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The Virus: Cry for Help

The Virus: Cry for Help for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Daedalic Entertainment GmbH located at Papenreye 51 22453 Hamburg Germany . The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Violent References) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I would've never installed this if I knew I'd only get a demo unless I paid! Unless you're able to pay for the full story, don't trap yourself reading a story you'll never know the ending to!
The story is great , but the only thing that this game failed to perfect was to give a feeling that there was an actual apocalypse. It seemed that I was guiding the character from space or another Dimension . The game should try to make the player feel a part of the zombie infected world
A small description of how to play and what does what would be extremely helpful. As is its like asking Helen Keller what the score is in a football game. Your better off to close your eyes and jab the screen than to try and logically figure out how to play or even what the point of the game is. I know I can read the description in the Google play store but that doesn't excuse the fact that you left a very vital part of any game out, the how to play portion. Its an interesting game but needs a tutorial.
It's a good game, but I don't like how the game continues to go if you don't have the full game, and it makes me feel bad now for not being able to buy it. The game should have paused or just ended if I didn't have the full version
I ended that game u guys should check on my channel my channel name SempaiGamersan it's been years ago I ended that game x3
Intresting, slow. Need wait dunno how much time to see another conversation ,can't scroll map. Dots to close on map .. And after few minutes "buy full Game". I love delete this kind games!!!!
Well written text adventure game. The soundtrack is an excellent little touch. My only complaint is that while you are out of the game, the push notifications come and without going back into the game, it seems to continue to the next spot. So effectively, every time I open it back up, the latest choice has already been displayed. It doesn't spoil or anything. It's just a minor annoyance.
Interesting story, if a little cliched. Planning to pay for access to the rest of the story once I have a chance. But it'd be nice if Hannah didn't keep spamming me with messages while I'm locked out by the paywall. I get that you need money, and the fact that I still have the app installed indicates that I'm willing to give it to you, but having a fictional character guilt-trip me is still pretty low.
The only thing more i wish it had was the ability to choose who you are. That and lengthing the story some more. Make it possible to recorrect your choices later on in the story. Maybe a good or bad meter for the choices you make. Anything really to make it more interesting. Maybe even helping more than one person. Choosing the side your actually on. Back stories. Any or all of these things would be awsome.
I keep trying to buy the rest but it says there's an error or something and i have enough money for it too so idk
Wish they would tell is we have to PAY for it before we get invested into the story. The little snippet we get is good, but I can't honestly say what the rest would be like. Don't bother downloading if you aren't going to pay. Some of us aren't able to afford games.
I bought the full version but I gotta say, it wasn't really worth it. It's not very dynamic and it's feel very linear. I think it'd be much better with more possible endings.
Would love to give it a 5 well worth the 2 bones but it doesn't notify u when ur ready to play again. At least 5 times I had to go back into the app and move forward. Normally this wouldn't be an issue but the premis of the game is the character is supposed to be contacting u for help. Kind of takes away from the game a little. All in all though good story.
This game is not free. Stop sneaking into peoples search results for free games. Put a pricetag on this and stop engaging in shady dishonest business practice. So disappointing when developers try to strong arm their audience. Shameful
Great story, you can really influence what happens. I really got attached to the main character! Short, but great, with replay value. No annoying ads or pay locks.
Great soundtrack with great story. Though the choices aren't much that could change the story, it is still great after all. The soundtrack makes the game more intensifying, with the sound of the heartbeat makes it more intense. Though I could wish there is a longer story or a continuation of the story, I would truly recommend people to try this game and buy the full story. It's really worth it. I hope to hear more from the developers and hopefully and maybe, they will add more story to this game as I have grown quite a lot in such a short time to the protagonist
This si one of my favourite text based games on mobile. I love the storyline very much. Although, the bad thing about the story is that it is more of a story and less of and game since your choices do not have and lot of impact
One of my favorite genres of game is this sort of Choose Your Own Adventure text game. I spend most of my time trawling though every distribution platform, seeking the best of them. And honestly, I was worried I wouldn't find any this year, until I stumbled across this gem. It's well-written, the conversations and timing seem natural, and the emotions are strong. It's a pretty standard zombie story, but the presentation is on point. Easily the best two dollars I've spent all year.
I just started this game and it's fantastic. My only issue is that some of the dots on the map are too close together. I have a dot on mine right now that I can't click on and I'm worried I'm missing something important. Other than that, awesome!
I don't have the money to pay for the full thing, so I'm just left hanging. I'd love to support it if I had the funds, however, I don't, and it just cuts off abruptly, so sadly, not 5 stars.
It seems like a really interesting and fun game! But after the first time I used it, it stopped loading past the first startup screen... I tried reinstalling, but I still can't get it to work... So disappointing.
The Game Is Great And I Haven't Completed It Yet, Since There Was An Issue. Just When I Told Her To Talk To The Doctor, Every Time I Try To Open The Game, It Only Stays On The Opening Screen. The Audio Works But The Screen Just Stays With The Companies' Name. I Haven't Uninstalled The Game, Since I'll Have To Start The Game All Over The Game (I Think, Since The Wasn't Any Saving Points If I Remember) And Wait For Her To Come Back A Few Times, Which Is Kinda Of A Pain, But Makes It Look Realistic. X3
Part way through and love the style of the game, this is the second choice based story game I have tried and this one is really engaging. I like that you have to wait for Hanna to respond in real time, I find myself worrying about her sometimes!
So have just finished playing it through a second time to see if my desions had much impact. They did, although I'm not sure if I can achieve a perfect outcome for Hanna the main character. Worth a play through if you like a Zulu pandemic.
This game is so cool! I played it in Italian too, good translation, had a problem only one time, that I've got one phrase in Spanish somehow 😂 but it's OK. Sadly I can't buy the full game, but I already think that is really good. Good job! 👌
The zombie apocalypse-themed story is pretty straightforward and a bit short. The presentation/game design, however, is really nice. The sounds and music really help create a very immersive and compelling atmosphere. Got a good ending on my first try but will play again to see if the story is actually less linear than it seems and has a good replay value. Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting to know Hanna more in future installments. Would love to see more depth and complexity and better character development in a sequel though.
The simple setup works well. Sometimes waiting for a response takes a bit too much time. Story is a bit too short. So far I've done 2 runs. Gonna try for a third and probably last.
IDK if you are done with this app or not but i hope not and this is just a ide but if you can make a option to put on a timer so you know when the nest story line go then this game is a 5 star no joke but the way it is now idk if the i have completed the game or not she sad she is just packing som stuff for the trip but I am getting pop ops saying she is trying to run solo so if there was a timer or something (as an option) then this game is no joke one if not the best app I have played. White love form me
Paid 1.69 to continue with the story and I was finished within the hour. Did another run through just in case I'd missed an option to make it extend further but nope. I don't mind supporting games but I want a bit more value for money than this. Story over too quickly and nowhere near as fleshed out as I expected it to be. Disappointing
I like it alot, buy when I went to purchase the full story, it wouldn't let me...kept saying there was an error and I've tried to purchase it the last two days and it's still the same error message.
i really love this game! i accidentally transmitted her position so now i have to start all over :( which i havent been able to do yet, so im getting notifications literally like every 3 minutes and its too much. its annoying the life out of me. ill turn off the notifications till i start on it again, though. easy fix.
I loved this game. You get attached to the MC fairly quickly and you'll just want to keep playing... I bought the full version and I enjoyed it.. But I feel like, it was too short. I restarted the game a couple of times but I could never achieve the perfect ending. I would love it if in a future update you would lengthen the story. There are a couple of bugs here and there... But nothing major. Overall this game is a solid 9/10. Only reason is it's a little too short.
This was amazing. Hanna's an amazing character considering how attached one can get to her without ever seeing her face. I also loved the banter we sometimes hear from the soldiers, especially Eyes-1 and Eyes-2. It really made it feel like the player's decisions mattered.
I didn't know a fake character could make me feel this much for her. It's so worth the $2 ! Please work on a second game!
Wow, a text based game that held my attention so completely I bought it the moment I was prompted, no question. The choices seem real and with real consequences. And the spacing between transmissions made it even more realistic. Definitely recommend. I'll be playing again to see what impact my choices make.
I bought this game to know the full story. It was okay, not too good or too bad. The choices are somewhat good, but the down side is that whatever you choose, it will eventually lead to the same result. The story branches are somewhat linear. If there are more distinctive story branches, it would be really good