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The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie shooter

The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie shooter for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Alda Games located at ALDA GAMES s.r.o. BRNO, KLICOVA 1261/2D, 618 00 CZECH REPUBLIC. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence, Scary Content) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
the graphics are extremely impressive and the story is ok. however the o ly thing that bothers me is the dialoge. i mean like the dialoge is ok but the voice acting needs a bit more work but thats it over all i had an amazing expierence and its super fun.
The game is good but I think we should have more trunk spaces, I would like to have all the guns that are available in the game but I wouldn't have anywhere to store them, I could hold them in my backpack but then I wouldn't have space for loot. So please increase trunk space or make it so we have to buy more trunk space with silver coins or gold coins.
Love everything about the game,the animation,graphic, sound effect was amazing for mobile game! Even the story and quest been given make me feel curious about what will happen next. The zombie animation also should be praise.There was a cutscene mostly after Woodland, there is no voice in it. About the quest, why can you guys make it in one run, I mean like go to airport to clear the horde. Then the next mission was like go back and find the document? I hope you guys consider it.✌🏻
a lot of flaws in the game balance - The amount of game currency earned per mission is very low compared to the equips being sold. - Too much reliant on adds to get items for missions. - Lockpicking is a waste of time and annoying.you play games to enjoy not get pissed off because of your picks breaking at the most important time. Because of limited fuel players can't play or earn money quickly.either increase the reward prize or decrease the weapon cost or let's you do more mission.
well, i'm look some game in here -play store- , found this game, and play it. Well, why i'm give 4 stars for this game? some opinion to this game to describe it. First, it's controlable and simple. You can move your character but you can't make customize the icon of control. Second, This game, the high priority it's finish the story. you can't make chat interaction without mission, except when you go to trade something. It's also make the size of game thin. well, thanks for this game
Nice gameplay, addictive & encourages you to build something in the game. However, it lacks quests & storyline development as it promises. Its karma system doesn't have much influences or much effects in the game. The open world needs a trader NPC for in-game convenience, it also needs to have more functional or decorative infrastructure for gamer to build. This game still have much more to add in on next updates. This game is generally OK, won't be wasting your time to download and try it. Thx
Great f2p game. Mainly uses ads to generate revenue. Option to pay real $ for better equipment but absolutely not necessary to beat the game. Gameplay is smooth. Controls are good. Story isnt complete atm. Bosses have simple mechanics so they arent a struggle. Wish there was a boss rush mode.
hey guys if u dont want adds jus put off your data n play off-line cause there are a lot of idiots out there who complain about adds by intentionally playing online whlie u can play offline without adds n hey devloper i love this game so much that my mobile got heated by me playing it for hours so rate u 5 star u need to improve on the bats cause they get stuck due to bug so fix it thats all
Great game! But my only problem on the game is i experience a little bit lag, but i hope you fix you soon😊 thanks for making this awesome game, and pls add exit button😁
This game is fantastic and the story is really good, just a question I had tons of fun playing world war polygon to and when is that coming back is it being updated I don't know I would just love to know the reason why it's not on the play store. Thanks
Wow, really wow! This is a pretty good game surprisingly. Different things to do, cool weapons, and nice story line. The graphics are pretty amazing and the contols are smooth. You can pay$ for more but you don't have to and the adverts are not really that bad. Very much enjoying the game thus far. Continue to "keep it simple."
This game is awesome enough to be given high praise but because of the ads every now and then, it kinda makes for quite an irritating experience. I hope there is some way the devs can make the game "ad free" in a sense that the players would be the ones to view the ads for more stuff, therefore making them ask for it. Instead of the unexpected popups. Nonetheless, great job on the game!
I thought the gameplay would match my expectations but it's been hit out of the ball park it's so well organized and entertaining when I saw Frank I new he was bad to begin with so that's all but one thing is can you make it's so that the shops are fair and not so pricey and if not can you make it so if you are a on the path to good the shops are cheaper 5 STARS
i like this game alot but in the mission's when you bring stuff to the car the car should drive you back to camp,it is nice that ace can help you get money from side missions and that you can get better at stuff from upgrading your perks,and think that other games sould be like this.
One of the best games I have played. Pros: 1. Incremental difficulty. 2. No need to pay to play. 3. Good storyline 4. Easy controls. 5. Decent graphics. 6. Watching ads give ammunition and life even in between a mission. 7. Does not force you to login everyday. 8. Cloud Cons: 1. Too many ads. Cannot proceed without ads. 2. Cost to remove ads is bit on the higher end. 3. Cheaper upgrades would be nice. 4. Make the price to purchase things bit cheaper so that more people are able to afford.
It's OK BUT.... Forces you to watch adds. OK at least give me a reward like you do when I watch 30 sec add... What's the point of me watching 5 second of forced add with no reward? Happens every 3 to 5 min way to frequent. Mission send you to the same locations over and over... I understand the limitations of the apps but combined with forced adds I don't recommend to download this app
Really good so far but your add system is super annoying and breaks the immersion. you already have micro transactions don't think you need or should have both. will re-rate again later.
As the game goes on the missions get harder and harder. I can't seem to get the next level of gun so I am stuck using an AK and omega. The average mission from tony or Ruby is suddenly using 500 plus rounds of AK and 40 plus from the shotgun and 6 grenades. The rescue mission got me vitamins and ammo...At level 35! I spent several thousand during the mission an got 200 back.
I love how they put effort into the storyline and trading. Simple controls for movement and firing weapons. The ads are bearable though annoying when accessing our backpack for health supplies during a quest run. It gets annoying when zombies just pops out of nowhere in a horde wave and you can't climb above obstacles to protect yourself at higher ground. Needs more object interaction. Worse is you can't passively heal when you're off from the game, so its waiting it out in-game to fully heal.
First person retro shooter, original idea which is great to see. It has auto shooting which is a must for mobile shooters. Graphics won't be everyone's cup of tea, but it has a cartoon like feel with the non-textured world that is rare and charming.
This game is amazing. I really like this one, the only thing which bothers is that we have to be online for refilling the gas, or we have to buy gold coins to buy gas. Except this fault the gameplay, story, and everything is fine. Sometimes controls doesn't work very well, if you guys fix these bugs and update this gas refilling system from purchasing to time refilling. I'll give five stars instead of 4.
The game is not bad. Actually it is fun. But the adds... Want to see your inventory? First see this add. I know this is a good income but they could be little bit less "in your face". Also i think the game has a lot to be improved. The story is bad and some of the dialogues are... Overall i do think this game has potential and i find it fun.
Fun game, keeps me entertained, needs a little work on the aiming system as a little jerky, but not so bad as to spoil the fun
A suprisingly fun game, with a quirky story and lots of perks. It also runs smoothly and has some good concepts behind it. If you want to play a mobile, geometrical Call of Duty : Zombies then this is your game. However, a suggestion of mine would be to never scope, it's better to use the white crosshair than the iron sight of the gun. But other than that, the game's pretty good, go check it out.
This is a pretty nice zombie survival fps game and even tho the graphics look more cartoony like roblox, this game still manages to keep my interests peaking. I wouldn't consider this so much as a downfall but there are plenty of ads that I think can be scaled down, but hey it's free and worth every ad you have to watch. it makes for a fun shooter with lots of dialogue, cutscenes, and even a cool story line so far. feels like a super cartoon version of days gone and the walking dead put together
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Hi, sorry for the 3 stars, but i have no sound. everything else works and is perfect. i own a Nubia Red Macig 3 operating on android pie. I have cleared the cache and restarted the phone. That did not help. How do i fix this? Greetings, Rodimus H.
Fun, but ads left and right. Very intrusive. Open backpack to heal, watch an ad first. Or open the bag and an ad to purchase in game currency/content with appear. Super annoying 2 stars for that reason. Would be 5 otherwise.
I almost never leave reviews. This is an exception. The game is a complete singleplayer RPG experience but with f2p/mobile freemium features to buy items/stats to progress faster or easier I finished all available content besides basebuilding and I only bought the M24 Sniper to support the developers and I can't wait for the City of the Sun update! It's not p2w although if you buy too much you'll ruin your own game experience. You get plenty of money in game Aldagames please rush out content!
The game is quiet fun but lacks in control movements and thereby making it difficult to control, do try to look into these
Played through most of the game and am loving it! Just got to the postman, and am doing the open world mode until that story is added. Would love to see more added to the base upgrades in open world, possibly bring the work tables from the homes there as well. It's a pain to have to drive to the second area to pickup the things you are crafting to drive back and burn up most your gas. Thanks for a fun game!
Pros: - Voice Acting included - Good Story - The best poly graphics Cons: - Limited freedom of changing controls like the weapon switching bar and other buttons that isn't highlighted, which is to edit and move them. Just when I find issues and things, I will add them so I'll be editing this review as the game progresses. Overall, I'm having fun with this game.
If it didn't jump around when you trying to aim it would be one of the best games I've played on mobile in a while And the ai for the dogs was a little better I have to find them because there against a wall
just went as far as i can in the story of the game, heres what I think of it: Pro: the game itself is great. the graphics are good for a mobile game. there are a plethora of side quests and good rewards if you have good karma. con: the trader's prices are outrageously high for how little coins we get. not only that, we can only sell him something for a quarter of the price it is? the zombies become way too hard to kill. shotguns take sometimes three hits to the head to kill.
Was not on wifi once, tried to turn in 2 quests and it tried to load an ad that it could not. Cant turn in quests to proceed now, I broke the game because of those insessant adds.
Great game, started a few days ago and haven't stopped putting in hours. Only issue I've found so far is that the game causes my phone to restart, hence I end up dying and losing all goods. Edit: I was playing and it restarted again. This time when I launch the game I get a long error in the game and i don't know if I've lost all my progress. Help!!! Any fix for this? - Samsung Galaxy S9
Not bad, pretty fun, has a few glitches, and some lag, but that could just be my phone, all in all I like it.
Man, this game is so cool. I just downloaded it and was loving it until the gas bug bit me. When i open map to travel, gas is burned but no distance is traveled, leaving me stranded in the same location with no gas. Sometimes the map even freezes and i have to close the game and start over. Still with no gas. This is a 5 star worthy game once the kinks are worked out, but my dissapointment until then has led me to give a temporary 1 star.
I've been playing this game for hours now and I dont regret downloading it!! One thing that I do have an issue with is that I can buy or get anything from the store because it tells me that I'm offline and I dont have a single clue about what that means. Besides that, everything is great and I highly recommend downloading this game if you're into first person shooter games as well as a great story. Keep up the outstanding work!!
i don't know why but I'm in love with this game... storyline, gameplay,cantrol...love everything about this game... after long time found a game like this in play store... better then most of the high graphic android games.. please dev make more game like this... everybody download this game you won't regret.... thanks dev make more story based game like this please
Im enjoying myself playing this game for the past 3 hours. Its got a fun level up RPG mechanics. I havent played enough to give a really descriptive review in all sincerity. There is a massive amounts of ads but people gotta pay for their product somehow and we as can consumer can pay $5 to be rid of them.
Great game. atleast give some Silver coins from the actual story missions not only EXPs. And im actually done with the game, still waiting for further missions. Can you please atleast add a function of movement controller to lock on a specific placement? And add some new face of Zombies that would be great. you only have what? 9 zombies? That would be great.
I can't believe this is Free!! a beautifully made shooting game. basically a console game for the phone I would definitely DEFINITELY recommend. Very Rare to see and play games like this for the phones especially for free. and I promise its NOT pay 2 win... it's a single player game
Hands down the best game I've played so far on mobile. Honoestly I've never played any movile game for more than 2 weeks but this right here has been constantly keeping me on edge and wanting to play more. I've just defeated the Super Soldier boss and now waiting for the new story update. Please release the next story soon! Awesome job guys!
I wish it was more open world considering if you buy a minigun or car for $12.99, you'll never use it after you beat the game. It'd be cool if you could actually drive your car in a 100% open world. The story is kind of hard to follow as the English can be off. Missions are pretty repetitive which is understandable since it probably isn't that easy to make a full story on a mobile game without taking up too much memory and time. This is when a full on open world game would be handy. Great game!
This game is different from all the other games like this i like the in game offers and how the food and stuff dont cost too much but i rated it 4 stars because the jock zombie is too fast and keeps me stuck in on spot if u dont have grenades or a high powered weapon and my aiming in the game is kinda hard could u add aim assist so i could aim better u add that and ill give it five stars😌
If I could be more specific I'd give the game a 3.5. My phone runs it pretty well, even though it's 5 years old. The gameplay is interesting enough, but the lack of places to go make it a little repetitive at first. It'd be neat if I could actually aim using the scope on the rifles. The weapon selection is a little sparse as well. This games version of energy is pretty good. I never feel like I have to wait for it to replenish. That alone would make this game 5 stars if not for my previous issues
Ads become unbearable after about an hour after playing. Played a little longer, then just so so so so many ads, you guys suck. I would have probably bought game for 3.99$ or less for unlimited gas and no ads. You get nothing now for being way to greedy.
Not a bad time killer, but there are a few bugs I've run into. such as doing multiple jobs but not reaching the next level...
Man reminds me of The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct on XBOX however in a Polygon themed world.. This is amazing including the Voice Acting Overall Gameplay is Smooth, like what you expected as the Sequel of The last TWZ game Amazing Overall. Quite Challenging but fun nonetheless
I never give a mobile game 5 stars but this game makes me speach-less, awsome boss fights, and loads of cool weapons to help. The voice acting in the start was a bit cringy, but after that it gets way better. When im not in the mood to play the game, i just do a side mission or two then... Cant put my phone down. It feels like a pc game on mobile. Devs, keep it up, and keep adding to this ANAZING game!
This is the best, I've played everything on playstore and I dont hand out credit easily. The game is Fallout without the VATS system. The controls are tight and crisp, the UI is responsive and uncluttered, one menu is a huge plus, theres no lag, I mean it's a dream come true for mobile looter shooter types like myself. This is it folks, download today.
One of the best games I've played on mobile. Surprisingly complex, it develops nicely. I didn't expect that there will be multiple locations. Difficulty is set just right, so the game is neither boring, nor annoying. You have money to buy what you need (so the game is not pay-to-win) and the experience points are enough to ensure a satisfying evolution. The controls work very well. The graphics seem a bit weird at first, but you get used to them quickly, now I actually like them. 5/5 from me.
i just started and i have to say its an extremely fun experience. for a mobile FPS game it looks great and handles really well even on lower end phones. The ads non-intrusive and it clearly isint a pay to progress style game as even starting equipment is great. Also theyre very generous with giving you items so you wont be spending real money on basic things which is a big plus in my book!
A gem of a game dragged down by ads. I understand using ads to replenish resources, but ads every other time I open my bag is just obnoxious. To make it worse, the game's audio is rather low, yet the ads are often loud AF. Devs, please reconsider your ad frequency. Ironically, I'd be more inclined to spend if the ads weren't so overdone. The game's super fun and polished, good gameplay and character progression all wrapped up in clean, stylized graphics. It'd be 5 stars if not for the ads.
Bottlenecks you into trying to pay cash. First map is easy and cheap. Second map is unreasonably expensive. Luckily, when you run low on ammo, you can watch an ad. Unfortunately, you'll be watching a bunch of ads per mission.. camera feels wonky and inconsistent. Once you get to second map, cost of gas and supplies is ridiculously high. Ads are insanely annoying as they pummel your face with them each time you open up your inventory. After you close the ad, their daily "deals" pop up. Dirt bags.
great game ! really enjoying it ,but i'm having trouble on recovering health, it didnt recover even though i went out of the game, and i dont know why , my character died when i'm going back into the game during a mission when there is not even a zombie around. i close the app because there is something important to do and when i came back my character dies. im still new to the game so i dont have much money to buy healing items. hope u guys fix this problem soon.
Wow. Such a great game. Only been playing for two days but it's super addictive. Progressing is fun and frequently you come across a great mission/moment. The missions can be quite repetitive with the constant zombies but the different scenarios and progression makes it really addictive. Love it so much
This game is surprisingly good. Gameplay is fun. I like how theres some RPG mechanics with dialogue options and a karma system. Graphics and art style is great. Some of the options and settings to optimize the game are really good. Only thing I don't like is the random ads that appear, but that's a given in a mobile game. Very good so far. 😏
The auto-fire at first was kind of quirky but when using the three-shot shotgun when completing all missions for the guy next to the dog in Springfield it's really good and I like how this takes some moments from the Walking Dead while still being original.
It's very good but the difficulty is already frustrating me now I've reached the second town. The biggest frustration is caused by the counter intuitive control of looking around - the faster you swipe across the screen, the less/slower it actually moves, forcing to have to move your thumb a lot slower to actually get anywhere. Obviously that is intentional to prevent you from "owning" too hard haha (just don't expect your fast reactions to help you much!) It's very good regardless, i can't lie
The game is pretty good but the developers are liars. They offer removal of adds for 5$ but what they fail to mention is, it is only 3rd party ads. So i paid 5 bucks and i still get assaulted EVERY TIME i open the menu. Thays right folks, even if you pay you will still see ads everytime you open the menu for stuff such as 15$ dollar cars or whatever their `deal of the day' is. This is very predatory and a streight up lie. They need to remove them or allow us to disable them.
This game is truly inspirational as I am a game designer myself. It shows the greatness that can be brought out in mobile gaming and what a team can do. This game went beyond my expectations! I paid for no ads to support the devs as it was very much worth it! I heavily recommend this to anyone looking for a great adventure FPS on mobile. If a story driven, FPS zombie adventure is what you're looking for... then this game is a no brainer! I only ask for HUD transparency. But all else is 👌
The gameplay is AWESOME! However when you add all the ads every 15-60 seconds. (even pausing causes an ad to appear) in addition to the game freezing and you lose loot from missions and used equipment...I say its a 4*. Be very careful when buying stuff I don't like spending money if a lag or game crash can make me lose new content
this game is, with sure, five stars. but I can't leave a good review, because whenever I leave the Springfield's survivors base, the game crash and I can't play. this is a good game, and this bug need to be fixed. Other than that, the game is great, nice graphics, immersive storyline, good gameplay and also no problem with the ads.
The game is just great.......... I mean the story mode is awesome but one thing why isn't there any voiced dialogues in Springfields the people used to speak in the cutscenes in woodlands but why don't they speak in sprinfield........ And one more thing if you could just give some money along with the experience for completing a mission....... besides these two things the game is great loved it
This is a good game but its for those players who can do grinding. Of course there're items which you can buy with real money but there's no point in doing so because eventually you'll get it for free in-game.
this game is the best game ever which I saw on the play store .with a nice storyline .an enormous number of skills and perks . and better than other zombie games in terms of gameplay I would give this game a 10/10 .thanks to the creators hats off
I love the game, I've been looking for a game like this one for a long time and its super fun but one thing I noticed was during trading a couple times was my silver coin amount was not correct, it showed it to be more than i had and I would have to exit the trading screen and go back in to it to see my correct amount.
yeah the game awesome. Features OK. Gameplay simple. anyways I suggest add Companion (such as Dog, Humans and etc,) also Weapon Customise like muzzle scope and etc plus Parkour running and Character Customise and many more. PS Added weapon such as Scar, G36C, Laser gun and etc
Good game,but filled with ads during unnecessary time.When I was in mission,ads keep loading and making my phone laggy during he missions after the ads.You guys made an excellent job with the game but terrible at ads and optimization.Pls guys,do something better like load ads after the mission was instead of making it load on the start or middle of the mission!😠😠😠😠
Silk-smooth gameplay, gripping storyline and diverse arsenal–I never believed such a game can exist for mobile. If you haven't tried it, do try it–it's addicting–and you'll be eager to fill up your gas tank. By the way, if you need a writer on board, let me know. I'll be glad to help you all out.
If you like an awesome story with side quests and just as good gameplay than this is the game for you. I've been playing it 20+ hours now and I'm maybe at the half of it. NO PAY TO WIN, NO WAITING FOR YOUR ENERGY TO RECHARGE etc. Mandatory ads are 0 or 5 sec. , everything else is on demand and gives you plenty of bonuses. Overall this game is at least SIX stars compared to everything else that has a story for mobile.
this is one of the few free games with microtransactions I'm gonna give a review to but its earned it. 5 outta 5 for mobile. Great controls, gameplay and fun factor. Has nice graphics with charm a must download
One of the best zombie android games and always has some zombie fighting action anywhere you go. The story is a bit short and there is mot much to do after you do all the quests so it gets boring after an hour. The story is fun and intriguing to learn more about and the gameplay is fun as well with not too many zombie types to kill.
Now that the freezing glitch is solved, (thanks!) I found another problem. If you get the the fourth quest for redford in sun city, he gives you a code ONCE. I had to stop playing for a while and then came back only to have forgotten the code. The rest of his missions are blocked from me. Please find a way to get him to repeat the code??
I'm stuck in the city of the sun, it says to look for the science base but there is no one to talk to and nothing on the map. it's become very un interactive. if there is an update coming and the game is at a dead end then they should make it more clear. why open a new area and have such a short amount of game available to play, just finish it and release it all at once.
Installed then found I had tried this game before, I walked around not knowing where or what to do for about 30 minutes until I got bored and uninstalled, so I uninstalled again after 5 seconds.,i don't like confusing games, I will have to remember to keep away from alda games
A fantastic game! Great graphics, quests and gameplay and super player friendly. Hats off to u devs :) However, you really need to add an option to pause missions, as of now, if you enter a mission you either complete it or die. Also, it would be nice if you add daily login rewards. 5 stars deserved 👍
It's a good game. Nowadays it's rare for me to find good offline/online free to play games, specially first person shooter where you can move around. Zombie genre games are my favorite and I think they did good. I was hoping there would be an option for locked toggle and more side missions.
This is game got some huge potential! only thing I warn for people thinking about downloading this game is that its pretty aggressive with the Ads. i would open my inventory bag and Ads would pop up and after that their deals for buying no Ads, gears, perks, etc... deals sound temping but i'll wait until I see more improvements. keep in mind this game was recently released so I wouldn't hold the aggressive deals and ads against them too much. Developer I hope to see more content of this game.
Haven't played the game very long but first impression is really good! Gameplay is simple but fun, weapon selection is cool and there is even some humor mixed in. Lots of reviews complain about ads but as a free game, its expected and it's only $5 to play ad free. Overall fun game without feeling pressured to pay.
the name makes it sound kinda cheesy but the actual gameplay is really fun. the tasks aren't too difficult, but also mildly challenging. gaining XP and equipment is also fairly easy, which is really nice. overall it's a pretty good mobile game and I'd love to see it on PC.
i like it, its a good fun game and the ads arent to pushy, and im about done with the second area now, only reason its not 5 is because the price of stuff, you really have to grind or watch ads for gold and convert that to get much of anything, and the gas gets really really bad if you dont go after the new car as soon as possible
Okay so hear me out: The game's screenshots might not exactly look appealing and it might seem like just another addition to an already run down genre, BUT This game has brought me hours of sheer pleasure and satisfaction. The movement is smoothe as well as the animations, the voice acting is quite cool and the gunplay is unlike anything else out there right now for this genre. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to kill some time in a satisfying and fun way, solid 5 stars! :)
Exciting, terrific, haunting. In the next episode of the Walking Zombie, players get transported into the perspective of a newborn child but at an adult stage of life. 5 stars because armorgames couldn't make a Last Stand: Dead Zone fps version. I love this game for having an original narrative and gameplay, though it can be quite boring if you have played first person shooter games since 9. Overall, a great game. PS, all those complaining about ads, buy the ad free version.
Game crashes every couple of minutes, and half the time you can't even load Into the game itself. although it was fun it has to many graphic bugs and crashes to often. when it crashes while during a mission you lose a quarter of your stuff and you have to restart the mission.
Out right addicting and really fun. Gun details are exquisite and realistic. If you have the game freeze up on you a lot just turn your data off. And if you are patient this game really says No to pay to play. Keep up the good work guy's!!!
Great game, great story, great gameplay. Graphics are pretty enjoyable, keep adding some new features like visual armor upgrade so the character looks more badass, also weapon attachment would be great.
this game is, with sure, five stars. but I can't leave a good review, because whenever I leave the Springfield's survivors base, the game crash and I can't play. This is a good game, and this bug need to be fixed. Other than that, the game is great, nice graphics, immersive storyline, good gameplay and also no problem with the ads.
Pls add more control functions like button for aim and add full customization of layout of contols. Very difficult to run, shoot and aim simulteneously with double tap aim which slows the player down alot.
Adding things such as building your own house and customizing the interior of it would make this game crazy. Anyway, awesome game. The ads were not that annoying because you can play it offline. It is literally not a "buy to win" type of game and I am so glad that you give us free gold coins and gas. A job well done to all of the creators of this game👏
Really nice game. Has a ad removal charge...fair. Alot of games dont have that. The sales pop up are annoying and the rate us pop up is annoying, thats why im here.lol. The bundle deal should be cheaper $9-$11 instead of just total price of all deals. Thats not a deal. But all in all pretty good game.
Wow this game is really insane and i love it man!!🤪most of all it's so cool you can redecorate your weapons!!!!that so epic i hope i can put my own picture on my gun thats gonna be more cooler! Can you guys make some kind of helicopter missions....and multiplayer with others....also i prefer if you guy can let our own player where the clothes.....its also boring if looking at our player remain the same face! The merchant kinda good though it also smooth to play.....hope my message been reply
The game overall is really great! but the only problems that I have which IS POSSIBLE TO FIX!, is having more controls such as jumping and auto sprint. Controls aren't too bad but can do alot more better. The prices in this game, not irl money, is overall over exceeding. Everything just costs too much and we as players get small amounts of coins in missions and rewards. Also, the biggest drawback for this game is the lack of self regeneration for health and energy or "gasoline".
The game is fine, but abit too easy and simple. Theres no surprises, i was really expecting it would be like fallout on mobile but not at all. Put some hidden treasures on the edge of an area or maybe more interactions that are NOT related to the quest. Everything is just about quest, thats boring. But it would be really fun if i play this game when im 12 years old
The game is ok because there are some aspects that make the game boring. The constant killing zombies quest gets boring. It seems they are going more like a fallout game play try making the map big or medium so there is a challenge. The game is fun though good for when you are out an about and you wanna just play a zombie game. Another aspect is why do you need internet? I understand micro transactions this game is free anyways. Also I would recommend to change where the ads.
wow guys and gals very great job not very often I find a game so engaging and well....worth my time. small suggestion that would make the game all but perfect is to stop advertising other ppl's games. yours is good enough.
The game is so far so good but I keep on getting notifications that season 2 started but every time I play I check all the npcs and none of them have any new mission that's part of the story
Great game. The levels are very spacious and the game can work offline. The controls could still use more work, though. Adding an option for a designated fire button would be nice, as well as jumping and crouching, but the levels don't seem to have any place you would have to jump or crouch to enter, so jumping and crouching aren't something the game is incomplete without, but they would be nice.
Game plays well, ads are a little annoying but understandable. Hoping for new updates soon. Missions all done but story not finished.
amazing game up until now.. I'm stuck in Springfield... on mission left is rubys cure but I have to level up 4 levels to unlock it.... with no missions other than aces...which offer very little exp points.. to do in order to level up...help ????? other than this bug it's the best mobile game I've ever played.
Absolutely brilliant. A very well rounded zombie apocalypse experience for a mobile app, and probably the closest thing to an open world one for that matter. I like the side quests, the story, the skill & perk systems, the trading system, and the way the zombies respective body parts explode lmao. The animation style is really fun and it runs amazing on my Galaxy S8 with MAX FPS (Not that this is a very demanding game in that regard). Even so, there are graphical setting adjustments if you need.
great game so far. have only been playing for a week and already level 10. definitely go with the kar98k over the shotgun. doesnt have as wide of a spread as you'd think. 4* only because the constant adds when opening the menu. other than that, adds give you free items on every mission and the extra grenades and ammo def come in handy
The game is really great not gonna lie. I'd been ignoring this game thinking it's just another minecraft zombie rip-off but no, itvs story is great and the ad is quite acceptable considering it's a free game. Don't need to pay at all to get good stuffs, ad watch has a very good reward plus it helps the dev. Tip, get the bottle on the river. It's a treasure map ;)
well thought out game. best part is they aren't greedy. plenty items...no invasive adds. good balance of free stuff and things to buy. not many games around I've seen that actually is about a quality gaming experience. props to the maker.
Hey the game is awsome!!! I waited so long the new...map and now that it's here ...there is the freeze and fuel glitch... everytime i try to travel somewhere it freezes and when I reopen the game the fuel is 0. I have read many reviews which describe the same problem ...please fix this bug...other than that the game is really good, I wanna finish the story so please fix the bug.
Open World function. before i unlocked the open world function, i was having fun playing the game. the story in it, quest, trading it was good. but as the story progress, more stuff unlocked and that is the open world function. i thought it was like "oh hey, they have open world." but then it was not that open. a bit of disappointment. but that's not the real problem. the real problem is, the kept crashing whenever i tried to load the map. please fix this. thank you, sincerely the users
I love absolutely everything in this game, mechanics, controls, animations, graphics, dialogs, skill/karma system (reminds me of Fallout!), sounds. Everything is just great!
I love this game, but i hate how much it lags and glitches. I'll almost finish a level when the screen will either go black or just freeze. Then i have to restart the game, which takes most of my life and practically all of my loot, leaving me with trash.😢 I wish this game had like checkpoints, where it would save your progress midway through a mission or something. Buttons also "stick" where the character wont respond to anything.
This is the first good, mobile zombie game I've seen. If you've played the World War Z game on console, this is much like that as far as gameplay. There is a great storyline, limited resources, motivation to do quests, a skill points system much like Skyrim. This game is by no means realistic, but that doesn't take away from the game. Resources are limited, but very easy to acquire. I'm recommending this to several of my friends right now. Only thing I would like to see is some customization.
I really like this game, it has a strong `fallout` feel to it. working towards opening the open world section of the game atm, I have had a few instances where the game has froze and also just caused my phone to turn off randomly. would have purchased ad free version if it wasn't so pay to win, I feel like the chuck Norris pack should be cheaper, if we are paying for ad free why not just give those items as a thank you to your consumer anyways?
Absolutely a great game, good controls no real issues ive noticed other than sensitivity on Y and X axis could be adjusted to perfection just a tad and the Dog enemies sometimes spazz out after jumping over fences. Would be nice to add a new map area otherwise the game will get repeditive and boring.
Pretty good I do say for myself. The graphics could be better but I don't care, the story, the people, the zombies, and hardcore guns are really cool.
This game is awesome and I hope the programmers and developers release another game with enhanced features and more rpg elements. This is a cross between fallout and dead island but has its own entity as well. Making a similar game but post war post apocalyptic instead of zombies would be amazing. Please consider! #fallout fan
This game is soo awesome its music is perfectly fitting for it i havn't experienced a game like this but if you give an update like allow us to drive vehicles its the only drawback in this game other wise the walking zombies2:shooteris😎😍🤑☠🚘🚲driving is nessecary in next update
Had the game for a while and it is very fun. Great how you have to manage your fuel so you don't run out, various weapons to maximize damage. The controls are good and easy to understand and use. Overall great game, why not and give it a try and download this game
love the first person aspect, fits really well with the graphics. The animations for reloading and running and other interactions are outstanding!!! Love the story and how well it plays out with each stage. Honestly one of the best first-person zombie shooter game I've ever played. Keep up the great work!!!!
Very nice game, pity that once I arrived in the city of sun and executed the missions from 2 characters I was supposed to talk with the former bandit but nothing happened. It seems like that the rest of the game is not developed yet. The only possibility is to go to the open world but there after a while gets boring, especially when there is no trader in some place (what's the point to go to another point just to empty your backpack?) what to do with your camp base? What do you get from it?
The game is awesome, the story could use a little bit of tweaking as to not seem like its dragging on for gameplay. But i had hours and hours of fun with this game. And even though i beat up to the point that the game ends now, i will continue to play it for the open world aspect, getting money, and better gear for when the story continues! Love the game, would absolutely love to see more like it from the same developers! Great work!
I LOVE THIS GAME! ... A BIG THANK YOU! To everyone who put this game together, really well done! The storyline and physics aren't bad for a FREE mobile game and my only real dislikes are the amount of ads and sometimes the fire controls are touchy. But it's still super fun, it's absolutely free, its gameplay seems fair and you can remove the ads for a pretty reasonable price. NOTE: (I do not work for any ad/tech company(s) and/or game developer(s). All opinions expressed are my own. )
great game. for me i have nothing to put more improvement. i just want to tell a problem. every time i opened the game then go to an mission it just lagged then i can't do anything. so i reopened the game but then i can't touch anything and my gas was ran out but i got full gas.i want to fixed that problem so i can enjoy your game
Great game with an interesting story line. Graphics are cartoony but good. Doesn't require you to purchase and the game can be enjoyed without having to spend. Like the free gold and gas options which keeps you being able to play. Only downside is the intrusive ads whilst opening the backpack or during some dialog with NPC's otherwise would be good 5 stars. Good work!
Just to firstly mention, there are way too many ads, I mean I can handle a good lot but this game just has mountains of them, and also the missions get a bit repetitive (kill zombie go back, find this go back, etc.) along that some zombies are just a pure annoyance and not fun for gameplay, like the QB zombie. And if there was something I'd add to the game it would need more freedom of control, more customization, story path options, and other things.
Cool game but bugging a lot Love the concept of watching adds in exchange for stuff in the game could be better if is 10sec adds instead of 30!👏👍 But for the rest cool game even kids can play this Oh yeah and if you can make the lifeline of the zombies transparent would be great
The game gets more and more intense by every mission. First i thought that its not done well enough, until i realised that there is 2 more cities and an open world map. Cannot wait for them to add the 2nd city, so i can finally finish this game (and yes it has a pretty decent story to it that i dont want to spoil much).
I'm loving this game, at first I was a little sceptical and thought this would be a waste of time but it is clearly the opposite of a waste of time. The only thing I have a problem with is that sometimes while I have auto fire on, it doesn't always shoot at explosive barrels and sometimes at the radio tower in Springfield the bats clip into the mountain when you climb up it but other than that the game is wonderful
Overall, it is fun, addictive, and nice. The graphics is good, movement controls are great, shooting mechanics is auto by default, but can be changed into manual if needed. The issue is, there are tons of ads in the game, and they're not age appropriate... The gas system feels sufficient at first, but later on, they can really hinder the gameplay experience. In a nutshell, it's a decent freemium game, with some real ad issues, but worth giving a try for sure.....
Nice game here, i like it !! Anyway please fix, i think you have bug at point karma that when i have 15 but it go down to 5, i restart this game 3 many times because of this bug.
very good game. just started playing so 4 stars but, i will play for awhile and increase my score or, give recomendations on how to make better.
Its a really good game, love the weirdish stories and stuff. only problem i have is sometimes the game freaks out and the controls go wackadoo, but that could also be my phone so thats why i put 4 instead of 5.
FUN GAME BUT way too many ads. Even if purchase the no ads thing you will still get loads of pop ups for buy other things when you open the menu for your bag. The bats in the game are very glitchy and can morph through the walls and attack you. If you stop acting like EA and fix those two things then this game would be the best on the market for it's target audience.
its good graffects and all, but, i just NEED you guys to add Keyboard and Mouse Controls, and even weirder if that in the part the tutorial like part, where the sensitiviy was, it had a mous next to it, and it did nothing, so please, add Keyboard and Mouse Controls. PLEASE
After playing the game for a long while, I've becomed enamored with it! Seemless gamplay. Awesome first person shooter setup. A variety of campaign style story mode. Ads are not too bothersome, which is the main reason for the 5 stars. —Thanks for making a game that isn't 99% ads and 1% game! Great graphics. A variety of weapons. Leveling up doesn't take forever. And controls are easy to use. I could keep on, but you get the gist by now...
Not a bad game at all, the ads are not too invasive and are actually beneficial, need ammo, health or some grenades? Watch a quick video and boom back in business with clearing a crowd with a solid throw of a grenade. Either way the random free offers help as well, just got a nice SMG that made my next missions a cake walk. If you want a game to just kick back with and enjoy this is a pretty good choice to go with.
Very interesting and nice gameplay . I really like it Nice story line Nice control Easy to use and play Would recommend to everyone to try . Share it . This needs to get popular
Solid gameplay. Decent story and funny (for a mobile game). Tottally ruined by the constant ad bombardment. Once every two or three times you open your inventory an ad popup. And when you close it? In-game ad to buy in-game currency or offers. Was getting into it but the massive adpocalypse ruined it.
This game is really good just like PC game. However, i suggest you to put the aim button because I'm using manual shooting. So when I want to save my bullets by shooting 1 by 1 , it will automatically turn off the aim. Anyway, I really like this game and hopefully you will do a better game in the future!
Exceptional. Love the game's design and story developments. Graphics style is unique and has its own taste, gameplay is overall smooth and the mechanics are simple and easy to use. Great mission varieties and storytelling. Heck, I'm confident to say that this zombie game might be the best out there.
This game is a really fun survival adventure! I love that there are so many quests and the loot you get from shooting Zombies, like gun ammo and scrap you can sell at the merchant. The graphic is lovely and the NPC's are well animated. The only downside and really annoying thing is that the pop up messages during missions nearly block the whole screen so you can't see anything until it fades out. I would be very thankful if you could make them smaller and put them to the side of the screen!!
Wow. This game is the real deal. I love it so much. However still needs alot of upgrade. Control is not yet comfortable, moving and aiming sensivity must have different settings. Also it would be alot better if graphics is upgraded to the next level, coz it tires the eyes when playing for a while. But its still a great game and i will keep on posting my review after playing on.. 😁
Great game love it so much, my only problem is that it is too short, once the campaigns over there's nothing to do also, when is the next update, you need to add something other than the campaign to do like a survival mode to win rewards or something, if you hit wave 20 you can get some kevlar or something, and a way to notify us when the next update will be would be great
awesome.....one of the best game....the graphic also pretty good...smooth movement, no lagging, there a skill and many kind of gun/melee to play with...just try once and it will be fun... thanks devs... but there just one thing i dont like...there is not a manual attack seltings it waste so many bullet just to kill one zombie..😅..
Amazing game. Must play. Lot of replay value. The variety of skills allows to choose between the type of character you want to play as. Only downside is the huge number of advertisements at literally every menu change. Manageable once you get used to it. Looking forward to Future story updates.
Its a very nice and fun game but I have a few complaints and I definitely want develooers to answer me because what is happening after the postman comes in city of sun there are no missions getting update what is this !?? I mean my character is on level 45 right now but what next I want a good end to the game I was not expecting this kinda climax. Also there are a few bugs which I want you guys to pay attention the number of grenades becomes less gradually even if you haven't used them.
A very well made game. Good controls nice stylized graphics and well optimized to work on most devices. But fall short of 5 star because of the ads. Having ads is all well and good but having ads EVERYTIME you open your inventory/ menu. It gets really annoying. Gets a new gun want to change it, ad. Wanna finish a mission, ad. Want to check if your inventory is full, ad.