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The Walking Zombie: Dead City

The Walking Zombie: Dead City for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Alda Games located at ALDA GAMES s.r.o. BRNO, KLICOVA 1261/2D, 618 00 CZECH REPUBLIC. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence, Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
it's actually cool like the thing of the game you get to buy guns you get to shoot zombies I'm a YouTuber so play it all the kids that are watching this is a nice and cool game you might die once at one time that you made get it and that's why I like the game
Super fun experience. Please continue making games like this. Also, please consider the possibility of making this game controller supported. Love you guys.
Lots of ads, to easy and you can't get good guns without getting the one before. As well as all the voices being mumbles.
Great game. You dont move your character at all unfortunately or else I'd be playing this for hours especially with the cool graphics.
This game is great but there are a few problems. After you beat day 10 there is no more story and after you beat day 200 there are no more levels so it is pointless to keep the game. I really wish there was a survival mode and some story at least at the end of the game because it is super boring at the end. You kill the boss, get coins, and thats it, absolutely nothing. And the on the armoury screen where it shows your current day it says day 201 but there isn't one (that I can tell).
its cool but it needs more levels and harder longer wons just make it better funner and good but keep up the good work ok by.
3/5 Here's Why? 1 Star because the animation is good. Another Star because the gameplay is so smooth, just like how the good the animation works. It also highly addictive Another star is because of the storyline. The story is kinda good you know. You need to keep playing/grinding if you want to know more about the story. Now 2 stars left to be a perfect/very good gamr to me. Sorry but that didnt happen. It is because of the ads. There is alot of ads like there will be ad every level you finish
Pretty fun, I haven't gotten very far at it yet but it's quite a fluid game. In other words it is simple but not stupid.
There is something that completely ticked me off and it is the fact that the walking zombie 2 is gone completely vanished from play store all I want is I want to know why the game is gone and if it would be possible to bring it back I really loved The walking zombie 2 because it was open world zombie survival, please if possible bring the game back.
aiming is solid on a phone screen, head shots are very rewarding and the upgrades are comeing in fast. thank you devs for the effort (cant wait for day 20) nine and a half zombie teeth out of ten!
This is the best zombie game ever, but there is a feature I want them to add. 1. Scope / Scope Upgrade 2. Multiplayer Training / Multiplayer Bots 3. Upgrade UI / Upgrade Gun UI 4. Melee Weapon's 5. Add Laser Sights, Silencers, Scopes, To All Guns 6. Title / Main UI Upgrade If I see this features in the next update I will thank the developers, and give this review five stars. Thanks For The Great Game Alda Devs.
Decided to rewrite my review in Dec 2020 after two years. It's a great game and is truly a lot of fun in my personal opinion!. I play the game on a cellphone so the automatic shooting feature is absolutely perfect.. If you're looking for a great time killer this game is for you!.. Also if you're like me and don't have money to buy coins you can watch ads to earn the money needed and whats even better is the more you progress the more you earn from watching said ads๐Ÿ‘. I reccomend this 1000%!
I cant even get in the game,it says error thingy.Only getting 50% loading.I tried to turn on wifi cuz i think it need to download data,but no,nothing worked.I also clearted data and restarted the app multiple times.Pls fix this
I love ๐Ÿ’˜ this game ๐ŸŽฎ but not when it is slightly too much slow ๐Ÿ˜• but it is very good be safe ๐Ÿ‘
I really think this game is epic i love and i like the way parts of the skin just flies this way and that way its really cool
Ok this is pretty cool this game is so cool but I really like to move it so you can really move and stuff but you can also kill zombies can go back to the beveled you can like Haha I've already beating you I can beat you like literally just so fast you can't even keep up like if you've been on the last level get the final gun and you can literally kill the final boss on the last date White Bear I'd literally all the way back to the oldest age that you can play when you're a noob SSS pretty cool
I like the game but it's not like you can't move until you know get away from the zombies and you know but it's kind of fun you know you can shoot and shoot all those fun zombies that's my comment
Really fun game. I really enjoyed playing it. My only problem with this game is that the guns in the gun shop are way too expensive as well as their upgrades. Some even cost millions haha. But other than that it's a really great game. Nice graphics and everything. Sound effect are really cool too. Thank you for developing this.
It's a fun game but eventually it is just the same concept over and over again.The only part that actually sucks about the game is that you can't move your body besides the usual up-down-left-right idea... But over all it is a generally good game and a good idea. So really u take my hat off for the people who worked on this game, it's really a good game
the first boss was like a giant zombie but in second its harder and 3rth is more harder its were you scratch the giant bat and 4rth pretty hard and pretty scary and 5th more scaryer and 5th is super cool and 6th its another giant and 7th is 8th level but big and 8th level theres a toxic zombie and 9th fun and 10nth its day 200 and it acually says day 201 when theres no level after day 200 and 1st you can see people shooting at the giant and in 8th in anime its bus but in boss its police car!?!?
Excellent game that is very fun to play. There is something very satisfying about annihilating zombies and doing it in style. The overall graphics are good and the game runs smoothly on my S9. I like the upgrade capability and the free coin opportunities.
I like it but weapons a bit on the expensive side I'll keep it a while though unless it changes the price I'd probably keep it forever if that happened
Please add more guns that would make may day the games so fun but so few guns so please add more guns please
My boyfriend downloaded this, its fun, just can't wait to remove all them ad's, cuz money talks! Great Game! Thank you, Make more, he also plays the second one too!
I would rate it a 5 star if i wasent pleying on computer it is soo hard it took me a hour to get past the first levle but after that I got the hang of it. I wish you could put auto fire for computer players.
It's alright and all. Except for maybe the multiplayer but I'd count that as everyone else spending time with their family during New Year instead of playing video games. Although I kinda wonder through, how did our character lose both of his legs? Didn't one get bitten? Why would he lose the second if it was okay?
I really like the game a lot I played part two by accident only the beginning and I fell in love with it.
It's kinda fun, but no aspect of the game makes sense besides the "there's a zombie, kill it" bit. No story. Main character gets bitten by a zombie out of nowhere, needs leg amputated, sure. His partner... amputates both? And the main character just keeps shooting at the zombies while this happens? Amputating legs with dull, bloody axe used to kill zombies. Logic, window. Then there's the mechanics of the game... they're just bad. Overall poor game design. Incredibly generic.
ADS ADS ADS: After every round an ad sometimes two. On the plus side you can basically max out the weapon upgrades with out ever playing a level by watching ads. Has no in game communication and virtually no player base (max I've seen online is 23) making the multiplayer mode boring because no one plays more than the first level Needs faster way to use items (first aid, grenade, ect). Tapping to select, tap to use, tap to go back to weapon takes a second or two that isn't always available.
Love the aspect of the game itself The only problem I have is the advertisements I don't like it, But that is beside the point this is a good game in general I love how you can Upgrade your guns to make them more powerful, Effective, and Strong.
I was hoping for motion control, but this is still a great game despite a fixed position. It has responsive controls & the bullets feel like they really have some kick to them, despite the lower graphics compared to other shooters. It's challenging, yet fun & has a weird humor concerning some of the bosses. I wasn't expecting the wackiness of the first one you encounter.
the game is very good but the zombie moving their hand arm head and body too fast ,the game can make them move easily.
wrost ending ever, im gladed i did not spent money on this i expected a lot from it. also did not like how at first you had a story while trying to cut the mens leg. i really expcted it was gonna be a moving game around which wasnt in why cut both of legs makes no sense to do that peace out wrost ending ever
It's really good but something about it just seems really slow. Like, if you kill a zombie fast then it feels like it takes forever for another one to come in. Maybe that fixed that in the second game but I haven't tried it yet.
The story is amazing and so the bosses but I can't understand the story after the final boss fight as it shows nothing after defeating the boss and the home screen says day 201 but there is no level after 200 if there is an update coming up do let us know about
I think the game is great the humour is good and the shooting feels real satisfying and it is accompanied by good visuals too. I only ask for one thing give the m1 garand rifle the ping sound when you reaload it. That is a requirement.
Looks good with a good, dark sense of humour, but the gameplay of just standing still and shooting gets very repetitive very quickly.
fun, what you expect it to be! easy enough to make money for better guns with out microtransactions.....just have to watch a lot of videos.
This game is so enjoyable๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ”ฅ you can have fun and spend time lol just great game everyone must install and play it!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ”ฅ
Good game just the last level I can't beat the boss it to hard and I even got the last gun and had it fully upgraded
I am really enjoying it I found the Minecraft style Graphics would be boring and would not be fun at all but is very amusing very cool game thank you to the Developers
I love this game, when I was little I watched people play this once I got my computere this is the to go. I ways love this game not pay to win not to hard, Just right!
you ruined a good game by not putting a thumbstick on . sliding your thumb across the screen you cant judge whear you aim.please fix,!!!!!!
This game is the best game i have besides crafting and building. The walking zombie 2 is a little bit less good of a game.
I think this is a very good mobile game. I usually don't enjoy many mobile games but there's something about this one that makes it so unique. Only thing is I think you should be able to move your character and sometimes I can't move the screen, could be a phone problem though. Also I really don't mind the constant ads since most games take awhile to skip but this game you can simply just press your back arrow button and boom your out. I would recommend anyone this game.
the game is so awesome a little bit brutal but you know what Is fine but other than that is just amazing ok I wish the final gun is a minigun and you can change your skin instead just a regular skin developer please add skins thank you (eating chicken noise) YUMMY
I really liked the game, but I would love to see a second one thats open world with the same controls and graphics. Also ads after every mission, but I was thankful it didnt have a little ad box at the bottom of the screen blocking the gameplay.
This is very nice game graphic,controls and gameplay are amazing i like everything in this game this game very good download this game i am sure everyone will like this game. I love this game โค๏ธ Thank you
I love this game not because it's fun, because it supports that i last played 2-1 years ago. Thank You!
It's fun to play i didn't too much but so far so good. Only disappointment for me is that have to stay in one place and shoot from there other than that is's cool.
This game has so much action and the boss battles are exciting and the map makes you so excited to battle them the creators did such a good job if i could i will rate this game unlimated/ten
This game is great. But if you want better game play the second game the walking zombie 2. Its way better graphic,gameplay,story.but If you want to play the original this is it ive been playing walking zombie 2 without knowing there is a prequel and i regret it this game just awesome
Very Nice game!! Gameplay is good. Storyline is good!! There is a one problem as the main character didn't move, he stand in only one place and shooting those zombie!! If he moves it will be more better. Overall game is good, we must play it once!!!๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜
its a decent game but as soon as you do the sniper mission the rats takes 2 shots you would think it would only take one shot and my sniper rifle is maxed out
Okay this games way too hard I just completely gave up on level 200 I got the best gun in the game didn't even do them much as that much damage do the new zombie the bringing suit guy was like to f****** damn hard in that like that freaking the the new freaking boss on 200 way too hard and there's so many zombies before you can even freaking look at the new zombie and start fighting him way too hard๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก
this game is the best there is no lag for me no bugs it might have some ads but i think we can deal with them and the zombies dont look as scary whitch i like cause other zombie games have scary zombies and it gives me nightmares but this one is not like that
is a simple sandbox 2 but a The walking Zombie in pack all apocalypse updates Like and subscribe in the King Mr Los Angeles ssb 2 Pls wait for the buy weapons for 100 dollars in gun shop is a zombie apocalypse in church mission Complete the next Level download now from the The walking Zombie for iOS Android gameplay walkthrough trailer for iOS Android gameplay
Nice game and has good graphics but it is slow when you reload your gun. But this game is easy to play and fun.โ˜บ
Best pixel zombie fps ever!!!!for me its an excellent!and i wish more bosses is coming!!add a big update and bosses soon:>
it shows zombie's are dumb and the multiplayer is cool the downside is the sniper levels. they keep me on my toes on the baby but hey the bosses are cool and the guns have a good design and the bosses have a weird design sure but hey the whey they spawn are cool but the zombie rats are more fast in the arena levels for some reason is quite weird and bats are very cool it's the wings thet make it my favourite zombie and the bomber too but how about you make a zombie that claims any that is weak
This game is preety good. They make it challenging by not letting you move. You also get to upgrade your weapons and maximize them. They also put in more enemys in the levels as you progress. The creepiest creature of all the creatures is the clown zombie because it crawls super fast and attacks you. Anyway the game is good and you should play it too.
Simple and fun. And doesn't take up too much space on the phone. All in all a great game to pass time with. I like it. 5 stars ๐Ÿ˜.
I really like this game this game or good I'm killing any zombies with a gun to the Ragdolls to my Days for using the S.W.A.T skin to winner that skin few days I'm play any gaming to my self okay will I do my missions for a new few year alright this is the Last to win me okay I will gonna to be a great survivor now :3
I have played this game and it is a great time consumer if you want to drain your phone or tablet battery. Can't wait for the next update on this game.
I started playing when it first ever came out it was the most fun game and it still is I got bord of it though so i deleted it and i just down loaded again and i found a bug. If you press go to nex gun and start at the same time you get the next gun you dont have you. Dont have the gun well there you go
Very nice and entertaining game, not that much adds and u can move forward whiteout the need to buy anything whit real money, good game tho.
This game is great!!and i mean it.the gameplay.the graphics the sound.great!!!but only two problems.1:you can only unlock online on day20 which is past 2 BOSS fights which is a little unfair and 2:way too many adds.you gaet an ad after EVERY level which really pisses me off.but apartbfrom that,great game.(ps mabye try and update)
Really fun they have two modes the single one mode I like make sure to download the game alot of fighting in the game they worked Really hard on the game plz download.
Awesome game! One of the best zombie mobile games I've ever enjoyed. I managed to beat the game without any purchases in a little over 24hrs. There's is alot of ads but I didnt mind because the game's awesomeness overcame the dreadful ads. I couldnt play multiplayer tho due to the fact that there wasnt enough players online. There was hardly any. Either way the game was awesome and I enjoyed it a lot. Time for part 2!
Love it, great shooter zombie game and the adds give you rewards to upgrade your weapons, that's a huge plus. Overall, awesome game to kill some time.
Boring game. You don't get to explore because there's no walk / run function. It's just aim and shoot.
Nice game overall i think the amount of cash you get per lvl tho is kinda dumb maybe if you got like 30k ever round I'd be better and sometimes when i shoot them or shoot there head it will say I didn't same thing with arena i would hit them but it would say i didn't
Fun to play at first- Very quickly becomes "pay to play". Being fair, it is possible to grind it out if that's your thing ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ
Completed. Good game overall with cartoon graphics, a number of guns where each one gets more powerful than the previous one, variety of zombies designed on the basis of real life character classes, rough boss zombies which are too good for the unlocked guns and really needs something to kill em. Recommended for quick time pass.
This game used to be so good when you could walk around and do missions and all that and I had really good stuff I do not know why a game would ever revert so far and so badly I really was looking for it one day and I came back to this... quite strange
the walking zombie dead city is one of my favourite games. it is realistic, the settings is awesome and the new zombies that are intriduced in every level make the game more challenging and exciting.
I really liked the game but there are only two cutscenes in the intirer game, it gets a little repeatative, and there is no ending scene or anything if you beat the campaign but overall it's pretty fun
gets to the same every level boring after a while going to delete it now I think I got up to about 13 levels got tedious and if they could at least have different music for different levels or something to jazz It up lol
Love the game but you guys did a great job this game is so cool and awesome Add more games like this I played the walking zombie dead city It's super good i like this game wow in the multiplayer mode the zombie is not moving it's like glitching or something please fix that
The game is okay and fun but needs improvement. There's no option to buy any type of "No ads" Deals . That's nearly in all games now and a must. If your a dev and your game has not incorporated any type of No Ads deal, then your falling behind the times and it shows...also the main character is completely stationary stuck in one spot and cannot move or walk at all. He can only twist one way or another. The game has 5 star potential if not for these very annoying problems. They are so easy to fix
So far this game has been pretty fun the ads aren't that bad so I give it 10 out of 10 good job developer's.
It's a really big story but I like it because it's so much going to exploreI think they should make more games like this I know they made the second game but maybe I can another story about this
somtimes my screen flicks randomly sometimes at the sky or floor then i cant move my screen and when it say get coins when you download the second one it sends me to this and sometimes my 3days for money dosent render right
All fine. But when you try to play multiplayer, you dont connect. You cant find a player to play with when there are 30 online. Fix this issue. And add chat feature to the multiplayer mode.
I like the game so much.powerful guns,cool items ,dangerous bosses,so cool but i have a problem the cutscenes there are only two of them i reccomend you to add more cutscenes thank you for your entertainment
Played it before good game. before I made it to level 87 . HAS BEEN EDITED.Almost 2 years later. The game is not as good as i remember. But it is still a good game.
this game is very good.good pixel style graphics,good control and gameplay. i enjoyed this game to fullest until today when i started the game and found that my save has been comletely wiped out, all 180 levels i have passed and all ingame weapons that i fully upgraded are gone and my 1 week time that i invested turned to dust. though i still have 9 achivements in my google play services account but game is not loging my play store account. pls fix this bug so i can give beautiful game 5 stars.
I believe this game is hard and very challenging but very fun who doesn't want to play a challenging game some people hate challenging games but they're fun.
Nice game, with a good story. We can also play it online. Problem: The screen turns blue or shows nothing on the screen if I receive a phone call in between the game.
the controls were pretty good but I couldn't beat the boss and it was the first one I closed it was too hard it took me a whole week to beat that boss
This game is truly amazing. The problem is the abu dance of ads. You finish a level? Ad. You double your reward and click continue? Ad. If there weren't so many ads, it would've been five starts.
Level 9 is really hard but I really love this game it's the best it's the best game ever keep up the good work was ever made this game and I hope there's no boring games I hope but then I well do the 1 star well they're really good I love it I love this game I always like the very beginning cuz it's really good I love it especially the first one cuz they shot him in the leg and they turn into zombie that's awesome I just told it what I was about I just love it love it so much
Dude, superb game ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅI love this game, and there is no unskippable ads in this game and it's so addictive. I really was addicted to this game. I just forgot about my minecraft java when I started this game and you should add joystick so we can walk. And add more guns like glock, golden gun that would be fun. and I'm soooo much excited to play the second part.....but... There should be more good story line.
It has potential, but there's way too many ads, like I'm sure I spent more time watching ads for you than actual playing. Killed 3 zombies? Here's an ad. Want to double your money? Here's an ad. Watched an ad? Here's an ad.
Looks like a cute game, with an interesting system of progression. You can't move only look around. You shoot what's coming towards you. Simple, but sort of addicting. Can't see myself playing too much, unless there is a great improvement. I'd recommend as it's fun for the first few days maybe a week or two. Like the graphics, it's cartoon style
This could be on the way to be a great game but with the fact that there's an Ad after Every SINGLE Level makes it almost worthy of deleting because of it. It's Pathetic. I'm not paying money to remove the ads. So if the creators won't at least fix the ads to where its every few levels then I'll just delete this app. I understand the ads are ways of promoting and making money but it's pretty ridiculous how low game makers like these have come. Fix it or it will be deleted
This gane is really fun! It lets me play with friends and even though there could improve some things, its very entertaining when you just want to kill time. I recomended!
It's a really good game to play if your all about zombie games and other games your experienced at like a shooting game.๐Ÿคข๐Ÿ‘ˆ
Its pretty good i played this awhile back but even now its still good the only 3 things i want are more updates,new weapons, and some new levels if those come true then its gonna be way better but they do have walking zombie 2 i recommend it if you like to move around do missions and just explore so there both pretty good games i recommend both games welp im guessing that nobody is reading the rest but TODAY'S NEW YEARS EVE IM READY FOR 2021 WOOOOOOOOO ARE YALL!!!
This one best moblie zombie games and with lots of boss fight it very good but you guys should have put more cutscene in boss fights and in ending like ending scene
Awesome game, offline story is a vibe. enjoying the Lego type graphics. Story line a tad challenging when current firearm is not sufficient to tackle that level. Eventhough it is Max upgraded. I haven't tried multiplayer but definitely a decent game. oh and the boss levels are epic, each stage is different and challenging. makes for an awesome game.
A nurturing yet challenging gaming experience. Successfully builds a whirlpool of tension, life and victory! Recommend for players with time on their hands.
I wanted to leave a full, in depth review to go over all my thoughts, but I just noticed there's a stupid character limit now.So I'll keep it short:Was fun when I first started,but quickly became repetitive.Quite a bit of padding.Too many ads.Like an ad will play after EVERY level.Only bits of story are told through 2 short cutscenes then never mentioned again.Nothing after beating final boss.Graphics are ok and guns are satisfying though.Good for short fun. Not bad. Leaves a lot to be desired.
This is a really good game everything is amazing except for 1 thing when I start the next level I still have the same gun on last level
You lost me as soon as I finished the 1st stage, and you hit me with an ad. It could have been good, but you're greedy.
It is a very fun to play this game but you should add many other things like walking with joystick scope and many other things hope we will see many updates next time
Way Too Many Ads & No Way To Disable Them. Why Is There No In App Purchase In The Shop Available For Players To Buy To Get Rid Of The Ads. My Gosh, After EVERY Level There's An Ad, & The Levels Themselves Only Take Approx. 2 Minutes To Complete. Seriously Guys?!?!
I am really enjoying this game!. It's easy to play and I love how you get to choose how you upgrade your weapons!. It's definitely something I will be recommending to my friends tomorrow when I see them. Thanks for a great game and please make another that follows the way this one's set up. Edit: Anyone who complains must not enjoy life!. Because I haven't spent one dime on this game and I am getting the full experience!. I have just watched ads for upgrades and that's fine by me and I appreciate that I have that option. Get this game it's a great time killer and to me very fun!. Thanks again developer or developers!. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
Could have been fun. But ads galore. There shouldn't be an ad after every leveling the game. Especially when the levels take 20 seconds to finish
I absolutely love this game only thing I do not like about it is that it's on the left side I'm right-handed so I do not like how it's not right hand but that's the only complaint either way I love it I love the graphic I love this first-person shooter and I love the bosses they are so creative
It's a good game haven't had any boats with the game so far I actually download the second one AKA The Walking Zombies 2 I love the game it's one of the best mobiles I've played for being an open world game crafting pretty good couple bugs not a big deal the bugs are not game-breaking I give it a 5 out of 5 it might be 4 the only reason I might be at 4 is because I think if you want to watch your videos for gold coins you should get more when you watch a video when you sell them you should silve
having interesting story is the only thing i love... then it doesn't matter about the graphics... like the newly released the walking zombie shooter 2... I love it but I am stopped after completing all the missions from second city ....plz develop the game... I req u...
this is a awesome game, but the only thing that I hate is every time I complet a level, an ad pops up, I would of give 5 stars but the ads anoey me, please get rid of the ads
coins are one of the most important things to upgrade your weapon and buy new weapons but everytime I do a mission I just die but I still support this game
The story is amazing and so the bosses but I can't understand the story after the final boss fight as it shows nothing after defeating the boss and the home screen says day 201 but there is no level after 200 if there is an update coming up do let us know about it
This game is EPIC...one of the best mobile games in my opinion, but there are a few things I would change.For example.Be able to move the character around instead of just standing in one place blasting zombies to shreds.Other than that, what an amazing game.Thank you SOOO much developers :)
i love this game but it is a shame that it is a still shooting game. it would be better if you could move around and run (much needed in arena mode :). i love the graphics but it would be better if the story could continue after every defeted boss. thanks for the game and hope you take it into count.