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The Village's Beginning

The Village's Beginning for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Uesugi Yukihiro located at 北海道札幌市白石区平和通17丁目北11-7. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great little game to pass the time. Simple controls, although sometimes not much explanation, which is fine. No wait time for dungeons or crafting. I would recommend spending the extra $2 to get rid of the ads. A little bit more content would be great, but for a free game it's enough.
There's a great game in here behind a tedium of menus. Please make processes like converting raw materials into items automatable (e.g. monster hunter world recipe system), let users at least sort lists of items by useful fields like sell price, demand etc, add more functionality around sending out adventurers like doing multiple runs without continuously pressing the same button. Maybe also flesh-out the town building a bit more e.g. building placement with adjacency bonuses?
Good game. Please update more content..please change all item value max 999 to at least 9999....999 is too short
Missing a few basic features but a great idle clicker. Would like to be able to remove items from shelf, % of increase on new game+, and ability to purchase multiple dungeons at a time. Overall good work, keep it up.
easy game. a bit grindy. good time waster. downside would be the way items is managed. hoped that you can finetune how many items you want to sell and craft a +- 5,10 option would have been nice havent tried to do a new game(might update this upon that)
This game looks super cute but it's basically a glorified clicker. Gameplay gets old quick, nothing changes, and after not even 30 mins of gameplay you're making so much money that there's no challenge at all. Plus, there are sexually explicit, adult content ads across the bottom. I couldn't believe my eyes.
So I finished it ... Gave the Mayor 3 million, all the bunny babes came over to him and money started pouring from his pockets. I had to leave his house. I re-entered, and he's asking for 3 million AGAIN, and I'm out 3 mill!! ... So, why exactly is that a thing?
For an android app this is a solid clicker meets management game. In clicker style there isn't much work needed to make your store a success. A solid time passer. I do wish I could get rid of the bottom advertiser banner. I originally thought it was a bug, but the ad remover just does so for bonuses.
I've played through this 3 or 4 times. It's definitely my favorite shop game and I keep coming back. I really hope the developer(s) will be motivated to add more content. There's lots of potential for more dungeons, features, items, and things mentioned in other reviews. Thanks for supporting this game all these years!
I felt the game was to easy. The only thing you would have trouble gathering is the wood, rock & gem currency.
I like this game it's a good way to pass time. No long waits. The only thing it really needs is a way to sort the item list so you can see the most demanded items up front rather than looking through the list to find high demand items.
Nice simple relaxing fun. I paid to skip videos and I really wish there was another option to remove the banner ads as well. Banner ads are distracting and give a feeling of cheapness. Please let us pay to remove banner ads for a true Premium experience.
The pay option doesn't remove banner ads, and after 9 months, it appears there won't be any clean-up patches or updates. Fun for a few days but gets repetitive. The endless ads don't help either.
Like the game. Bought ad cancellation but doesn't work. Paid for it but i still have to waste my time with videos.....
Some of the bonus items don't work to increase the amount of items you get from quests suck as the hammer or armor bonus like bread.
Trust no Town Elder, he is the evil greed monster, all your money is gone, GONE!!! It is a great game, very fun to play, please try your best to see if you can get a good ending without.... That damn Town Elder.
Would like to no a %of increase of each when starting a new town and 9999 of each item would be good with a 5 and 10 dungeon explore dungeon allso would make most of us quite happy. good game all around love it tyy
Cute game! I am really enjoying it. No wait time for crafting and the wait for dungeons is very short (just a few seconds). The biggest issue I have been having is that after an ad plays to double dungeon income, the game will become unresponsive and I will have to completely shut it down and restart the app.
good game. Although it needs some small improvements: more explanation on certain tasks (like "new game" benefits) , better balancing of income towards the end (purple ore from section 3 is still the most profitable item at the end).
Great game. The only thing I would add is a multiplier for adventures. The ability to do 1, 5, 10 searches at once would make things much more convenient.
This game by far is totally f2p. Only RMT you can buy is ads free which is 2 USD. However, this game is quite repetitive and one dimension. Assuming you have infinite gold then you can beat this game in 10 mins as the ultimate goal of this game is to earn money and nothing more. Enter dungeon, craft, and sell are all its gameplay it has with no depth. When you earn enough money, just expand village to unlock a new dungeon and a few facilities that most of them are unnecessary to beat the game. Tbh, you can spam the 3rd dungeon and that might be more profitable or faster to earn gold than the last few dungeons. The game's concepts and no waiting games are nice, but it needs more tweak around to make it less one dimension. I consider this game to be in a middle of idle clicker and management games:it is more complex than idle clicker but less than management games.
I really like the game but what I do not like is not knowing the percentage bonus you get for starting a new town? Is it accumulative? I've restarted twice now.
What happens after hand in the 10 million some dancer girls came up but then it just asks for 10 mil more? Kinda poi tless to hand in if there is no reward... and we should be able to search areas more then one at a time if we have the money we ahould be able to search multiple times in a row. Its a fun game just lacks content and a reason to keep going
The ad cat says "fiver mode". All of the ads are Korean or something. The game itself is an ok time waster. Nothing special
This is such a simple game. This is my personal favorite time waster. It's a little slow in the beginning for first time players and people who like continous play (like me) but once you get to where accumulating funds is less time consuming, the game is a breeze. I did purchase the only in game offer, a 2.00 anti ad. I believe its definitely worth it, especially later in the game when you are grinding for materials to up grade your store. You get a lot out of it and it's only 2 dollars
Fun free game, enjoy it. Dev is generous. Can get more room for improvement. If need pay 2 dollars for no ad in this game with this quality, its consider a very good game for 2 dollar only.
I love this game but I have a problem because I have a 4 million in my game when I gave 3 million to the mayor and when I reload again the game,the mayor ask me again another 3 million as if I didnt gave it to him.Please fix it.
I love it. No craft times, no waiting. Just sell merchandise, invest, and build it up. My only (minor) con is sometimes I have to tap the scrolling menu more than once. I do overlook wrong words, obviously a second language. Great job, dev!
Needs two things badly, one, explanations of how the game works need to be readable throughout the game (maybe have them in the headman' s house). Two, the crafting menu needs to show what you can and can't craft without having to select each item individually.
I mainly gave one star to get developers to fix the fact i bought the add blocker for this game and the adds are still there!!!! So just don't purchase anything from them!! Will change review if problem gets fixed!!
You did a great work. This game is very nice and the sprites look good to see. please make a horror rpg game with handsome sprites as usual as you do. I tried making sprites it was very hard.
The pay option doesn't remove banner ads, and after 9 months, it appears there won't be any clean-up patches or updates. Fun for a few days but gets repetitive. The endless ads don't help either.
A basic game with no replay value. You can easily finish it without "finishing it", but it can go a little further for you if you're a compleationist.
There isn't much to do and it got boring very fast for me. I may have misunderstood how to do something but the first quest was telling me to sell 25 potions and not how to make them. I went to different tabs and still couldn't figure it out so I gave up and removed the game. It shouldn't be hard to figure out a game and should keep the attention of the gamer...
When I initially downloaded this game, I was only looking for something to help pass the time, and this game does just that almost too well. It's cute, fun and addictive; easy to play without getting boring, and because your shop continues to sell wares even when you're outside of the game, it just gave me one more reason to keep coming back to check on my progress. My only gripe is that while I simply purchased my adds away, there are probably some people who can't do that, and those can get kind of annoying pretty quickly, especially since you have to reach a specific level to unlock the ability to do so anyway. But, all in all, I'd definitely recommend this game to any of my friends. :)
Paid to have ads removed but when you switch devices its gone and you have to pay again there is no option to restore purchases.
I bought the ad cancellation and it hasn't taken away the ads at the bottom? Is it my game or your end that's the issue? Is there a time frame when it disappears?
Cool game to pass some time :) (think) I found a bug as I've done the old gallery quest so many times and not one recipe for it yet! :( will get 5 stars if this gets fixed
It is very annoying that I can't remove something from the shelf when you recivece a quest or new blueprint that uses that material. Once it goes on the shelf you have no option but to let it be sold