it
This is the best survival game. Hungry is very realistic. So far a play. There is 1 problem, a BIG POBLEM where the rabbit drop small meat 100% and many big animals like wolf, piggy doesn't drop any single meat !they are random . Not realistic between tini rabbit body size 100% and others random loot and mostly 0%. Fix it soon, new review rate will be 5 stars . because i love this game.
Great game, but very difficult. Turn by turn action, rouge style game. Find rocks and sticks, craft things, try not to die... (Tip - snipe mice and bunnies for easy xp) Update... i see a lot of negative reviews because you cant pay2play/buy victory in this game. If you have difficulty there are many helpful facebook pages .
The game is tough... But that's fine as its the norm of rogue like games... You will see many that raise issue on hunger (very valid but I can understand why the developer does what it does) but that is still not my biggest gripe. My biggest gripe is that the attack accuracy is horrible... You tell me that holding dagger/knife with bonus to accuracy and I still miss 5 attacks? And if I include the chain misses... That will be more than 10 misses in a row. And it happens at all my play through...
This is one of the best and worst games i have ever played. Its complex strategy survival game. The maps are different every time, so you dont know where you end up. I have survived for 36 days max in the game. The more you play the better you get at it. The bad side : You die. No matter what you do, you die and you have to start all over again. I wish there was a way you could save ur progress at certain points, and if u die, you can start from that point and not start all over again.
Sorry for the poor english in advance. Could be a 5 star, but there are some glitches in the rewards after death. Several times I didn't get the prizes and there are another issues. For instance: I have a warrior that survived 30 days and the barbarian is still locked. But is a great game. Good work.
The game is pretty good and it's fun to play but the problem is you have to start from the beginning every time you die, and that makes you tired of playing it when you have to the same things over and over and over again. Especially when sometimes you cannot save yourself at dungeons
Needs a lot of work. Torch doesn't light up every dark area around you. For a survival game, it would be nice if hunted animals dropped food. Enemies standing on fired get "damaged" with red numbers but it doesn't register on their life bar. This is 10 minutes of play. I don't wish to play longer. Make a game playable before you build in the cash shop. This is a big problem with mobile games.
I like the game usually. It's been 2 days since I played this game. But the game seems off to me and it needs some improvements. Will you add the percentage of finding food for a like 25% or so, add the respawn mobs like boss or sub-boss in the same location periodically to gain rare materials and experience like in SAO Anime game system.
The materials in the game are too limited, the only reason this game is difficult is because of the limited supplies that spawn, and therefore whether your run is good or not usually depends solely on luck and what items spawn in each area. If regular resources like stone, and food weren't so scarce this game would be 5 stars, but even without it's limitations it's still a pretty good hardcore survival game.
It is incredibly unfair.. There are situations where the moment you enter a cave or any areas you are doomed to die no matter how much revive you have.. It is incredibly imbalanced as well. You get a world full of food but no minerals and vise versa.. Overall this game is all about luck and no skills required
So far thanks to a certain youtuber I improved my play to the game he taught me many things like facts and tips to play the game. I also love how the game works because it so hard to survive, honestly I died many times in many ways like hunger, fire, monsters and that difficulty challenge me to continue the game. Best game I found this quarantine era.
I quite like this game! However you shouldn't have to pay to revive. It would be nice if your structures/loot respawned where you left them, otherwise you're stuck in this eternal loop of either paying to revive or starting over again.
I'll rate it in 4 star cuz if you die in the game all your equipment and other things will banish and it really irritates me the most. I hope this game also put multi-player mode cuz this game really need some friends to play with this game really is wonderful much better if you make an multi-player mode in this game.
I love this game. I only gave 2 stars because having to start over after every death greatly diminishes enjoyment of the game. Like most apps, this is designed to make you spend way too much money. It's really a shame, but I'm going to have to stop playing. It loses its appeal when you create a home and many belongings only to have everything ripped away because of one wrong turn in a dark cave. 😢👎 Very frustrating!
I suggest that, it'll be better if you add Joystick key/arrow key in this game. And one thing, the trees/bush should grow again after 3-4 days after cutting it so that if we got out of resources such as log/branch/bush , we can cut again the tree/bush. I'll give you 3 stars for the meantime but if you do what I suggest, then I'll give you 5 stars. TY. Fighting!! Hoping for it to come true!!❣️❣️
Fun while it lasts, but impossible. You basically get overwhelmed by creatures or run out of food before you get to 20 days..ive been playing for days and havent gotten past 22 so i gave up. Its impossible to do, yet the game asks you to get to 30 days or even 170 before advancing..but you cant advance ever.
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. That is this game in a nut shell it's just to hard. This game gets repetitive very quickly as you keep dieing and starting from scratch. The monster spawn rate is insane. you just can't survive long enough to make weapons/armour.
The game is great, but there's a sucker punch most of the time, looted 2 artifacts blueprints then the game closes and when I tried going back to the game it reverted back to when I haven't opened/killed the enemy giving me random common things. It happened 6 times now.
Acquisition rate for mana mote or Crystal is too low for a well used item in the mid-late game. 2 motes are needed to identify or uncurse an item, while ruins need motes to repair after second/third light ruin, and the amount scales up with every higher level, and you also need them to upgrade and repair artifacts, merge stuff, create potions, construction, upgrading facilities and equips, and more. Means of crafting motes other than from crystals would help a lot, or increase acquisition rates
Great game but the resources are too rare, even rock is freaking rare. Meat too i have to kill 10 animal to get to eat. And its really hard, for me is even taking 10 times to get to 16 days, if you want challenge this is the game.
unistall it after playing for 6 hours. I really want to play more and give this game more star but my exp with this game is awful, mainly because it never save my progress when i exit the game, even when i press "save and exit". What annoys me more is that the "save and exit" is in the setting menu, so when i make change in the setting i always mistake it for "save the change and back to game" and combine with the bug, i will lose progress. Not a good ui/ix design here.
It's suprisngly really fun, i never thought i would find a mobile game that suite my taste. But it's kinda lonely maybe add a Npc or a secret quest or perhaps secret dungeon or more unique construction or other suprises? Then again It is for you guys to decide though. But i think a friendly Npc that talk to you would be nice, cause all the Npc i find & talks in the game mostly trying to kill me :')
trust me, its a good game. i'll give you some advice. 1) dont take all food on the field. cause it will be rotten. 2) dual dagger is OP, but you need shield or armor for next dungeon. 3) always check your status, so you will learn how to avoid debuff. 4) death is not the end. after death : you will unlock more character, you will get star or maybe artifact, you will comeback stronger than ever. 10/10, best time killer game.
It's a good game. It takes some getting used to, but I had an error pop up just now. I just got the newest update as of 12-2-20. Hoping a new update will fix it. There have been a lot of updates the last few weeks. So hopefully this bug will be worked out soon.
Very fun and very hard! Once you get the hang of where to start off every round it gets fun... get ready to die ALOT and don't get too attached to the loot you find. I highly recommend this game to anyone with a little free time and a lot of patience when it comes it repeating the same things to only get a little bit farther everytime.. VERY FUN!
Hi, good day developers, the the regular updates recently keeps the game crash, the 1st one, every time i open chest, it suddenly crash, 2nd, when moving to another tile, it crash, 3rd, when gathering, it crash also... Please fix... Do you have beta tester? I'd like to join, thank you...
Gonna edit my review again 😂. I am so sorry for commenting like that. After I played this game and know stuff about this game. I just realized of all I played a survival game this is the most number 1 I played so ever! I love this game! And here I am suggesting this game to my relatives, friends and neighbors 😂. 5 star for this game! If there's a 10 review I will give 10!
Very well! I was shocked the first time I died as i didnt pay attention to what the game was really about. But it makes you want to jump right back in and kill to prove your better each time. Very rewarding considering it's not holding my hand other than the constant confirm buttons.
Awesome concept and still challenging ever after getting used to the poor game description, but i recommend to be more realistic about the resources and drop rates, its not time or effort worth when you go and challenge more difficult monters and still dont get any drop (not even a small piece of meat from a gigant raptor? Really?)
This game is beautifully chaotic. Starting each game with nothing, and no given instructions on how to progress, but each time you play you learn a new way to play or unlock a new in game benefit that can be passed from one game to the next that makes it easier to survive. Good luck and have fun!
You will die. Again, and again, and again. But with each attempt, you will learn, and adapt, and survive a little longer (hopefully). Lots of fun if you want a game that you control the pace of. Give it a try for yourself!
I did like the game but the fact that you die before getting far and having to start COMPLETELY over is very aggravating... On top of being killed by creatures that spawn next to you, you have to try to find food which is SCARCE... Water that you have to clean... A gain energy (not by sleeping) by walking square by square... 😒😒😒 kinda of get boring after a short while
Had to uninstall the game. It is clearly a bait to kill the character to earn real life money. Disappointed. As soon as we unlock a new achievement, they pit us with situations that is impossible to deal with so that we must die and have to start all over again. I went inside a cave with full hp, faced 4 spiders at once, killed all of them and when I finally kill them off and try to get away, 4 more spiders and one dark shadow surrounded and killed me, even revive item wasnt sufficient.
Great game, really challenging, requires patience, DO NOT get carried away with ankhs. They cost money and the more you need them, the more a revival costs so spend more than you meant and your health does not fully recharge so it is a rip off. Perma death really sucks and you will have to do it a lot. Personally, I would prefer to drop items and be teleported away from danger when using revival, but they keep you in the same spot with half your health against whatever killed you.
I think I'd like this game if it were not too difficult esp. when constructing the Ruins II. The most days I've reached in the game is 28 days and I still haven't constructed the Ruins II. I like the challenging element in this game though. Makes you feel like you're really in the wilderness eager to survive. I also wish that, aside from the daily login, there are daily quests where we can get supplies as rewards.
this game is so awesome, in the first its so annoying and its so rare to find silver/gold ore but i learned from my mistakes from my old characters and cope up with it..nice update btw but i think its more diffucult for the newbie.. i love this game so far keep up the goodwork.. i'm rotting for the next update
I think the game is great and unique (the tile-based rogue-like and survival mix) but suffers the same issue as a game called Don't Starve. As a beginner, going decently far into the game then dying hurts because you had your base set up and all. You also farmed and grinded for your equipment and facilities, and it's all gone in one wrong move. Not enough methods to revive yourself either. Semi-daily revival ankhs from attendance rewards aren't a reliable method. Would still keep playing tho. :P
After playing for 2 months, I'm finally confident in reaching ruins of light 2. Then the update with baby snakes and caterpillars. Alright we're back to square one. The game was already hard enough before but it got even harder. Well, I'll keep playing anyways.
I'd be going neutral in rating this game. It's neither good nor bad. It's just that the difficulty when it comes to constructing the Ruins of Light level 2 seems too unfair. The map where you could get the tablet for the Ruins level 2 is too difficult to pass due to having mosters too difficult to kill. It's not bad. It's just too boring to achieve such a height, causing me to lose interest in going for another run. That'd be all, I guess.
So far so good! The game takes quite some time of yours. But it's interesting don't worry you will be hooked! The only problem I saw us that though you have the water source you tend to get thirsty, food is scarce to find, when you click on a tile it didn't recognise at times. Will provide an update soon! Hope this helps, go for it if you like idle rpg.
SOLO crafting survival rpg. Love the dailys, love the phantom boxes (wish it dropped better loot but its ok). Love that blueprints you get opening remains can be used by all characters. Tough at first but once you understand what and where to grind it gets easier.Tips: 1. Dual daggers to kill rabbits 2. Rabbits always drop small meat 3. You can harvest and not pick up (saving items for later) *warning-treasure hunter will pick up items 4. Open both "forest entrance-1" paths asap *need shovel
Game was fun months ago, the last few updates made it way too hard. I used to die around 63 says which I'll admit is low, but now i can barely make it past 20 without dying. Glad they added the daily login back. Food has always been scarce in the game but again it seems like the updates made it even worse.