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Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Walking Dead: Road to Survival for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Scopely located at 3530 Hayden Avenue Suite A Culver City, CA 90232 . The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence, Explicit Language) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love the game just wish you guys would ad the bios back so then you can understand you people much better and also please ad the ability to use all people to upgrade your good people
absolutly love this game...been playing for bout 8 months...and i can see me never stopping...it is a total bordom killer...you wount regret it...
Worth it for the Telltale characters. They are the main reason that I got this game and having a team of just Telltale characters like Clementine or Lee is really fun.
You can play for free but be aware. Anyone who spends any money on the game is going to kick your butt. Game is designed for money spenders to win. Plus many hackers hit this game. You know them when you run into them. They are literally undefeatable. If your looking for a FUN FREE game? Pass on this one. Hackers and people with deep pockets ruin this game and will frustrate the hell out of you. If your playing for free get use to and expect to lose most of the time.
Super glitchy and S tier make legendaries basically useless. You see so many identical parties boring.
The Raiding system is total BS! Heavy pay to win! Territories are rigged so pay players have a head start on claiming them! Would give less stars if i could!
This game has changed to heavy, why? When first I play this game in 2012 this game much lighter to entry in the first loading, This game it's important for me, and now why too much heavy loading entering the game, this is not the valheim just the pic character, please resolve make the lighter too loading..
Inaccuracies and glitches everywhere and at every new event. Some modes are for pay to play only and others have no access to it. Decent game made to be one of the worst games ever due to greed, glitches, and misinformation of just about everything in game.
This is the only app I consistently play, and have for at least a year. It's always engaging, and I can tell the developers put a lot of thought into how to make the game better!
The game was going good untill the last two updates the scavinger camp wont let you collect the rewards. I have tryied to delete,collect break down the camp and it returns to its original non collected form. This is annoying when you need the supplyes.
It was good at first but now it keeps crashing every 30 seconds and won't let me play...fix this and I'll give it 5 stars
Scopely does nothing to fix issues while continuously adding new issues to the game and customer support does nothing but give lame excuses and discard your complaint ticket for any and all issues you report to them about the game and no reimbursements are given unless they feel like giving everyone a little something that doesn't equal the value of what you lost from one issue let alone all the issues you report to them.!!! You're better off taking a loss and deleting it!! Absolutely ridiculous
I loved this game until it started crashing a minute after I opened it every single time. Just started yesterday (11/4). I'll give it more stars once it starts working again.
The online aspect of the game is so unfair, literally you can't come up against an opponent that's the same level, it's literally impossible for me to win a raid as everyone is so much stronger, I physically can't do anything about it and it's seriously starting to annoy me now, it's a joke. FIX IT!! And not to mention the time it takes some things to be completed, I have THIRTY 3 to 4 star characters training and they won't all be completed for 2 months, that's genuinely a joke,
Don't waste your time like me. Each update has made the game worse. Each update has entirely changed the dynamic of this game for the worse. New update is the worst. You'll be sitting around waiting to upgrade players because they don't give opportunities to get the resources needed for all the new characters that are in the game. All the older characters I worked so hard to upgrade before are now the weaker characters.
Tried to accept the cookies from facebook link account but the buttons dont show on my phone no matter what i try and i was a fair way through the game and this has really annoyed me the fact i cant continue the game.
The game is great but I guess the problem is the trainers / gears are hard to get and this causes me to unable to upgrade / level up the survivors . Other than that , I'm always out of foods / materials . But , either way I enjoy playing this game ;)
Just..... needs to be a bit ess pay to win. Also needs to fix the matchmaking. Also arenas are kinda boring sometimes.
The game was fine in the beginning then when I got the survivors Outpost or whatever it's called that you upgrade from one of your lumber yard the game kept reloading and would not proceed
It's great really fun with friends but can you guys like for the new update can put that select all button and stuff because it gets boring when you keep tapping on things you try to sell
They need to sort it out, people with money progress further and it's totally unfair the way they do things. Building and training time takes so long it's ridiculous. There's been no new story for ages. Players with xp of level 100+ get beaten by level xp of 25 sometimes. War match ups are not matched up well at all. But saying that I love the game or i wouldn't play it, you make friends, it's great to work as a team with your faction in events. It's just those issues that you have to sort out!!
Been playing for 4 years +, still love the game but customer support is by far the worst i've ever dealt with and now, i seem to be one of the many playing on an android device and the game crashes every 60 seconds. Can't claim any prizes from anything i do complete. On the verge of never playing the game again if they can't fix the issue and overcompensate for the problems and all the event rewards i'm missing out on. In the last 10 days i woupd have accrued enough for at least 4 S-class toons
This game is great. As long as faction leaders are active. Happy to say, mine is, and there's a lot of rewards for being active. There is a lot of pay 2 win stuff, but if you play often you get other rewards to make up for that without paying. Just gotta be patient. I do wish there were more than 25 missions though. Maybe stop adding war maps, and add more other things...
Great game as long as you put the time in...got over 150 characters...most 6 stars..s class are harder to get but again you gotta put time in the game.. overall I give it a 5 outta 5 star rating....
Horrible customer service I had an issue with the game where it kept crashing if I opened something and it was not solved then I deleted the game by accident lost all the progress I made (including the purchases I've made) and now I'm trying to get them back but CS just keeps asking me the same question over and over again not doing anything to help. Would not recommend this game it is buggy and the CS is completely useless.
this game is not fun and get random bans for 1 week about 3 times now and i have done nothing wrong and too many annoying roleplayers/whales not a fun game to play if you do not spend money and dirty cheaters that scopley dose nothing about and ingame rewards suck so much now so annoying to go up against whales in raids,war,arena,etc.
Recently reinstalled this game and remembered why I stoped playing. The buld time for everything is so slow, sometimes as long as 3 days or more and you can only upgrade one building at a time so as to force you to buy coins or monthly subscriptions so you can pay to finish early.
I like the game, its premise is very good, but, its is a pay to play game, if you don't pay you get no where, I played the game for a few years and spent a years wages on it, just as I was getting somewhere, something new was added and I was basically back to square one, PAY TO PLAY,, PAY TO PLAY,, PAY TO PLAY,, spoiled it for me.
It was an amazing game. But it loses a star because I switched phones and it didn't save any of my progress because I didn't have a Facebook account, therefore I couldn't continue where I left off. Instead I had to restart and I didn't do this because I was so high in power. Other than that it had great PvP aspect and all the characters were amazing.
It's fine for the most part. It's got problems with the game or it could be bc I'm using a weak or average WIFI. What's really annoying is the additional data constantly redownloads. When clearing the cache or over a certain amount of time.
The game's fun and the art on all the characters in the game is awesome. I'd keep a 3 start character due to the beautiful design of them. The main bad side of the game is how money hungry the developers are. Very pay to win and takes the fun out of it if you don't spend any money. Single player campaign in the game is cool with the story and choices you can make. There's a good few things to do whilst playing and you can own multiple accounts across regions which keeps you busy.
This game is amazing! I've had it for a couple years now and have made great progress. The events are always fun and come with great rewards. With new characters being made, it always gives me something to look forward to. Never a boring moment in the game.
Events an team ratings are riduclous cant do any events unless you buy packages from the shop an worst part is its not enough to even continue the whole event so then pay for some more items an repeat this process now the ratings for the events are just bout a riduclous as the pay to win for events an everything else in this game so ratings for your teams of the game is useless an wont really have any fun until you can pay to get your teams to the accepted rating an still lose an cant finish.
Did not get to the actual gameplay because of a stupid handholding tutorial (that even FORCES you to use an item on your characters when NONE of them are that hurt yet!) I know how to play a game at this point! I don't need to be SHOWN how YOUR dumb mechanics work because it's the EXACT same as ALL the other stupid pay to win moblie games out there.
I remember how I used to play this game a couple years ago and how you actually had to grind and work for high level characters but now I've redownloaded the game and I was handed a "Mythical" character that dealt insane damage and I was allowed to steamroll through most of the campaign, I've been getting too many legendary heros and it's making me annoyed, I want to grind and work instead of being handed a win on a silver platter. This new system of giving out "Mythical" heros is stupid.
I love the game but theres a bug where it tells me that the difficulty was 1800 but today i looked and it was 13500 i thout i couldnt do it tell i tryed it small fix please and thanks
Been dealing with a glitch, restarting a cpl seconds after opening the game. I've got a lot of time in this game, please check and correct whatever issue is causing this....
*PLEASE READ ALL THE COMMENTS BEFORE DOWNLOADING* played since 2012 thought the game was great. But now just garbage. 30 sec in crash. No support, money grubbing developers, every comment made is true on the bad side. Way to much time to build, unfavorable raid teams. Go ahead waste your money for nothing. Its a playable scam. Ill never download another thing from this developers, there sitting back collecting laughing at us. What a waste.
The game is great especially with the new update but I miss the "occupation" on each character, I know it's not useful but I like taking a look on each character jobs
I liked the game before the update, when you could use characters to level up others and useing duplicates added to the special skill. Now your stuck useing these spasific trainers, and getting the ones that upgrade your special skill is a pain unless you want to pay.
Just like every other Scopely game they push you to compete against other players, randomly assigned, yet you'll NEVER get paired w one you stand a chance against. They're always WAY above ur level. Leveling up characters doesn't really improve stats, either. 10+ levels barely gives any noticeable difference. And, way too much waiting. Waiting sucks the fun right out of the game. Also, it CHEATS & makes weaker teams easily defeat yours just like every other Scopely app. It cheats to get your $$
Still a good game, just little things that are becoming annoying like the battle timers running out and losing even when yoiu have the clear advantage, also the reputation win/loss count is kind of unfair
I've played TWD Road to Survival for over 4 years and it's a very enjoyable game; So much to do and so many characters to unlock and it gives you the eagerness to build the best team as possible. But Im afraid its ruined by the greed of Scopely. They charge you ยฃ22.99 to become a Survival Club Member and you get 'exclusive benefits' and an advantage over other players, is there really any point to this scandalous scheme? The rest of my review can be found on Scopley's TrustPilot.
Its a great game. They actually listen to community feedback. It takes time to be the best! Join a team. They are giving more free things away.
Seems like it COULD be fun. But paywall in 2 hrs (and nothing is worse than greedy devs trying to make a million in one day) and absolutely HORRID animation... looks like Negan whacked the animator with Lucille 6 times. Cmon, Devs, if you're scrambling that hard for cash, make your app look good at least.
God help you if lose progress OR want to switch to another device. Customer support is a COMPLETE joke. They will NOT help you at all if your can't provide proof of purchase. They refuse quite adamantly. The game keeps going down hill, support is non-existent.
Good game but the micros cost way too much but recently you've been lowering prices and more free things so being free to play isn't impossible
Performance is excellent. Everything else is bad. Progression slows to a crawl unless you pay. Confusing and cramped UI where every button leads to some form of purchase page for one of a dozen kinds of premium currency or p2w package. Events are non-existent, unless you count paying more money as an event. No way to get resources/characters/upgrade/etc. without paying. Needlessly complex and unintuitive for such a simple game. Ranks among the worst city/empire building games I've ever played.
The raiding match making is such bs my team is a s11 and i get completely destoryed by a s10 like what you would think ill have the uper hand but no and its also bs that ive lost ten games in a row bc 1 i get destoryed by s10 and i shouldnt 2 i mostly get paired up with s13 or higher so it be nice if they fix the raiding if they even still work on this game idk if they do or not but it be nice other than that its a ok game
CANT STOP!!!! It's one of those games that could get lost in and actually lose track of time but completely have fun.
What the point in posting updates continuously when you can't even update levels. Like the 25th stage is stuck. The game becomes monotonous. I'm just wasting data for updating the game every single time without seeing any purpose of the updates. You are wasting my time. The game is becoming boring. I suggest you up your game before you loose alot of fans
One of the best game i've ever played but the raid is so unbalanced,the wars is the worst its so unbalanced that it's almost impossible to win.Imagine workimg hard to get strong then ended up being defeated by a rich player who is at low level but have strong characters.
I love this game, there is nothingwrong, they have so many fun things, and if you've played or watched "the walking dead" then it will be fun! The only bad thing is, it needs to be updated alot and that can take up alot of space on your phone.
I give this game a 1 star for breach of privacy. I uninstalled game and reinstalled just to start over but to find out I'm not allowed to start over. I'm forced to to a factory reset on my phone just to start a new game. There is only so far I can get through this game before it gets boring. If I don't want this game to get boring I have no choice but to do a factory reset to my phone. This is unacceptable!
The Game gets crashed whenever I create to the training grounds,and it's like beginning every time I do it
this game is really fun and all but most of the time this game is a pay to win game because they constantly want you to buy things in order to unlock something and get characters or something else
I love this game the characters are very cool but please make the recruits very cooler because every time I get 300 money i spent it on recruits but every time I got a recruit it's always be 4 star I want 6star so please make the recruits better
I love zombies and games like this...TWD: RTS is the BEST WALKING DEAD game out there...KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!!!
Ok I dont normally write reviews for games.. but I really really enjoy this game and yes it is pay to win but all free to play games are .. if you have a active faction that is good you can get really really good rewards during events .. I have 3 s ranks and 2 6 star legendary as my main team ..... and honestly I spent about 19.99 to get that .. ... it's a fun game it's simple to play .. wish WAR was more balanced because we will face 6 teams all s rank
This game is so great to play!Everything is great and the storyline is very intresting.Theres one level im stuck on and the 1 star recruits ar max level.I feel like they are ascended when thats not supposed to happen.Overall,the game is great and the recruits are better that ever!
I can't play for more than a few seconds before it exits out. It used to be a fun game, but now it's completely unplayable.
This game is straight up pay to win, I finally decided to spend money on this game but then immediately regretted it because the chance boxes are unreasonable. I play this game everyday but the only s classes I have are the ones that u basically can get for free and LITTERALLY every one has them, it takes all of the strategy out of the game. One more thing its labor day, on holidays their should be rewarding things , its all just a money grab
I love this game, but I'm trying to max the healing ability for Rick and it's not maxing out, I have the right items needed but his ability isnt maxing out.
This game is nothing but a bottomless pit to throw money down. Don't waste your money. Total rip-off.
I'm frustrated this seems to be a pay to win game. I've completed up to area 12 and still have found no characters. I haven't been "qualified" to play any arenas. Can't win raids because of some stupid Glen character that everyone has on their raid teams. It doesn't seem right to me.
I'm super annoyed right now. Ive installed onto my S8 and when I try to link account to facebook to retrieve my already existing account which I've had for years,, I cannot click to accept the cookies or whatever they are so I cannot actually put my Facebook login details in to link my account! Fix this please! I've played for years and wasted money playing!!!!
good game very addictive could become more excited if they ever add some features like suggested them but they never gave a rat ass about what i suggested , i am an outside of the box thinker i worked as a marketing manager for big companies and as a creative director too if u ever put me in charge of this i can make it a rival to pupg famous like World of war craft
I have played this game since about a month after it started. So for a long time. The game glitched or something and took away a character I had used resources for and never returned my resources. Tried to get it taken care of through support, however in so many words they called me a liar and would not fix their wrong. All in an attempt to get money from players. Used to be a great game. However it has become all about money now.
This game straight gives you that continued experience of ur favorite show. And totally immerseses you inside the game. It's gameplay is amazing along with the choices and characters that you get to make or collect. And it keeps you wanting more!!
I lost 9 levels when the game updated taking me back to level 1. I built it back to level 6 now the supposed to be even matched forced on us battles are always a loss for me because opponents are always 7 - 10 levels above my. I can only assume because I don't spend money in the game it is designed to stop me from advancing until money is spent. This is a pay to play, advance, and win game.
I've been playing for a long time. Now ever since the January 2021 update the game opens but crashes after 30 seconds.
Decent game. Be wary of spending money. Paid for a monthly subscription i never recieved. Spent the last 3 weeks contacting scopely and google play customer support. All i get is google play telling me to contact scopely for a refund and scopely telling me to contact google play for a refund. I would strongly advise not wasting a dime purchasing anything because they may just steal your money.
I can't load the game any more. It loads about halfway before sending me to my phone screen. I tried reinstalling the app...same problem.
Great but the reboot kills months of work trying to gain and build up characters. Like most games the more your willing to spend the better you chances at gaining powerful characters will be! Beware the monthly subscription does little to nothing to help out...
I've ever played this game for days.It's a pretty interesting game!Luckily we can chat with people in group.It's fun to chat.You also can fight with zombies and enemies,it's convenience to fight with them.But it's improving,it's very hard.I already tried to add new characters,but not strong enough.I'm already failed so many times,then I upgraded my character.But still can't win,please improve those characters's power.I'll give this 5 stars if you fixed this,I hope you listen to my offer.Thank u.
Game started crashing ever since I did the newest update and shutting down basically as soon as I opened it every single time.
In the beginning it was very entertaining and new.... To play the game at this point all you need is real money. F2p does not exist in this game and its only getting worse.
I love this game I've been playing it for years and almost always loved the game. Until it took money from an inactive account when I already canceled it.
The roster development is astounding! Unlike any other game. Not app. Game! Still play mutliple accounts everyday after 5 years. Love it!
Interesting survival game. Some aspects of game are not clear. Trying to level up players, it always seems you don't have enough trainers. As you progress up levels, everything seems to increase exponentially in cost. It would be nice to play games where you don't feel like your putting someone through college. Game is fun.
I gave this game a 1 star when I first started but had to come back here and change it. With time they have improved the game. I believe this is now a very well balanced game. Not only you get more offers at a reasonable low price but you can also improve your team without spending a dime, it takes time but it's possible. Had also to contact them about issues with the game and customer service was fast and on point on the reply. Good job, keep improving.
I have a problem with the game, i cant load up the game no matter what. After a couple seconds the game will crash. Havent been able to play for maybe 2 months
This game will trick any chance it gets with trial times benefits, etc, etc, and still charge you... It deserves 1/10 of a star... They are greedy, will f you over, and like doing it.....
This game is great. As long as faction leaders are active. Happy to say, mine is, and there's a lot of rewards for being active. There is a lot of pay 2 win stuff, but if you play often you get other rewards to make up for that without paying. Just gotta be patient. I do wish there were more than 25 missions though...
Game has locked up. Roadathon loaded and everything's just rebooting to start up for game. I guess the only thing to do is delete the game. Same thing happened with the other Walking Dead game. I guess I won't download anymore of them, takes too long to get back where I was in game.
I had to drop stars because while I loved the game. The prices are far too high. I play everyday sometimes spend hours grinding even while at work. I also made purchases for 5 star weapons and the weapons never showed up in my inventory. I'm still waiting on response from scopely.
I love this app. You can do so many things, and they bring characters from the Show and the All of the games. Like Lee, Clemintin, and Rick for an example. I suggest you get it but that is not my choice.
The next time yall have a event for a certain toon and u have to collect stuff to get that toon,there needs to be nore ways to get that one item. I had 13 helmets left to get that Mercer and there was no other way to get more so i spent money for nothing. On that note watch doin certain events for certain toons because you will get screwed out of what u played to earn. I got screwed outta my Mercer so just a heads up
Love it! It's easy enough to allow you to receive rewards for your game play & hard enough to keep you interested.
The roster development is astounding! Unlike any other game. Not app. Game! Still play mutliple accounts everyday after 5 years. Then they ruined it and now it's very boring and overrun by cheaters. Now all app games are useless as this WAS the only good 1. What a shame! Boooooo!!!
Do not download. Absolutely terrible customer service that have extremely bad attitudes. They don't care for their customers. Update: customer service eventually made it right with me and fixed my issue. I'm obviously pleased with the result, it just should have happened from the start instead of me having to fight for the resolution.
I played this game years ago and it was fun. Not so much anymore. It's just a pay-to-play and you end up going against people you're totally unmatched for.
The game was nice but it's too much money focused. It's impossible anymore to win anything if you don(t invest a lot of money. The support is very bad.
fun turn base stratagy game very good and all the walking dead charators are here and even tell tales walking dead charators are here
Just..... needs to be a bit less pay to win. Also needs to fix the matchmaking. Also arenas are kinda boring sometimes. (Except for drafts, those are fun.)
19 g. But it feels worth it now. Scopely support actually talks and helps with issues in the game. 2nd time they done this and I'm very happy. Yes, game is extreme pay to play but it's still fun.
I play on andriod i had deleted the gane like 2 weeks ago dur to crashing very often and i was getting annoyed but i need the crashes to be fixed because this is an amazing game and helps eith my anxietu so please fix
I have been playing this game for about a year. It's fun and has the bones to be a really good game. Its major downfall is if you dont spend money to get the elite characters, you will be forever in purgatory as a middle of the road player. When you climb your way towards the top, you face off against the elite players who purchased their characters and are unbeatable. I wish there were more than 500 characters to properly review this game,but overall could be fun if it wasnt pay to win.
I really like the game but the events need to be better 4000 stretchers for 3 bear paw tokens from raids only nowhere else when no one likes raids is bull
If you have to progress in this game, you'll have to spend money and quite a lot of that. Probably the most expensive game I've ever played. All the aspects of the game are governed by RNG which are heavily rigged to benefit the developers. Players are banned without giving reason and their developers play secretly using hacks to drive up competition and spending. The team behind the game have zero ethics and zero care for the player community.
I'd give it 5 stars just because its twd but I cant since theres some things about it that really need to be fixed like the events are hard to meet the requirements unless u p2p. What sux is how little you get for your money. You get a couple hundred coins for $5 to a couple thousand coins for $100! And everything in between. Thats insane. The only way to get ahead is to pay, which is expected and I'm fine with that but they could atleast make it affordable. It's a good game tho...
Lack of transparency where it matters, dress things up as a pro or gift when you are punished some way later. Errors and program issues during ongoing events june 6-7 with no support and its getting worse. People love wasting money, log in streaks, their leads in events.
I've been playing the game for years now, but after this snowball event being fixed I have NOT been able to open the game. It crashes before loading, I have uninstalled and reinstalled, I've cleared the cache and checked for updates. Nothing I do seems to work. I would give 5 stars if only they fixed this problem...
It's a fun game kinda..it used to be alot for fun where you had to work for what you had now they hand out mythic characters and give you millions of food and hundreds of thousands of supplies. The original version was fun.
I really enjoy this game, however I just got a new phone and I can't transfer over my account from my old phone. My original account is located in the effingham region. Edit* customer service is terrible. Game was fun but its pay to win i grinded up my team to s12 dont even know if that still high because new tiers of characters are constantly being release making the old tier obsolete. Veey dissappoonted with this game been playing on and off for 2 and a half years but I think Imma stop
Fun and frustrating! Updates take anywhere from 3-7 days to download! Unless I go to town. They are just big I guess and I have to leave my wifi on to try and do it and constantly tap screen to keep device active or the update stops and will go back to 0%. Really wish updates were smaller in size.
Great game, would be 5 stars if they stopped adding characters unrelated to twd. Maybe some more original characters? Haven't seen much season 2 telltale games characters. Let's see carver.
It is awsome wish i could get coins faster but otherwise then that i love this ge it occupy my time and yall are a great company please keep doing what your doing.
I did love this game but now i cant check my inbox for all the stuff i won or recived now every time i try and go to it the game laggs me off it please fix this i have 15 messages about winning stuff and i cant even get it
I love the game i mean the first level of prison i failed multiple times but in the end i pulled through by jsu testing out my charecters seeing what would work i recomend playing it
Its not a descent Mobile game, the MACRO transactions are everywhere which is annoying and the main draw back, and you'll never be on the leader board to many older players that are maxed out, whats the point really, Macro transaction a terrible value and the subscription isn't helpful as you would think it should be, ITS Garbage!
Better since last updated . Before i had lots of issues with the game and now its just an occasional hiccup and when it does go out its game wide and everyone gets some type of apology gift. Still a lot of differences between free vs pay but better for free now than it was in the past. I love my faction and this is the best aspect of the game. They make me want to log in even on busy or bad days. Try it, just wait to be sure that you're gonna keep playing before you spend too much $$$.
Pretty fun. The grinding is helpful and random. It doesn't feel too helpful so you have to grind a few times which is what its supposed to be like. I can't wait to get more characters. I just wish there was more character slots bc im onllevel 17 and I've filled it all up saving 3 and up starts to ascend others.
Okay this game is fun, well it use to be, now everyong is getting mythic heros and none of the other heros matter at all, they give mythics away like candy, and pvp is so broken because of it, its so evenlly match 90% of the time, the match timer runs out, atleast set it to where whoever has the most people alive wints or base it around health or have no damn timer, i keep losing with just 1 person left on their team and its pissing me off
The character balancing in this game is abysmal. You get to a point where every other player you face has 2 of their 5 characters the exact same on every team because they are so overpowered. Just makes the game tedious and boring.
Extremely poor customer service! Now I really like this game, but what puts me off is their incredibly ignorant customer service! I asked for a refund from Google because my daughter used my phone and opened some chance crates. Google directed me to their customer service which redirected me multiple times back too Google. All n all, play the game, but never spend a cent, if you need to make a purchase resist one time for me so I can have some gratification! I thank you in advance!
Turned into a p2p game. Played for years then they decided to change the format and all the work put in to the game was nullified. Now, a new player with a credit card can be more successful than a person who grinded for years.
I absolutely love this game but my biggest complaint as I've gotten into later game play is that, every time I try to raid, I have to refresh for up to 30 or more minutes trying to find an opponent within even 90,000 levels of my rank. I've even been given the rank 23 person twice before I've gotten someone close. A person whose rank 100,000 should not have to almost exclusively fight people in the top 1000 players. They're characters are exceptionally stronger.
You may or may not get get your rewards...they require you to wait several days to receive in email...have yet to receive anything and not even sure how to find it
The tutorial of the scavenger thing is broken I keep finishing the tutorial and then it reloads To the loading screen and it resets i keep doing The tutorial bu it keeps reseting.
Got cupids bow. Cant even see the bow during battles. It just shows up as the character using his hands to fire. Which really sucks cuz i was looking forward to this bow...
Royal Coins fail. I've won enough to at lease have 800 TWD points/coins but yet my number is still stuck at 550. Between yesterdays jackpot and today's I should have had enough to unlock TWD Shane. But its like its stuck to that number. Can someone like help me.
5 and a bit years of playing, money spent and I understand the need in order for companies to develop apps. However, despite Scopelys claim to have good support, generic replies are only frustrating. Development to date in game is NOT what players want. OP toons have become a joke, constant glitches in territories, war and monotonous events have now convinced me my money is best spent elsewhere. Scopelys reliance on peoples connections with team mates from a social point, is no longer viable.
So games fun and very well made. What I don't like though is some of the choices? *Avoid for spoilers* Say lily and her mistake, if you choose to let her pay you well kill her even though that hidden a bit. I didn't know that and now I am stuck with that. I rather have stayed and help not leave or die. Some of these choices don't make too much sense and the consequences are a bit unneeded.
Game has become a total disappointment. I've been fine getting by the best I was able without spending money, until lately. I make sure to always stay updated but I haven't had any level up events or anything on the road map in ages. There has been nothing in the shop either. I never saw any of the Christmas rewards that were supposed to be available. I have not received any town expansion. The game has become a complete waste of time and I will uninstall it if something doesn't happen soon.
They try n make u pay to be great of course. Wars should be groups of 4 sometimes. Slow n steady. Good game overall
Screw this app. The amount of cheating a-holes and the developers doesnt do ANYTHING about it. They dont care about the game play and honestly the game itself is so glitchy, it's no longer worth dealing with.
Love it and really puts you in the story and making choices wish they'd make it easier to get coins and new characters and weapons, but I do enjoy the characters and how they are with ther hero.
Unusable after update. Game was fairly enjoyable if a little demoralising at times. The new update just makes the game reboot after 15 seconds over and over again. This will kill all streak bonuses I had going.
It's a trash....game open and automatically get crash... it's really annoying how I have to start the game severel times...๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค
amazing game I love with the graphics and details on this I hope they have another free 6 star survivour
Pay to when game 100% all the way through sure yes you can grind for stuff like me I'm 16 and due to covid I can get or look for a job you have to basically pay $25 a month just to even get some little progress to when raids or to progress and anything then you have to pay an additional $5 to $90 just for special event and stuff. so unless you have a lot of money and you don't know what to do I don't recommend this game any more
Is no pay to play yes to get better rewards but dont have to paid but is hard to get rewards thats why i am here (the walking death) i love the game but i need flags just nees it 80 flags to get 100 cake to get the toon or character kenny 6 star but i only need 20 for 500 so close no more flags or cake i need just 20 cake i need a event please and dont convert my cakes i play so hard to something else like one time happen with my coins and my battle reward for something stupid need 20 cakes
This game would be a lot better if I didn't run out of time in half my raids on 3x speed because it still takes 18 years to get through the enemy's attack animation
This game is good but, I finally just jot my S class Akira after a long wait and grind but as soon as I do the trade in the museum the game closes and when I went back into the game my S class Akira was gone not only that my two 6* Akiras were also gone and my S class cards for him as well, then I looked in the museum and the trade for S class Akira was still there, but it's as if I never did the trade for him, and now I no longer have Akira or any of his cards.
Worst game ever,every day u have to wait like 30 minutes for it to load save ur storage this app sucks a$$,like dude it's pay to win if u don't spend money u progress really slow there is no point in this game all it does is drain ur wallet and storage this game has became a huge disappointment download if u want to waste money.i spent months on the game to become top player just for someone to take it by spending alout of money passing me by a long shot it's annoying the game forces spending
This game is great with lots of things to do,events, campaign,raids but I always match with people my rating but outhers have Alot stronger teams and match with me
Everytime i open the app. It starts to update like everytime and taking up memory. Really annoying when you kill some zombies
I love this game.The game is pretty good. Its fun and all things are achievievable with some hard play and grinding. You dont have to spend. Spending will progress you faster. Thats it. But i love the gameplay. It has its issues but what mobile game doesnt? The players are very entitled and come here and complain when things arent handed to them. Its unfair but true. My fave past time!! They have to sell things to stay in business. Its common sense, really. They label those things premiere.
So i've played for like 4 years on and off and its a lot of pay to win instead of when it used to be play to win. If you don't pay and you keep leveling up you will fight people who pay lots for money to get the kinda new 6 star charecter class which are near unbeatable to some new people who don't know what they are doing. And suvivor club is a huge pay to win feture but you pay $30 a month for a free daily 5 star spin and no unlimited team cost.
The game is fun except for the fact that the devs are money hungry. They even made me pay money just to get back into my account on a new phone. The game is extremely pay-to-win and most of the people you go against are paying-to-win.
I used to love this game but now to enter it it has to go through a 245 MB download and after that you think it's over but it starts again fix that problem
Do not download. Absolutely terrible customer service that have extremely bad attitudes. They don't care for their customers. Update: customer service eventually made it right with me and fixed my issue. I'm obviously pleased with the result, it just should have happened from the start instead of me having to fight for the resolution. Update: they screwed me over again, lying crooks. Do yourself a favor and don't play ANY games ran by scopely
This is a good game but I'm trying to play it right now but it keeps sending me to the home screen when I open the game
This game is pretty good with a wide variety of characters, and despite the game giving you up to 90 coins a day for watching ads, after a certain point, you kind of run out of stuff to do
This is the BEST game i have ever played on my phone all time. I really liked the TWD . when on tv but i wasnt expecting anything when i downloaded. Ive put 14 and a half straight hours the first chance i had at it. Im in love 10 or 100 even 1 billion STARSโœจ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ This game is soooooo๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธmoney baby.....LMAO
I will give this 5 stars.. first the staff or crew member or the costumer service provider are very accommodating.. I am not a money user of this game.. I didn't purchase anything.. But they still help me to fix some bug or glitch in my account.. Using money or buying needs in this is game your choice.. It is like cheating in this game.. But as for me.. I will still grind and keep playing the game even if it takes a slow process.. I still get the rewards without buying anything.. thanks TWD-RTS
I dont know why is doing this but when I log into this game it keeps on going to manu like loading I been playing this game for almost 5 years havent had a problem with it but now like seriously I dont wanna start all over and with the coin also negative 4k something like that too wow that's so damn ridiculous
This is a solid good game, and i don't have any complaints. But the graphics need to be more, better in my opinion. And it has to many ads, to much ads. And i can't play. But by far this game is a good game.
The only reason I put 1 star is that is the lowest review you can do. I've played this game for 3 + years very glitch and recently I was due a very large reward. I contacted support and they did respond. Assured me i would reserve what was due to me with in 24 hours. And still waiting after 24 with no reward. Nice!
Love this game it is a lot of fun can't wait for updates and events are great. Hope it never stops. Love how all the weapons and even clothing changes when leveling up.
Great game but i remeber back when i first played this you had to work for every 5*. Now you get tons. By level 10 i already had 8 6* legends. Now I'm at 24. Its a great game if you're looking for easy high ranking heros. In one store its a 60% chance to get a 6* legend and a 40% chance ro get a 5*. Imo its a great game just a little to easy to pull high ranking heros.
I love this game I really enjoy playing this game,everything about this game is good but I have been having a little problem lately. First the game starts loading in midgame and it does not end I left it once for 30 minutes and it was still loading it sometimes happen just when I open it I have lost many things in this current events because of that and also I have updated the game twice this week which should not be so you guys should do something about it
App lags and doesn't load when special events you need to do are going on. And, they never want to update certain thing's or fix the not loading problems
Game crashes every time I try to open my inbox to claim rewards. Have not been actively playing since this issue started happening. I'm sure I've lost out on tons of stuff due to this issue.....
I can't claim faction assault john, everytime i claim it i got reset.. Its not internet problem i got good connection ..
Great game, but EVERY TIME there is a War, I try to click select opponent. But it NEVER works. It always says on the left SLOT EMPTY, SLOT EMPTY. No HIRE MERCENARY or anything. I've seen this too many times now. And yes, I'm the leader of a Faction. This SLOT EMPTY issue needs to be dealt with.
It was good before but now it hardly stays open for 2 mins ,it crashes every 50 seconds and i have left it, kindly fix this.
The game was nice but it's too much money focused. It's impossible anymore to win anything if you don(t invest a lot of money. The support is very bad. Edit: try again and it's worst than ever. It's a pure scam where you cannot win if you don't put a lot of money (hundreds of dollars...)
I think this is a great game, love the RPG features. But one thing i've noticed is that the characters don't really look like the ones in the show, if they didn't have the names i wouldn't know who thry are.
I'm experiencing some glitch after the update. When i'm playing minutes later the game freeze and stop. Why is this happening? Please fix it. Thank you
This game permits people to troll harass other players with impunity. This is despite the fact that their own terms of service strictly prohibits such behaviour! I have complained to their customer support and provided numerous uploads of offensive remarks as evidence and still nothing is being done! Stay away from this game!
It doesn't freeze and kick me out any more either you guys fixed the issue or it fixed itself because I deleted the app and redownloaded the game
Regional Wars are beyond broken. Tired of every matchup we get their lowest player has more reputation then our entire combined team and we lose in seconds. 1 character couldn't be defeated by my entire team. Screw you scopely. Have to love your overpowered bought bs characters. Game has just become a money scam and constantly crashes!!! Be ready to spend real money to get anywhere.
Great job on the game I enjoy getting characters. The events are all good and everything. Keep up the good work.
Great game! Goes along with original comics and also has its own thing going on! Great attention to details!
I guess my first review was deleted. I played it when it first came out for over a year spent well over $100 on it. Decided to load it up after some time and all my progress is gone. Back to square one all my money wasted
I really love this game but I have a problem when I enter the game its always doing a download 251MB please if its a problem fix it
The most rip off game on the market, full of play to win teams, full of cheats, hackers & none stop glitches making the game pointless to play, avoid wasting your time & pick a better game
Unless you pay to win you are just cannon fodder. Continually raided, pay to win get practically unbeatable characters and top level players daily.
Fail after fail after fail. Seems every event that runs is broken. The latest one Snow ball event resulted in the developer having to roll back to the start, resulting in my game no longer loading. And surprise surprise no contact from support. They'll take your money but not provide a stable playing experience.
Decided to give the game another chance. Everyone complains about not being as fun if you don't pay, so I threw some money on the game and realized they weren't compensating me for in game items, complained and was told they are compensating, when they are not so the point here is the makers will screw you over even if you are a paying customer. Completely ridiculous, don't trust scopely at all
I want a refund, I bought coins for the game using PayPal and the transaction is complete, but the coins are not showing to the game! ๐Ÿ˜ก
Game is pretty fun at first. Very enjoyable and relaxed. The farther and farther you get, though, the tankier the enemies become. Microtransactions are almost required if you want to win in raids.
Good game but it leans towards pay to wins. Also the new update that makes people change their characters into trainers is stupid. Change it back to how it was normally
The new update hit three days ago, it uploaded fine within a few minutes and I continued to play.. however when I went in it two days ago it went back to the download screen but wouldn't go past 51% today I tried again and it gose to 59%... What is happening!!! The new upload was fine, why is it not letting me play!!!
Really enjoy playing this game.Glitches happen now & then,usually get fixed even if not immediatley.At the moment i am trying to get my old account back,i've had this problem before usually after i've changed the device i'm using.I just need to get all my facts together to prove it is my account & scopely will help me out.I don't like the fact that i don't have much money to spend on in game purchases,but i do spend if it's worth it & i need it.Hope this review has been helpful.
Good game !!!VERY UNFAIR!!! I don't like the events that you can't finish without spending hundreds of pounds Like the bear event you needed 40 bear paw tokens to get the bear. I had 35 i spent money and joined the survivors club to obtain them. But i had no chance to get the bear because of the armory missions which you need your armory at level 20 but the game did not state that. So i wasted all that money on nothing. !!!!DO NOT RECOMMEND SPENDING MONEY ON EVENTS!!!!
So sick of these updates for the same things!!! Now forced again to update, 5 days after forcing me to update again. This is ridiculous!
Great game I love this game and it's super hard when you go up in the the game๐Ÿ’ฏ percent but that's my opinion but I mean the 10 million people did download it so I mean ๐Ÿค”
Good game, I wish I could download the same data, to my new phone tho, that's about the only complaint I got.hey. I did figure it out through Google play on the new phone.
game is so so, cool for free ride, but dont be a sucker, some players have spent 1000s because this games a scam, they had admitted to. lowing some. players. %. while. increasing spenders, this games a. fools bet, play for free, but dont spend, in a few months they reset game with new character grade and cheat all spenders outta progress. beware and be warned, "danger" is real
Its a good game and i like it but i subscribed to the monthly pass and then got far enough into the game where i could log in through facebook. Now im in my old account and my pass is gone. When i press subscribe again it says i already purchased it. But its not giving me my rewards. I have free things to claim and it wont let me because it says i need the pass and when i click the buy button it says error. Already purchased. Please fix this
Started playing again ( dont know how many times i stoped and gave it another try) hoping some things are fixed but no. This is tereible, only trying to take money, no new world stages for years, town still not extended, opponents by raiding are way far stronger and impossible to beat, only repeating same tasks over and over again... terrible experience.
For a beta game this game certainly has more emphasis on how much money they want from you. The survivors membership alone at over ยฃ22.99 is ludicrous for a mobile game when you look at subscriptions for PC / Console games which give far more content for your money. Gameplay is better than average . However it is much better version than some of the other walking dead games.